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1 Expanded Access to Trilaciclib for Patients With ES-SCLC
2 Small-cell lung cancer spreading to liver: Prognosis and more
3 Emerging Treatments in SCLC: Impact of Targeted Therapy
4 Dr. Rodriguez on the Role of Immunotherapy in ES-SCLC
5 Negative Trials Close the Book on Once-Promising SCLC Drug
6 Lurbinectedin/Doxorubicin Misses OS End Point in Relapsed SCLC, But Shows Superior Safety Vs SOC
7 ES-SCLC: Trilaciclib for Chemo-Induced Myelosuppression
8 Bryn Mawr's John G. Devlin Jr, MD, Discusses Changing Times in SCLC Treatment and Research
9 At WCLC, early steps toward success against SCLC
10 Extended Interval Dosing With Zoledronic Acid in Metastatic SCLC and NSCLC Appears to Be a Safe and Reasonable Option
11 Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation With Hippocampal Avoidance Preserves Cognitive Function During SCLC Treatment
12 Imfinzi plus chemotherapy tripled patient survival at three years in the CASPIAN Phase III trial in extensive-stage small cell lung cancer | Antibodies | News Channels
13 Chemotherapy for small cell lung cancer: Drugs and prognosis
14 Extensive stage small cell lung cancer: Outlook and survival
15 Types of Lung Cancer: Common and Rare
16 Hippocampal-Sparing PCI 'Should Be Standard Care' for Small-Cell Lung Cancer
17 Four independent studies show rovalpituzumab tesirine ineffective against small cell lung cancer
18 Dr. Stevenson on Ongoing Research Efforts in ES-SCLC
19 Dr. Goldman on Key Takeaways From the CASPIAN Trial in Frontline ES-SCLC
20 DeKalb SCLC to host Justice Rally for Matthew Zadok Williams today
21 Guidelines for Managing Chemo-Induced Myelosuppression in ES-SCLC
22 IMFINZI Plus Chemotherapy Tripled Patient Survival at Three Years in the CASPIAN Phase III Trial in Extensive-Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer
23 WCLC: Jazz charts new path for small cell lung cancer drug Zepzelca after late-stage flop
24 Paraneoplastic syndrome: Connection to small cell lung cancer
25 Chemo-Induced Myelosuppression in ES-SCLC
26 Battle continues over minority contract work on new SW HQ
27 New Therapy to Treat Advanced Small Cell Lung Cancer Approved for Australian Patients
28 Small cell lung cancer and the COVID-19 vaccine: A guide
29 Clinical Impact of Chemo-Induced Myelosuppression in ES-SCLC
30 Immunotherapy For Lung Cancer Adopted Quickly, Has Real World Efficacy
31 Aileron Therapeutics Presents New Clinical Data at ESMO Virtual Congress 2021 Supporting ALRN-6924’s Best-in-Class Potential as a Chemoprotective Agent
32 Emanuel Cleaver: Don’t protest the pro-insurrection rally in Washington this weekend
33 Upcoming News For BeyondSpring's Plinabulin Tees Up Big Potential Returns
34 Small cell lung cancer (SCLC): How fast does it spread?
35 SCLC Treatment: Current Landscape and Hope for the Future
36 Liver Disease Patients Struggle with Healthy Habits During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Data Show
