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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Washington state schools get $618 million from remaining American Rescue Plan funds 8 days ago
2 Eatonville schools fail to fire unvaccinated employees 1 month ago
3 Enrollment drop could cost WA schools $500M in state funding Tacoma News Tribune 5 days ago
4 Reykdal calls on Inslee to require all school employees get vaccinated Washington State Wire 4 months ago
5 Former state senator: COVID vaccine mandate for kids would be ‘assault on parental rights’ 21 days ago
6 Substitute shortages, staff burnout lead to Seattle-area school cancellations The Seattle Times 21 days ago
7 Q&A: How Washington’s top education leader Chris Reykdal envisions schooling after the pandemic Seattle Times 6 months ago
8 Gov. Jay Inslee to hold press conference with state superintendent Chris Reykdal KXLY Spokane 4 months ago
9 State superintendent says he wants a smaller sample of students to take standardized tests 9 months ago
10 Superintendent Reykdal and vaccine mandate exemptions Lynnwood Times 3 months ago
11 Everyday People Financial Inc. Increases Operating Loan Facility to $10M Yahoo Finance 10 days ago
12 Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction discusses changes with new school year KOMO News 3 months ago
13 Washington schools superintendent warns parents to prepare for more closures 2 months ago
14 Want schools to stay open? WA Superintendent says ‘get vaccinated’ 4 months ago
15 Students in Washington State Public Schools Will Be Required to wear Masks into June – NewsRadio 560 KPQ KPQ 1 month ago
16 Nearly 90% of Washington state's school employees are compliant with COVID-19 vaccine mandate 1 month ago
17 Washington state schools chief says his hands have been tied in pandemic Seattle Times 12 months ago
18 State law provides for OSPI to withhold funds for 'noncompliance' Longview Daily News 4 months ago
19 State superintendent’s emergency rule will penalize Washington schools not complying with mask, vaccine requirements The Seattle Times 3 months ago
20 Key educators support a vaccine mandate for teachers in Washington The Seattle Times 4 months ago
21 Chris Reykdal's statement following the fatal stabbing of a Pasco bus driver NBC Right Now 2 months ago
22 Rantz: Superintendent says WA schools don’t teach critical race theory — that’s a lie 5 months ago
23 WA Superintendent Reykdal unveils plan to vaccinate state’s teachers 10 months ago
24 Chris Reykdal reelected as superintendent of public instruction, defeating Maia Espinoza in Washington state election results Seattle Times 1 year ago
25 Wisconsin Grocers Association: Buy Thanksgiving turkeys early 14 days ago
26 State Superintendent Chris Reykdal talks about vaccinating kids Q13 FOX (Seattle) 1 month ago
27 Superintendent: More ‘issues with adults’ over masking rule than students 2 months ago
28 Washington's top educator on vaccine requirement for public school employees Q13 FOX (Seattle) 4 months ago
29 Students in Washington won't have to take two standardized tests this spring, OSPI says The Spokesman-Review 8 months ago
30 The Times recommends: Chris Reykdal for Superintendent of Public Instruction Seattle Times 1 year ago
31 Washington state school districts have 17 days to submit school reopening plans Seattle Times 10 months ago
32 Governor's proclamation pushes K-12 schools to offer in-person learning to all students within a month 9 months ago
33 MOORE AGNES Obituaries 12 days ago
34 State superintendent says distance learning is not working for a lot of kids 1 year ago
35 Message from state superintendent regarding school employee vaccinations Federal Way Mirror 3 months ago
36 Incumbent Chris Reykdal, Maia Espinoza leading in primary election results for Washington state schools superintendent Seattle Times 1 year ago
37 Washington state Supreme Court explains its ruling in schools chief voter guide case Seattle Times 1 year ago
38 Pierce County school districts report hundreds of COVID-19 cases amid first weeks of school Tacoma News Tribune 2 months ago
39 School districts that don't enforce mask-wearing will lose state funding, says OSPI KXLY Spokane 4 months ago
40 'Feels like a battle they cannot win': Emails show school districts' concerns over mask mandates KXLY Spokane 4 months ago
41 Washington COVID-19 relief funds to skip schools with no plans for in-person classes 10 months ago
42 Could Delta variant impact return to in person learning for Washington schools? Q13 FOX (Seattle) 4 months ago
43 Seattle among 35 school districts not meeting state requirement for relief funds 9 months ago
44 Washington state Democrats, teachers union inject last-minute money to boost Reykdal’s schools chief campaign Seattle Times 1 year ago
45 State Superintendent Chris Reykdal Non-Committal on Kids Returning to School – NewsRadio 560 KPQ KPQ 2 years ago
46 Covid blog: Updates for Seattle and the Northwest KUOW News and Information 1 month ago
47 Schools that flout mask mandates will lose state funding Longview Daily News 4 months ago
48 Superintendent says protocols make Washington classrooms some of the ‘safest in the country’ 4 months ago
49 Washington state says expect full in-person learning for fall term, unions say that is not guaranteed Q13 FOX (Seattle) 6 months ago
50 Chris Reykdal: Obsessed with sex, bored with his job 2 years ago
