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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Prime Minister branded 'charlatan' by SNP MP Largs and Millport Weekly News 3 days ago
2 SNP MP Graeme Dey resigns as transport minister | HeraldScotland HeraldScotland 18 hours ago
3 Ex-SNP MP Margaret Ferrier to stand trial over alleged Covid breach The Guardian 19 days ago
4 SNP MP Hannah Bardell says councils' rebellion over Scot Gov pupil sex census is "regretable" | HeraldScotland HeraldScotland 7 days ago
5 WATCH: SNP MP has perfect answer to Tory's sneering comment about Scottish independence The National 13 days ago
6 SNP MP: Patel's asylum plans 'not about saving lives but saving Johnson's career' HeraldScotland 8 days ago
7 SNP MP pushes to change law on bereavement leave The Independent 22 days ago
8 Anger over forced return to '19th Century super spreading' Westminster despite soaring Covid rates The Courier 20 days ago
9 SNP MSP asks Douglas Ross why he voted for 'attack on democracy' The National 6 days ago
10 MP explains why SNP won't simply walk out of Westminster The National 18 days ago
11 Michael Gove denies levelling-up funding 'abuse' as MPs raise concerns The National 13 hours ago
12 Embattled Prime Minister can't tackle cost of living crisis, SNP say The National 1 day ago
13 SNP MSP reveals 'wood chipper' death threat after attack by Alba party HeraldScotland 22 days ago
14 'You have to accept it!' Hoyle slaps down SNP MP left red faced with rage at Rees-Mogg Daily Express 19 days ago
15 Ex- Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson takes aim at Boris Johnson Daily Mail 3 days ago
17 ‘Doesn’t understand them!’ Commons roars with laughter as SNP quip leaves Boris stuttering Daily Express 5 days ago
18 SNP MP launches young persons disinformation contest The Scotsman 15 days ago
19 Tommy Sheppard rubbishes claim Labour may allow pro-indy candidates The National 16 days ago
20 Boris Johnson beware. Scots MPs brought down Jim Callaghan and even tried to oust Winston Churchill during Second World War – Alastair Stewart The Scotsman 14 hours ago
21 Nicola Sturgeon denies Scottish Government 'went too far' with Omicron restrictions over Christmas Daily Record 5 days ago
22 SNP could take nearly all Scottish seats in General Election with boundary changes The National 26 days ago
23 'I was sacked as a minister for being Muslim', Tory MP alleges The National 2 days ago
24 Boris Johnson poll figures show 'diminished' man, SNP's Kirsten Oswald claims The National 15 days ago
25 Dave Doogan NewsPatrolling 5 hours ago
26 How the SNP picked the wrong fights in trying to save England from Brexit and Boris Johnson – Kenny MacAskill MP The Scotsman 6 days ago
27 The paradox at the heart of Nicola Sturgeon's green 'revolution' 3 days ago
28 Scottish independence: Douglas Ross told off for cost of living debate rant The National 12 hours ago
29 Government 'committed' to NHS staff jabs policy despite calls for U-turn Cambridgeshire Live 8 hours ago
30 Ovo Energy CEO told to explain £40 million payments, following Scottish job cuts 23 hours ago
31 Ian Blackford explodes as Boris Johnson laughs at him during SNP chief's PMQs rant 'GO!' Daily Express 6 days ago
32 'In the name of God, go!' How stunned Boris Johnson was told to quit by MPs in every party Press and Journal 6 days ago
33 Iran-based fake social media accounts caught targeting Scottish independence debate HeraldScotland 3 days ago
34 'New red diesel rules could result in loss of vital agricultural skills' Press and Journal 13 hours ago
35 Speaker Lindsay Hoyle reacts after febrile PMQs as Boris Johnson defends himself over Partygate Daily Mail 6 days ago
36 Cumnock's MP urges young people to apply for free bus travel card Cumnock Chronicle 13 hours ago
37 Prince Andrew 'should lose Earl of Inverness title', says SNP's Drew Hendry The Times 8 days ago
38 Wishaw MP calls on Prime Minister to resign over Downing Street parties Daily Record 5 days ago
39 MP demands inquiry into benefits system that drives veterans to suicide and self-harm The Mirror 2 days ago
40 New and controversal short term let licensing rules attacked by opposition MPs and industry bodies Northern Scot 19 hours ago
41 Tory minister quits with ferocious attack on government incompetence HeraldScotland 13 hours ago
42 Nicola Sturgeon accuses Labour of 'throwing open the door' to Tories after Christian Wakeford's defection Press and Journal 5 days ago
43 Fife MP says Boris had promised action against fraudsters who stole billions Central Fife Times 5 days ago
44 Moray Tories leader slammed for claim free school meals are 'little treats' The National 3 days ago
45 SNP say BBC licence fee freeze an attack on journalism to distract from Boris Johnson party scandals Daily Record 7 days ago
46 UK Government consider Ayrshire coast for nuclear plant despite Scottish Government opposition The National 3 days ago
47 Hospitality has picked up the tab for Sturgeon's bet The Times 2 days ago
48 Devi Sridhar concedes defeat 5 days ago
