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1 Ranking the Top 5 Shinji Mikami Games
2 Evil Within 2 Director is Working on New Game
3 Resident Evil Creator Teases New Xbox Series X Game
4 Next Project At Tango Gameworks Is Led By The Evil Within 2 Director
5 Ikumi Nakamura, Who Found Fame With Ghostwire Tokyo, Remembers Her Rocky Beginnings At Capcom
6 Hideki Kamiya Reminisces on His Career in New Kamiya Chronicles Video Series
7 Phil Spencer Says Xbox Is Working 'Every Single Day' to Add More Japanese Games to Its Line-Up
8 Ghostwire: Tokyo Dev Reveals New Project With Evil Within 2 Director
9 Tango Gameworks featured in the Xbox Game Studios spotlight
10 Tango Gameworks CEO Hints At Potential Game In Development Looking At “New Genres”
11 Will We Ever See The Evil Within 3?
12 Shinji Mikami, Director of the First ‘Resident Evil’ Game, Reflects on 30 Years in the Industry
13 God Hand Is One of the Most Innovative Action Games Ever | CBR
14 10 Best Horror Games to Play on Halloween 2021
15 Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami on the making of a horror classic: "one by one staff would resign from the job"
16 The Evil Within devs Tango Gameworks have multiple projects in development
17 Resident Evil 4 VR cuts Mercenaries mode, suggestive content around Ashley, and more
18 Disney Classic Collection Will Feature Paid Upgrades For The Updated Version
19 Dead Space director shares Shinji Mikami's response to playing the first game in latest issue of Edge
20 Ikumi Nakamura, Who Found Fame With Ghostwire Tokyo, Remembers Her Rocky Beginnings At Capcom
21 The gives in PC video games get started for Halloween, with 10 nice video games for roughly 10 euros
22 Feature: 8 Games That Missed Nintendo Hardware
23 Resident Evil 4 Director Shinji Mikami says he has no shortage of ideas for final game
24 Every Game Directed By Shinji Mikami, From Resident Evil to The Evil Within (Ranked According Metacritic)
25 Resident Evil Creator Announce A New Game For Xbox Series X
26 Shinji Mikami's Tango made an unreleased game about four-inch cockroaches gunning down humans
27 Ikumi Nakamura Shares Stories About Rocky Career Start at Capcom
28 Tokyo Game Show 2021: The Biggest Announcements
29 Xbox Tokyo Game Show 2021 Presentation Recap
30 Shinji Mikami thinks game creators peak in their 30s, ‘like me with Resident Evil 4’
31 Bethesda Celebrates The Evil Within Series' Spooky Anniversary
32 Resident Evil’s Shinji Mikami shares his thoughts on he and his creation’s legacy in Archipel interview
33 The Evil Within: The Game's 5 Most DISTURBING Creatures | CBR
34 Resident Evil Director Was an Early Dead Space Fan | CBR
35 Resident Evil Creator Shinji Mikami Felt Trapped By His Own Success
36 Shinji Mikami Says Ghostwire: Tokyo is Likely the Longest He Has Ever Worked on a Game
37 Shinji Mikami believes game creators reach their peak during their thirties
38 Watch This Great Documentary On Shinji Mikami
39 Horror Guru Shinji Mikami Once Wanted to Make an Action Game Inspired by Die Hard
40 New Ghostwire: Tokyo Trailer Looks Trippy, But Still No Release Date
41 Resident Evil director Shinji Mikami is back with spooky action-adventure GhostWire: Tokyo
42 Bethesda’s PS5 exclusive Ghostwire: Tokyo has been delayed into 2022
43 The Evil Within 2: Shinji Mikami Talks His Input on the Sequel
44 Would Shinji Mikami direct Resident Evil 8 if he had total freedom? “I might”
45 10 Resident Evil Clones Everybody Forgets About
46 Resident Evil, Evil Within Creator Shinji Mikami Teases E3 Announcement
47 In the original Resident Evil, nothing was scarier than the humble ink ribbon
