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1 Sen. Rand Paul reflects on NIH admitting to gain-of-function research in Wuhan
2 Democrat Booker: 'Rand Paul doesn't know a damn thing about our struggles'
3 Rand Paul: Democrats 'will squeeze' money out of ordinary people
4 Sen. Rand Paul to introduce bill that would give tax deductions on student loans
5 Rand Paul says Joe Manchin would bring 'important voice' to Republican Party if he defects
6 Rand Paul tells HHS secretary he's 'ignoring science,' asks if he has a 'science degree'
7 Rand Paul bedevils fellow Republicans again with Israel aid holdup
8 Rand Paul: Biden’s ‘Big Government Socialism’ brings rising prices, other consequences
9 Sen. Rand Paul on the US funding gain-of-function studies in Wuhan, Laundrie’s death, and Facebook caught up in another lie
10 Rand Paul Refuses to Fast-track $1B in New Funding for Iron Dome
11 Rand Paul tells Americans 'be afraid' amid DOJ schools threat policy
12 Bill Straub: Poor, poor Rand Paul whose feelings are hurt by cold, hard facts which speak for themselves
13 Rand Paul blocks quick vote on House-passed $1B Iron Dome funding | TheHill
14 Rand Paul accuses Dr. Fauci of lying about natural immunity because it foils his vaccination plans
15 US Jewish Leaders 'Dismayed' by Sen. Rand Paul's Continued Blocking of Iron Dome Bill
16 50 complaints, no action: Why Kentucky medical board won't police Rand Paul's COVID claims
