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1 'Peril' Co-Author Robert Costa Describes The Fraught Transition From Trump To Biden
2 Robert Costa on "Peril"
3 Robert Costa, author of the bombshell book ‘Peril,’ says Trump will run in 2024 for 'vengeance'
4 BOOKS: Peril: Bob Woodward & Robert Costa
6 Bob Woodward And Robert Costa Set To Headline Simon & Schuster’s Inaugural AuthorFest Event
7 Who writes the story of a president’s legacy?
8 ‘American democracy will continue to be tested’: Peril author Robert Costa on Trump, the big lie and 2024
9 Robert Costa delves into the aftermath of the January 6th insurrection in 'Peril'
10 The Washington Post’s Robert Costa discusses the transition of power from the Trump to Biden White House in new book
11 Peril by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa review – the bloated body politic
12 The Washington Post's Robert Costa discusses "Peril," new book co-written with Bob Woodward
13 Bob Woodward and Robert Costa on Their Book 'Peril'
14 Army Gen. Mark Milley was 'not going rogue' in secret calls to China, authors of new book claim
15 Peril: Bob Woodward & Robert Costa on Trump's final days
16 US-Audiobooks-Top-10
17 Republicans are living in a fantasy world if they think Trump wasn’t involved in Jan. 6: Washington Post reporter
18 Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee personally vetted Trump's fraud claims, new book says. They were unpersuaded.
19 'More reporting:' How journalists should cover threats to democracy
20 Will, Costa, Et Al.
21 Costa: Political reporters are on the democracy beat
22 Bob Woodward to headline Harrisburg Book Festival
23 Shadow Dancing
24 A Nation in 'Peril': Woodward, Costa Chronicle Volatile Presidential Transition
25 Trump's Pentagon Chief Ruled Out Ramping Up Troops at US-Mexico Border
26 Bestselling Books: 10/17/2021 | Northern Living
27 Powell to journalist Bob Woodward on his health struggles: 'Don't feel sorry for me'
28 'Peril and Significant Possibilities' From Trump to Biden | The Brian Lehrer Show
29 Pro-Trump Book Becomes Best-Seller After Ex-President Praises It as 'Historical Standard'
30 Biden had slow adjustment to 'cold' White House, new book claims
31 Bill Maher, Killer Mike and Robert Costa Deconstruct Politics on a New "Real Time"
32 With Kenneth Branagh’s ‘Belfast’ Event, D.C. Sees A Return Of The Prestige Screening
33 American democracy in 'Peril'
34 Bacon’s hockey book scores on Michigan Best Seller list for September
35 Bob Woodward and Robert Costa on Their Book 'Peril'
36 Opinion | Why the Fear of Trump May Be Overblown
37 'Trump wants his army back' to 'help him have vengeance': Washington Post's Bob Costa
38 Opinion | John Eastman isn't done with 2020 just yet
39 McConnell calls Trump a 'fading brand' in Woodward-Costa book | TheHill
41 Bloomberg
42 On the Jan. 6 attack, Team Trump appears to have something to hide
43 The Most Confounding Part of Bob Woodward’s New Trump Book Is What It Doesn’t Say
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45 ‘The Lincoln Highway’ is the top national fiction bestseller
46 Transcript: The 11th Hour with Brian Williams, 10/13/21
47 Trump's 'A Crazy Man': Inside The Final MAGA Days As The Big Lie Spreads
48 Bob Woodward: You could write a whole book on Lindsey Graham
49 Book review: F-bombs all the way out the door
50 Meet the Press
51 The lingering threat of Trump has yet to vanish
52 ‘Worry of a coup’: Revelations from Bob Woodward’s new book ‘Peril’ about the transition from the Trump to Biden administration
53 Transcript: The 11th Hour with Brian Williams, 9/22/21
54 Gen. Milley: Whisperer to presidents, target of intrigue
55 The top 10 audiobooks on
56 Howey: Refuting Trump’s election ‘steal’
57 Transcript: The 11th Hour with Brian Williams, 10/5/21
58 Memo shows Trump lawyer's six-step plan for Pence to overturn the election
59 How Does Bob Woodward Do It? Plus: Politico and “Off the Record.”
60 Opinion | A frightening forecast for a crisis that has already begun
61 READ: Trump lawyer's memo on six-step plan for Pence to overturn the election
62 Opinion: Why keep writing about Trump? Here's why.
63 New at the Library | News, Sports, Jobs
64 This time around, a more human tale | Opinion |
65 Bob Woodward's new book paints a damning picture of Josh Hawley's "big role in the Big Lie"
66 The Daily Cartoon and Live Briefing: Friday, October 8, 2021
67 Opinion | Jan. 6 Was Worse Than We Knew
68 "The One Courageous Person Was Gen. Milley"
69 Perspective | A Trump lawyer wrote an instruction manual for a coup. Why haven't you seen it on the news?
70 Woodward, Gorman Boosted Book Sales Last Week
71 'Peril' details Trump's plans before Jan. 6
72 Commentary: This time around, a more human tale
73 One Man Shouldn’t Control the Nuclear Button
74 The Big Lie Is "Not Some Passing Storm, It's The Climate In The Republican Party"
75 Woodward, Costa’s ‘Peril’ is new nonfiction No. 1
76 Did the president's top military adviser break America's chain of command?
77 Five Ways Donald Trump Tried to Push a Coup
78 Chris Wallace Says He Occupies ‘So Much Space In Donald Trump’s Brain Rent-Free’
79 The Drama-Lover’s Guide to the New Trump Books
80 Tommy Tuberville, US senator and former football coach, does not regret running Trump's playbook
81 The president is mentally unhinged; now what? | Opinion |
82 U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham: 'I hope President Trump runs again'
83 Costa on 'Peril' – Ricochet
84 Feds should investigate the Arizona Republican Party's role in planning a Trump coup
85 Meet Manchin's K Street whisperers
86 The Washington Week Bookshelf: “Peril”
87 Exclusive: Title, cover and details of new Trump book from Bob Woodward and Robert Costa revealed
88 Fresh ideas on immigration policy: Political Gabfest.
89 Pence says media focus on Jan. 6 insurrection is to ‘demean’ Trump supporters
90 Nicholas Sparks rekindles top spot on bestsellers list
91 The Jan. 6 committee will vote to hold Bannon in contempt. Here's what we know
92 Here are the bestsellers at Southern California’s independent bookstores
93 The Lawfare Podcast: Milley, Trump and Civil-Military Relations with Peter Feaver, Kori Schake and Alexander Vindman
94 Trump's coercion and role in Jan. 6 warrant a special prosecutor
95 Now the GOP has a coup plan — and Steve Bannon's ready to put boots on the ground
96 Book details Sanders' fears of 'authoritarianism' after Jan. 6
97 ​'This was a national security emergency': Woodward says Trump's post-election meltdown nearly led to 'catastrophe'
98 Why Mary Trump Strongly Criticized Paul Ryan Over Donald Trump
99 Milley war-scare calls to Chinese general questioned
100 Scoop: Bob Woodward's next book