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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Harder than it looks- POLITICO POLITICO 20 hours ago
2 Enduring colonialism has made it harder to end the COVID-19 pandemic The Conversation 15 hours ago
3 Inflation may affect some Americans' back-to-school shopping plans Business Insider 1 day ago
4 Students find UC admission offers can be harder and harder to snag OCRegister 17 hours ago
5 President Biden Signs Into Law Harder Legislation Providing Benefits to 50000 Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange Josh Harder 17 hours ago
6 Why Thinking Hard Wears You Out Scientific American 13 hours ago
7 Book Riot’s 2022 Read Harder Challenge Book Riot 8 months ago
8 Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge: Pride Edition Book Riot 2 months ago
9 Working Smarter, Not Harder: Setting Up an Online Course to Save Time! Faculty Focus 2 days ago
10 The Push for Phonics-Based Reading Instruction in Schools TIME 16 hours ago
11 Can you ever really own a video game? Players explain pitfalls of digital ownership Digital Trends 21 hours ago
12 Mark Davis thinks new ownership won’t make Broncos harder to beat NBC Sports 2 days ago
13 Recent trends make affordable housing harder, task force tells Loveland City Council Loveland Reporter-Herald 2 days ago
14 Editorial: Reelect Harder in Bay Area’s only competitive congressional race The Mercury News 3 days ago
15 Read Harder: Library Edition Book Riot 3 months ago
16 The Hard-Won Pleasures of a Yeasted Cake The New Yorker 5 days ago
17 Kevin Durant's cutthroat ultimatum only makes the trade he wants harder for the Nets New York Post 3 days ago
18 Pelosi's Taiwan Visit Made it 'Harder' for Biden to End Trump's China Tariffs: Commerce Secretary The Epoch Times 15 hours ago
19 The Quarry Update 1.05 Adds Harder QTEs and More This August 9 MP1st 2 days ago
20 'Getting harder and hotter': Phoenix fire crews race to save lives in America's hottest city The Guardian US 2 days ago
21 Fulham Is Back in the Premier League. Staying? That’s Harder. The New York Times 7 days ago
22 What does ‘back to normal’ mean for people hit hardest by the pandemic? North Carolina Health News 23 hours ago
23 Are We in A Recession? Here’s Why It’s Hard to Say The New York Times 17 days ago
24 Facebook begins testing default end-to-end encryption on Messenger The Verge 19 hours ago
25 Have resolved to work harder: Bommai amid buzz over change of guard Hindustan Times 13 hours ago
26 Pacific Islanders Have a Harder Time Getting Kidney Transplants Than Other Patients Honolulu Civil Beat 2 days ago
27 Reality 'bytes' coddled tech staffers: Working harder is job No. 1! New York Post 10 days ago
28 European stocks close mixed as investors assess inflation, earnings; Aegon up 9% CNBC 1 day ago
29 Climate change will make it harder for world’s poorest to migrate, study says Carbon Brief 18 days ago
30 Young Paris team is moving in the right direction WKYT 10 hours ago
31 False balance in news coverage of climate change makes it harder to address crisis 21 days ago
32 Just how big is this COVID surge? It's gotten harder to say Los Angeles Times 27 days ago
33 The Harder They Come review — Jamaica's first film still crackles with wit and lyricism Financial Times 8 days ago
34 More students now lag far behind their peers, slowing pandemic recovery NBC News 25 days ago
35 Getting a Passport Will Be Another Pain for Summer Travels The New York Times 27 days ago
36 Coach Matt Eberflus making Bears practices ‘the hardest thing you’ve ever done’ Chicago Sun-Times 5 days ago
37 This extremely hard Pokémon randomizer is the best thing on Twitch right now The Verge 7 days ago
38 All Pregnancy Care Just Got Harder WORT-FM 89.9 3 days ago
39 Ex-Real Madrid star Fabio Coentrao fined, suspended a year after retiring to become a fisherman 21 hours ago
40 Detroit Lions: HBO’s Hard Knocks premiered Tuesday night -- what are your thoughts? WDIV ClickOnDetroit 2 days ago
41 UBS Comp Changes Make It Harder to Battle Asset Outflows–Analysis AdvisorHub 14 days ago
42 This Common Daily Medication May Become Harder to Find, Makers Say Best Life 7 days ago
43 Colorado GOP candidates Joe O'Dea and Heidi Ganahl emphasize ties to police Axios 20 hours ago
44 Hard West 2 review: rootin' tootin' tactical shootin' Rock Paper Shotgun 8 days ago
45 The Great Renegotiation and new talent pools McKinsey 1 month ago
46 Climate change could be making it harder for seabirds to catch fish Science Daily 15 days ago
47 Preventing Stolen Elections Is Harder Than It Looks The Atlantic 7 days ago
48 Fighting Extreme Heat is a Year-Round Job Duke Today 15 hours ago
