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1 Rick Caruso: 'This Town IS Hollywood' by Peter Kiefer 4 days ago
2 Latinos favored Caruso in the primary, but that could change Los Angeles Times 22 days ago
3 Here's how Rick Caruso becomes Mayor Caruso | KABC-AM KABC 12 days ago
4 Joe Biden & Kamala Harris Endorse Karen Bass In L.A. Mayor’s Race; Rick Caruso Quickly Responds Deadline 13 days ago
5 Rick Caruso sent strangers caviar for a fake wedding Audacy 2 days ago
6 'Mr. Caruso Goes to Town': Corporate developer remade as California common man People's World 26 days ago
7 Karen Bass drops support of Faisal Gill for city attorney as Rick Caruso slams Gill and Bass LA Daily News 1 month ago
8 Alex Padilla, Council President Nury Martinez endorse Bass in LA mayoral race CBS Los Angeles 4 days ago
9 The L.A. Mayoral Race Has Gone From Sprint to Marathon Los Angeles Magazine 28 days ago
10 Editorial: We need straight talk, please, from Caruso and Bass about prosecutorial discretion Los Angeles Times 25 days ago
11 L.A. on the Record: A slow week in the mayor's race but drama in court Los Angeles Times 23 days ago
12 L.A. on the Record: The Gascón factor in the L.A. mayor's race Los Angeles Times 30 days ago
13 Citizen Journalist Katharine McPhee Doesn't Feel Safe in Beverly Hills Gawker 11 days ago
14 Trump's Grotesque Plan to 'End Homelessness' Is Already Mainstream Policy Curbed 18 days ago
15 Some voters doubt the Los Angeles mayoral candidates' promises to solve homelessness Texas Public Radio 5 days ago
16 Unease with crime and homelessness is lifting a billionaire developer in LA's mayor's race CNN 2 months ago
17 Billionaire developer Rick Caruso enters race for L.A. mayor Los Angeles Times 6 months ago
18 Hillary Clinton endorses Karen Bass in Los Angeles mayoral race The Hill 18 days ago
19 How a billionaire mall magnate pulled ahead in the Los Angeles mayoral race POLITICO 2 months ago
20 Los Angeles General Election Candidates Finalized 17 days ago
21 A top progressive firm signed Rick Caruso as a client. Its staff revolted. POLITICO 2 months ago
22 Will Los Angeles elect billionaire Rick Caruso for mayor? Los Angeles Times 3 months ago
23 Rick Caruso, the Mall King Who Would Be L.A.'s Mayor New York Magazine 2 months ago
24 Rick Caruso, top L.A. mayoral candidate, has no climate plan Los Angeles Times 3 months ago
25 As he mulls mayoral run, Rick Caruso registers as a Democrat Los Angeles Times 7 months ago
26 Billionaire Rick Caruso has Spent Tens of Millions to Spread Misinformation Knock LA 3 months ago
27 Rick Caruso claims to pay about $330K in taxes per year Spectrum News 1 4 months ago
28 L.A. mayoral candidate Rick Caruso wants 1,500 more officers Los Angeles Times 6 months ago
29 Who is Rick Caruso, the billionaire who wants to be mayor of Los Angeles? EL PAÍS in English 6 months ago
30 Rick Caruso appears poised to jump into L.A. mayor's race Los Angeles Times 6 months ago
31 Does L.A. want a billionaire mayor? Rick Caruso may find out Los Angeles Times 7 months ago
32 Mayoral candidate Rick Caruso's real estate empire poses possible conflicts of interest. Here's his plan Los Angeles Times 6 months ago
33 L.A. mayor's race: How USC turned to trustee Rick Caruso Los Angeles Times 5 months ago
34 Rick Caruso’s wealth bought him a seat in the mayoral runoff Daily Trojan Online 2 months ago
35 Headlines: Getty Museum To Return Illegally Obtained Statues; Whistleblower Suing Sheriff Villanueva L.A. TACO 3 days ago
36 Billionaire developer Rick Caruso enters Los Angeles mayor's contest The Santa Rosa Press Democrat 6 months ago
37 Burgers, hot dogs plus a side of food nostalgia hit the spot in West Hollywood Los Angeles Times 21 days ago
38 Rick Caruso Is The Focus Of Rivals’ Attacks As He Participates In His First Los Angeles Mayoral Debate Deadline 5 months ago
39 Rick Caruso, billionaire developer, takes steps to enter the race for Los Angeles mayor KABC-TV 6 months ago
40 Billionaire Developer Rick Caruso Enters Race for LA Mayor Commercial Observer 6 months ago
41 Editorial: Rick Caruso discusses his mayoral platform with the L.A. Times editorial board Los Angeles Times 4 months ago
42 Has Rick Caruso hit his ceiling?- POLITICO POLITICO 2 months ago
43 Column: If Rick Caruso becomes mayor, will Los Angeles be all dancing fountains and trolley rides? Los Angeles Times 3 months ago
44 L.A. mayoral candidate Rick Caruso talks about why he’s running, his background and tackling crime and homelessness KTLA Los Angeles 6 months ago
45 Rick Caruso’s mayoral run is problematic Daily Trojan Online 5 months ago
46 LA City Council Votes To Outlaw Homeless Camps Near Schools, Day Care Centers HuffPost 4 days ago
47 Mayoral candidate Caruso's possible conflicts of interest Spectrum News 1 5 months ago
48 Planned Parenthood slams Rick Caruso on abortion Los Angeles Times 3 months ago
