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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Rounding Up Schottky Barrier Diode's Exploits With Wide Bandgap Materials News 7 days ago
2 Schottky Barrier Diodes Geared to Automotive Apps Electronic Design 18 days ago
3 Power Diodes Market | Market outlook, market constraints, research methodology, and forecast to 2031 for the industry Taiwan News 11 days ago
4 ROHM Expands Its Lineup of Compact, Market-Proven, High GlobeNewswire 28 days ago
5 Nexperia enters SiC diode market Electronics Weekly 21 days ago
6 Improving Semiconducting Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Films for Transistors AZoM 14 days ago
7 Silicon carbide (SiC) Schottky diodes for power uses like converters and rectifiers introduced by Littelfuse Military & Aerospace Electronics 3 months ago
8 Europe shows 2nm, quantum technologies at IEDM eeNews Europe 14 hours ago
9 Origins, Mechanisms, and Characterization of Defects in 4H-SiC Homoepitaxial Layers AZoM 6 days ago
10 Trench Schottky rectifiers for automotive and LED lighting power diode applications introduced by Nexperia Military & Aerospace Electronics 6 months ago
11 Vishay Intertechnology Small Signal Schottky and Switching Diodes Feature Ultra Compact DFN1006-2A Package With Wettable Flanks GlobeNewswire 2 months ago
12 Worldwide Photodiode Sensor Industry to 2026 Rising Adoption of Photodiodes in the Automotive Sector Presents Opportunities 12 days ago
13 New Vishay Intertechnology 650 V SiC Schottky Diodes Increase Efficiency for High Frequency Applications GlobeNewswire 10 months ago
14 Qorvo acquires United Silicon Carbide (UnitedSiC), a leading provider of silicon carbide power semiconductors Green Car Congress 26 days ago
15 From Schottky Diodes to MOSFETS: 3 Team-ups Lower Power with SiC Technology News 5 months ago
16 The role of device asymmetries and Schottky barriers on the helicity-dependent photoresponse of 2D phototransistors | npj 2D Materials and Applications 11 months ago
17 Rohm plans to mass produce hybrid IGBTs with integrated SiC Schottky barrier diode Electronics Weekly 4 months ago
18 Energy saving IMCRC Funding Helps Lay Foundation for SiC Schottky Diodes Manufacturing 6 months ago
19 New efforts to bring silicon-carbide inverters closer to commercial maturity pv magazine International 8 days ago
20 Silicon carbide 1200-volt 50-amp power electronics modules for avionics applications introduced by Solitron Military & Aerospace Electronics 26 days ago
21 Silicon vs. Silicon Carbide: Schottky Barrier Diode Edition News 2 years ago
22 Expanded lineup of compact high-efficiency SBDs Electropages 26 days ago
23 JEOL: Release of Schottky Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope JSM-IT800(i)/(is) Versions Yahoo Finance 3 months ago
24 What is Schottky diode? ELE Times 8 months ago
25 Plastic Packaging Rectifier Diode market to showcase strong CAGR between 2026 and 2026 Northwest Diamond Notes 21 hours ago
26 Nanoscale Schottky diodes fabricated via adhesion lithography Tech Xplore 1 year ago
27 Novel device architecture based on graphene Schottky diode varactors shows potential for optoelectronics applications Graphene-Info 2 years ago
28 Richardson Electronics Announces New SiC Schottky Diodes from UnitedSiC Yahoo Finance 1 year ago
29 Schottky barrier formation and band bending revealed by first- principles calculations | Scientific Reports 6 years ago
30 700V SiC mosfets, and 700V and 1.2k Schottky diodes Electronics Weekly 3 years ago
31 Extending the metal-induced gap state model of Schottky barriers Physics Today 1 year ago
32 Quantifying the barrier lowering of ZnO Schottky nanodevices under UV light | Scientific Reports 6 years ago
33 SPIE journal publishes first known English translation of 1918 Schottky paper EurekAlert 3 years ago
34 Vertical gallium oxide Schottky barrier diodes with improved performance Semiconductor Today 2 years ago
35 Ideal-Diode Devices Enhance Power-System Protection and Flexibility Electronic Design 8 months ago
36 Low-Profile Surface-Mount Schottky Diodes Boost Power Density and Efficiency 1 year ago
37 Stripping away ion hydration shells in electrical double-layer formation: Water networks matter 7 days ago
38 30V mosfets half-bridge plus Schottky in one package Electronics Weekly 1 year ago
39 Semtech's New 1N5822 QPL Schottky Diode Now Qualified to Space Grade Business Wire 1 year ago
40 Diodes With Hats: Zener And Schottky Hackaday 5 years ago
41 SMD package for 1200V Schottky diode Electronics Weekly 2 years ago
42 Gallium nitride vertical junction barrier Schottky diodes Semiconductor Today 5 years ago
43 Central Semiconductor's New Schottky Bridge Rectifiers in low profile BR DFN package Design World Network 2 years ago
44 Towards more energy-efficient 2D semiconductor devices EurekAlert 3 months ago
45 ‘Shaping Justice” in Merced County: The Life and Times of Andrew Robert Schottky Merced Sun-Star 2 years ago
46 Understanding graphene-semiconductor Schottky contacts Semiconductor Today 5 years ago
47 WSU Team Designs Schottky Diode that Recycles Excess Heat from Electronics News 4 years ago
48 Infineon IGBT Discrete Family Rated at 650V 7 months ago
49 Walter Schottky Physics Today 6 years ago
