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1 Sen. Bernie Sanders: Let's stand together to protect working families (Opinion)
2 Sen. Bernie Sanders: Biden's $3.5T plan to help working families depends on Democratic unity
3 Sen. Bernie Sanders presses Manchin for specifics on Biden?s domestic agenda
4 Bernie Sanders wrote an op-ed to West Virginians. See Joe Manchin's fiery response
5 Sen. Bernie Sanders shows support to UAW
6 Bernie Sanders: For America's sake, we can't afford to cut $3.5 trillion spending plan
7 Sanders calls for 'unity' to pass popular Biden agenda
8 Sen. Sanders says his initial $6T spending package 'too little,' Americans' support on 'our side'
9 Transcript: Senator Bernie Sanders on "Face the Nation," September 19, 2021
10 Bernie Sanders to House Progressives: Hold Strong or the Senate Will Tank Biden's Agenda
11 Sanders sees battle for America’s soul playing out in Congress
12 Bernie Sanders urges Democrats to pass $3.5T budget reconciliation, calls for party unity
13 Bernie Sanders wrote an op-ed to West Virginians. See Joe Manchin's fiery response
14 Bernie Sanders calls on AOC crew to hold $1.2T infrastructure bill hostage
15 'This Week' Transcript 10-3-21: Sen. Bernie Sanders & Dr. Anthony Fauci
16 Bernie Sanders among lawmakers to meet with Biden at White House | TheHill
17 Book details Sanders' fears of 'authoritarianism' after Jan. 6
18 'You Tell Me What We Should Cut': Sanders Not Budging on $3.5 Trillion
19 Sanders urges House to reject infrastructure bill without strong reconciliation bill
20 Sanders believes Democrats will get $3.5T spending bill passed
21 Sanders: Police reform efforts failed with no cooperation across aisle
22 Right message, wrong messenger
23 Bernie Sanders slams the 'corporate elite' like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, who 'love the idea' of paying less in taxes
24 Sanders Slams Pundits, Implores “Tell Me Where We Should Cut” Reconciliation
25 Halloween 2021 Popular Costumes: Bernie Sanders, 'Bridgerton' and More – WWD
26 Sanders, Schumer and Biden: Never satisfied, angry White men
27 Bernie Sanders to support Iron Dome funding in exchange for Gaza aid
28 Fact-checking Bernie Sanders on pharmaceutical lobbying pushback
29 Leahy, Welch fundraising slows down as Vermont congressional future remains unclear
30 Sanders: Expanding Medicare benefits 'not negotiable' in package | TheHill
31 Patrick Hynes: Time for delegation to come clean about reconciliation bil
32 Sanders raising funds for Democratic Socialist candidate in race for Buffalo mayor | TheHill
33 The Sausage Making: Progressives Jockey To Keep Their Beloved Programs Off The Chopping Block
34 Sen. Bernie Sanders to tout Democrats' $3.5 trillion budget plan in red Indiana, Iowa
35 Bernie Sanders passes legacy defining budget, Republicans call it socialism
36 Dems fear Biden’s domestic agenda could implode
37 Guess who's back: Sen. Bernie Sanders breaks down Democrats' new New Deal in CR
38 A new act for Bernie Sanders: Power broker
39 Is Sen. Kyrsten Sinema strung out on Big Pharma’s money?
40 Strange but true: Bernie takes a 'very pragmatic' turn
41 Sanders shakes up Senate staff
42 Sen. Bernie Sanders to introduce resolution of disapproval on $735 million U.S. arms sale to Israel
43 Progressives Push Democrats to Reject Outdated Austerity Policies
44 U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders returns to Iowa Sunday to pitch $3.5 trillion budget proposal
