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1 Republicans rush to Trump's defense after FBI executes search warrant at Mar-a-Lago CNN 3 hours ago
2 Republicans turn on each other amid post-Roe chaos POLITICO 14 hours ago
3 Trump's power struggle with local Republicans hits Wisconsin: What to watch in Tuesday's elections POLITICO 14 hours ago
4 Analysis | Republican denial of Trump's 2020 loss is affixed firmly in concrete The Washington Post 2 hours ago
5 Wisconsin raises MAGA stakes as Republicans defend Trump: The Note ABC News 13 hours ago
6 How the Republican Party came to embrace conspiracy theories and denialism NPR 5 hours ago
7 Republicans set sights on Manchin over climate bill E&E News 12 hours ago
8 Voters Are Realizing Republicans Mean What They Say Washington Monthly 14 hours ago
9 3 Republicans Vie to Challenge Senator Richard Blumenthal in Connecticut The New York Times 6 hours ago
10 Republicans in Wisconsin embrace family leave in wake of near-total abortion ban NBC News 14 hours ago
11 Republicans have long feuded with the mainstream media. Now many are shutting them out NPR 3 days ago
12 As Biden Appears Likely To Extend Student Loan Pause, Republicans File Bill To Restart Payments Forbes 5 hours ago
13 Schmitt says he’ll take a ‘wrecking ball’ to DOJ as Republicans react to Trump raid Kansas City Star 7 hours ago
14 The Democratic exodus to blue states solidifies Republican power Al Jazeera English 13 hours ago
15 Hawley, other Republicans, call for a more unified and battle-ready GOP, especially after FBI raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago. Says one: 'We're at war' Heartlander News 7 hours ago
16 'Astonishing': Search warrant reflects DOJ's lack of trust in Trump: Rosenberg MSNBC 9 hours ago
17 Democrats and Republicans Struggle to Forecast 2022 Midterms The New York Times 24 hours ago
18 Republicans block cap on insulin costs for millions of patients The Washington Post 2 days ago
19 Here are the top three battleground seats for the Texas House this November The Texas Tribune 1 day ago
20 Republican leaders tax Ohioans with costly second primary for rigged Statehouse districts Ohio Capital Journal 15 hours ago
21 Will Republicans miss the red wave? Washington Examiner 3 hours ago
22 Which Republicans voted for the Respect for Marriage Act and why The Washington Post 2 days ago
23 The Republican center mounts its comeback in New England POLITICO 14 hours ago
24 Republicans say Democrats will ‘pay the price’ in midterms for passing massive spending bill Fox News 2 days ago
25 'This should outrage everyone': Florida State Attorney suspended by Gov. DeSantis MSNBC 1 day ago
26 Levy Seeks The Support of Trump Republicans CT News Junkie 21 hours ago
27 Senate Republicans to Engage in Berg / Peden Race | KFP Kentucky Fried Politics 8 hours ago
28 Trump's Influence Is Deterring Electable Republicans From Running Bloomberg 1 day ago
29 Republicans cast Biden as tax hiker and pledge breaker over spending bill Washington Examiner 12 hours ago
30 PA Republicans demand answers after FBI search of Trump home 6 hours ago
31 Republicans vote unanimously to hold 2024 convention in Milwaukee The Washington Post 4 days ago
32 Forget Dog Whistles, Republicans Communicate Their Hate Using Bullhorns and Air Raid Sirens pride 8 hours ago
33 In tight and tense Wisconsin GOP governor race, Kleefisch, Michels close with a brawl NBC News 13 hours ago
34 Biden's big win exposes GOP's nihilism: Republicans resort to lies to fight Inflation Reduction Act Salon 1 day ago
35 How Republicans Are ‘Weaponizing’ Public Office Against Climate Action The New York Times 5 days ago
36 Opinion | Republicans relish a fight about IRS spending The Washington Post 9 hours ago
37 On YouTube, Steven Crowder demands that all Republicans support dismantling the FBI and all intelligence services Media Matters for America 7 hours ago
38 Nassau police unions endorsing five Republicans for state Senate New York Post 18 hours ago
39 Nebraska Republicans lack votes to pass 12-week abortion ban 1 day ago
40 Maps in Four States Were Ruled Illegal Gerrymanders. They’re Being Used Anyway. The New York Times 2 days ago
41 Are Republicans coming for no-fault divorce? Yahoo News 13 hours ago
42 Rep. Liz Cheney Says She Likes Working With Democrats More Than Republicans The Epoch Times 7 hours ago
43 Cortez Masto, Rosen join Republicans in exempting investment firms from tax Nevada Current 10 hours ago
44 How Republicans could still blow the 2022 midterm elections CNN 10 days ago
45 MSNBC op-ed claims Republicans are ‘anti-cop,’ waging ‘war on law enforcement’ Fox News 23 hours ago
46 Republicans are coming for your Social Security Villages-News 1 day ago
47 10 House Republicans voted to impeach Trump. How are they faring now? USA TODAY 2 hours ago
48 Some Republicans fear party's extremes on abortion, gay rights The Washington Post 11 days ago
49 Senate Climate Change IRA Bill Will Largely Benefit Republican Districts Bloomberg 1 day ago
50 On climate, Republicans have lost their minds. That’s still dangerous. | Moran 12 hours ago
51 Do Senate Republicans have a candidate problem? CNN 12 days ago
