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1 Putin: His Life and Times review – the collapse that shaped the man who would be tsar The Guardian 11 hours ago
2 Russian defence minister tells Putin Ukraine's Luhansk region has been 'liberated' Reuters 7 hours ago
3 How Food Became Putin’s New Strategic Weapon The Wall Street Journal 5 hours ago
4 Op-ed: In Putin's evil vs. good war against Ukraine, the forces of good prevailed at NATO this week CNBC 23 hours ago
5 Putin's week: Facing NATO expansion, West's unity on Ukraine The Associated Press 2 days ago
6 Fresh humiliation for Putin 3 hours ago
7 Putin has an ‘awful bleakness awaiting him’ as despot’s mind laid bare in analysis Express 7 hours ago
8 Russia's Putin lashes out at the U.S. and claims victory over sanctions NPR 16 days ago
9 Putin To Exploit U.S. Economic Pain To Bring Biden Midterms Misery—Experts Newsweek 1 day ago
10 Putin still wants most of Ukraine, war outlook grim -U.S. intelligence chief Reuters 4 days ago
11 Did Putin inadvertently create a stronger NATO? The Washington Post 3 days ago
12 Ukraine LIVE: Putin's 'horror' next phase of war to destroy lives of tens of millions Express 2 hours ago
13 Russian President Vladimir Putin's Ukraine war helped NATO MSNBC 2 days ago
14 Putin rocked as Zelensky's troops unleash devastating shelling on Russia-occupied area Express 9 hours ago
15 Putin condemns NATO’s ‘imperial ambitions’, warns Finland, Sweden Al Jazeera English 4 days ago
16 Putin wages 'economic terrorism' in Ukraine through mining operation: official warns Fox News 1 day ago
17 Restoration of empire is the endgame for Russia's Vladimir Putin CNN 22 days ago
18 Vladimir Putin to make first foreign trip since Ukraine invasion Al Jazeera English 7 days ago
19 Putin has been unwilling to engage in Ukraine talks, says Secretary of State Blinken NPR 4 days ago
20 Putin says Western sanctions pushing Russia-Belarus unification Al Jazeera English 2 days ago
21 Putin's 'toxic masculinity' to blame for Ukraine war, Boris Johnson says The Washington Post 4 days ago
22 Putin Signs Order to Move Sakhalin 2 Oil Project to Russian Entity Bloomberg 3 days ago
23 NATO and Putin's Nuclear Threats Impakter 5 hours ago
24 Who is Vladimir Putin? | Start Here Al Jazeera English 18 days ago
25 Belarussian officers turn on Putin as top ranked troops rebel against Russian invasion Express 19 hours ago
26 Putin Has a Patriotism Problem The New Yorker 25 days ago
27 Intel Reveals Putin Plan to Weasel His Way Into American Hearts The Daily Beast 11 days ago
28 Putin's Fiercest Critic Undergoing 'Torture' in Prison—Lawyer Newsweek 2 days ago
29 In Beijing's BRICS summit, Putin is back on the world stage CNN 11 days ago
30 Putin's Media Blitz on Africa Food Crisis Sparks Alarm in Europe Bloomberg 11 hours ago
31 China will support Russia on security, Xi tells Putin in birthday call CNN 17 days ago
32 Putin clings to semblance of normality as his war grinds on Reuters 1 month ago
33 In city where 'Europe starts,' ethnic Russians begin questioning Putin's war The Japan Times 10 hours ago
34 Vladimir Putin made ‘historic’ error in Ukraine: France Al Jazeera English 1 month ago
35 Film Reveals Macron’s Futile Diplomacy With Putin Before Ukraine War The Wall Street Journal 2 days ago
36 The Many Deaths of Vladimir Putin Center for European Policy Analysis 27 days ago
37 Vladimir Putin Rival Mikhail Kasyanov Warns of Sinister Twist in Russia's Master Plan of War The Daily Beast 20 days ago
38 Can Putin Survive? Foreign Affairs Magazine 12 days ago
39 Distracted Putin Is About to Tumble Into a New Bloodbath, Officials Warn The Daily Beast 10 days ago
40 Opinion: How I (almost) got Putin wrong CNN 1 month ago
41 Putin warns United States against supplying Ukraine longer range missiles Reuters 28 days ago
42 Commodities hit July storm with Putin and Powell stirring fear: ‘We in grains have never traded a war market before, so this is all new’ Fortune 20 hours ago
43 Putin Prepares to Declare Himself a Conqueror The Washington Post 18 days ago
44 Russian State TV Dishes on the Moment Vladimir Putin Could Win the War in Ukraine The Daily Beast 25 days ago
45 After 100 days of war, Putin is counting on the world's indifference CNN 1 month ago
46 Why don't more Russians question Putin's invasion of Ukraine? The Washington Post 18 days ago
47 Jens Stoltenberg Prepares to Confront Putin in Extra Year at NATO’s Helm The Wall Street Journal 24 hours ago
48 Putin likely still wants much, if not all, of Ukraine, Pentagon official says Reuters 19 days ago
49 'Putin seeing spies everywhere': Russian scientist dies two days after being jailed for 'treason' Daily Mail 8 hours ago
50 Ukrainian Refugees In Russia 'Losing Hope' Of Receiving Putin's Promised Payment Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 3 hours ago
51 Major crisis facing Russian football clubs after Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine Daily Star 1 day ago
