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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Monetary Policy under Heterogeneity: Lessons From SMEs and COVID-19 Pandemiс World Bank Group 17 days ago
2 Why economists say you should ask for a raise in the New Year CNBC 28 days ago
3 Survey: Economists see unemployment sinking to near 50-year low in 2022 17 days ago
4 Jackson School of Global Affairs to open fall 2022, Levinsohn named dean Yale News 4 days ago
5 Biden's three new nominees aim to add diversity to Fed board Roll Call 8 days ago
6 Inflation: Food, gas, housing and healthcare are getting more expensive The Washington Post 10 days ago
7 What's Working: Colorado has recovered 89% of jobs lost during COVID-19 The Colorado Sun 10 hours ago
8 Deaths of Despair: Research on opioid crisis origins and the link between higher minimum wages and suicide reduction Journalist's Resource 3 days ago
9 Record year for job growth reaches disappointing end as gains slow in December ABC NEWS 4 16 days ago
10 Michael E. Chernew Brookings Institution 8 days ago
11 Good news for buyers? New-home construction activity increases, amid a surge in building permits MarketWatch 3 days ago
12 China's economy expanded 8.1% in 2021, but growth is slowing kuna noticias y kuna radio 5 days ago
13 Messy job reports and unreliable labor forecasts take a toll on Biden's first year CNBC 11 days ago
14 Farmers Breakfast spotlights farm economy Seymour Tribune 17 hours ago
15 Immigrant worker shortage hits U.S. businesses hard The Dallas Morning News 2 days ago
16 Drop in college enrollment threatens to cause long-term economic, social consequences The Washington Post 9 hours ago
17 A New Barometer of Global Supply Chain Pressures Liberty Street Economics 19 days ago
18 Is there a link between long COVID and the US labor shortage? BenefitsPro 1 day ago
19 A Global Procurement Partnership for Sustainable Development: An International Stocktaking of Developments in Public Procurement World Bank Group 4 days ago
20 With more jobs than workers, Wyoming grapples with 'great resignation' Buffalo Bulletin 3 days ago
21 Is US economy really overheated? UNC economist says 'It's boiling over!' WRAL TechWire 2 days ago
22 Pandemic tempers optimism about Dayton region economic prospects in 2022 Dayton Daily News 14 days ago
23 Kristin F. Butcher Brookings Institution 7 months ago
24 Biden Eyes Raskin as Top Fed Banking Regulator The Wall Street Journal 26 days ago
25 U.S. coronavirus baby bust is here, research shows. So what does that mean? 3 days ago
26 Round 1 in the inflation debate POLITICO 4 days ago
27 Analysis: From leader to students, overconfidence clouds China Nikkei Asia 3 days ago
28 Soaring used car prices are pushing inflation higher, and there's not much the U.S. can do about it CNBC 10 days ago
29 President Biden Announces Nominees for Ambassadors and Key Roles The White House 3 days ago
30 Revisiting the Keystone XL Pipeline and Joe Biden's False Promise of 'Green Jobs' RealClearEnergy 3 days ago
31 What's Working: Who quit their job last year in Colorado The Colorado Sun 15 days ago
32 Hill Letter on a Hearing Related to Competition and America's Food Supply 4 days ago
33 Social Norms Intervention with Gender Innovation Labs World Bank Group 1 month ago
34 Anusha Chari Brookings Institution 2 months ago
35 The Economics of COVID-19 in Developing East Asia Pacific: an Introductory Course World Bank Group 2 months ago
36 Economic Research: U.S. Biweekly Economic Roundup: A "Half-Full" Jobs Report As Consumers Feel Inflation Pain S&P Global 2 months ago
37 William Maloney Appointed as New World Bank Chief Economist for the Latin America and the Caribbean Region World Bank Group 7 months ago
38 Fuqua professor Ronnie Chatterji appointed chief economist of US Department of Commerce Duke Chronicle 9 months ago
39 Leveraging Data to Foster Development: Where does the MENA Region Stand? World Bank Group 2 months ago
40 Industrialization in Sub-Saharan Africa: Seizing Opportunities in Global Value Chains World Bank Group 2 months ago
41 1st Annual Central Bank Conference on Development Economics in the Middle East and North Africa World Bank Group 2 months ago
42 Hawaii's Population Drain Outpaces Most States Again 18 days ago
43 Phillip Levine Brookings Institution 8 months ago
44 The daily business briefing: January 13, 2022 The Week Magazine 10 days ago
45 The Auto Sector Is Electrified as GM, Ford, and Sony Join Tesla’s Party Barron's 18 days ago
46 An Inquiry Into Australia's COVID-19 Responses Is What's Needed Now – Analysis Eurasia Review 2 days ago
47 ‘Some Really Disastrous Macroeconomic Policy Advice’ POLITICO 4 months ago
48 FRI AM News: Evers administration expects ‘21-’22 tax revenues to come in ahead of projections; State seeing record low number of unemployed people 2 days ago
49 Economists say now might be a good time to ask for a raise CNBC 3 months ago
50 World Bank Tokyo Online Morning Seminar #132 “From Jobs to Careers : Apparel Exports and Career Paths for Women in Developing Countries” World Bank Group 9 days ago
