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1 Who is Vladimir Putin? Business Standard 10 hours ago
2 Who is Alina Kabaeva, Vladimir Putin's long-rumored girlfriend? NPR 4 days ago
3 Putin Ally Threatens to Kill German Journalist Reporting From Ukraine Newsweek 1 day ago
4 Erdogan Meets Putin to Push Syria Operation Foreign Policy 3 days ago
5 CIA director: Putin 'too healthy' POLITICO 18 days ago
6 Putin Bans Oil Companies, Banks From Exiting Nation to Year-End Bloomberg 3 days ago
7 Fenerbahce Hit With Fine, Partial Stadium Closure After Fans' 'Putin' Chants Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 2 days ago
8 ‘Putin’s Chef’ Is Personally Touring Russian Prisons for Wagner Recruits to Fight in Ukraine, Reports Say Yahoo News 1 day ago
9 Putin is banking on a failure of political will in the west before Russia runs out of firepower The Guardian 3 days ago
10 Russian President Vladimir Putin's statue appears at New York Central Park, becomes target of kids' anger Economic Times 2 days ago
11 Putin massing more Russian forces for ‘new assault’ on southern Ukraine, UK warns Yahoo News 12 hours ago
12 Putin fires at least six Russian commanders over 'poor' battlefield performance The Mirror 19 hours ago
13 Why Russian Elites Are Standing By Putin Foreign Policy Research Institute 17 days ago
14 Putin's Pals Furious Younger Russians Don't Want to Die in Ukraine The Daily Beast 2 days ago
15 Ukraine LIVE: Russia's 'guerrilla' saboteurs derail trains to destroy Putin's war machine Express 3 hours ago
16 Vladimir's Putin's History of Vengeance Against the West Foreign Policy 22 days ago
17 Putin arrives in Iran for first trip outside former Soviet Union since his invasion of Ukraine CNN 19 days ago
18 How Vladimir Putin uses the "golden billion" anti-Russian conspiracy theory The Washington Post 17 days ago
19 Hammon, Former Russian Olympian, Calls for Putin to Release Griner Sports Illustrated 2 days ago
20 Book review of Putin by Philip Short The Washington Post 17 days ago
21 Russian rouble now useless as Putin's propaganda torn apart: 'The shelves are empty!' Express 22 hours ago
22 Putin: West cannot isolate Russia and send it back in time Reuters 21 days ago
23 Analysis: Putin bets on an ancient weapon in Ukraine: time Reuters 17 days ago
24 Putin warns EU that gas supplies could keep dwindling The Associated Press 20 days ago
25 ‘Russia is making a profit!’ How Putin’s plan to shut off EU energy has been a BIG success Express 12 hours ago
26 CIA chief says 15000 Russians killed in war, dismisses Putin health rumors The Washington Post 18 days ago
27 Opinion | Putin's Genocidal War POLITICO 12 days ago
28 'There will be no peace!' Fresh fears for Balkans as Putin now threatens crisis in Bosnia Express 8 hours ago
29 Putin ‘likely to fire nuclear missile in Ukraine if he senses military defeat’ The National 12 hours ago
30 Opinion | Putin is doing his best to out-fascist Mussolini The Washington Post 3 days ago
31 Putin set to visit Iran next week The Associated Press 27 days ago
32 Putin's Managed to Enrage His Last Supporters in Ukraine The Daily Beast 6 days ago
33 'He simply cannot be trusted:' World leaders slam Putin's attack on Odesa following sea corridor deal CNBC 16 days ago
34 Putin Has Big Plans to Conquer the Donbas Region of Ukraine 19FortyFive 15 hours ago
35 Putin's Rule 'Weakening,' Preparation for Power Struggle Underway: Snyder Newsweek 16 days ago
36 Ukraine rocks Putin as six ammo dumps blown up 79 dead ahead of 'new phase' 22 hours ago
37 Fiona Hill: Putin's Running Out of Time in Ukraine War Foreign Policy 25 days ago
38 How to make Putin understand that we mean business The Hill 17 days ago
39 Putin humiliated as plot to abandon NASA in ISS torn apart: ‘Not viable!' Express 18 hours ago
40 Ukrainian grain tycoon killed in Mykolaiv shelling as Putin threatens 'lightning speed' response to interference CNN 7 days ago
41 Analysis | Is Russia Letting Up on Energy? Don't Trust Putin The Washington Post 14 days ago
42 On Putin's Vacant Moral Imagination History News Network 8 hours ago
43 Russian army faces morale problems as Putin's Ukraine invasion drags on Atlantic Council 3 days ago
44 This Is Putin's Precious Key to Invading More Countries The Daily Beast 27 days ago
45 Russia 'Obviously at a Loss,' 'Improvising' in War: Ex-Putin Speechwriter Newsweek 16 days ago
46 How Yellen plans to deplete Putin's war funds POLITICO 26 days ago
47 Iran supreme leader lauds Putin for starting Ukraine war and says if he hadn't, "dangerous" NATO would have CBS News 19 days ago
48 A second wave of Russians is fleeing Putin's regime CNBC 25 days ago
49 Vladimir Putin to Be Called 'Ruler' of Russia Under New Proposal Newsweek 28 days ago
50 Ex-German chancellor Gerhard Schröder under fire for meeting Putin The Guardian 4 days ago
