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1 In Putin's Russia, antiwar protesters face prison and abuse The Washington Post 3 hours ago
2 Russia to supply nuclear-capable missiles to Belarus CNN 6 hours ago
3 Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk now 'completely under Russian occupation' after months of fighting CNN 11 hours ago
4 Russian military offensive in Ukraine could soon grind to a halt, Western intelligence predicts The Washington Post 24 hours ago
5 Russia launches missiles across Ukraine, cements gains in east CBS News 6 hours ago
6 4 months into the Russia-Ukraine war: What happened today (June 24) NPR 2 days ago
7 UK Says Ban on New Russian Gold Imports to Be Unveiled at G-7 Bloomberg 3 hours ago
8 Russia-Ukraine war: what we know on day 123 of the invasion The Guardian 7 hours ago
9 'The Russians could come any time': fear at Suwałki Gap on EU border The Guardian 23 hours ago
10 Russia to send nuclear-capable missiles to Belarus — live updates DW (English) 8 hours ago
11 U.S.-Led Alliance Face Frustration Over Russia Sanctions The New York Times 1 day ago
12 Russia-Ukraine War News: Live Updates The New York Times 2 hours ago
13 Ukraine boycotts Olympic judo qualifier as Russians compete Home of the Olympic Channel 21 hours ago
14 In Africa, Eastern Europe battles Russian narrative on Ukraine The Washington Post 22 hours ago
15 Ukraine shelling forces Russians to halt Sievierodonetsk plant evacuation, Tass reports Reuters 11 hours ago
16 Russia is disappearing Ukrainian civilians. Their families want answers NPR 2 days ago
17 Russian Oil: Putin Would Never Agree to Capping Prices Bloomberg 5 hours ago
18 From Pushkin to Putin: Russian Literature Is Full of Imperial Ideology Foreign Policy 23 hours ago
19 Putin's War Is Forcing Italy to Rethink Its Historic Ties to Russia Bloomberg 1 day ago
20 J.K. Rowling fooled by Russians impersonating Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky on a Zoom call Fox News 17 hours ago
21 The Ukrainians’ American-Made Rockets Blast The Russians For The First Time Forbes 2 days ago
22 ‘It’s a horror show’: defiant Kharkiv residents return home despite new Russian offensive The Guardian 19 hours ago
23 Analysis: Russia's grinding battlefield gains seen driven by new tactics Reuters 2 days ago
24 Russia's war in Ukraine: Live updates CNN 1 day ago
25 Overheard: Russian ambassador talks Ukraine war and 'Jewish guys' at Cafe Milano POLITICO 2 days ago
26 June 23, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news CNN 3 days ago
27 In Russia’s War on Ukraine, China and India Emerge as Financiers The New York Times 2 days ago
28 Indonesia president to visit Ukraine, Russia on peace-building mission Reuters 5 hours ago
29 House passes resolution demanding Russia release Brittney Griner CBS News 6 hours ago
30 U.S.'s Russia sanctions architect Singh departs as Ukraine war drags on CNBC 22 hours ago
31 Russians control 80 percent of key Ukraine city, cut escape routes POLITICO 11 days ago
32 Biden arrives in Europe to keep allies united against Russia as a grinding war in Ukraine takes its toll CNN 13 hours ago
33 Ukraine spy chief: Russia's Putin in poor health, Americans may be freed USA TODAY 1 day ago
34 Russians weary of Ukraine war want return to normal life The Washington Post 21 days ago
35 Russians win court ruling ahead of weightlifting elections ESPN 3 days ago
36 Russia ‘turning wave of food crises into tsunami’ by blocking grain exports The Guardian 2 days ago
37 Why Kaliningrad, Russia's toehold in Europe, could be the next flashpoint in its war against Ukraine CNN 4 days ago
38 U.S. Treasury's Adeyemo discussed Russia sanctions implementation in Turkey visit Reuters 15 hours ago
39 Russia Removes Polish Flag from Soviet Massacre Memorial The Moscow Times 22 hours ago
40 Russians open fire on 13 settlements in Donetsk Region, casualties reported Ukrinform 1 day ago
41 'The Russians said beatings were my re-education' BBC 10 days ago
42 Has Russia Won Over the Rest of the World? The National Interest Online 18 hours ago
43 Can't Stop, Won't Stop: Why the Russian Public is Tired of the War in Ukraine Carnegie Endowment for International Peace 19 days ago
44 Ukraine to Place Restrictions on Russian Books, Music VOA Learning English 12 hours ago
45 Explosions rock Kyiv, as Russians 'fully occupy' Sievierodonetsk CNA 3 hours ago
46 Russia's National Day United States Department of State 14 days ago
47 Civics Groups Slam ‘Rigid’ Kimberley Process as Russia Emerges Unscathed VOA Africa 14 hours ago
48 Opinion | Want to undermine Putin? Help Russians who are opposed to the war. The Washington Post 25 days ago
49 Suspected Russian spy was well-liked by classmates, but something just seemed a little off CNN 1 day ago
50 Opinion | Anti-Ukraine War Russians Struggle With Regret The New York Times 12 days ago