51 Metro Atlanta Chamber Announces New Vice President and Principal Economist Ian Wyatt 5 months ago
52 US feeling pinch of inflation but economy is good, says economist KSL NewsRadio 2 months ago
53 Surging House Prices Expected to Propel Rent Increases, Push Up Inflation 5 months ago
54 Anton Korinek Brookings Institution 5 months ago
55 People in Economics: Data Driven IMF F&D 2 months ago
56 Immigration Fell as Conservatives Said Biden Fueled Crisis The Intercept 10 hours ago
57 Experts discuss what's next for inflation University of California 2 days ago
58 Berkeley's Solomon Hsiang: Climate Economist IMF F&D 5 months ago
59 Economic Research: U.S. Biweekly Economic Roundup: Job Gains Come Up Short S&P Global 4 months ago
60 Susan Athey Named President of American Economic Association Stanford Graduate School of Business 4 months ago
61 US announces new actions to attract global STEM... The American Bazaar 1 day ago
62 C&EN's World Chemical Outlook 2022 Chemical & Engineering News 11 days ago
63 Why are women underrepresented in economics? A toxic seminar culture could be partially to blame News@Northeastern 10 months ago
64 Economic Research: U.S. Real-Time Data: Feeling The Strain Of Supply Chain Issues And High Prices S&P Global 3 months ago
65 Richard G. Frank Brookings Institution 4 months ago
66 Son Preference: Drivers, Evidence Gaps, and Policies World Bank Group 5 months ago
67 Survey: Nearly half of economists say U.S. economy still faces considerable downside risks over next year 4 months ago
68 From lab to table: how the Kaplan Lab is pioneering cellular agriculture Tufts Daily 2 days ago
69 What's Happening in the World Economy: A Fed Insider's Hot Take on Inflation Bloomberg 4 months ago
70 Economic Research: Complete Fed Balance Sheet Normalization Is Still Years Away S&P Global 5 months ago
71 What can economic research tell us about the effect of abortion access on women’s lives? Brookings Institution 2 months ago
72 World Bank Tokyo Online Morning Seminar #131 “The Changing Wealth of Nations 2021” World Bank Group 1 month ago
73 Survey: Top economists say U.S. economy won’t be fully recovered from pandemic 12 months from now 7 months ago
74 Prepare to Keep Spending More: BU Economist Predicts Inflation to Last Two More Years BU Today 3 months ago
75 Economic Research: U.S. Real-Time Data: Early Signs Indicate Supply-Side Pressures Are Easing S&P Global 2 months ago
76 Economic Research: The Financial Fragility Of U.S. Households And Businesses Hit A Decade Low In The First Quarter S&P Global 6 months ago
77 Cryptocurrencies could lead to financial instability, author warns CNBC 3 months ago
78 Biden says high inflation is temporary. Economists aren’t so sure. McClatchy Washington Bureau 6 months ago
79 'Our labor laws are designed to make joining a union as difficult as possible': Fewer workers are unionized, even as pandemic shines light on poor working conditions MarketWatch 2 days ago
80 Fact Check Friday Biden's Press Conference 1 day ago
81 Fiscal stimulus, vaccines likely fueled U.S. economic growth in the second quarter Reuters 6 months ago
82 Economic Outlook U.S. Q4 2021: The Rocket Is Leveling Off S&P Global 4 months ago
83 Debt Transparency in Developing Economies World Bank Group 2 months ago
84 U.S. Government Economist Illuminated Data on Globalization The Wall Street Journal 9 months ago
85 China GDP to slow to 5% in Q3 amid property woes: Nikkei survey Nikkei Asia 4 months ago
86 World Bank Tokyo Online Morning Seminar #120 “East Asia and Pacific Regional Economic Update, October 2021” World Bank Group 4 months ago
87 The Economist live digital events The Economist 5 months ago
88 FHFA Names New Dir. Of Congressional Affairs, Chief Economist National Mortgage Professional Magazine 5 months ago
89 Evidence on the effects of work requirements in safety net programmes | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal 4 months ago
90 World Bank Tokyo Morning Seminar #125 “South Asia Economic Focus (SAEF) – Shifting Gears: Digitalization and Service-Led Development” World Bank Group 3 months ago
91 3 US-based economists win Nobel prize for societal research WBUR 3 months ago
92 AFRONOMICS: Demystifying African Debt Featuring Carmen Reinhart World Bank Group 6 months ago
93 Economic Outlook U.S. Q1 2022: Cruising At A Lower Altitude S&P Global 2 months ago
94 For Women in Economics, the Hostility Is Out in the Open The New York Times 11 months ago
95 John Sabelhaus Brookings Institution 1 year ago
96 U.S. economy added 531,000 jobs last month, blowing past economists' predictions NBC News 3 months ago
97 Fed Seen Delivering One of the Most Hawkish Pivots in Years Bloomberg 1 month ago
98 How inflation is impacting your paycheck: 'The earnings of workers have eroded in recent months' CNBC 3 months ago
99 This 36-Year-Old HBCU Grad is the First Black Woman Chief Labor Economist for DOL Black Enterprise 11 months ago
100 Taxing Times: The role of incentives in economic recovery and growth World Bank Group 8 months ago