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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Governor signs Iowa Renewable Fuels Standard into law Radio Iowa 5 days ago
2 EPA, Growth Energy reach settlement on annual biofuel volumes E&E News 28 days ago
3 EPA delivers final RFS RVO rule to White House OMB | Biodiesel Magazine 21 days ago
4 The US biofuel mandate operates on outdated assumptions | Greenbiz GreenBiz 18 days ago
5 Biofuel Group Sues EPA Over Delay in Renewable Fuel Standards Bloomberg Law 24 days ago
6 U.S. EPA sends biofuel blending mandate rule to White House for final review Reuters 21 days ago
7 Growth Energy, EPA reach deal on 2023 biofuel target timeline Agri-Pulse 2 days ago
8 Allowing E15 fuel year-round won't increase sales very much, but it's a symbolic victory for corn ethanol advocates The Conversation Indonesia 18 days ago
9 Analysis: White House weighs inflation vs. farmers in new biofuel mandates Reuters 6 days ago
10 Letter: State Legislature should pass clean fuel standard Times Union 1 day ago
11 EPA: 1.82 billion RINs generated in March | Biodiesel Magazine 28 days ago
12 RFA Hits Back at Ad Attacking RFS Energy AgWired 10 days ago
13 America's Growing Bioenergy Market Needs Clearer Monitoring And More Innovation Seeking Alpha 3 days ago
14 Aviation industry urges White House to clear roadblocks to SAF production growth S&P Global 2 days ago
15 Environmental outcomes of the US Renewable Fuel Standard | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 3 months ago
16 4 Things to Know About the Renewable Fuel Standard Agweb Powered by Farm Journal 2 months ago
17 California approves Marathon's and Phillips 66's refinery-to-renewable repurposing S&P Global 19 days ago
18 Sound science debunks attack on biofuels The Gazette 4 days ago
19 Phillips 66's early 2022 turnarounds to end as gasoline driving season looms S&P Global 24 days ago
20 Impact of Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) on biofuels production shown in study The Fence Post 2 months ago
21 EPA Sees Growth in Biofuels Going Forward Under Renewable Fuel Standard DTN The Progressive Farmer 3 months ago
22 Fuel for Thought: Is it time to take politics out of the US EPA's Renewable Fuel Standard? S&P Global 4 months ago
23 Explainer: Clashing concerns over biofuel blending FOX19 3 months ago
24 EPA Reduces Renewable Fuel Standard Targets But Takes a Hard Line on Small Refinery Waivers JD Supra 5 months ago
25 Suspend the Renewable Fuel Standard City Journal 2 months ago
26 EPA rule could alter RIN retirement schedule for small refineries | Ethanol Producer Magazine 4 days ago
27 EPA issues RFS RVO proposed rule, proposes to deny SRE petitions | Biodiesel Magazine 6 months ago
28 2022 Could Be Most Transformative Year Yet for Renewable Fuel Standard CSNews Online 4 months ago
29 GLOBAL: Parkland to increase renewable fuel production at Burnaby Refinery Bunkerspot 13 days ago
30 Renewable Fuel Standard Update: Recent EPA Activity Drives RIN Value JD Supra 4 months ago
31 Chairman Carper's Opening Statement: Hearing on the Renewable Fuel Standard US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works 3 months ago
32 Reexamining the Renewable Fuel Standard in Letter and Spirit The Regulatory Review 10 months ago
33 Hagerty Criticizes EPA for Burdening Small Refineries Despite Energy Crisis Senator Bill Hagerty 4 days ago
34 EPA Submitted Proposed Renewable Fuel Standards to OMB JD Supra 9 months ago
35 REG produced 480 million gallons of biodiesel in 2021, new report Biofuels International Magazine 6 days ago
36 Sacramento-based Propel Fuels sues Phillips 66 over alleged trade-secrets heist BIC Magazine 2 days ago
37 The Supreme Court Deals Ethanol A Blow By Undermining The Renewable Fuel Standard Forbes 11 months ago
38 Is California giving its methane digesters too much credit? Grist 4 days ago
39 Biden Could Revisit Renewable Fuel Mandate to Give Drivers Relief at Pumps Bloomberg 6 months ago
40 EPA denies small refinery RFS relief petitions but provides alternatives The Fence Post 1 month ago
41 EPA proposes giving oil refineries more time to comply with federal renewable fuel mandate Des Moines Register 6 months ago
42 EPA seeks comments on candidates for peer review of RFS report | Ethanol Producer Magazine 12 days ago
43 Ethanol, Oil Interests Try to Influence OMB on Renewable Fuel Standard DTN The Progressive Farmer 8 months ago
44 Feature: Rising US gasoline costs, refinery closures and the Renewable Fuel Standard S&P Global 1 month ago
45 Germany reported considering biofuel reduction Western Producer 9 days ago
46 EPA Finalizes RFS Compliance Delays Despite Call From Biofuels to Enforce Law DTN The Progressive Farmer 4 months ago
47 EPA proposes to approve canola oil fuel pathways under RFS | Biodiesel Magazine 1 month ago
48 Want renewable diesel? Better hope there’s enough raw material to make it FreightWaves 2 months ago
49 Biofuel groups testify in support of a strong RFS | Biodiesel Magazine 5 months ago