49 North Ayrshire politicians call for Hunterston development task force Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald 5 days ago
50 A complacent DWP failed people in state pension fiasco, says MP This is Money 4 days ago
51 Wealthy Tory Donor Amersi Says His Proposed Reforms Were Shelved By Party 2 days ago
52 SNP MP Patricia Gibson faces sexual harassment claim BBC News 9 months ago
53 Doctor MPs Say No 10 Party Defence Is An "Insult" To Sacrifices Made By NHS Staff PoliticsHome 6 days ago
54 Facebook must pay back fraud victims, say MPs Express 6 days ago
55 SNP MP Joanna Cherry accuses party of 'abuse, threats, bullying and smears' Daily Record 4 months ago
56 SNP MP admits doubt over political future after being target of harassment The Scotsman 3 months ago
57 SNP MP Hannah Bardell calls for action and education to tackle female harrassment | HeraldScotland HeraldScotland 2 months ago
58 Where Are They Now? Former SNP MP Stephen Gethins Talks About Life Post-Parliament PoliticsHome 4 months ago
59 Nicola Sturgeon: SNP MPs' Gibraltar trip allegations 'false' HeraldScotland 2 months ago
60 Ian Blackford: Boris Johnson 'thinks he's untouchable' and is 'a liar' HeraldScotland 2 months ago
61 SNP MP Joanna Cherry blasted over 'conversion therapy' comments Daily Record 2 months ago
62 SNP MP sparks row over 'Scotland isn't England' tweet amid mask debate HeraldScotland 6 months ago
63 Second SNP MP defects to Alex Salmond's Alba party The Guardian 10 months ago
64 SNP MP urges her party to work with Salmond's Alba to win independence HeraldScotland 2 months ago
65 Letters: We need more SNP MPs to stand against transphobia, not fewer HeraldScotland 4 months ago
66 SNP MP calls in police over Tory 'cash for honours' claims Daily Record 3 months ago
67 SNP MP retweets call for Joanna Cherry to be expelled from party HeraldScotland 4 months ago
68 SNP MSP says there will be no indyref2 by 2023 and calls for 'answers' on independence Daily Record 4 months ago
69 WATCH: SNP MP expertly picks apart idea of 'Global Britain' live on BBC The National 3 months ago
70 WATCH: SNP MP absolutely tears into Jacob Rees-Mogg's mask claims The National 3 months ago
71 UK government refuses to say if Sue Gray's interviews will be published Open Democracy 6 days ago
72 Cherry joins Alba MPs in fight against Holyrood protest move HeraldScotland 4 months ago
73 Former SNP MP Margaret Ferrier to stand trial over Covid rule breach charges HeraldScotland 19 days ago
74 Joanna Cherry is second MP to resign from SNP ruling body The Scotsman 8 months ago
75 Trial of former SNP MP Natalie McGarry accused of embezzlement delayed until spring Daily Record 5 months ago
76 SNP MPs demand MI5 summit over "worrying trend" in online foreign meddling HeraldScotland 10 months ago
77 Nicola Sturgeon leads tributes to former SNP MP and MSP Andrew Welsh Evening Standard 7 months ago
78 SNP MP accuses Priti Patel of not understanding her brief and calls for apology HeraldScotland 2 months ago
79 SNP MP Mhairi Black makes Brexit compensation claim for Scotland Daily Record 3 months ago
80 New SNP MP Anum Qaisar-Javed ‘proud’ to be role model for minorities after Airdrie and Shotts by-election win The Independent 9 months ago
81 Anum Qaisar: SNP MP opens up on vile Islamophobic abuse The National 2 months ago
82 Congratulations pour in for SNP MP Amy Callaghan who announces engagement The National 5 months ago
83 Lord under fire for spreading 'untrue guff' about how SNP MPs voted The National 2 months ago
84 SNP to gather MPs to 'sharpen the focus' on drive for independence The National 3 months ago
85 SNP conference: Former MP Roger Mullin slams UK corruption The National 2 months ago
86 Neil Mackay's Big Read: SNP MP's warning over Russian disinformation ops targeting Indyref2 HeraldScotland 4 months ago
87 MP Joanna Cherry blames 'irresponsible' SNP for abuse and demands apology HeraldScotland 6 months ago
88 Could the SNP MPs really walk out of Westminster and set up base elsewhere? The National 6 months ago
89 Labour MSP blames SNP voters for 'jeopardising Labour support in England' The National 1 month ago
90 Ian Blackford house: Where does the SNP MP live? Inside his Skye home Express 1 month ago
91 SNP MP apologises for 'appalling' suicide tweet on Tory sleaze row Daily Record 3 months ago
92 SNP lawyer accused of 'very rude' dig at party MP Joanna Cherry in leaked email Daily Record 3 months ago
93 Jordan Peterson clashes with SNP MP after claiming politicians take ‘big hit’ in career to enter field The Independent 2 months ago
94 Joanna Cherry isolating following positive test for Covid-19 The National 1 month ago
95 SNP: Joanna Cherry suggests trans conversion therapy should be legal PinkNews 2 months ago
96 SNP MP complains Sturgeon Government 'awfully quiet' on independence HeraldScotland 6 months ago
97 Dark money is the 'real problem' in British politics, claims SNP MP Open Democracy 4 months ago
98 Tories challenged by SNP MP over refusal to wear facemasks in Commons HeraldScotland 4 months ago
99 SNP MSP James Dornan reported over Rees-Mogg 'rot in hell' tweet BBC News 7 months ago