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1 Australian University RMIT Adopts HPE GreenLake to Meet Increasing Demand for Online Learning HPCwire 12 days ago
2 RMIT casuals win millions in back-pay as Ombudsman pursues 14 unis The Age 10 days ago
3 Barkly Square Launches 'Home for Christmas' in Collaboration with RMIT University – Shopping Centre News Belinda Daly 17 days ago
4 Researchers use recycled glass to develop new eco-friendly 3D printable concrete 3D Printing Industry 3 days ago
5 The Media Store announced as media agency partner for RMIT University Mediaweek 24 days ago
6 Tafadzwa Chinanzvavana London Business School Review 1 day ago
7 Top Blockchain University: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Coindesk 14 days ago
8 RMIT: Spotlight on Australia’s low employment of people with disability India Education Diary 2 days ago
9 ‘I can’t trust them’: Students upset at Australia’s border U-turn 3 days ago
10 Using green tea as reducing reagent for the preparation of nanomaterials to synthesize ammonia EurekAlert 2 days ago
11 RMIT: Aussies got drunk the most during 2020: survey India Education Diary 2 days ago
12 New film school launches for Victorians with a disability The Age 1 day ago
13 RMIT's Kate Nguyen helps protect buildings from bushfires The Australian 25 days ago
14 RMIT: The future of health and justice is already here India Education Diary 11 days ago
15 Thomas Davies grant recipients to study octopus brains, Antarctic krill and more Australian Academy of Science 5 days ago
16 Monash and UNSW are each global leaders in four research fields The Australian 25 days ago
17 Marprop snaps up Flinders Street tower The Sydney Morning Herald 5 days ago
18 Pauline Hanson cited UK COVID-19 death statistics at a recent 'freedom rally'. But her use of the data is misleading ABC News 3 days ago
19 RMIT: Data Innovation Hub to boost skills in data analytics and AI India Education Diary 29 days ago
20 Summit fosters Australia-Vietnam cooperation in digital education Mirage News 5 days ago
21 Project UATX: New Universities, Old Problems Modern Ghana 5 days ago
22 The future of ballistic protection is here | Defence News Defence News 18 days ago
23 'Wishcycling': the dos and don'ts of recycling | World Economic Forum World Economic Forum 11 days ago
24 RMIT: Report: Four ways to guide Australian businesses to net zero India Education Diary 27 days ago
25 Report: Employers are key to solving the digital skills gap Technology Decisions 3 days ago
26 Omicron: what we know so far about symptoms, transmissions, vaccines South China Morning Post 5 days ago
27 University to back pay millions to casuals The Standard 10 days ago
28 Future of Digital CBD: Melbourne & Beyond Mirage News 4 days ago
29 Backing Horses: Australia's Solomon Islands Intervention Modern Ghana 22 hours ago
30 RMIT: RMIT joins Asia’s thriving tech scene India Education Diary 9 days ago
31 Hybrid work: How to engage a multi-generational workforce Human Resources Director 9 days ago
32 Torrens University chooses Jim Varghese as its new chancellor The Australian 5 days ago
33 RMIT: Global studio looks to the role of design in planetary health India Education Diary 29 days ago
34 Pentagon to expand military presence in Australia against China Independent Australia 2 days ago
35 EXPLAINER: What is the COVID-19 Omicron variant? ABS-CBN News 4 days ago
36 RMIT University researchers train AI to detect early-stage prostate cancer ZDNet 5 months ago
37 VicForests accused of returning logged public forests as weed-infested fields ABC News 6 days ago
38 RMIT University acquires Aconity3D MIDI+ and Arcemy metal 3D printers 3DPMN 1 month ago
39 Where there are Tailings, No Grass Grows: Serbians Protest against Rio Tinto Modern Ghana 3 days ago
40 Melbourne's RMIT University suspends classes after suffering IT outage ABC News 10 months ago
41 Ideas grants contribute to long-term health and wellbeing Griffith News 27 days ago
42 New technique breaks the mould for 3D printing medical implants EurekAlert 6 months ago
43 ‘Socially destructive’: RMIT university staff urge Switkowski to quit over Crown job The Sydney Morning Herald 3 months ago
44 RMIT in ‘wage theft’ dispute over serial underpayment of casual staff The Age 3 months ago
45 RMIT University races to recover from cyber attack before students return The Age 9 months ago
46 RMIT Online's mission to give students an experience that exceeds on-campus learning ZDNet 6 months ago
47 Morrison’s ‘anti-trolling’ plan won’t stop abuse The New Daily 4 days ago
48 Cryptocurrency and t-shirts: how a broke Docklands duo bought a fish and chip shop Docklands News 4 days ago
49 Clinch a STEM scholarship to attend RMIT University in 2021 Study International News 8 months ago
50 Motorsport returns to post-Covid Victoria Mirage News 17 days ago
51 New presidents or provosts: Antioch Blackburn Capital Essex Methodist RMIT Staffordshire Tuskegee Washington Inside Higher Ed 2 months ago
