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1 Gambia: Commission Uncovered Ex-President's Alleged Crimes
2 Attempts to invite Jammeh, Peter to testify at TRRC failed
3 Gambian truth and reconciliation commission hears last witness
4 Gambian truth and reconciliation hearings end
5 Truth and Justice in The Gambia
6 Now that Juneteenth is a US holiday, the next step is reparations
7 Truth, reconciliation and atonement: Time to re-imagine (a post-racist) America
8 US: Failed Justice 100 Years After Tulsa Race Massacre
9 Georgetown and the Jesuits' slavery reparations plan falls short
10 Gambian truth panel hears last witness
11 Tulsa Race Massacre survivors are fighting for reparations, 100 years later
12 Seychelles: Truth Commission Advocates for State Reparations
13 Private and religious groups are starting to pay reparations for slavery—but it's nowhere near enough.
14 Gambia: Will former president Yahya Jammeh (ever) go on trial?
15 Congressman Jamaal Bowman Says Biden "Falls Short" On Reparations For Tulsa Survivors : The NPR Politics Podcast
16 Gambia: TRRC Ends Public Hearing, 392 Witnesses Testified
17 A college town fired up reparations talk with $25K checks. Who's next?
18 Panel says faith community must lead slavery reparations
19 Race, rights and reparations: What a U.S. truth commission might look like today
20 Golden Gate Village: An Opportunity for Reparations in Marin County
21 Testimony Ends On Alleged Atrocities Under Gambia's Yahyah Jammeh
22 'Uncomfortable truth’: The new push for a slavery reparations commission in Congress
23 Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey to Make Juneteenth a Day of Action for Social Justice
24 Renewed calls for Catholic Church apology after Canada mass grave find
25 From Aung Sang Suu Kyi to Omar al-Bashir: Fate of ousted leaders
26 Nigerian Victim Calls for Justice at Gambia Truth Commission
27 What the US can learn from Africa about slavery reparations
28 House Panel to Vote on Bill to Create a Reparations Commission
29 Gambian survivors to speak out in film about rape under ex-president Jammeh
30 Why Now Is the Time for Truth, Reconciliation, and Reparations
31 “The 3 Rs: The Road to Reparations and Reconciliation” virtual talk educates students to address reconciliation of racial issues
32 Reconciliation requires more than shock and outrage — it takes action
33 Does America Need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission?
34 Providence announces Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations process – Uprise RI
35 Seychelles' Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission to hear all evidence this year, then focus on report
36 As America Seeks Racial Justice, It Can Learn From Abroad
37 Garcetti, coalition of US mayors launch reparations initiative
38 Stories of the year
39 'Righting wrongs': Congress is taking another look at reparations for slavery
40 Tears with Truth: The Gambia's Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission
41 The USA Needs a Reckoning. Does “Truth and Reconciliation” Actually Work? – Mother Jones
42 Iowa City to reboot racial truth commission after infighting
43 'We want our land back': for descendants of the Elaine massacre, history is far from settled
44 Some people want a U.S. truth commission. But truth commissions have limits.
45 Gambia: Truth Commission hearings an important step towards justice and reparations
46 A White Evangelical response to the demand for reparations
47 N.Y.C. Creates Racial Justice Commission to Address Inequality
48 Pathway to Hope connects Greenwood to Reconciliation park
49 Discovery of remains of Indigenous children prompts grief and questions in Canada
50 Anti-Black racism and the press
51 The United States Needs a Truth Commission. It Should Be Televised.
52 Transitional Justice in Nepal: Justice Delayed, Collective Conscience Denied
53 It's past time to act upon Calls to Action
54 From Tulsa, Texas, to Turkey: The Price of Denial
55 In Tulsa, Faith Leaders Call for Massacre Reparations
56 Gambia: Ex-President Tied to Killing of 59 Migrants
57 Racial discrimination has cost American economy trillions. Tulsa, massacres just a start.
58 Jesuits in US pledge $100M for racial reconciliation
59 Biden Visits Tulsa On 100th Anniversary Of Racist Terror That Killed Hundreds : The NPR Politics Podcast
60 Barbara Lee on her push for a racial healing commission
61 We are in the infrastructure red zone
62 Two transitional justice commissions getting another term extension
63 The week in art news – frustrated Belgian experts issue restitution guidelines
64 Harriet Tubman Center's Truth and Reconciliation Commission concludes
65 Belgian experts frustrated at 'lack of initiative from museums and government' call for restitution of colonial-era acquisitions
66 A deeper look at Gambia’s Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission
67 Truth-Telling Leads to Racial Healing, Studies of Other Countries Show
68 Make the Catholic Church pay for its role in residential schools
69 After a Century of Silence, Philanthropy Helps Raise the Voices of the Past in Tulsa — Inside Philanthropy
70 Truth and Reconciliation commission to resume after joint meeting with City Council
71 Don’t Move On Just Yet
72 The United States' Reconciliation Mandate: Are We There Yet?
73 Clear goals, expectations are key for Truth and Reconciliation Commission
74 Tulsans face broken promises 100 years after Race Massacre
75 UNOWAS welcomes the launch of the truth, reconciliation and reparations commission of the Gambia (TRRC)
76 From Asheville Watchdog: Reparations, six months later — so far, empty promises
77 The Catholic Church must atone for its role in residential schools
78 Is It Time for Truth and Reconciliation in the US?
79 What America's racial reckoning can learn from Germany's atonement with the Holocaust
80 Ottawa has power to legally request church documents on residential schools: official
81 Greenwood Rising Shares Two Stories Of Tragedy In Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Greenwood District
82 Gambia: Victim Describes Yahya Jammeh As Monster, Fraudster
83 Group walks through the Cape CBD to protest Amazon development at River Club site
84 The U.S. Needs a New Constitution to Address the Fundamental Wrong of Slavery
85 St. Paul-led task force to study Black reparations
86 Gambia: Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations commission [The Morning Call]
87 Chicago suburb could become first US city to pay reparations to Black residents
88 The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Commission Releases Reparations Position
89 Australians back a voice to parliament. The moment is there to be seized
90 Letter from Gambia: After 22-year regime, ‘We need the truth’
91 Breaking The Silence To Learn The 'Truth' About Ganbia's Former President : Goats and Soda
92 TRRC to submit final report in July 2021
93 Iowa Freedom Rider resigns from Truth and Reconciliation Commission
94 Some lawmakers are calling for truth commissions on racial violence. How do these work?
95 Minnesota churches launch 10-year plan for racial healing, reparations
96 California passes landmark law to study proposals for reparations
97 The Gambia: Three former hitmen released after admission at reconciliation commission
98 Victims of Jammeh-Era Abuses in Gambia Turn to Overseas Courts for Justice
99 How a Truth and Reconciliation Commission could work in the US
100 The truth is not enough for Gambia's regime victims