48 Given the Chance, Shinji Mikami "Might" Direct Resident Evil 8
49 Shinji Mikami: the godfather of horror games
50 Resident Evil Creator Shinji Mikami Reflects on the Series' Roots
51 Shinji Mikami and the fountain of youth
52 The Evil Within 2 Not Directed By Shinji Mikami
53 10 Best Story-Driven Games On PS1 | ScreenRant
54 Resident Evil Creator Shinji Mikami Reveals How Involved He Is With The Evil Within 2
55 Resident Evil Was MEANT to Be 1st Person
56 Square Enix is reportedly an acquisition target for multiple parties
57 Shinji Mikami’s Ghostwire Tokyo is PS5 console exclusive in 2021
58 Shinji Mikami on co-op, Dark Souls and why Suda 51 is like Akira Kurosawa
59 God Hand, the clear choice for greatest game of all-time
60 Shinji Mikami Talks About Ghostwire: Tokyo in Latest Trailer; Dog Petting Feature Announced
61 An Interview With Shinji Mikami, The Father Of Survival Horror
62 Former Ghostwire Tokyo creative director opens her own studio and plans a game ‘full of dark jokes’
63 Shinji Mikami Reveals He’ll Be at E3 2019 – The Evil Within 3 Inbound?
64 The 10 People Behind The Most Influential Capcom Franchises
65 The Evil Within Title Re-Registered, Suggesting Possible Third Game
66 The Career of Shinji Mikami in 7 Games
67 Bringing Live-Action Directing to 3DCG in 'RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness'
68 Xbox calls Tango acquisition ‘a great step’ in expanding its studios in Japan
69 Resident Evil 4 remake is possibly being teased for Gamescom
70 Random: RE4 Director Was Worried About PlayStation And Xbox's Future, So He Did A Deal With Nintendo
71 Hideo Kojima and Shinji Mikami Talk Horror Games
72 Will GhostWire: Tokyo resurface at Gamescom 2021? Trailer, Release Date & More
73 Every Resident Evil game, ranked
74 Random: Shinji Mikami Had To Ban The Resident Evil Devs From Playing Tetris Attack
75 New Disney Classics Collection Adding Jungle Book And Capcom-Produced SNES Aladdin
76 The Evil Within 2: The Best Mods You Need To Try
77 Shinji Mikami started developing a game about a gunslinging cockroach
78 2021 Preview: GhostWire: Tokyo combines Resi horror and Doom combat on PS5
79 The Evil Within: how Shinji Mikami has modernised survival horror
80 First-Person Action Games For Resident Evil: Village Fans
81 Ghostwire: Tokyo Needs A Japanese Voice Track | Screen Rant
82 Resident Evil Village Review
83 Gamasutra
84 Shinji Mikami recommends playing The Evil Within 2 on 'Casual' setting
85 What Makes Ghostwire: Tokyo's Yokai Folklore Influence Unique
86 Phil Spencer Says Tango Gameworks Acquisition Is A "Great Step" For Xbox's Future In Japan
87 How Resident Evil Set the Standard for Video Game Remakes
88 Talking ‘Killer7’, ‘No More Heroes’ and more with the ‘Tarantino of games’, Suda51
89 Will We Ever See Dino Crisis 4?
90 Shinji Mikami discusses The Evil Within and the drive for 'pure survival horror'
91 The Evil Within trademarked registered for ‘continued use’ by Bethesda
92 The Evolution of Resident Evil
93 Aladdin designer Shinji Mikami on why the Genesis version is better
94 The Evil Within Director Wants To Port Sequel To Nintendo Switch
95 Capcom rebooting Resident Evil 4 remake, project pushed to 2023
96 Resident Evil Creator Shinji Mikami Is A Fan Of Strong Female Characters
97 Takeshi Kitano's legacy in video games
98 Shinji Mikami on Shadows of the Damned and inspiring a new generation of competition
99 Dead Space’s creator says he’s ‘excited’ to see what Motive does with the remake
100 The Evil Within On Xbox Game Pass For PC Adds First-Person View & More