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1 Advocacy group takes on latest case Army staff sergeant convicted in Afghan massacre 2 years ago
2 President Trump Must Act on Behalf of Robert Bales and Other Convicted Warfighters 1 year ago
3 James Knoke | Obituaries | Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette 21 days ago
4 The Vietnam War – Norm Nelson – from farm boy athlete to soldier Marshall Independent 3 days ago
5 Robert Bales Speaks: Confessions of America’s Most Notorious War Criminal GQ Magazine 6 years ago
6 Defense Tries to Soften Image of Soldier Who Killed 16 Afghans New York Times 8 years ago
7 Staff Sgt. Robert Bales Came to Hate 'Everyone Who Isn't American' 7 years ago
8 Soldier convicted of massacring 16 Afghans seeks new civilian trial, citing a psychosis inducing anti-malarial drug 3 years ago
9 Afghan Shooting Suspect Identified as Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales New York Times 10 years ago
10 Robert Bales: From Small-Town Ohio to Afghanistan New York Times 10 years ago
11 Hearing Begins for Robert Bales, Accused in Afghan Murders The New York Times 9 years ago
12 Staff Sgt. Robert Bales Faces Murder Charges in Afghan Killings New York Times 10 years ago
13 Soldier Sentenced to Life Without Parole for Killing 16 Afghans New York Times 8 years ago
14 Robert Bales Among 8 Former Troops, Contractors Petitioning Trump for Pardons 1 year ago
15 Staff Sgt. Robert Bales admits to killing 16 Afghans Washington Post 9 years ago
16 Sergeant Bales’s Shame and Ours New Yorker 10 years ago
17 Army Seeks Death Penalty for Robert Bales in Massacre The New York Times 9 years ago
18 Robert Bales sentenced to life in prison for Afghanistan massacre The Guardian 8 years ago
19 Staff Sgt. Robert Bales to Plead Guilty in Afghan Massacre The New York Times 9 years ago
20 What Sergeant Bales’s Wife Didn’t Ask New Yorker 10 years ago
21 I Prosecuted Robert Bales. He Should Never Receive a Pardon 1 year ago
22 Sgt. Robert Bales: Details emerge on soldier charged with killing Afghan villagers Christian Science Monitor 10 years ago
23 I Reported on the War in Afghanistan. Was I Complicit in the Harm America Caused? The Intercept 5 months ago
24 Army sergeant Bales pleads guilty to Afghanistan massacre Los Angeles Times 9 years ago
25 Army Seeks Death Penalty for Robert Bales The New York Times 9 years ago
26 The Resilience of Sergeant Bales' Wife The New York Times 9 years ago
27 US Sgt Robert Bales moments after he 'broke' and massacred 16 Afghan villagers Daily Mail 7 years ago
28 Army sergeant admits to 'horrible' Afghan rampage CNN 9 years ago
29 When 'the longest war' by US turns forever, so does the suffering of the Afghan people Global Times 8 months ago
30 Nine Veterans Reflect on Two Decades in Afghanistan, on Anniversary of 9/11 The New York Times 4 months ago
31 Sgt. Robert Bales Says There Is 'Not a Good Reason' For Afghan Massacre ABC News 9 years ago
32 US Soldier to Be Charged With Afghan Killings WSJ 10 years ago
33 Army SSGT who pleaded guilty to murdering 16 in Afghanistan wants new civilian trial, says 'mefloquine psychosis' was ignored 3 years ago
34 Fort Sill honors 97-year-old veteran of three wars United States Army 2 months ago
35 U.S. soldier pleads guilty to murdering 16 Afghan civilians Reuters 9 years ago
36 Mysterious rubber bales found along the Texas coast could be from WWII – WAMU WAMU 88.5 2 months ago
37 Ex-Soldier Who Killed 16 Seeks New Trial in Civilian Court, Blames Malaria Drug 3 years ago
38 Afghan massacre soldier Robert Bales gets life sentence BBC News 8 years ago
39 U.S. Sergeant Faces 17 Counts of Murder in Afghan Killings (Published 2012) New York Times 10 years ago
40 Lawyers claim anti-malaria drug to blame in US soldier's Afghan massacre ABC News 4 years ago
41 Robert Bales: Wife of US staff sergeant accused of Afghanistan massacre breaks her silence Daily Mail 10 years ago
42 Staff Sgt. Robert Bales was found liable in financial fraud Washington Post 10 years ago
43 Details Emerge on Panjwai Base Where Bales Served The New York Times 10 years ago
44 Robert Bales 'told other soldiers he killed Afghan men, but not women or children' Daily Mail 10 years ago
45 Why? Few Clues From Afghan Attack Suspect's Home NPR 10 years ago
46 Robert Bales, U.S soldier charged with killing 17 civilians, has spoken to wife twice since Afghan massacre Daily Mail 10 years ago
47 Judge accepts soldier's guilty plea in Afghan massacre USA TODAY 9 years ago
48 Army Secretary Mark Esper Robert Bales Photo in Suicide-Prevention Ad Business Insider 3 years ago
