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1 Sanders says Democrats are "going to come together" on reconciliation bill
2 Back on the Trail, Bernie Sanders Campaigns for the $3.5 Trillion Budget Plan
3 Inside Bernie Sanders' Strategy to Get the Budget Bill Passed
4 Senator Bernie Sanders sends trucking a message
5 Bernie Sanders Is Making His Pitch to Swing Voters
6 Bernie Sanders urges Californians to reject 'bold-faced Republican power grab' in new Newsom recall ad
7 Sanders insists Dems' spending package remain at $3.5 trillion
8 Sanders, Gillibrand demand passage of entire Biden agenda
9 Job No. 1 for GOP: Try to stop Bernie's $3.5 trillion monstrosity
10 Bernie's not budging and Republicans hope to make hay of Afghanistan
11 Manchin, Sanders set for clash over Biden spending package | TheHill
12 11 Senators Back House Progressives in Demand for Passage of Entire Biden Agenda
13 As Sanders and Manchin clash, Democratic leaders play it cool
14 U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders returns to Iowa Sunday to pitch $3.5 trillion budget proposal
15 Biden to Meet With Democrats on Pushing His Economic Agenda
16 Rebuilding America: Bernie Sanders Mulls Infrastructure Campaign To Sway Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema Constituents
17 Sanders Rebukes Manchin’s Downsized Ceiling for Reconciliation Bill
18 POLITICO Playbook: It's Bernie vs. Pelosi on reconciliation
19 Al Franken has a new comedy tour. His targets? Former Senate colleagues.
20 Senate Dems try to mend fences over drug price reform divide as moderates seek slimmed-down proposal
21 US senators urge State Dept to confront Bahrain’s ‘repression’
22 Medicare Expansion Clashes With Health Care for the Poor as Budget Bill Shrinks
23 POLITICO Playbook: Biden's Senate bias rankles the House
24 Leahy, Sanders and Welch lead regional push for organic dairy support
25 Transcript: The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, 9/22/21
26 US senators call on State Dept to confront Khalifah regime over repression in Bahrain
27 Senator Steve Daines Slams Democratic Spending Plan on KGVO
28 Sen. Bernie Sanders to tout Democrats' $3.5 trillion budget plan in red Indiana, Iowa
29 Biden knows fate of spending plan will show extent of his power – and define his legacy
30 Strange but true: Bernie takes a 'very pragmatic' turn
31 Eight New First-Year Senators Elected to WSA for Fall Semester
32 Bernie Sanders passes legacy defining budget, Republicans call it socialism
33 Senate Democrats Have a Big New Corporate Tax Idea
34 A new act for Bernie Sanders: Power broker
35 Bernie Sanders > Joe Manchin
36 Opinion | An Unusually Optimistic Conversation With Bernie Sanders
37 Bernie Sanders Threatens to Delay Senators' Recess In Push for $2,000 Stimulus Checks
38 Bernie Sanders Leads 17 Senators in Letter to Biden Asking for Medicare Expansion
39 Bernie Sanders’s Third Campaign
40 Rep. Bolick Condemns Congressional Democrats' Plan to Monitor All Banking Transactions of Americans
41 Bernie Sanders’ Bid For A $15 Minimum Wage Fails As Eight Democrats Side With Senate GOP
42 Bernie Sanders vows to hold up defense bill unless Senate votes on $2,000 stimulus checks
43 Democratic Divisions Flare Over Tax Increases and Drug Pricing
44 Mr Chairman: How Bernie Sanders is calling the shots from his new role in Congress
45 VIDEO RELEASE Sen. Rick Scott: Bernie Sanders' Budget Puts America's Children on...
46 Bernie Sanders Is Actively Running for Labor Secretary
47 Senate Judiciary Committee takes up Beth Robinson’s nomination to federal appellate court
48 Bernie Sanders threatens to filibuster defense bill unless Senate allows vote on stimulus payments
49 Biden Didn’t Give Bernie Sanders Cabinet Spot Because Of Fear Democrats Could Lose Senate
50 Bernie Sanders' Fiery Stimulus Speech in the Senate: Full Transcript
51 Bernie Sanders demands Biden take a ‘hard look’ at Israel aid as 28 Democratic senators demand ceasefire