50 Aluminium nitride Schottky barrier diodes with breakdown more than 1kV Semiconductor Today 4 years ago
51 RF and microwave Schottky detector diodes for video detectors and power monitors introduced by SemiGen Military & Aerospace Electronics 5 years ago
52 Nexperia Launches Broad Range of Space-Saving PN and Trench Schottky Rectifiers Business Wire 4 years ago
53 Gallium oxide trench Schottky barrier diodes with ultra-low leakage Semiconductor Today 3 years ago
54 Metal–Insulator–Graphene diodes enable terahertz rectennas on flexible substrates Graphene-Info 2 months ago
55 Reducing Schottky on-resistance in multi-channel III-nitride structures Semiconductor Today 3 years ago
56 TSMC and partners announce 1nm process breakthrough Industry 7 months ago
57 Vertical gallium nitride Schottky diodes with single and double drift layers Semiconductor Today 4 years ago
58 Showa Denko To Supply SiC Epitaxial Wafers To Toshiba | Scoop News 2 months ago
59 Black Phosphorus Transistors with Near Band Edge Contact Schottky Barrier | Scientific Reports 6 years ago
60 How to Build a Low-tech Solar Panel? Resilience 1 month ago
61 Solar Power Goes Back To 1910 Tech Hackaday 2 months ago
62 Vertical gallium nitride Schottky diode combining high current/breakdown Semiconductor Today 6 years ago
63 Reducing costs for gallium arsenide Schottky diode fabrication Semiconductor Today 4 years ago
64 How Europe Missed The Transistor IEEE Spectrum 4 months ago
65 Ag/ZnO-Nanorods Schottky diodes based UV-PDs are fabricated and tested EurekAlert 5 years ago
66 Terahertz Detectors: CMOS Schottky diodes lower cost and raise far-IR responsivity of electronic detectors 14X Laser Focus world 6 years ago
67 Embedded Schottky diode for unidirection GaN HFET Semiconductor Today 8 years ago
68 WIN Semiconductors releases new platform integrating high performance 0.1um GaAs pHEMT with monolithic PIN and vertical Schottky diodes Design World Network 3 years ago
69 New device could turn heat energy into a viable fuel source – WSU Insider WSU News 4 years ago
70 JEOL: Release of a New Schottky Field Emission(FE) Scanning Electron Microscope JSM-F100 Business Wire 2 years ago
71 Future Forum Announced the Winners of 2021 Future Science Prize: Kwok-Yung Yuen, Joseph Sriyal Malik Peiris, Jie Zhang, Simon Sze Yahoo Finance 3 months ago
72 Gearing Up For Next-Gen Power Semis SemiEngineering 3 months ago
73 SiC and GaN: A Tale of Two Semiconductors 1 month ago
74 Ideal Diode Supports Battery Protection to 7 A Electronic Design 3 years ago
75 Make the Switch from Discrete to Integrated Load Switches, Ideal Diodes, and eFuses Electronic Design 9 months ago
76 Novel catalysts improve efficiency of urea synthesis at ambient conditions EurekAlert 9 months ago
77 Semiconductor Rectifiers European Market to 2026 Miniaturization of Electronic Devices Helps to Grow the Demand 7 months ago
78 Tri-anode/slant-gate gallium nitride Schottky barrier diode on silicon Semiconductor Today 4 years ago
79 Schottky diodes integrated in vertical gallium nitride transistors on silicon Semiconductor Today 3 years ago
80 SUTD researchers resolve a major mystery in 2D material electronics EurekAlert 3 years ago
81 'Bite' defects revealed in bottom-up graphene nanoribbons 7 months ago
82 Designing circuit protection for autonomous driving systems | Electronics360 Electronics360 4 months ago
83 ST adds rad-hard rectifiers Electronics Weekly 2 years ago
84 Microchip announces production release of 700V MOSFETs and 700V and 1200V Schottky barrier diodes Semiconductor Today 3 years ago
85 Gold-free CMOS-compatible nitride semiconductor Schottky barrier diodes Semiconductor Today 8 years ago
86 Increasing GaN Schottky diode breakdown voltage with recessed double-field plate anode Semiconductor Today 7 years ago
87 Automotive-Qualified Qspeed Silicon Diodes Feature Lowest Qrr for Efficient, High-Switching-Speed Designs Business Wire 6 months ago
88 1.7kV and 1.2kV silicon carbide power diodes Electronics Weekly 1 year ago
89 Thinner Channels With 2D Semiconductors SemiEngineering 5 months ago
90 NSCore, Inc. introduces its OTP+ solution to address the IoT market need for an Ultra-Low-Power OTP NVM IP Solution in 40nm PR Web 1 month ago
91 Week In Review: Design, Low Power SemiEngineering 1 month ago
92 Semiconductor nanogrooves enhanced broad spectral band mmW and THz detection EurekAlert 9 months ago
93 Making more efficient low-cost light-emitting materials by swapping atoms Tech Explorist 6 months ago
94 Littelfuse adds GEN2 1200V Schottky diodes to SiC power semiconductor device range Semiconductor Today 3 years ago
95 Multiple PSUs share load 8 years ago
96 First Aerospace-qualified Baseless Power Module Family Improves Aircraft Electrical System Efficiency GlobeNewswire 4 months ago
97 Will Monolithic 3D DRAM Happen? SemiEngineering 3 months ago
98 Semiconductor technology mitigates fire risk in electric vehicle batteries EurekAlert 6 months ago
99 Rohm's third-generation SiC Schottky barrier diodes reduce forward voltage and reverse current leakage while increasing surge resistance Semiconductor Today 5 years ago
100 High spectral response of self-driven GaN-based detectors by controlling the contact barrier height | Scientific Reports 6 years ago