45 Bernie Sanders blasts defense contractors over soaring costs, vows tougher oversight
46 Inside Bernie Sanders' Strategy to Get the Budget Bill Passed
47 No apology needed for moderate stance on infrastructure spend | Letters
48 Bernie Sanders, at a career apex, faces his biggest political test yet
49 Bernie Sanders lost the presidency. But he's shaping the agenda.
50 'Bernie Sanders has real influence': Vermont's longtime outsider has become a trusted voice in the Biden White House
51 Bernie Sanders Embraces Deal Maker Role in Biden’s Antipoverty Push
52 Cutting Massive Bill Threatens to Blow Up Progressive Unity
53 Bernie Sanders comes to Akron to throw support for 11th District candidate Nina Turner
54 New tax would hurt recovery
55 Sen. Bernie Sanders traveling to Cleveland later this month to support Nina Turner's bid for the open 11th Congressional District seat
56 Sanders says he wants an infrastructure package with a larger price tag
57 Neera Tanden Grilled Over Statements, This Time by Bernie Sanders
58 The Real-Life Costs Of Shrinking The Democrats’ Big Spending Plan
59 Democrats not doomed | |
60 Sen Sanders on goals of $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill
61 Sen. Bernie Sanders in Cedar Rapids to pitch $3.5 trillion budget to Iowans
62 Gavel in hand, Bernie Sanders lays out an unabashedly liberal economic agenda
63 Passing coronavirus relief more important than bipartisanship: Sen. Bernie Sanders
64 Meme of Senator Bernie Sanders Goes Viral Worldwide
65 How Bernie Sanders Hopes To Reshape A 'Rigged' Tax System
66 Biden Didn’t Give Bernie Sanders Cabinet Spot Because Of Fear Democrats Could Lose Senate
67 Sen. Sanders to hold weekend town halls across Vermont
68 Sen. Bernie Sanders remains firm on $3.5 trillion price tag despite grumbles from Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema
69 Bernie Sanders, Michigan Democrats rally for infrastructure plan in Detroit
70 Sen. Bernie Sanders: It's time to protect working families through $3.5 trillion budget 'reconciliation' bill
71 Bernie Sanders steers climate agenda from Budget perch
72 Sanders 'running point' on reconciliation bill as Dems try to keep $1.2T deal in place
73 Voice of the People, Oct. 18, 2021 | Letters |
74 Opinion | An Unusually Optimistic Conversation With Bernie Sanders
75 Sen. Bernie Sanders introduces bill to make college free and have Wall Street pay for it
76 Dems torn between wooing and badgering the Biden agenda holdouts
77 Bernie Sanders’ Bid For A $15 Minimum Wage Fails As Eight Democrats Side With Senate GOP
78 Once rivals, President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders are now partners in power
79 Sen. Bernie Sanders' Inauguration Day look, complete with locally-made mittens, goes viral
80 Liberals sour on Bernie
81 Bernie Sanders > Joe Manchin
82 How a $1,200 Check Brought Together an Unlikely Pair: Josh Hawley and Bernie Sanders
83 U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks in Birmingham at pro-union rally for Amazon workers
84 Democrats and Republicans battle over infrastructure bills | News |
85 Bernie Sanders blasts California recall drive
86 IN Marine Warning and Forecast | National
87 $3.5T or bust? Sanders goes all-out to protect Dems’ social spending plans
88 Sanders goes back to 2016 playbook to sell $3.5T budget | TheHill
89 VIDEO RELEASE Sen. Bernie Sanders Blocks Sen. Rick Scott Resolution to Support Israel, Condemn Hamas
90 Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks on the passing of former Sen. Mike Enzi, and $3.5 Trillion Budget Bill
91 Bernie Sanders Had His Most Viral Week Ever — Detroit Jewish News
92 Democrats form organization to try to flip Onondaga County legislature
93 Government shutdown and Infrastructure bill vote in Congress: Live updates
94 Sen. Bernie Sanders to hold Vermont student town hall
95 Sen. Bernie Sanders on the path forward for covid relief
96 Bernie Sanders Is the Real Force Behind the $3.5T Reconciliation Bill
97 Sanders pushing $6 trillion infrastructure plan that could pass without GOP
98 Bernie Sanders making plans to push prescription drug reforms through reconciliation
99 Texas This Week: U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders discusses 'reconciliation' plan
100 Exclusive: Bernie ready to roll on roads