49 Angela Hill Wants To Be A Finisher UFC 15 hours ago
50 Elden Ring's Malenia Was Originally Way Harder To Beat TheGamer 11 days ago
51 Christine McGuinness shares heartbreak as family death 'hit me harder' after Paddy split The Mirror 20 hours ago
52 Tougher IRS enforcement central to Dem economic package Washington Times 7 days ago
53 Welfare with Anna Wolfe: Reddit AMA recap Mississippi Today 10 hours ago
54 Queer Harder: 12 Favorites From Past Challenges Book Riot 7 months ago
55 Mayhew Bakery, neighborhood hero after Hurricane Ida, to close. ‘It keeps getting harder’ 1 day ago
56 Stop Ghosting and Start Saying No Daily 2 days ago
57 The DCEU's 10 Best-Hidden Easter Eggs CBR 8 hours ago
58 Britney Spears, Kevin Federline Feud Amid Custody Battle: Watch Video STYLECASTER 15 hours ago
59 As fundraising gets harder, founders should ask investors for a flat round TechCrunch 25 days ago
60 Heat pumps: what they do and why they're hot now The Verge 13 hours ago
61 Welcome to the Sean McVay Moment Inside the pressures that brought him to the pinnacle and why satisfaction is still so hard to come by 3 days ago
62 Why ‘Open Streets’ in New York City Were Reduced by 63 Miles The New York Times 23 hours ago
63 Dropping an f-bomb at a campaign rally will likely hurt and help O'Rourke. NPR 9 hours ago
64 The Hardest (& Best) Thing About The US Clean Vehicle Tax Credit CleanTechnica 2 days ago
65 READ | Barker's pre-Reading press highlights News 16 hours ago
66 Silver-Haired and Shameless About Perks: Retirees Take Part-Time Work in the Travel Industry The New York Times 23 hours ago
67 A Republican and a Democrat Walk into a Room and … Switch Votes? Governing 3 hours ago
68 Which top Premier League clubs will be hit most by World Cup? It's not good news for Chelsea ESPN 7 days ago
69 Book Riot’s 2020 Read Harder Challenge Book Riot 3 years ago
70 Kingdom Heart 4's Kairi is Between a Rock and a Hard Place GameRant 6 days ago
71 Serena Williams Announces Her Retirement From Tennis Vogue 3 days ago
72 It's Getting Harder for Forests to Recover from Disasters Scientific American 28 days ago
73 Next financial crisis likely to centre on private markets Financial Times 4 hours ago
74 Glencore cuts ties with Chinese trader over missing $500mn of copper Financial Times 7 hours ago
75 Low Rhine deepens Germany's energy crisis Tech Xplore 19 hours ago
76 Deshaun Watson suspension: Browns QB willing to accept eight-game ban, plus $5M fine, per report CBS Sports 9 hours ago
77 Don't Let Employee Engagement Wither in a Hybrid Office Daily 18 hours ago
78 Yes, it’s become harder for startups to raise funding TechCrunch 28 days ago
79 Google tells staff to act ‘more entrepreneurial.’ Translation: Work harder, or else TechCrunch 1 month ago
80 Austin Punk Chronicles: "Hard, Fast & Unapologetic" – Raul's Shifts Into Fourth Gear Austin Chronicle 14 hours ago
81 For Blind Internet Users, the Fix Can Be Worse Than the Flaws The New York Times 1 month ago
82 Cost of living: Truss and Sunak face questions amid fresh energy bill warning The Independent 11 hours ago
83 U.S. stocks close mixed as fears of waning economy continue to weigh on investors CBS News 29 days ago
84 The Boy Bosses of Silicon Valley Are on Their Way Out The New York Times 2 days ago
85 China scrambles to defuse alarm over mortgage boycotts and banks runs CNN 25 days ago
86 Senate Democrats approve big Biden deal; House to vote next The Mercury News 4 days ago
87 Too many employees, but few work: Pichai, Zuckerberg sound the alarm Business Standard 4 days ago
88 Today’s Brain of Britain contestants find quiz harder, says host The Guardian 17 days ago
89 Premier League: 10 things to look out for this weekend The Guardian 8 hours ago
90 Introducing the 2022 Reading Log! Book Riot 8 months ago
91 My handwriting is terrible. Should I be worried? Financial Times 4 hours ago
92 The Best Ways to Read a Hard Book Book Riot 10 months ago
93 Bipartisan group of senators cuts deal to change election laws in response to January 6 attack CNN 23 days ago
94 As Fauci warns monkeypox needs to be taken more seriously, former FDA commissioner says the window to control it 'probably has closed' CNN 25 days ago
95 Read Harder Archives BOOK RIOT 7 years ago
96 Reading Challenge Roundup for 2022 Book Riot 7 months ago
97 Why Australia will work harder to build ties with Indonesia BBC 6 days ago
98 China's third-biggest IPO of the year doubles in trading debut The Straits Times 5 hours ago
99 Cryptomining Capacity in U.S. Rivals Energy Use of Houston, Findings Show The New York Times 26 days ago
100 Read Harder: A Memoir By a Latinx Author Book Riot 2 years ago