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1 Black holes, aliens, multiverse & Mars: Space TED talks you need to watch
2 Scientists at LIGO are one step closer to solving general relativity’s biggest problem
3 What is space-time? | Live Science
4 The creative universe | Michael Epperson » IAI TV
5 As China’s space ambitions grow, NASA tells Congress it needs more money to compete
6 Physics
7 China wants to be a leading space power by 2045—and it’s getting there fast
8 A new dimension in the quest to understand dark matter
10 A protocol to explore entanglement dynamics via spacetime duality
11 Quantum Time Twist Offers a Way to Create Schrödinger's Clock
12 Random twists of place: How quiet is quantum space-time at the Planck scale?
13 Alumnus Endows $1M Chair in Materials Science and Engineering
14 China just launched three astronauts to its new space station module
15 Could quantum mechanics explain the existence of space-time?
16 Microscopic wormholes possible in theory
17 CBF Morning Run: What you need to know today and for the love of science
18 Researchers design new experiments to map and test the quantum realm
19 The art of probing the universe’s origins explained
20 Demonstrating driven space-time crystals at room temperature
21 A space-time crystal
22 What has China done to achieve high-quality growth through innovation?
23 Opinion: Now is the time to face race
24 The Week of June 21, 2021
25 Is there more than one dark energy?
26 UR: Designing a Smaller and More Sensitive Gravitational Wave Detector
27 Could Quantum Gravity Allow Us To Time Travel?
28 This Nuclear-Powered Superyacht Is Longer Than the Titanic and Costs $700 Million
29 Laser systems enable quantum technology in space
30 Q-CTRL and Fleet to develop quantum sensing tech for space exploration
31 Physicists Directly Image Space-Time Crystal | Physics
32 Faster-Than-Light Travel is Possible, Theoretical Study Suggests | Physics
33 Quantum sensors could soon be heading into space
34 Breaking the warp barrier for faster-than-light travel: New theoretical hyper-fast soliton solutions
35 Gravity causes homogeneity of the universe
36 Theorists calculate upper limit for possible quantization of time
37 How the Bits of Quantum Gravity Can Buzz
38 China has become a maritime power. It’s time India caught up
39 Time Crystals May Be the Next Major Leap in Quantum Network Research
40 String theory solves mystery about how particles behave outside a black hole photon sphere
41 Wormholes may be lurking in the universe—and new studies are proposing ways of finding them
42 How a ladybug warps space-time
43 We know the cost of free choice and locality—in physics and elsewhere
44 A potential model for a real physical warp drive
45 First Image of Black Hole Shadows Suggests Einstein Was Right — Again – Now. Powered by
46 Job For Particle Accelerators May Be Possible on Tabletop
47 Simulating complex quantum networks with time crystals
48 Ripples in space-time could provide clues to missing components of the universe
49 Time crystals lead researchers to future computational work
50 The Universe, where space-time becomes discrete: Relativity and quantum mechanics: A non-local union?
51 How Visiting Venus Will Help Us Find Life on Distant Planets
52 One Theory Beyond the Standard Model Could Allow Wormholes that You Could Actually Fly Through
53 Holometer rules out first theory of space-time correlations
54 2. Hopes about developments in ethical AI
55 Quantum spacetime on a quantum simulator
56 Testing the symmetry of space-time by means of atomic clocks: The comparison of 2 atomic clocks has confirmed their excellent accuracy as well as a fundamental hypothesis of the theory of relativity
57 New warp drive research dashes faster-than-light travel dreams
58 Einstein's Contributions Are Still Rocking the Space-Time Continuum – Now. Powered by
59 Copenhagen review – science and politics collide in dynamic drama
60 Warp Drives: Physicists Give Chances of Faster-Than-Light Space Travel a Boost
61 World's first video of a space-time crystal
62 Einstein Revealed a World Shaped by Space and Time – Now. Powered by
63 When Quantum Mechanics and Relativity Collide – Now. Powered by
64 New Research Explores Possibility of Traveling through Microscopic Wormholes | Astronomy, Physics
65 Can the EmDrive actually work for space travel?
66 Einstein's description of gravity just got much harder to beat
67 Paradox-Free Time Travel is Mathematically Possible: Study | Physics
68 In 1983, The CIA Wrote A Bizarre Report About Transcending Spacetime With Your Mind
69 Atom interferometry demonstrated in space
70 Taking quantum into space
71 £7.2m quantum network will develop technology to probe Universe’s mysteries
72 Not all theories can explain the black hole M87*
73 Mapping the Quantum Frontier: New Experiments Designed to Test the Mysterious Quantum Realm
74 NASA's Cold Atom Lab Takes One Giant Leap for Quantum Science
75 What Should You Watch If You Like Loki? Movies, TV Shows, and Games
76 Long-distance and secure quantum key distribution (QKD) over a free-space channel
77 Why Outer Wilds is a space-exploration game that’s worth dying in
78 Physicist suggests 'quantum foam' may explain away huge cosmic energy
79 Spacetime—a creation of well-known actors?
80 Test of wave function collapse suggests gravity is not the answer
81 Physicists Propose New Theory on Origin of Dark Matter | Astronomy, Physics
82 How complex oscillations in a quantum system simplify with time
83 Contemplating the End of Physics
84 Ecsite 2021 | the virtual science engagement conference
85 Gravitational wave science in Europe: Einstein Telescope and beyond
86 Briefcase: Business snippets from around SA
87 Quantum causal loops
88 Time travel into the future is totally possible
89 Neutrinos, atomic clocks and an experiment to detect a time dilation
90 Mining rocks in orbit could aid deep space exploration
91 Time-reversal of an unknown quantum state
92 A stepping stone for measuring quantum gravity: Theoretical design for gravitational wave detector has many additional applications
93 Space-Time is Constantly Moving, Physicists Say | Physics
94 The Big Bang, Zebras and the Texture of Our Universe
95 Univerity At Buffalo
96 China to launch Heavenly Harmony space station core module
97 Spacetime wave packets: New class of laser defies laws of light physics
98 #SpaceWatchGL Opinion: Quantum Technology and Impact of the Global Space Security
99 There's light-speed travel in 'Star Wars' and 'Star Trek.' Is it possible?
100 Deep Space Listening: 6000 Days of Research to Hear Continuous Gravitational Waves