51 Eatonville Middle School switches to remote learning after COVID-19 outbreak 2 months ago
52 State school Superintendent Reykdal issues statement in response to online learning in the fall Kent Reporter 1 year ago
53 State superintendent proposes to divert funding for special needs children to Critical Race Theory-type programs Washington Policy 7 months ago
54 How the Superintendent of Public Instruction race is shaping up with 2 weeks to go Tacoma News Tribune 1 year ago
55 Superintendent Reykdal denies 780 families funding to attend online public schools 2 years ago
56 Washington schools superintendent sues over voter pamphlet language Seattle Times 1 year ago
57 Washington students expected to return to the classroom this fall KOMO News 7 months ago
58 Doctors and educators answer parents' questions about returning to school 4 months ago
59 REYKDAL PAUL Obituaries 2 months ago
60 School leaders in Oregon and Washington chart course for reopening and look to the future 10 months ago
61 Chris Reykdal, Maia Espinoza square off in debate as superintendent race heats up 1 year ago
62 Superintendent Reykdal addresses concerns over sex ed curriculum 2 years ago
63 Conservation groups want Washington forests managed ‘for all the people’ OPB News 1 month ago
64 Expect larger kindergarten class sizes in some schools across Washington state this fall Q13 FOX (Seattle) 6 months ago
65 Washington's vaccine mandate guidelines for school workers advocate caution in questioning religious exemptions The Spokesman-Review 3 months ago
66 Chris Reykdal's legislative experience a plus for schools job, backers say The Seattle Times 5 years ago
67 Parents, political candidates turn out for 'unmask our kids' rally Friday Longview Daily News 4 months ago
68 Inslee announces updated school guidance for in-person instruction | Governor Jay Inslee Governor Jay Inslee 12 months ago
69 Washington teachers now eligible for COVID-19 vaccine, Inslee announces 9 months ago
70 A visual review of Washington state sex-ed curricula Chris Reykdal would like to hide 1 year ago
71 Washington state Supreme Court rules against schools chief in lawsuit challenging election voter guide statement Seattle Times 1 year ago
72 No Washington schools would reopen to all students under late-2020 threshold 3 months ago
73 Race for state schools superintendent pits mom against incumbent Reykdal KOMO News 1 year ago
74 No failing grades for high-school students during coronavirus closures, Reykdal says Seattle Times 2 years ago
75 Superintendent candidate's voter guide sentence about sex education is false, court says The Spokesman-Review 1 year ago
76 State-mandated comprehensive sex education takes effect Thursday 1 year ago
77 State expects public schools will be open this fall, with masks and distancing The Spokesman-Review 1 year ago
78 Gov. Inslee Spokesman on Ex-WSU Coach Nick Rolovich's Appeal: 'He's Just Wrong' Centralia Chronicle 26 days ago
79 Chris Reykdal leads in race for Superintendent of Public Instruction The Seattle Times 5 years ago
80 Pandemic-era schooling is an issue in the race for state superintendent 1 year ago
81 Washington schools superintendent warns parents should prepare for more closures 2 months ago
82 Bellevue superintendent says he cannot agree to demands to wait for vaccines to expand in person learning Q13 FOX (Seattle) 11 months ago
83 School-closure culture clash, sex-ed repeal part of Washington state schools chief race The Columbian 1 year ago
84 Inslee to require all school districts to offer some in-person learning Q13 FOX (Seattle) 9 months ago
85 As kids head back for full-time in-person instruction, experts urge masks, vaccines as COVID-19 risk remains high The Spokesman-Review 3 months ago
86 State Supreme Court explains ruling in voter guide case | The Daily Herald 1 year ago
87 Snohomish School District talks Critical Race Theory, masks | The Snohomish County Tribune newspapers Snohomish County Tribune 4 months ago
88 State superintendent race: Chris Reykdal wins, Erin Jones concedes | Tacoma News Tribune The News Tribune 5 years ago
89 "Do no harm": Washington state superintendent says no 'F' grades will be given this term KHQ Right Now 2 years ago
90 Erin Jones, Chris Reykdal lead in race for state schools superintendent The Seattle Times 5 years ago
91 Parents tell Lynden ‘no’ to mask mandate Lynden Tribune 4 months ago
92 As COVID-19 changes education systems, Washington school superintendent candidates push for local control The Spokesman-Review 1 year ago
93 Sex education referendum makes ideology a focus of race for Washington state schools chief Seattle Times 1 year ago
94 Guidance for fall classes coming soon for Washington school districts 2 years ago
95 Inslee Not in Favor of Vaccinating School Staff Before Next Phase, Says Schools Can Reopen Safely Now – NewsRadio 560 KPQ KPQ 10 months ago
96 OSPI General Election debate slated for September 17th Washington State Wire 1 year ago
97 Big crowds take to Buckley against Governor's latest vaccine mandates | Courier-Herald Enumclaw Courier-Herald 3 months ago
98 State: Religious exemptions for teachers to Washington COVID-19 vaccine mandate should be reviewed by human resources The Spokesman-Review 3 months ago
99 Year-round schooling, other programs get a bipartisan push in Washington state Seattle Times 9 months ago
100 Superintendent Reykdal pushing for longer "recess" for kids KOMO News 3 years ago