17 Rand Paul's 'leadership PAC' spent thousands at resorts, country clubs: report
18 Paul reports raising more than $4 million in past quarter
19 Sen. Rand Paul welcomes Kentucky Honor Flight to Washington D.C.
20 Sen. Rand Paul discusses FDA Modernization Act, other topics
21 Charles Booker blasts Rand Paul on Iron Dome
22 Kelley Paul 'exhausted and angry' that those who harassed her and her husband face no charges
23 Sen. Rand Paul Blocks Senate From Moving Forward On High-Ranking Muslim Nominee
24 Sen. Rand Paul Grills HHS Sec. Becerra: "Quit Lying To People About Natural Immunity"
25 Letters to the Editor: Rand Paul a ‘blight’ on medicine. Where are the nurses in Frankfort?
26 Bill Straub: Sen. Paul living high on donations to his leadership PAC, money meant to assist others
27 Sen. Paul pushing bill that would remove animal testing mandate for pharmaceuticals
28 Daily Kickoff: Peyton Manning in Jerusalem + Kentucky Jews frustrated with Rand Paul
29 Party line battle ends in confirmation of Stone-Manning
30 Portman, Colleagues Introduce Bill to Block Democrats' IRS Snooping Scheme
31 Fans Heap Praise on In-N-Out For Bold Stance Against Vax Mandate
32 In latest clash over Wuhan lab, Fauci tells Sen. Rand Paul: 'You do not know what you're talking about'
33 YouTube suspends Rand Paul for seven days
34 Anthony Fauci's metaphysical get-out-of-jail-free card
35 Sen. Paul, Dr. Bartlett & Dr. Watkins: FDA should grant budesonide emergency use authorization to treat COVID
36 Black candidates for US Senate smash fundraising records for 2022 midterms
37 Suspicious package with white powder sent to Sen. Rand Paul's Kentucky home
38 Sens. Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul talk COVID-19, labor shortage on visit to Henderson
39 Sen. Rand Paul confronted by foul-mouthed constituent during a virtual town hall meeting
40 YouTube suspends Sen. Rand Paul over a video falsely claiming masks are ineffective
41 Rand Paul is not a big fan of, uh, democracy?
42 Sen. Rand Paul criticizes Gov. Beshear, Pres. Biden during London visit
43 Moran, Marshall fight Dem's IRS proposal to snoop on your bank account
44 Fact check: Rand Paul is still licensed to practice ophthalmology
45 Sen. Rand Paul bashes coronavirus restrictions
46 Sen. Rand Paul calls suspension from YouTube a ‘badge of honor’
47 Rand Paul has a *very* wacky theory about ivermectin
48 With Rand Paul trending more eccentric, could a moderate Democrat beat him?
49 Sen. Rand Paul meets with local superintendents to discuss COVID
50 Why won't Rand Paul just wear a mask?
51 GOP Sen. Rand Paul’s 'Super Weird' Gun Wall Stunt Gets Shot Down On Twitter
52 Sen. Rand Paul addresses wife's investment in company behind COVID-19 treatment
53 Examining the false claims that got Rand Paul, Marjorie Taylor Greene suspended on YouTube, Twitter
54 Federal Election Commission fines Sen. Rand Paul's presidential PAC $21,000
55 Rand Paul: What do Republicans and Democrats agree on? Here's the honest truth
56 Rand Paul says he’s running again for U.S. Senate and wades into the issue of race
57 Rand Paul brings colorful props to Senate floor to call out wasteful research: 'Lizards on a Treadmill'
58 Opinion | What the fight between Anthony Fauci and Rand Paul is really about
59 See Rand Paul spar with Dr. Fauci over masks
60 Trump Asks If Rand Paul Will ‘Apologize’ For Opposing Trump-Backed Candidate: ‘Do You Think He Learned His Lesson?’
61 Rand Paul Is the Face of Our COVID-19 Response Failures in Congress
62 Charles Booker makes it official, announces run for US Senate seat held by Rand Paul
63 Kelley Paul: Package sent to her and Sen. Rand Paul's home 'pure terrorism'
64 White House: Senators Sinema, Manchin are negotiating in good faith
65 'Kind of a lunatic': Sen. Sherrod Brown calls out Sen. Rand Paul for not wearing a mask
66 YouTube suspends Senator Rand Paul for seven days
67 Sen. Rand Paul continues making false claims of 2020 election fraud
68 Why Rand Paul is suddenly having to deal with Donald Trump's ire
69 Rand Paul and Anthony Fauci argue over theories about COVID-19's origin
70 Sen. Rand Paul is the target of a new PAC backed by a former Metro Council president
71 Rand Paul spreads COVID lies, risking lives in low-vaccination rate Kentucky
72 Sen. Rand Paul discusses back to work incentives and Jan. 6 Capitol riots
73 Rand Paul: Coronavirus antibody distribution may be stalled by socialism, other ‘political reasons’
74 Sen. Rand Paul tours state, pushing for fewer COVID rules
75 Afghanistan, COVID-19 and more: 3 key takeaways from Sen. Rand Paul's Bardstown appearance
76 Sen. Rand Paul says he's gotten death threats over clashes with Fauci
77 Rand Paul shreds Fauci for allegedly 'lying dozens of times' over COVID-19
78 Donald Trump endorses Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul for 2022 reelection
79 Sen. Rand Paul discusses upcoming plans for re-election 2022
80 Sen. Rand Paul Failed to Disclose That Wife Bought Stock in Coronavirus Treatment Maker
81 Rand Paul slams 'obscene' op-ed on unvaccinated, calls Fauci's advice 'very dangerous'
82 Rand Paul calls impeachment 'dead on arrival' after most Republicans signal that trial is unconstitutional
83 Sen. Rand Paul opposes vaccine mandates by companies
84 Ex-Rand Paul aide pardoned by Trump now charged with funneling Russian cash to Trump's campaign
85 Sen. Rand Paul meets with Ky. superintendents about keeping kids safe, in school during pandemic
86 Sen. Rand Paul Vows To Introduce Bill Repealing Mask Mandate On Planes
87 Sen. Rand Paul criticizes Beshear over COVID restrictions
88 Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul says he and his family are under 24-hour protection
89 Rand Paul hits NIH Director for mask-at-home comments: How can people who are so smart say such stupid things?
90 Was Rand Paul 'Right' All Along About the CDC Mask Mandate?
91 Republican senator Rand Paul told to ‘get f**ked’ during virtual town hall meeting
92 Mason-Dixon poll: Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is in good shape for reelection next year
93 F.D.A. Withdraws Approval from “Whatever Drug Rand Paul Is On”
94 Sen. Rand Paul: Mask mandates and lockdowns from petty tyrants? No, not again. Choose freedom
95 Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul introduces bill to remove mask mandates on public transportation
96 YouTube suspends Senator Rand Paul | National News |
97 Explaining what Rand Paul said about vaccines for people who had COVID-19
98 Rand Paul Endorses Don Huffines for Governor — The Amarillo Pioneer
99 Sen. Rand Paul discusses commission for Capitol attack, Middle East conflict
100 Rand Paul gives 2-word response to Fauci's unearthed emails