52 Russian emails appear to show ‘network’ holding $4.5bn assets linked to Putin The Guardian 13 days ago
53 Lewis Hamilton condemns Ecclestone’s comments about Putin The Guardian 3 days ago
54 Putin is 'another Hitler in the making,' Egyptian billionaire Sawiris says CNBC 18 days ago
55 'He doesn't have a long life ahead': Putin suffers from 'grave' illnesses, says Ukraine's spy chief Daily Mail 6 days ago
56 Is the West really prepared to pay the price of defeating Putin? The Times 24 hours ago
57 Vladimir Putin seen shaking in latest video New York Post 19 days ago
58 Putin's Ukraine Invasion Turbocharges NATO Defense Spending Foreign Policy 3 days ago
59 Putin carries poop case when he travels outside Moscow to hide possible health problems: Report Fox News 23 days ago
60 Mikhail Khodorkovsky: What comes after Vladimir Putin is one of my biggest concerns The Independent 4 hours ago
61 Putin puppet outlines Russia plot to arm hypersonic missiles ready to hit US in 5 minutes Express 9 hours ago
62 New Jan. 6 witness: Trump had mystery call with Putin POLITICO 9 days ago
63 Putin allegedly told not to make 'lengthy' public appearances because of bad health New York Post 23 days ago
64 Analysis | Putin Can't Keep Russian Mothers Silent Forever The Washington Post 27 days ago
65 Putin warned 'the next three months will be probably the most critical because Russia is much weaker than you think' London Business News | 5 hours ago
66 Zelensky: A Biography; Putin: His Life and Times reviews The Guardian 4 days ago
67 PM Modi discusses Ukraine with Putin, reiterates India's position on dialogue and diplomacy The Indian Express 2 days ago
68 Putin's Inflation? The Epoch Times 1 day ago
69 ‘He’s dead’: Brutal fate awaiting Putin 6 days ago
70 New Poll Finds 78% Of Russians Say Putin Is Doing A Good Job — But There's A Catch Benzinga 20 hours ago
71 US envoy: Putin 'humiliated himself' in Ukraine EUobserver 18 days ago
72 Who is winning the war in Ukraine? Putin's forces conquered 20 per cent of the nation, but a chilly deadline looms ABC News 22 hours ago
73 Hospital Pounded by Putin's Army Braces for Fresh Bloodbath The Daily Beast 16 hours ago
74 Opinion | It's time to confront Putin's destructive war on grain The Washington Post 25 days ago
75 Vladimir Putin's Approval Rating Hits 20-Year Low in Global Poll Newsweek 10 days ago
76 Opinion | Putin wants to break and silence Navalny. We can't let him. The Washington Post 18 days ago
77 China’s new vassal: Vladimir Putin POLITICO Europe 27 days ago
78 Vladimir Putin's dark journey from economic reformer to war criminal Atlantic Council 20 days ago
79 Financial analysts fear global oil prices could quadruple if Putin cuts crude production Daily Mail 1 day ago
80 WATCH Russian soldier injures himself in gun stunt as Putin's troops lose plot in Donbas Express 1 day ago
81 In Russia-Ukraine war, Putin has a new weapon: Food NBC News 5 days ago
82 Visiting Vladimir Putin's Lost Russia The Atlantic 15 days ago
83 Summit speed read: How the G7 and NATO pushed back on Putin Atlantic Council 2 days ago
84 Global Europe Brief: Thank Putin, not the French, for more European defence EURACTIV 8 hours ago
85 Mikhail Khodorkovsky: 'Putin has embarked on a route that is going to lead to his demise' Financial Times 15 days ago
86 Vladimir Putin Questioned by His Greatest Cheerleader: 'I Serve Russia' Newsweek 19 days ago
87 US Officials: Putin's Lies Prevent Full-Scale War Effort in Ukraine Foreign Policy 19 days ago
88 Putin plans to 'starve much of the developing world,' Yale historian says Fox News 21 days ago
89 Senegal leader says Putin showed readiness to free up Ukrainian grain exports Reuters 29 days ago
90 Putin appears to hint at further invasions; Zelenskyy says Ukrainian forces holding on in the Donbas CNBC 23 days ago
91 Referendum date set by Putin to turn a huge part of a Ukraine region into 'the Russian Federation by autumn 2022' London Business News | 6 hours ago
92 'Testy exchange': Pleitgen challenges Russian official on Putin's message CNN 17 days ago
93 Putin issues horror deadline to Bulgaria as Russia intensifies threats to Europe Express 2 days ago
94 Latvian foreign minister says European leaders should not fear provoking Putin and must not push Ukraine to make concessions CNN 18 days ago
95 Vladimir Putin struggling to keep upright as leader's legs repeatedly buckle during speech Express 19 days ago
96 Bad News for Putin: Russia Has Lost over 1000 Tanks In Ukraine 19FortyFive 19 hours ago
97 Remarks by President Biden on Gas Prices and Putin's Price Hike The White House 11 days ago
98 Mystery of ‘world’s most successful spy’ who helped Putin seize power & fed US secrets to Russia for 10 YEA... The Sun 6 hours ago
99 No regrets over handling of Vladimir Putin, says Angela Merkel The Guardian 26 days ago
100 Opinion | The Ukraine War Still Holds Surprises. The Biggest May Be for Putin. The New York Times 26 days ago