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1 Visit and rent these houses owned by some of Vermont's famous authors and painters
2 ​History At Play to Present RUDYARD KIPLING REVISITED
3 Former home of Rudyard Kipling's parents in Tisbury up for sale
4 Boris Johnson dismantled with Eton College reworking of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘If’
5 Ex-Gov. Blagojevich files federal lawsuit
6 Cape Ann Museum Holds Free Screening of "Captains Courageous" on Aug. 28
7 Afghan riddle
8 Who Are the Voices Behind Disney's Animated Film 'The Jungle Book'?
9 His best beloved The tainted genius of Rudyard Kipling
10 To understand Maui the place, understand Maui the demigod
11 Going for gold: When only one Olympic medal matters
12 Native peoples bear burden of colonialism | The Blade
13 Just So at the Watermill, Newbury
14 Belgravia home of Prime Minister Stanley goes on the market for £23million
15 MARK BARNES: A mixed bag of fortune and disaster
16 Agroforestry for conservation: incentivising landowners around Pench
17 Recap: Hottest hotel openings in July 2021
18 Top musical revivals to see
19 ‘Jungle Cruise’: The Rock and Emily Blunt Go Up the Disney River, Without a Paddle
20 ‘A for Prayagraj’: This biography of Allahabad is a modern story of an old city
21 Enjoy a Novel Retreat at Rudyard Kipling's Southern Vermont Home, Naulakha
22 UK’s colonial assumptions have led to blunders in its Afghanistan role
23 Vacation Rentals That Deliver Serenity and Fuel Creativity
24 10 Movie Remakes That Completely Changed The Tone Of The Original
25 Man Sentenced to 15 Years for Endwell and Binghamton Burglaries
26 Poetry Tuesday!: "A-Sitting on a Gate" by Lewis Carroll
27 We do know how lucky we are in NZ
28 British charity flags Rudyard Kipling’s and Enid Blyton’s ‘racism’
29 Has this reader’s letter in Private Eye summed the PM for you?
30 CJI SA Bobde invokes Rudyard Kipling to advise judges against social media slander
31 Rudyard Kipling death anniversary: Inspiring quotes to remember Nobel laureate
32 How The Sword in the Stone Changed Walt Disney Animation
33 English Heritage recognises Blyton and Kipling’s racism – but blue plaques to stay
34 Poetry Monday!: "Dane-geld" by Rudyard Kipling
35 Rudyard Kipling loved Vermont. Then he had to leave it.
36 “IF” by Rudyard Kipling…Dedicated to Jay S. Hamilton & Dads Everywhere ~ By John Hamilton
37 Rudyard Kipling's Quiz: Take this quiz to find out how well you know the renowned author
38 How the Just So Stories were Made by John Batchelor review – an origin story of origin stories
39 Tour Kipling's historic house with spring flowers in bloom
40 John Stamos is Making an Appearance at the 2021 Iowa State Fair
41 VIDEO: Darryl Maximilian Robinson Presents A Street Theatre Rendition Of Rudyard Kipling's IF
42 British Students Paint Over Rudyard Kipling Mural In Protest
43 How Kipling wove a Parsi into his fantasy tale
44 How the Just So Stories Were Made by John Batchelor, review — Kipling's misery
45 ‘If’ Review: The Globe-Spanning Imagination of Rudyard Kipling
46 We’re "Happier Than Ever" with Billie Eilish’s new music
47 Richard E Grant: 'I still wear two watches, with the right one set to eSwatini time'
48 When Rudyard Kipling’s Son Went Missing
49 Revisiting the legacy of Concert for Bangladesh
50 Rudyard Kipling 84th death anniversary: Remembering the writer through his quotes and works
51 Parashat Behar-Behukotai: The power of ‘if’
52 By Heart: How Rudyard Kipling Turned His Guilt Into Fiction
53 Corbella: How Rudyard Kipling wrote his way into lore of Canadian engineers
54 Rudyard Kipling: 6 Facts About 'The Jungle Book' Creator
55 Triumph and Disaster: The Tragic Hubris of Rudyard Kipling's 'If—' | by Christopher Benfey
56 Rudyard Kipling on the Front Page: Battle Cries and an Elegy
57 Why we still don't know what to make of Kipling
58 Almost everything about the Rudyard Kipling row is stupid
59 Here Is A Sneak Peak At August Bringing The Action, Fun, Scary
60 If Trump Were a Poet, He’d Be Rudyard Kipling
61 Film Review: A familiar adventure story in 'Edge of the World'
62 Books of Rudyard Kipling that you must read over and over again
63 In defense of Rudyard Kipling and 'The Jungle Books'
64 How Rudyard Kipling became a master of imperial gothic
65 [Covid Warriors] How Kipling & Mowgli Inspired Samsung's Prakash to Become A Ray of Light for 300 Covid Patients in Nasik
66 Why does Rudyard Kipling get no respect?
67 Then Again: Kipling’s brief and stormy stay in Vermont
68 Jungle Book: look closely, there's more to Rudyard Kipling than colonial stereotypes
69 What Kipling can still teach us
70 Stephen Alter reimagines Rudyard Kipling's tale of Mowgli
71 Taking Another Look at the Author of ‘The White Man’s Burden’
72 "Our fathers lied": Rudyard Kipling as a war poet | OUPblog
73 Reconsidering Rudyard Kipling
74 Rudyard Kipling's first World War tragedy Tue, May 5, 2015
75 Rudyard Kipling’s American Years
76 Rudyard Kipling: an unexpected revival for the ‘bard of empire’
77 Jack Knox: A sesquicentennial quiz to put B.C. Day in perspective
78 Huck meets Kim Rudyard Kipling and the American imagination
79 How the Just So Stories Were Made
80 First ever Oreo Café opens in New Jersey
81 Delhiwale: The Jungle Book—in Gurugram
82 Remembrance Day 2020: What is the origin of Lest We Forget? 19th century quote explained
83 Rudyard Kipling's Poems Reviewed By Christopher Benfey
84 If … Only They Would Read the Poem | Carl R. Trueman
85 'Jungle Book' to be performed by Dolores Theater Troupe
86 Rudyard Kipling gave £10 for Dyer fund
87 Fan of Rudyard Kipling? Then you should read the hundreds of other stories he wrote
88 ‘100 Poems: Old and New,’ by Rudyard Kipling
89 Misunderstood and misquoted, Kipling bridges East-West divide
90 Farrukh Dhondy | The politics of erasing Gunga Din
91 Matthew in the Middle | Endless war
92 Why books should be sacred in the wake of cancel culture – The Metropolitan
93 Rudyard Kipling’s sadism, squalid sex life in Sudhir Kakar novel
94 Opinion: Russia’s Vladimir Putin counts on the EU to help him again
95 Auto-eroticism in Conrad, Kipling and Wharton
96 The 100 best novels: No 34 – Kim by Rudyard Kipling (1901)
97 It's High Time We Let Rudyard Kipling Out of the Penalty Box
98 The Curious Warnings of Kipling's 'Copybook Headings'
99 A retelling of Jungle Book without the colonial baggage
100 Rudyard Kipling; an Anglo-Indian icon or an agent of Empire?