51 The rouble is soaring and Putin is stronger than ever our sanctions have backfired 10 days ago
52 On Navy Day, Putin says United States is main threat to Russia Reuters 7 days ago
53 Ukraine intelligence chief repeats claim Putin is using body doubles and says EARS are a giveaway Daily Mail 3 days ago
54 Opinion | Putin's long game in Ukraine could falter The Washington Post 25 days ago
55 Ukraine envoy warns Canada that waiver for Gazprom will drag out Putin's war POLITICO 3 days ago
56 Putin 'interrogated Brit security chiefs about defences' during COBRA meeting, papers show Express 2 days ago
57 How Putin's digital Iron Curtain is struggling to suppress dissent over war The Telegraph 2 days ago
58 Putin Has a Problem: He Keeps Firing General Who Can't Win in Ukraine 19FortyFive 4 hours ago
59 Putin’s orders trap Russian generals in southern Ukraine, military expert says Yahoo! Voices 17 hours ago
60 Putin's Cronies Told to Ditch Summer Vacation for Mystery 'Emergency Meeting' The Daily Beast 28 days ago
61 Putin's New Police State Foreign Affairs Magazine 12 days ago
62 How Putin's Flawed Assumptions Doomed Russian Victory in Ukraine Foreign Affairs Magazine 17 days ago
63 Putin expands fast-track Russian citizenship to all Ukraine The Associated Press 28 days ago
64 Opinion | Putin Performs for Russia, and Ukraine Is the Stage The New York Times 13 days ago
65 Putin claims progress made in talks over lifting Ukrainian wheat blockade The Guardian 20 days ago
66 Killer in the Kremlin: New book explores Vladimir Putin's bloody reign Atlantic Council 24 days ago
67 A Fragile Ukraine Grain Deal Raises Cautions on Talks with Putin United States Institute of Peace 4 days ago
68 Analysis | Putin's Ukraine War Has Three Lessons for Global Food Supplies The Washington Post 1 day ago
69 Putin says no one can win a nuclear war Reuters 6 days ago
70 Putin’s Gas Game: Toy With Europe’s Supply and Make Its Leaders Squirm The Wall Street Journal 18 days ago
71 Putin's war on Ukraine's civilians hardens its military resolve Las Vegas Sun 18 hours ago
72 Vladimir Putin possibly replaced by body double in Iran: Ukraine official New York Post 16 days ago
73 Russia is plundering gold in Sudan to boost Putin's war effort in Ukraine CNN 10 days ago
74 Putin will be 'most dangerous' when he thinks he's losing in Ukraine: expert Business Insider 20 days ago
75 China threatens to take Taiwan in 48hr 'lightning' assault after watching Putin's mistakes Express 19 hours ago
76 Putin’s Deterrence Succeeds as the West Holds Back in Ukraine The Wall Street Journal 19 days ago
77 Ukraine calls for international tribunal to bring Putin to justice more quickly The Guardian 18 days ago
78 Meet The Russian Architect of Putin's Economic Counterattack Bloomberg 9 days ago
79 Draghi’s fall is a win for Putin – and for the Italian far right Al Jazeera English 16 days ago
80 Putin faces second war front as Chechens threaten new offensive in Russia Fox News 19 days ago
81 Russia's Ukraine war effort running 'out of steam' as Putin's ability to spy in Europe cut in half, MI6 chief says CNN 18 days ago
82 Putin’s Daughter Takes Top ‘Import Substitution’ Role The Moscow Times 26 days ago
83 Putin's unending war Daily Pioneer 13 days ago
84 Wokeness Is Putin’s Weapon The Wall Street Journal 28 days ago
85 Gulftimes : Did Putin drag Draghi out? Gulf Times 1 day ago
86 Putin's "annexation playbook" in Ukraine could leave no path to peace Axios 18 days ago
87 Putin rocked as Russian ship EXPLODES into devastating fireball at sea – smoke billowing Express 3 days ago
88 Limping Putin appears unable to use his right arm during outing msnNOW 4 hours ago
89 Putin's grip on EU laid bare AGAIN as bloc hands Russia extra cash for diesel imports Express 4 days ago
90 Former high-level Russian official who left Putin's government reportedly hospitalized CNN 7 days ago
91 Ukraine-Russia War: Why Putin Won't Use a Nuclear Weapon Bloomberg 19 days ago
92 'Hardline' Kremlin stooge, 36, could replace Putin amid constant rumours around Vladimir's health Daily Mail 17 days ago
93 Putin health update: Russian leader caught 'limping' as he struggles to move arm VIDEO 7 days ago
94 Paranoid Putin arrests third hypersonic missile scientist on high treason charges Express 2 days ago
95 Russia's Middle East Influence Continues Despite Ukraine War Foreign Policy 19 days ago
96 Vladimir Putin Bans Digital Payments in Russia CoinDesk 24 days ago
97 Putin's war in Ukraine has crushed Russia's financial hub ambition Business Insider 22 days ago
98 Putin is already at war with Europe. There is only one way to stop him The Guardian 22 days ago
99 Vladimir Putin's 'top TV propagandist' quitting TV and leaving Russia amid Ukraine war The Mirror 16 days ago
100 Anton Dolin: ‘Putin’s war is against the world, not just Ukraine’ Al Jazeera English 19 days ago