52 RMIT takes a punt on Peggy O’Neal as chancellor amid turbulent times The Age 2 months ago
53 Advanced care: Smart wound dressings with built-in healing sensors EurekAlert 5 months ago
54 Space Industry Hub at RMIT University takes VIC expertise global Manufacturers' Monthly 5 months ago
55 How a Vietnamese raw pork snack could help us keep food fresh, naturally EurekAlert 6 months ago
56 RMIT aims to propel hypersonic flight with 3D printed catalysts Defence Connect 3 months ago
57 Cleo Smith rescue: The interview tactic police will use to figure out what happened during 18-day abduction New Zealand Herald 29 days ago
58 How is financial wellbeing tracking? BlueNotes 5 days ago
59 10 things you need to know this morning in Australia Business Insider Australia 9 days ago
60 Bio-inspired: How lobsters can help make stronger 3D printed concrete EurekAlert 11 months ago
61 Invisible sensor tech supports world-first sleep disorder trial EurekAlert 5 months ago
62 Australia's strategy to revive international education is right to aim for more diversity The Conversation AU 9 days ago
63 What to look for when choosing a university as the digital competition grows The Conversation AU 5 months ago
64 Mini radar could find water and habitable tunnels on the Moon or Mars EurekAlert 5 months ago
65 To become an innovation nation, we really need to think smaller The Conversation AU 6 months ago
66 Australian Researchers Tackle COVID-19's Environmental Impact by Converting Face Masks Into Roads Global Citizen 9 months ago
67 RMIT, Swinburne, La Trobe post hefty deficits but not all unis in the red The Age 7 months ago
68 AI-powered glaucoma screening test delivers rapid results EurekAlert 1 month ago
69 Melbourne RMIT student buys luxury apartment at Sky Garden complex by working as cafe barista Daily Mail 3 months ago
70 ‘Unrelenting’: Pandemic demands fuel allied health worker burnout The Age 3 days ago
71 Cloud supercomputing on AWS for RMIT Technology Decisions 4 months ago
72 RMIT, AWS forge a deal for supercomputing in the cloud The Australian 4 months ago
73 RMIT University to represent Vietnam at ASEAN Data Science Explorers Regional Finals 3 months ago
74 Universities promise to ramp up face-to-face learning as student frustrations grow The Guardian 6 months ago
75 RMIT to stop offering VCE in China The Age 3 months ago
76 Airports could generate enough solar energy to power a city: Study EurekAlert 7 months ago
77 Wire work: where Australian researchers are looking to improve WAM Australian Manufacturing Forum 5 days ago
78 Instant COVID sensor to prevent outbreaks and protect communities EurekAlert 5 months ago
79 Alec Cameron swaps Aston for RMIT Times Higher Education (THE) 4 months ago
80 A new, positive approach could be the key to next-generation, transparent electronics EurekAlert 8 months ago
81 Previously unknown letter reveals Einstein's thinking on bees, birds and physics EurekAlert 7 months ago
82 How just 10 news photos can predict global daily stock market returns EurekAlert 2 months ago
83 As international students start trickling back, the new year will be crunch time The Conversation AU 2 months ago
84 Shams Rahman – The Conversation The Conversation AU 2 years ago
85 New electronic artificial skin that reacts to pain just like real skin Tech Explorist 1 year ago
86 New Prototype Doubles the Energy Harvested From Ocean Waves Interesting Engineering 4 months ago
87 From recycling to upcycling: A smarter way of dealing with plastic EurekAlert 2 months ago
88 Unlock your future in flying at RMIT University Ballarat Courier 3 months ago
89 Automotive engineers appoint RMIT professor GoAutoNews Premium 4 months ago
90 Digital resources now rank alongside housing, healthcare and education Times Higher Education (THE) 7 months ago
91 Artificial super stool to bring hope for people with chronic gut disease EurekAlert 7 months ago
92 How You Can Get Early Entry Into Uni to Take the Pressure Off Student Edge 4 months ago
93 Crowd sizes are difficult to estimate, but it's unlikely Melbourne's recent COVID rally was 'the largest ever political rally in Australia' ABC News 10 days ago
94 Emma Shortis – The Conversation The Conversation AU 7 years ago
95 Superbug killer: New nanotech destroys bacteria and fungal cells EurekAlert 8 months ago
96 How China has been transforming international education to become a leading host of students The Conversation AU 7 months ago
97 Liquid metal coating creates effective antiviral, antimicrobial fabric Science Daily 2 months ago
98 Why Uni's Are Looking At More Than Your ATAR · Student Edge News Student Edge 4 months ago
99 RMIT University offloads Melbourne CBD building as developers make city comeback The Australian 7 months ago
100 New Crown Resorts director Anne Ward faces union calls to resign from RMIT university council The Australian 2 months ago