52 Bernie Sanders, Dem Senators Demand Stimulus Checks, Oppose $908B Relief Proposal
53 House panel rejects drug pricing plan in setback to Biden
54 Bernie Sanders to Biden and Manchin: 'No reconciliation bill, no deal' | TheHill
55 Sanders Introduces Bill to Block Arms Sale to Israel
56 Why Bernie’s not sweating White House's infrastructure dance with GOP
57 Sanders, Warren Warn Senate Majority Will Be Used in 'Very Aggressive Way' if GOP Blocks Stimulus
58 Biden and Sanders, once rivals, are now partners in power
59 Bernie Sanders says he’s ‘tired of talking’ about Senate colleagues Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema
60 Bernie Sanders Criticizes GOP Senate Colleague for 'Hypocrisy' Over Stimulus Relief
61 Amazon picks Twitter fight with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren amid union campaign
62 VIDEO RELEASE Sen. Bernie Sanders Blocks Sen. Rick Scott Resolution to Support Israel, Condemn Hamas
63 Sanders to wield gavel as gatekeeper for key Biden proposals | TheHill
64 Bernie Sanders Compares Republican Tactics to China's 'Growing Authoritarianism'
65 Kevin McCarthy Told Bernie Sanders That Senator Is 'More Conservative' Than Joe Biden
66 How a $1,200 Check Brought Together an Unlikely Pair: Josh Hawley and Bernie Sanders
67 GOP 'support is not necessary': Sanders calls for 'big' policies
68 Bernie Sanders to force Senate vote on minimum wage hike after ‘disappointing’ ruling
69 If Sanders Joined Biden's Cabinet, Who Would Succeed Him in the Senate?
70 Sanders won't vote for bipartisan infrastructure deal | TheHill
71 Van Hollen, Cardin Help Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Honor 13 American Heroes Killed in Afghanistan with Congressional Gold Medals | US Senator Chris Van Hollen of Maryland
72 Sanders: Senate may use budget reconciliation to pass Biden agenda | TheHill
73 Sanders First Senator to Break With Democrats Since Biden Took Office With Vote Against Tom Vilsack
74 Bernie Sanders Confident Dems Can Pass $1.4K Stimulus Checks, COVID Relief Without Republicans
75 Senate runoffs have big implications for Leahy and Sanders
76 Bernie Sanders Has A Secret Weapon In Pushing Democratic Policy Through Senate
77 Sanders goes back to 2016 playbook to sell $3.5T budget | TheHill
78 Sanders signals openness to adjusting SALT cap
79 Do Even Donald Trump’s Defense Lawyers Believe Him?
80 A Rahm Emanuel is Exactly What Japan Wants, Asia Scholars Say
81 Bernie Sanders Pushes Biden for $2,000 Stimulus Checks as First Presidential Priority
82 A Witness to History and Bernie Sanders in His Mittens
83 Floor Remarks on Afghanistan
84 Bernie Sanders Knocks Lack of Climate Change Provisions in Bipartisan Infrastructure Proposal
85 Bernie Sanders meme encapsulates paradox of hero for young Americans
86 Bernie Sanders blasts defense contractors over soaring costs, vows tougher oversight
87 Bernie Sanders is interested in working for Biden. What would happen next?
88 Sens. Bernie Sanders and Josh Hawley team up in push for second $1,200 stimulus checks
89 Sanders Takes Reins as Democrats Advance Biden Economic Agenda
90 Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren Call on Harris to Override Parliamentarian on $15 Minimum Wage
91 Bernie Sanders Refuses to Give up on $15 Minimum Wage: 'We Are Developing a Strategy'
92 What Bernie Sanders Taught Democrats About Labor Solidarity
93 Bernie Sanders lost the presidency. But he's shaping the agenda.
94 Bernie Sanders Defends $15 Minimum Wage as Democrat-Controlled Senate Poised to Reject
95 Senate rejects Bernie Sanders proposal for $15 minimum wage in coronavirus relief package
96 Bernie Sanders Hails Budget Resolution for 'Working People' as New Stimulus Nears
97 Poll shows overwhelming opposition to proposed mine | Opinion |
98 Bernie Sanders Uses Trump Tweet to Bash GOP on Senate Floor: 'President Is Right!'
99 Sanders on budget, infrastructure, immigration and COVID
100 US Senators Call On EEOC To Probe Amazon's Treatment Of Pregnant Workers