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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Mesenchymal stromal cells-derived extracellular vesicles reprogramme macrophages in ARDS models through the miR-181a-5p-PTEN-pSTAT5-SOCS1 axis Thorax (BMJ) 6 days ago
2 Role of the Ferroptosis-Related Gene SOCS1 in Tuberculosis Pulmonology Advisor 7 months ago
3 Open label safety and efficacy pilot to study mitigation of equine recurrent uveitis through topical suppressor of cytokine signaling-1 mimetic peptide | Scientific Reports 3 months ago
4 Improving CAR-T cell therapies for cancer by targeting a protein 'brake' FierceBiotech 8 months ago
5 Investigating melanogenesis-related microRNAs as disease biomarkers in vitiligo | Scientific Reports 7 days ago
6 RNA sequencing reveals dynamic expression of spleen lncRNAs and mRNAs in Beagle dogs infected by Toxocara canis Parasites & Vectors 11 days ago
7 MiR-155 modulates the inflammatory phenotype of intestinal myofibroblasts by targeting SOCS1 in ulcerative colitis | Experimental & Molecular Medicine 7 years ago
8 Novel CRISPR Imaging Technology Reveals Genes Controlling Tumor Immunity Mount Sinai 5 months ago
9 Antitumor activity of CAR-T-PD1 cells in cervical cancer | CMAR Dove Medical Press 1 year ago
10 The Functional Mechanism of MicroRNA in Oral Lichen Planus | JIR Dove Medical Press 20 days ago
11 Spatial CRISPR Genomics of Tumor Microenvironments Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News 5 months ago
12 Manipulating T cell fate to improve CAR-T in solid tumors FierceBiotech 2 months ago
13 Immunology of SARS-CoV-2 infection in children 7 months ago
14 Semantic clustering analysis of E3-ubiquitin ligases in gastrointestinal tract defines genes ontology clusters with tissue expression patterns BMC Gastroenterology 4 months ago
15 Csi-let-7a-5p delivered by extracellular vesicles from a liver fluke activates M1-like macrophages and exacerbates biliary injuries | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 5 months ago
16 Turning off the damaging signals from a genetic syndrome that causes debilitating kidney disease Science Daily 5 months ago
17 IL-6 enhances CD4 cell motility by sustaining mitochondrial Ca2+ through the noncanonical STAT3 pathway | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 5 months ago
18 New Genomics Technology Could Power Gene Therapy in Oncology BioSpace 4 months ago
19 Interleukin-17A pretreatment attenuates the anti-hepatitis B virus efficacy of interferon-alpha by reducing activation of the interferon-stimulated gene factor 3 transcriptional complex in hepatitis B virus-expressing HepG2 cells Virology Journal 6 months ago