50 Biden administration studying whether biofuel waiver could ease food inflation -sources Reuters 3 months ago
51 U.S. EPA recommends lowering 2020 biofuel mandates retroactively -sources Reuters 9 months ago
52 Purdue study shows economic impact of RFS Drgnews 19 days ago
53 NFU supports EPA's plan to complete canola oil RFS rulemaking | Biomass Magazine 5 months ago
54 Corn ethanol is fueling our cars and climate change, study says KCUR 3 months ago
55 EPA proposes binding June 3 deadline to finalize new biofuel blending mandates S&P Global 3 months ago
56 EPA delivers proposed rule on canola oil RFS fuel pathways to OMB | Biomass Magazine 4 months ago
57 U.S. energy firms push states for carbon markets to spur renewable fuel growth 5 months ago
58 Germany may reduce crop-based biofuel use Western Producer 3 days ago
59 House members call for year-round E15, more biofuel volume under RFS 2 months ago
60 ICE launches renewable volume obligation futures | Biomass Magazine 2 months ago
61 Aviation Groups Call For Regulatory Changes To Support SAF AVweb 6 days ago
62 Biden Administration Weighs Potential 2022 RFS Cuts to Corn Ethanol DTN The Progressive Farmer 4 months ago
63 FACT SHEET: Using Homegrown Biofuels to Address Putin's Price Hike at the Pump and Lower Costs for American Families The White House 1 month ago
64 US Farm & Biofuel Leaders to White House: Pull EPA Back From the Brink Farm Bureau News 8 months ago
65 The US biofuel mandate helps farmers, but does little for energy security and harms the environment The Conversation Indonesia 6 months ago
66 In Defense of the Ethanol Requirement in Gasoline The Wall Street Journal 5 months ago
67 DC Circuit Court Rules in Earthjustice Case Challenging EPA's 2019 Renewable Fuel Volumes Earthjustice 10 months ago
68 Following Biden's Move to Slash Biofuel ... | US Senator Joni Ernst Senator Joni Ernst 5 months ago
69 Low-Carbon Fuel Standards Hit Snags Beyond West Coast States Bloomberg Law 1 month ago
70 EPA finalizes federal emission standards, renewable fuel groups express disappointment Agri-Pulse 5 months ago
71 Opinion: Joe Biden's EPA is headed in the right direction on biofuels Des Moines Register 5 months ago
72 Less than half of projected U.S. renewable diesel output likely by 2025- study Reuters 4 months ago
73 Fuel industry groups set for second round of debate over ethanol bill Des Moines Register 4 months ago
74 Renewable Fuel Standard: Information on Likely Program Effects on Gasoline Prices and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Government Accountability Office 3 years ago
75 Mr. President, fix the renewable fuel standard. Thousands of union jobs depend on it The News Journal 11 months ago
76 Feinstein, Toomey, Menendez, Collins Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Repeal Ethanol Mandate Senator Dianne Feinstein 10 months ago
77 EPA: 1.54 billion RINs generated in February | Biomass Magazine 2 months ago
78 EPA plans audit of renewable fuel credit system Argus Media 8 months ago
79 WHITEPAPER: Bio-Bunkers the Immediate Solution to the Energy Transition Ship & Bunker 4 days ago
80 Growth Energy announces intent to sue EPA over biofuel delays | Ethanol Producer Magazine 7 months ago
81 US biofuel groups push E15 to counter rising prices Argus Media 3 months ago
82 Policy Corner: RVOs Explained Vital | A news & media resource published by POET 6 months ago
83 EXCLUSIVE White House delays biofuel mandates due to political concerns -sources Reuters 10 months ago
84 Garamendi introduces bill requiring EPA to process eRIN pathways | Biomass Magazine 6 months ago
85 Higher gas prices for American families The Hill 1 month ago
86 New Mexico Senate passes Clean Fuel Standard Act | Biomass Magazine 3 months ago
87 Daily on Energy: The power shortage threat Washington Examiner 4 days ago
88 EPA streamlines process to bring biofuels, chemicals to market | Ethanol Producer Magazine 4 months ago
89 Ag groups challenge EPA's vehicle emissions rule | Ethanol Producer Magazine 3 months ago
90 Icahn's CVR moves forward with renewable fuel plans, eyes state incentives Reuters 7 months ago
91 Draft legislation: The Motor Fuel (Composition and Content) (Amendment) (Northern Ireland) Regulations 2022 GOV.UK 11 days ago
92 EPA approves RFS fuel pathway for Agresti Energy | Biomass Magazine 2 months ago
93 Another Way Biden Pushes Gasoline Prices Up The Wall Street Journal 6 months ago
94 EIA projects US renewable diesel supply will surpass biodiesel | Biomass Magazine 2 months ago
95 How war, weather, and Covid-19 are rekindling the food vs. fuel debate The Counter 2 months ago
96 Chevron moves towards 2030 renewables fuel goal with REG purchase: CEO S&P Global 3 months ago
97 Opinion: Clean fuel production is growing sustainably Agri-Pulse 4 months ago
98 Fuel for Thought: US Refiners, RINs and the RVO S&P Global 11 months ago
99 Canada delays completion of clean fuel standard Argus Media 6 months ago
100 Biofuel Mandates: Out of Sync With The New Transportation Landscape Visual Capitalist 5 months ago