51 Tensions flare between Russia and Kazakhstan over war in Ukraine Responsible Statecraft 1 day ago
52 June 16, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news CNN 10 days ago
53 US accuses UK of exploiting Russia tensions to fish highly prized species The Guardian 2 days ago
54 Lyman overtaken by Russians; French journalist killed in Severodonetsk area The Washington Post 27 days ago
55 Russia’s failure to achieve major goals in Ukraine is ‘quite embarrassing,’ ex-U.S. official says CNBC 19 days ago
56 May 30, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news CNN 27 days ago
57 Britain: Russia has removed several key generals from Ukraine Reuters 1 day ago
58 Putin thinks West will blink first in war of attrition, Russian elites say The Washington Post 23 days ago
59 Google and Russia's delicate dance CNN 23 days ago
60 Why volunteer grave diggers in Ukraine are exhuming Russia's dead NPR 5 days ago
61 Russian Jets Are Flying So Low To Dodge Ukrainian Air-Defenses That They’re Running Into The Ground Forbes 2 days ago
62 Putin Ally Announces First City Russia Will Strike if World War 3 Starts Newsweek 22 hours ago
63 Russians are on the verge of capturing key Ukrainian city. In neighboring Bakhmut those with nowhere else to go brace for their arrival CNN 14 days ago
64 June 5, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news CNN 21 days ago
65 Russia Slashes Environmental Protections as War Rages, Economic Crisis Looms The Moscow Times 21 hours ago
66 Opinion | Russia and America Are Parting Ways The New York Times 17 days ago
67 Russia’s Oil Revenue Soars Despite Sanctions, Study Finds The New York Times 13 days ago
68 Ukraine agonizes over Russian culture and language in its social fabric NPR 24 days ago
69 Russian emails appear to show ‘network’ holding $4.5bn assets linked to Putin The Guardian 6 days ago
70 As Luhansk falls to the Russians, civilians are desperate to evacuate The Washington Post 26 days ago
71 Russia's Population Is Shrinking Even as Putin Seeks Expansion Bloomberg 16 days ago
72 ‘I could not be part of this crime’: the Russians fighting for Ukraine The Guardian 12 days ago
73 Ukraine-Russia: A prolonged propaganda war Al Jazeera English 1 day ago
74 U.S. Technology, a Longtime Tool for Russia, Becomes a Vulnerability The New York Times 24 days ago
75 At Chernobyl plant, Ukrainians survey damage done by Russians The Washington Post 24 days ago
76 FACT SHEET: United States Takes Further Actions to Counter Sanctions Evasion by Russia The White House 24 days ago
77 Russians reach centre of Ukraine industrial city; U.S. to give Kyiv advanced rockets Reuters 25 days ago
78 June 3, 2022 Russia-Ukraine war CNN 23 days ago
79 Kremlin crackdown on dissent targets the Russians protesting Ukraine war NBC News 14 days ago
80 Russia takes territory in eastern Ukraine; U.S. to send long-range rocket systems The Washington Post 1 month ago
81 Analysis: Russians feel little economic pain now, long-term outlook darkens Reuters 27 days ago
82 June 14, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news CNN 12 days ago
83 Russians, Ukrainians fight block by block in eastern city The Associated Press 27 days ago
84 May 31, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news CNN 26 days ago
85 More than three-quarters of Russians still support Putin's Ukraine War Atlantic Council 20 days ago
86 Russian soldiers smashed up a Ukrainian school. Then they purportedly left messages for pupils urging peace CNN 17 days ago
87 London Asset Hunters Uncover 'Hundreds' of Low-Key Russians for Possible Sanctions Bloomberg 18 days ago
88 Biden Races to Expand Coalition Against Russia but Meets Resistance The New York Times 15 days ago
89 U.S. skeptical U.N.-Russia talks will free trapped Ukrainian grain POLITICO 21 days ago
90 Traitor or hero? Ukraine finds it tough to identify Russian collaborators CNN 17 days ago
91 Russia threatens to kick out U.S. journalists unless U.S. treats Russian media better NPR 17 days ago
92 China replicates the Russian model The Sunday Guardian 13 hours ago
93 May 29, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news CNN 28 days ago
94 What Hundreds of Photos of Weapons Reveal About Russia's Brutal War Strategy The New York Times 7 days ago
95 Restoration of empire is the endgame for Russia's Vladimir Putin CNN 15 days ago
96 The Ukraine war is spurring more Russian couples to marry NPR 18 days ago
97 Exhausted Russian fighters complain of conditions in eastern Ukraine The Guardian 19 days ago
98 Exclusive: U.S. targets Russia with tech to evade censorship of Ukraine news Reuters 11 days ago
99 The Ukrainian ballerina who dances by night and fights Russians by day The Telegraph 17 hours ago
100 Seizing Russian Assets to Help Ukraine Sets Off White House Debate The New York Times 26 days ago