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1 Taliban 'Assures' Shiite Muslims It Will Protect Them After Mosque Bombing Kills Dozens
2 Taliban Evict Hazara Shiite Muslims From Villages, Rewarding Loyalists
3 Nigerian police deny killing Shi'ites in Abuja procession
4 Nigerian Police Deny Killing Members of Banned Shiite Group
5 Young Saudi whose death sentence was commuted leaves jail
6 How ethnic and religious divides in Afghanistan are contributing to violence against minorities
7 Shia Muslims in Iraq mark Arbaeen rituals
8 How ethnic divides in Afghanistan are leading to violence against minorities
9 What do you gain by attacking Shiites? | Daily Sabah
10 Iran hosts 35th Islamic unity conference
11 Iran Wanted U.S. Out of Afghanistan. It May Be Sorry the Wish Came True.
12 Reducing Middle East tensions potentially lessens sectarianism and opens doors for women
13 Shiism specialist says a meeting of Muslim leaders would be partly thanks to Francis
14 Afghanistan Exploding in Sectarian Violence
15 Blast at Shi'ite mosque in Afghan city of Kandahar kills dozens
16 What is the difference between Sunni and Shiite Muslims?...
17 Islamic State bomber kills 46 inside Afghan mosque, challenges Taliban
18 Islamic State Claims Killing 300 Shia Worshippers in Afghan Mosque, Sources Say Numbers 'Exaggerated'
19 Iran media sheds light on ‘Islamic movement’ in Nigeria
20 Taliban Won't Work With U.S. to Contain Islamic State
21 Muslims celebrate birthday of Prophet of Islam, Imam Sadiq
22 A Chaplain Creates Community for Young Shiite Muslims
23 Afghan Shi'ites despair as they bury mosque attack dead
24 Shiite Muslim men cut their heads with SWORDS as they take part in rituals to mark holy day Ashura
25 Jordan debating whether to open up to Shiite pilgrims
27 Bombing hits Pakistan Shiite procession, killing at least 3
28 Afghan attack being exploited by Western media
29 Lebanon's Geagea Dismisses Hezbollah Accusations, Says His Group Has No Fighters | World News
30 Despite Mohammed bin Salman's Reforms, Saudi Shiites Are Still Second-Class Citizens
31 Lebanese Judge Charges Dozens Over Fatal Beirut Clashes
32 Shi'ite Muslims mark day of Ashura | Pictures
33 Rights group says UAE detaining, deporting Pakistani Shi'ite Muslims
34 Afghanistan explosion leaves at least 100 dead and wounded, Taliban official says
35 Hassan Rouhani Fast Facts
36 Will Islam soon be the world's largest religion?
37 Pope Francis Meets Iraqi Shiite Leader, Seeking to Build Ties With Islam
38 Ashura Explained: the Shiite Muslim Holiday that Inspires Millions | FlaglerLive
39 Taliban Reach Out to Shiite Hazara Minority, Seeking Unity and Iran Ties
40 Muslim World League Convenes Sunni and Shiite leaders from Iraq in Makkah to Bridge the Divide
41 Iraqi officials: 11 killed in IS attack northeast of Baghdad
42 Iraq trip is opportunity for pope to build rapport with Shiite Muslims
43 Owner of new Dearborn coffee shop apologizes for anti-Shia comments
44 Why Is the Islamic State in Afghanistan's Propaganda Targeting China?
45 Afghanistan’s Shia are fearful in face of Taliban takeover
46 Islam's Sunni-Shia Divide, Explained
47 Who are the Hazara of Afghanistan? An expert on Islam explains
48 Micky Aharonson on the Taliban Victory: Implications for the Middle East
49 What Are the Differences Between Sunni and Shiite Muslims?
50 Ashura 2021: Parents slice kids’ heads with razors as blood-soaked devotees cut themselves with swords at S...
51 Thousands of Shiite Muslims Gather in Pakistan For a Religious Procession
52 What is the Shia-Sunni divide?
53 Questions raised after US State Dept. tweet about Shi’ite charity
54 Facets of Faith: The beginning of August hosts two special Islamic days in 2021
55 The largest contemporary Muslim pilgrimage isn't the hajj to Mecca, it's the Shiite pilgrimage to Karbala in Iraq
56 Thousands of Shiite muslims in Pakistan procession despite Covid risk
57 The Pope Met a Different Kind of Ayatollah—As a Shiite Muslim I am Hopeful | Opinion
58 What is Ashura? How this Shiite Muslim holiday inspires millions
59 Beirut clash fires up sectarian anger in echo of civil war
60 Iraq under pressure to open borders for Shiite pilgrims despite pandemic
61 Can Iran Save Afghanistan's Shiites and Help China, Russia Prevent War Next Door?
62 Police fire tear gas to break up Muslim gathering in Kashmir
63 One of Iraq's Most Influential Shiite Clerics Dies at 85
64 Pope moves ahead with plans to meet Shiite leader in Iraq
65 Iran: Powerful Shiite Muslim nation with regional reach
66 5 facts about Sunnis and Shiites that help make sense of the Saudi-Iran crisis
67 Iraqi Shiite leader Sistani tells Pope Francis that Christians must be protected
68 One of Iraq's most influential Shiite clerics dies at 85
69 Shiite Muslims mark holy day of mourning in virus' shadow
70 ‘Driven by hope.’ An Afghan refugee fights to save her sisters.
71 Iraqi Sunni and Shiite clerics meet in Makkah to find common ground
72 Why Shiite Muslim protesters and Nigeria’s security forces keep clashing
73 Dramatic photos show how Shiite Muslims mark Ashura, one of the most emotional events in Islam
74 America's Muslims come from many traditions and cultures
75 Shiite leader Zakzaky, wife held since 2015 regains freedom
76 ​In detail: Sunnis vs. Shiites
77 What is the Islamic New Year? A scholar of religion explains
78 Islamic authorities in Malaysian state denounce Shi'ites in sermon
79 Houthis revive Shiite festivals to strengthen grip on north
81 Muharram 2021: Date of Ashura in India, Saudi Arabia and other countries
82 Why a Shiite Martyr's Funeral Was Surprisingly Christian | News & Reporting
83 Iraqi Sunni and Shiite clerics urge unity and coexistence
84 Washington cardinal: Catholics, Shia Muslims must build on Papal visit to Iraq
85 Everything you need to know about Shiite Muslims
86 Sunni vs. Shiite: What you need to know in 5 points so you can make it through a cocktail party
87 The world's largest Muslim pilgrimage site? Not Mecca, but the Shiite shrine in Karbala
88 Thousands march in Pakistan Shiite procession as Covid cases soar
89 Why the Indian state is now scared of the Kashmiri Shia
90 Gulf state religious moderation falls by the wayside in Pakistan
91 Saudi-hosted Islamic forum defangs Iran’s regional influence
92 Pope, Iraqi Shiite leader affirm importance of dialogue, respect
93 Iraqi Shi'ite groups deepen control in strategic Sunni areas
94 'We're going beyond identity': Shiite students head to Harvard for first national conference
95 Devout Shiite Muslims including children are left covered in blood
96 Taliban openly threatens Afghanistan's minority Hazaras; group 'Won't let any Shia live'
97 The Shia and Sunni sects of Islam have ancient roots and cause modern headaches
98 Shiite Muslims hold anti-terrorism rally in Washington
99 Nigeria's ban of Shiite Muslim group risks Boko Haram repeat
100 Why are Iraqi Shiites leading the protests against their ‘own’ government?