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1 NATO Studying 'Options' to Bolster Africa Anti-Jihadi Force, UN Says
2 The G5 joint force for the Sahel was set up four years ago: why progress is slow
3 Why a UN Support Office for the G5 Sahel Joint Force is a Bad Idea
4 Joint Force of the Group of Five for the Sahel
5 Three Years on, G5 Sahel Force Struggles With Mission
6 Pentagon chief tells French counterpart U.S. supports Sahel mission
7 Many challenges remain for Sahel Joint Force, warns Lacroix, welcoming 'increased coordination'
8 West Africa: Sahel Region
9 Group of Five Sahel joint force reports new achievements in antiterrorism operation
10 West Africa: The G5 Joint Force for the Sahel Was Set Up Four Years Ago
11 Sahel Coalition: G5 and France agree new joint command, will prioritize fight against Islamic State
12 The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan could reshape counterinsurgencies in Africa, experts say
13 French strike highlights counterterrorism fight in Africa's Sahel
14 FRANCE/WEST AFRICA : France to transfer military surpluses to Gulf of Guinea as some Sahel states urge higher-level cooperation
15 Africa File: Mali–Wagner Group Deal Threatens Counterterrorism Gains In The Sahel
16 New G5 Sahel Joint Force commander moves HQ to Mali capital Bamako after June attack
17 G5 Sahel leaders again call for UN assistance to fund Joint Force
18 France to cut Sahel force by up to 3,000 in two years
19 Sahel Force Vital in Fight against Extremist Armed Groups, Peace Operations Chief Tells Security Council, Calling for Increased Funding
20 CSSF invites bids for building capability of the G5 Sahel Joint Force
21 G5 Sahel Joint Force and the Sahel Alliance
22 Communique of the 1035th ministerial meeting of the PSC held on 30 September 2021, on the projected impact of withdrawal of foreign forces and mercenaries from Libya on the Sahel and the rest of Africa
23 Secretary-General Stresses Need for Sustained, Predictable Funding of Joint Force, in Message to G5 Sahel Summit
24 US counter-terrorism assistance to G5 Sahel member states almost doubles to $111 million
25 Will Greek army serve as France's new mercenary force in Africa?
26 Chad’s ‘Political Transition’ Is a Smokescreen for Military Rule
27 Trying to Coordinate Force in the Sahel: The G5 Sahel
28 The G5 Sahel Joint Force Gains Traction – Africa Center for Strategic Studies
29 Sahel jihadists: West Africa faces up to policing its terror triangle
30 G5 Sahel Joint Force makes ‘major’ weapons seizure in northern Niger
31 Roadside bomb blast in Mali kills 9 soldiers in G5 Sahel joint force
32 Communique of the 1006th meeting of the African Union Peace and Security Council on the consideration of the G-5 Sahel mandate, 6 July 2021