52 GOP campaign chair Emmer plans to run for whip if Republicans take House The Hill 1 day ago
53 Trump-backed Republicans win GOP nominations for US Senate, secretary of state and attorney general in Arizona, CNN projects CNN 6 days ago
54 Indiana abortion law means Republicans must address issues after birth IndyStar 14 hours ago
55 See the ads Democrats are funding to boost far-right Republicans The Washington Post 8 days ago
56 Fearing a wipeout, Democrats try to unify around a simple midterm message: Republicans are 'extremists' CNN 14 days ago
57 On the campaign trail, some Republicans talk in violent terms The Washington Post 18 days ago
58 Opinion | Dana Milbank: How Republicans became Destructionists The Washington Post 5 days ago
59 When Republicans Talk About Immigration, They Don’t Just Mean Illegal Immigration FiveThirtyEight 5 days ago
60 Senate Republicans Propose Special Committee to Investigate Massive Increase in Public Employee Health Benefit Costs InsiderNJ 6 hours ago
61 Will Republicans Shut Out the Press in 2024? Vanity Fair 15 days ago
62 VIDEO: Commissioner Nikki Fried Sets the Record Straight on Florida Republicans and Known Hate Group Using Low-Income Students, Food Access as Pawn... / 2022 Press Releases / Press Releases / News & Events / Home Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services 1 day ago
63 Republicans’ agenda for a second Trump term is far more radical than the first The Guardian 7 days ago
64 Republican FTC Commissioner Noah Phillips to step down POLITICO 1 day ago
65 Republican Prospects for Midterm Pickups Dim Amid Democratic Wins U.S. News & World Report 5 days ago
66 Will Wisconsin’s Republicans Make Voting Meaningless, or Just Difficult? The New Yorker 9 days ago
67 Democrats join Republicans in calling their opponents ‘enemies’ The Washington Post 9 days ago
68 Former Log Cabin Republicans lament their lack of progress in Texas The Texas Tribune 17 days ago
69 New York Republicans are falling for Eric Adams POLITICO 9 days ago
70 Fueled by doubts, hundreds of Hawaii Republicans sign up as election observers Hawaii News Now 20 hours ago
71 With midterms in sight, few Republicans are defending Trump as they did in 2019 NPR 21 days ago
72 Republicans send letter expressing 'grave concerns' over reconsideration of water policy Porterville Recorder 7 hours ago
73 A Record Number Of Black Republicans Could Be Headed to Congress FiveThirtyEight 13 days ago
74 Opinion | Unsolicited Advice for the Pouty Republicans Who Stiff Reporters POLITICO 13 days ago
75 Heart of the Primaries 2022, Republicans-Issue 33 – Ballotpedia News Ballotpedia News 6 hours ago
76 Republicans wince as their Ukrainian-born colleague thrashes Zelenskyy POLITICO 26 days ago
77 Rural Texans—even conservative ones—unconvinced by Republicans' public school privatization crusade People's World 7 hours ago
78 Lady Gaga Tells Republicans To Back Off Gay Marriage In A Fiery Speech 8 hours ago
79 Republicans Confront Unexpected Online Money Slowdown The New York Times 15 days ago
80 Republicans weigh how hard to contend in Senate District 29 The Texas Tribune 20 days ago
81 'Oh, God, no': Republicans fear voter backlash after Indiana child rape case POLITICO 26 days ago
82 This is the best argument for Republicans to nominate someone other than Donald Trump in 2024 CNN 26 days ago
83 Republicans stall bill to aid veterans exposed to toxic burn pits The Washington Post 13 days ago
84 High-stakes Senate primary tests Missouri Republicans' tolerance for an Eric Greitens return CNN 9 days ago
85 McConnell, 25 Senate Republicans say they support Pelosi's Taiwan trip Axios 7 days ago
86 Florida Republicans tether themselves to DeSantis — even without his support POLITICO 9 days ago
87 Tim Ryan's GOP-friendly campaign unsettles Republicans in Ohio NBC News 13 days ago
88 Adam Kinzinger discusses how he wants to chart a new Republican Party The Washington Post 18 days ago
89 The Midwestern pioneer lobbying Republicans on same-sex marriage POLITICO 16 days ago
90 Republicans plot immigration moves if they control House Roll Call 20 days ago
91 47 House Republicans vote to write same-sex marriage into law POLITICO 22 days ago
92 At Least 120 Republican Nominees Deny The Results Of The 2020 Election FiveThirtyEight 23 days ago
93 Republicans are desperate to keep Trump from announcing for president before the midterms CNN 29 days ago
94 It's not just Hunter Biden: Prepare for a 2023 packed with House GOP investigations POLITICO 22 days ago
95 4 Republicans who voted to impeach Trump face their moment of reckoning POLITICO 14 days ago
96 Analysis | Abortion fight moves to terrain least favorable to Republicans The Washington Post 23 days ago
97 Republicans reverse course as Senate passes burn pits legislation after days of pressure The Washington Post 7 days ago
98 Republicans ready grenades against Democrats' dwindling dream bill POLITICO 23 days ago
99 Trump Loses Support of Half of GOP Voters, Poll Finds The New York Times 29 days ago
100 Good News for Democrats: Even Republicans Are Tiring of Trump Bloomberg 23 days ago