37 Treatment Challenges in Extensive-Stage SCLC
38 Sherwin-Williams names five minority construction firms for Cleveland HQ, Brecksville R&D projects
39 AstraZeneca's (AZN) IMFINZI Plus Chemotherapy Tripled 3-Year Patient Survival in the CASPIAN Phase III Trial
40 After PD-1 Inhibitor Indications Are Withdrawn in SCLC, What Now?
41 Immunotherapy for First-Line Extensive-Stage SCLC
42 Apar Kishor Ganti, MD, Discusses Recent NCCN Update in SCLC
43 Emerging Treatments in SCLC: Targeting DNA Damage
44 Southern Christian Leadership Conference joins call to free Pervis Payne
45 Future of SCLC Treatment Lies in Innovative Immunotherapy Combos
46 Immunotherapy Revolutionizes Treatment of ES-SCLC
47 FDA Approves Trilaciclib for Patients With SCLC Being Treated With Chemo
48 Civil rights group SCLC launches campaign against corporate racism; plans to protest Nielsen
49 Aileron Therapeutics Presents Initial Findings from Ongoing Healthy Volunteer Study of ALRN-6924 at ISEH 50th
50 Emerging Treatments in SCLC: Triplets + Limited-Stage Disease
51 Evolution of Therapies for SCLC
52 First-Line Treatment Recommendations for ES-SCLC
53 Study Defines SCLC Subtypes With Distinct Therapeutic Vulnerabilities
54 SCLC: Second-Line Options and Supportive Care
55 OncView™ Podcast: Front-Line Management of Extensive-Stage SCLC
56 Dr Alberto Chiappori on the Difficulties and Recent Progress in SCLC Research
57 Portnoy Previews Immunotherapy Breakthroughs Shaking Up Frontline SCLC Paradigm
58 Pembrolizumab's Indication for the Treatment of SCLC in the US Is Withdrawn
59 Evaluating the IMpower133 Trial of Atezolizumab for Patients with ES-SCLC
60 Case Overview: A 64-Year-Old Woman With ES-SCLC
61 Is small-cell lung cancer hereditary? What to know
62 First-Line Treatment Options for ES-SCLC
63 Unmet Needs and Future Directions in ES-SCLC
64 Epidemiology and Clinical Course of SCLC
65 Lurbinectedin Makes a Splash in Second-Line SCLC
66 Emerging Treatments in SCLC: Bispecific Antibodies
67 FDA Approves Cosela to Reduce Myelosuppression in ES-SCLC Patients
68 SCLC honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy with community day of service
69 Future Directions in ES SCLC
70 Next Up in SCLC: Immunotherapy Combinations
71 PD-1/Chemo Combos Raise the Stakes in SCLC, as Focus Shifts to Leveraging Molecular Testing
72 Immunotherapy for Small Cell Lung Cancer: Does It Work?
73 First-Line Therapy in ES SCLC: CASPIAN
74 Disparities in Race and Socioeconomic Factors Linked With Outcomes in LS-SCLC
75 Small cell lung cancer life expectancy: Stages and more
76 Trilaciclib Tackles Myelosuppression in SCLC
77 Lurbinectedin/Irinotecan Shows Impressive Antitumor Activity in Relapsed SCLC
78 Rovalpituzumab Tesirine Fails to Improve Outcomes in SCLC
79 Extensive-Stage SCLC: Implications of IMpower133
80 Treatment After Progression of SCLC: Lurbinectedin
81 First-Line IO Plus Chemotherapy for Extensive-Stage SCLC
82 Chemoimmunotherapy Prolongs Time to Disease Recurrence, But Work Remains to Deliver Durable Benefit in ES-SCLC
83 SCLC: Rechallenging With Chemotherapy + I/O
84 Pembrolizumab SCLC Indication Withdrawn in US
85 Giving: SCLC plans 'Selma to Montgomery' march in Roanoke
86 Plinabulin/Nivolumab/Ipilimumab Combo Shows Preliminary Activity in SCLC
87 IMFINZI Combined With Novel Immunotherapies Improved Clinical Outcomes for Patients With Unresectable, Stage III Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer | Antibodies | News Channels
88 Dustin Diamond's Small Cell Lung Cancer | MedPage Today
89 Durvalumab Plus Chemo Approved in China for Frontline Extensive-Stage SCLC
90 Impact of Myelosuppression in Extensive-Stage SCLC
91 Lurbinectedin Takes Center Stage in Second-line SCLC Treatment
92 Immunotherapy as First-Line Treatment for Extensive-Stage SCLC
93 Identifying Small-Cell Lung Cancer Subtypes and Potential Therapeutic Targets
94 Safety and Efficacy of Lurbinectedin as a Second-Line Treatment for SCLC
95 No Survival Advantage to Nivolumab With, Without Ipilimumab in ED-SCLC
96 Martin Luther King's Long-Standing Critique of Police Brutality
97 Tarlatamab demonstrates 'remarkable' duration of response in SCLC
98 Immunotherapy for Small Cell Lung Cancer: Benefits and Side Effects
99 Perspective | But we must speak: The calling of the Black church in this critical hour
100 Case Overview: A 59-Year-Old Man With ES-SCLC