49 Ex-Soldier Who Killed 16 Civilians In Kandahar Massacre May Seek Clemency From Trump Task & Purpose 4 years ago
50 U.S. Soldier Sentenced To Life In Afghan Village Attacks NPR 8 years ago
51 U.S. soldier charged in Kandahar massacre showed no remorse, comrade says Washington Post 9 years ago
52 A Career Focused on People – Transatlantic Division Deputy Commander Retires DVIDS 9 months ago
53 Ground Fire in Boulder County, Colorado Boulder County 2 months ago
54 East Gate Bridge improvements continue | Article | The United States Army United States Army 5 months ago
55 Robert Bales reveals how he gunned down Afghan villagers in first prison interview Daily Mail 6 years ago
56 Villagers Tell of Slaughter by a Soldier in Kandahar New York Times 8 years ago
57 U.S. Army Missed Soldier’s Signs of Trouble Wall Street Journal 6 years ago
58 Army seeks death for Sgt. Robert Bales in Afghan shooting rampage Los Angeles Times 9 years ago
59 Army identifies Staff Sgt. Robert Bales of Washington state as suspect in killing of 16 Afghan civilians Plain Dealer 10 years ago
60 Wife of Accused Soldier Kept Blog on Anguish of Army Life New York Times 10 years ago
61 Staff Sergeant Robert Bales's Family Life Revealed on Wife's Blog New York Magazine 10 years ago
62 Sgt. Robert Bales' Wife Said She Doesn't Believe He Killed 17 People Business Insider 10 years ago
63 The Geneva Suspension Slate Magazine 9 years ago
64 Ohio FF-EMT accused of punching fire chief, police sergeant at station 12 months ago
65 Smith brothers make history with Richmond Police Department promotions Palladium-Item 4 months ago
66 Richmond Police Department honors top supervisor, officer of 2020 Palladium-Item 8 months ago
67 There May Be More Military Pardons to Come from Trump, Advocates Say 1 year ago
68 On Robert Bales: 'He is not some psychopath' POLITICO 10 years ago
69 In Afghan killings, victim No. 17 remains unknown CNN 10 years ago
70 After Massacre, Army Tried to Delete Accused Shooter From the Internet Wired News 10 years ago
71 Sgt. Robert Bales to Wife: Something Terrible Happened ABC News 10 years ago
72 Sgt. Bales' lawyer questions evidence CBS News 10 years ago
73 Massive hay fire burns at Mesa dairy farm FOX 10 News Phoenix 4 months ago
74 Lawyer Of Soldier Suspected In Massacre Begins Mounting Defense NPR 10 years ago
75 Before the Massacre: Booze, Steroids, Racism and 'Hands-Off' Leadership in Afghanistan ABC News 6 years ago
76 Sergeant Will Be Charged With 17 Murders in Afghan Massacre Wired News 10 years ago
77 Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, soldier convicted of 16 Afghan murders, wants reduced sentence CBS News 7 years ago
78 Afghanistan Shootings Fast Facts CNN 11 months ago
79 Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, suspect in killing of 16 Afghan civilians, arrives back in U.S. New York Daily News 10 years ago
80 For Suspect In Afghan Attack, A Praised Record NPR 10 years ago
81 For Military Psych Boards, There Is (Almost) No Insanity Defense Wired News 10 years ago
82 BBC World News presenter Yalda Hakim talks personal taste Financial Times 1 month ago
83 Sgt. Robert Bales, suspect in Afghanistan massacre, likely to be charged soon: expert New York Daily News 10 years ago
84 Anti-malaria drug blamed for massacre by Army Sgt. 4 years ago
85 ‘Prove it’ – Defense for solider accused of Afghan massacre 9 years ago
86 A Smoking Pillbox: Evidence that Sgt. Bales May Have Been on Lariam | TIME 9 years ago
87 US Compensates Afghan Villagers for Soldier's Attack The New York Times 10 years ago
88 Karilyn Bales, Wife of Robert Bales, Protected in Washington Military Base ABC News 10 years ago
89 News Airmen recognized during COVID-19 challenges 11 months ago
90 U.S. soldier who killed 16 Afghan villagers says he was 'consumed by war' Chicago Tribune 7 years ago
91 Cocaine, guns, crooked cops busted Amandala 2 months ago
92 Space Force seizes $1.2 million worth of cocaine from shores of Cape Canaveral base Florida Today 7 months ago
93 Opinion | Were These the Fingerprints of a Terrorist? The New York Times 1 year ago
94 Norwood soldier, murderer 'consumed by war' 7 years ago
95 Army staff sergeant to plead guilty in Afghanistan massacre Los Angeles Times 9 years ago
96 U.S. Soldier Convicted of Afghan Massacre Had History of Violence, Report Reveals TIME 6 years ago
97 Afghanistan massacre survivors testify against Robert Bales at sentencing The Guardian 8 years ago
98 Outgunned: The story of a woman, an abuser, and California’s failing gun control KXTV 2 months ago
99 For Lawyer in Afghan Killings, the Latest in a Series of Challenging Defenses (Published 2012) The New York Times 10 years ago