33 French envoy to return to U.S. after fence-mending Biden-Macron call
34 US pledges to help fund Africa counterterrorism task force
35 Chad recalls half of its G5 Sahel contingent despite upsurge in jihadist attacks
36 Sahel/US: ’We do not want to work with military forces that have committed human rights abuses’
37 France's decision to pull troops out of the Sahel invites a less military approach
38 G5 Sahel Joint Force commander: ‘We must win the trust of civilians’
39 Burkina Faso, Mali Agree Joint Force Against Jihadists
40 As France's army shifts gears in the Sahel, Niger takes a more central role
41 Leveraging an African Opportunity for the Counter-Terrorism Fight
42 G5 Sahel to adopt new counter-terrorism strategy
43 The “G5 Sahel” Joint Force: A Marriage of Security and Development?
44 New Joint Force of the Sahel countries
45 EU lags behind on 'military ambition'
46 West Africa: G5 Sahel Force Should Prioritize Rights
47 After Barkhane: What France’s military drawdown means for the Sahel
48 UN says G5 Sahel needs more support to battle terrorism, as Macron signals force revamp
49 Secretary-General underscores need for peace and stability in Africa's Sahel region
50 Sahel counter-terrorism takes a heavy toll on civilians
51 Military Equipment Enables the G5 Joint Force Sahel Fight Against Terrorism
52 Between a rock and a hard place: Counterterrorism and peacekeeping in the Sahel
53 Can the UN Security Council enhance the effectiveness of the G5 Sahel Force?
54 Region in Focus: The Sahel – Africa Center for Strategic Studies
55 France to reconsider military strength in Sahel region
56 French operations in Mali put 30 militants ‘out of action,’ as Barkhane builds Sahel Coalition ...
57 ISS TODAY: ANALYSIS: Sahel civilians becoming trapped victims of counter-terrorism forces as well as militants
58 UN condemns deadly attack against G5 Sahel force headquarters in Mali
59 Challenges and opportunities for the G5 Sahel force
60 France to pull more than 2,000 troops from Africa’s Sahel region
61 Chad deploys 1,200 troops to quell Sahel violence
62 France Withdrawing Troops From Africa's Sahel Could Cause More Terrorism
63 France ends West African Barkhane military operation
64 Africa: Governance Shortfalls Causing Insecurity
65 The uphill battle facing Chad's new Transition Council
66 France resumes joint military operations in Mali
67 A cable from Mali: How to bring Bamako back from the brink
68 France and allies establish new task force in Sahel
69 Ahead of ECOWAS counter-terror summit, JNIM targets ‘G5 Sahel’ forces in Mali
70 Many strategies but little progress securing the Sahel
71 France suspends joint military operations with Malian forces
72 A New African Counter-Terrorism Strategy: An Opportunity For Biden Administration
73 France boosts Barkhane force to 5,100 troops to further focus on Mali-Burkina Faso-Niger tri-border area
74 European defence: the quest for ‘strategic autonomy’
75 Communique of the 920th meeting of the PSC held on 21 April 2020 on the consideration of the renewal of the mandate of the G5 Sahel Joint Force and the draft Strategic Concept Note
76 Security Council Press Statement on Group of Five for Sahel Joint Force
77 What does end of France’s Barkhane mission mean for Burkina Faso?
78 The military college training officers to confront terrorism and jihadism in the Sahel
79 FG Seeks Concerted Efforts to Tackle Insecurity of African States
80 Report of the Secretary-General on the Joint Force of the Group of Five for the Sahel (S/2017/869)
81 939th Communique of the PSC on the security situation in the Sahel and consideration of the revised Draft Strategic Concept Note on Planning Guidance for the Deployment of 3000 troops
82 Serious questions remain over G5 Sahel military force
83 The Sahel: Time for the EU to show tough love
84 Macron 'came to his senses' in resuming joint military operations in Mali
85 Issuing Presidential Statement, Security Council Expresses Grave Concern over Dire Situation in West Africa, Sahel, Gulf of Guinea
86 US Africa Command completed movement of 16 Mamba APCs to support joint-force G5 Sahel efforts in northern Niger | Defense News March 2021 Global Security army industry | Defense Security global news industry army year 2021 | Archive News year
87 G5 Sahel: Much done, more to do
88 Ten Things the United States Should Do to Combat Terrorism in the Sahel
89 Niger's Oumarou Namata Gazama becomes new Head of G5 Sahel Joint Force
90 Deby's Death Seen as Blow to Counterterrorism Efforts in Africa's Sahel
91 African Union to deploy 3,000 troops in restive Sahel region
92 French, U.S. Special Forces Agree to Beef Up Partnership in Africa
93 UN investigation concludes Mali soldiers “executed” 12 civilians in Boulikessi
94 Mauritanian president says G5 Sahel Joint Force is better then MINUSMA
95 French and West African presidents launch Sahel force
96 G5 Sahel – Pau Summit – Statement by the Heads of State (13 Jan. 2020)
97 Let’s Talk About Chad
98 Russian Mercenaries' Potential Advent to Mali
99 Intercommunal Tensions, Electoral Transparency among Challenges Facing West Africa, Sahel Area, Special Representative Tells Security Council
100 Joint Statement following the G5 Sahel-France Foreign/Defence Ministers Meeting of 27 April 2020