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1 Russian Deputy PM Borisov met with Cuba’s ex-President Raul Castro — newspaper
2 DPRK remembers Raúl Castro's visit to Pyongyang 55 years ago
3 VIDEO RELEASE Sen. Rick Scott Releases “Un cafecito con Raul Castro Rodríguez” in Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month
4 Revolutionary Cuba and the Legacy of Fidel Castro
5 Cubans are divided over law to allow same-sex marriage
6 Raúl Castro steps down as Cuban Communist Party leader
7 What happens now that Cuban President Raúl Castro stepped down
8 Raul Castro Has Stepped Down. What's Next For Cuba?
9 In Cuba, divisions over law to allow same-sex marriage
10 Artists Withdraw from Havana Biennial as Boycott Looms
11 The Legacy of Raúl Castro
12 Raul Castro attends mass government rally in Havana, Cuba after protests
13 Former Cuban Leader Raul Castro Emerges For High-Level Government Meeting About Protests
14 Cuba leadership: Díaz-Canel named Communist Party chief
15 In The CIA's 1st Plot Against The Castros, Fidel Wasn't The Target
16 Op-Ed: The Castros may be gone, but torpor fills this May Day
17 Raul Castro steps down as head of Cuba's Communist Party
18 Op-Ed: 'He's no Fidel.' Anger at Cuba's leader take on new forms
19 Why Cuba's Díaz-Canel Is Still in Trouble
20 Raúl Castro is slated to step down from the Communist Party. Is Cuba in for a change?
21 Cuba After the Castros
22 ‘There aren’t sugar daddies.’ Cuba’s Miguel Díaz-Canel faces tough choices amid Castro exit.
23 CNN's Acosta recalls tumultuous relationship with Trump in Fairfield U. lecture
24 The end of an era has arrived in Cuba
25 Raúl Castro's Net Worth (Updated 2021)
26 To squelch protests, Cuba rolls out 90-year-old Raul Castro. How archaic | Editorial
27 Raul Castro, now 90 years old and “retired” from Cuban political life
28 Cuba: Raúl Castro turns 90 “retired” from political life
29 Phoenix Mexican Consulate opens exhibit for Raul Castro, first and only Hispanic governor in Arizona
30 The end of the Castro era provides new opportunities on Cuba
31 A feared general, he also shook hands with Obama. What will Raúl Castro’s legacy be?
32 Raul Castro talks with Vietnamese president during visit to Cuba
33 From a "Messenger" to a "Believer" — "Grandpa Raúl," a Lead Singer of The East is Red
34 Exit of Cuba’s last Castro brings curtain down on revolutionary era
35 Raul Castro to quit, ending 60 years of family monopoly
36 Kim Jong Un sends birthday wishes, flowers to Cuba's Raul Castro
37 Raul Castro participates in political bureau meeting on protests in Cuba: Communist Party
38 Tiempo with Joe Torres: Raul Castro steps down, leadership changes at Latino U College Access
39 Raul Castro's Exit, Biden's Arrival And The Future Of Venezuela
40 Castro's Negotiator Waits on Biden to Undo 'Cruel' Trump Policy
41 Miguel Diaz-Canel becomes 1st non-Castro Cuban leader in 6 decades
42 Don’t act directly to overthrow Cuba’s regime
43 Deaths of 5 Cuban generals in 9 days mark passing of old guard amid new crises
44 Raúl Castro's Unfinished Legacy in Cuba
45 Cuba to Enter Post-Castro Era at Pivotal 2021 Party Congress | World News
46 Can the U.S. and Cuba get along now that the Castros are gone?
47 New era beckons for Cuba, without a Castro in power
48 End of an era | Penn Today
49 Raul Castro
50 Cuba's Raul Castro is stepping down, ending more than half a century of Castro rule over the island
51 Raul Castro, a benchmark for revolutionaries in Cuba, president says
52 Kim Jong Un congratulates Raul Castro
53 Raúl Castro: 5 things to know about departing Cuba president
54 Miguel Diaz-Canel replaces Raul Castro as Cuba's president
55 CIA planned to assassinate Raul Castro in 1960, declassified documents reveal
56 U.S. hits Raúl Castro and his children with visa restrictions
57 President Nguyen Xuan Phuc meets with Gen. Raul Castro Ruz
58 Cuban Legislature Appoints PM to Share Power with Raul Castro & Diaz Canel
59 End of an era in Cuba: Miguel Diaz-Canel replaces Raul Castro as Cuban leader
60 Raul Castro Fast Facts
61 Cuban President Raúl Castro: A pragmatist who made reforms
62 Why Raul Castro Is Happy Fidel Is Gone
63 Twitter blocks accounts of Raul Castro and Cuban state-run media
64 The Future Of Cuba Without A Castro – 1A
65 Raúl Castro: where will Fidel's brother and successor take Cuba next?
66 Raul Castro: I'm stepping down as Cuba's president on April 19
67 Why Is Twitter Censoring Raúl Castro?
68 Raúl Castro’s son can’t be Cuba’s next president. But what about his daughter?
69 Miguel Diaz-Canel Is Not the End of Cuba's Castro Era
70 Montgomery County teen sentenced to state prison for attempted murder in classmate’s shooting
71 Raul Castro Tells Cuba to Ready for More Belt Tightening
72 Trump considers labeling Cuba a state sponsor of terrorism, undoing Obama-era deal
73 Central Report to the Eighth Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba
74 Raúl Castro Re-Elected to Top Post in Cuba’s Communist Party
75 US imposes sanctions on Cuba's Raul Castro's son-in-law
76 Raúl Castro Thanks U.S., but Reaffirms Communist Rule in Cuba
77 Raul Castro, as he steps down, leaves Cuba with new freedoms, deep problems
78 How Obama set a trap for Raúl Castro
79 Cuba’s Raul Castro dismisses harsher US tone under Trump
80 Raul Castro Reappears, Rumors Nixed
81 UA exhibit highlights career of Raúl H Castro, Arizona's only Hispanic governor
82 Raúl Castro pledges Cuba will never abandon Venezuela
83 Trump bans Raul Castro and his children from coming to U.S.
84 Raúl Castro to Step Down as Cuba’s President in 2018
85 A dog that interrupted a soccer game was adopted by player on the field
86 Cuban leader Raul Castro says he will retire in 2018
87 5 ways Americans often misunderstand Cuba, from Fidel Castro's rise to the Cuban American vote
88 Raul Castro, Arizona's only Latino governor, dies at 98
89 Raúl Castro Proposes Term Limits in Cuba
90 Cuba Under Raúl Castro: Assessing the Reforms by Carmelo Mesa-Lago and Jorge Pérez-López
91 Opinion | Can Donald Trump and Raúl Castro Make a Good Deal?
92 Raul Castro Says New 5-Year Term Will Be His Last
93 As Cuba Gains a New President, Raúl Castro Steps Back, Not Down, from Power
94 Raul Castro has a surprising response to harmed U.S. diplomats in Cuba
95 Opinion: Trump’s final action on Cuba was a mistake
96 Could Pope bring Raul Castro back to the faith?
97 In Cuba, Raúl Castro Proves a Pragmatic Communist
98 French TV Mocks Raul Castro’s Grandson/Bodyguard
99 Pope Francis Makes Big Impression on Raúl Castro
100 The News in Fidel and Raúl Castro's Home Town