49 Column: Could Rick Caruso win if he runs for L.A. mayor? Los Angeles Times 7 months ago
50 Din Tai Fung in Glendale leaving the Americana for the Galleria Los Angeles Times 11 days ago
51 Rick Caruso's Mayoral Bid Might Cause Conflicts of Interest Due to His Real Estate Empire Holdings yovenice 5 months ago
52 Rick Caruso said no one feels safe in Los Angeles. Here's what residents say Los Angeles Times 4 months ago
53 Former Republican and billionaire Rick Caruso could win LA Mayor's race Axios 3 months ago
54 Who Is Rick Caruso? The Man vs. The Ads City Watch 5 months ago
55 In Rick Caruso’s L.A. Mayoral Bid, Hollywood Heavies See Themselves Hollywood Reporter 6 months ago
56 Now running for mayor of LA, Rick Caruso vows to set business aside if elected The Real Deal 6 months ago
57 Rick Caruso has loaned his L.A. mayor campaign $10 million Los Angeles Times 4 months ago
58 Mayoral candidate Rick Caruso endorsed by LAPD union Spectrum News 1 6 months ago
59 Possible L.A. mayoral candidate Rick Caruso says he had COVID Los Angeles Times 6 months ago
60 Rick Caruso is turning Los Angeles into Cheesecake Factory Los Angeles Times 2 months ago
61 Rick Caruso’s entry in mayoral race shakes things up LA Daily News 6 months ago
62 Karen Bass and Rick Caruso in dead heat, Los Angeles mayoral poll finds Los Angeles Times 4 months ago
63 LA Mayor Election: Rick Caruso Endorsed by Rival Joe Buscaino Bloomberg 3 months ago
64 Mall Mogul Rick Caruso Prepares Los Angeles Mayoral Run (Exclusive) Los Angeles Magazine 10 months ago
65 Rick Caruso loans $10M to mayoral campaign The Real Deal 4 months ago
66 LA mayoral candidate Rick Caruso endorses recall of Gascón Spectrum News 1 6 months ago
67 Six Things Karen Bass and Rick Caruso Can Do to Win the Mayor's Race Los Angeles Magazine 1 month ago
68 Uproar over Rick Caruso indicates a crisis of democracy Los Angeles Times 4 months ago
69 Lopez column: Can Caruso buy this job? Los Angeles Times 4 months ago
70 LACDP Declines to Blacklist Consultants for Anti-Abortion Billionaire Rick Caruso Knock LA 6 months ago
71 Real Estate newsletter: Rick Caruso's rising empire Los Angeles Times 2 months ago
72 Latest polling has billionaire Rick Caruso leading candidates in race for mayor of LA CBS News 4 months ago
73 Katy Perry faces Twitter backlash after Rick Caruso support Los Angeles Times 1 month ago
74 Would Rick Caruso be another Richard Riordan for L.A.? Los Angeles Times 7 months ago
75 Billionaire mall mogul Rick Caruso takes steps to enter LA mayor’s race LA Daily News 6 months ago
76 Caruso’s call: Tout real estate credentials or camouflage? The Real Deal 5 months ago
77 Caruso sets appointment to plunge into LA race for mayor The Real Deal 6 months ago
78 Rick Caruso for Dictator! City Watch 6 months ago
79 These Are Mayoral Candidate Karen Bass Latest Key Endorsements Los Angeles Magazine 4 days ago
80 Rick Caruso Shines, Chesa Boudin Falls As Progressives Face Urban Revolt Newsweek 2 months ago
81 Trojan Democrats: Rick Caruso Covered Up Sexual Violence at USC Knock LA 5 months ago
82 Hollywood Divides on L.A. Mayor: Karen Bass or Rick Caruso? Variety 5 months ago
83 Kim Kardashian endorses Rick Caruso for LA mayor The Hill 3 months ago
84 “The Issue Is”: Rick Caruso’s run for LA mayor FOX 11 Los Angeles 6 months ago
85 USC selects first woman board chair to replace Rick Caruso Los Angeles Times 2 months ago
86 Rick Caruso Bans George Gascón Recall Supporters from His Malls Los Angeles Magazine 4 months ago
87 Billionaire Rick Caruso announces run for L.A. mayor UPI News 6 months ago
88 Who Won the Los Angeles Mayoral Primary? Karen Bass Bloomberg 1 month ago
89 Is liberal Los Angeles ready for a billionaire mayor? Financial Times 6 months ago
90 A Conservative Mayor of Los Angeles? National Review 2 months ago
91 The Rick Caruso, Chesa Boudin Races Are Being Shaped by Copaganda Teen Vogue 2 months ago
92 Rick Caruso wants to build 30,000 beds for LA's unhoused | Press Play KCRW 4 months ago
93 Who Will Be L.A.’s Next Mayor? City Journal 2 months ago
94 L.A. police union backs Caruso for mayor, spurning Buscaino Los Angeles Times 6 months ago
95 Column: ​​Former LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Endorses Traci Park for City Council, First Major, Post Primary Nod for the Venice Challenger! Westside Today 5 days ago
96 NewsConference: Rick Caruso Thinks We Need to Clean Up City Hall NBC Southern California 4 months ago
97 Like Randy Newman, I love L.A. – mostly Park Labrea News/Beverly Press 3 days ago
98 Rick Caruso spent $176 per vote, and Karen Bass shelled out $11.79 Crosstown L.A. 2 months ago
99 ‘I Am Delighted': Rick Caruso Pleased With Primary Election Results NBC Southern California 2 months ago
100 With Feuer out, Caruso, Bass, De León vie for the undecideds Los Angeles Times 3 months ago