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1 Shreddies: Shreddie for Anything by McCann | Creative Works The Drum 10 months ago
2 Nestlé Cereals releases new Shreddies variant in the UK 8 months ago
3 The Ninja Turtles Only Love One Food More Than Pizza Screen Rant 11 days ago
4 Nick Knowles to return to DIY SOS role despite Shreddies advert BBC News 6 months ago
5 Cereal Partners UK teams up with Heart UK to encourage consumers to eat more whole grain Food & Drink International 29 days ago
6 Worst Christmas gifts sold by Premier League clubs, from Man Utd baubles to West Ham aftershave and... The Sun 6 days ago
7 The secret hero of Sea Island is a Canadian woman who makes incredible snack mix 14 days ago
8 Aldi: New Shreddies flavour on sale at supermarket chain but fans are left divided MyLondon 7 months ago
9 Nick Knowles kept 'long COVID' secret 'because I didn't want to lose work' Yahoo Canada Shine On 8 days ago
10 Exclusive – Watch two Michelin-starred chefs attempt to make Shreddies in Snackmasters episode 3 clip Radio Times 8 months ago
11 Gogglebox's Pete Sandiford's Holey Pants Truly Redefine The Term 'Shreddies' HuffPost UK 7 months ago
12 Storm Arwen masterpiece: Winds blast moorland grasses so hard they WEAVE around a 130m fence Daily Mail 6 hours ago
13 Editor's Letter: I popped out for Shreddies and met someone directly affected by the Afghanistan war The Independent 4 months ago
14 Switch Up Your Breakfast With Toffee & Apple Shreddies 2 years ago
15 59 million teaspoons of sugar to be removed from Nestlé breakfast cereals New Food 2 months ago
16 Nick Knowles: I didn't tell anyone I had Long COVID because I didn't want to lose work Yahoo News Canada 8 days ago
17 Nick Knowles reveals heartbreaking reason he kept long Covid battle a secret from TV bosses... The Sun 7 days ago
18 We spent £25 at Heron Foods with 'lowest prices' to see how much we could get Accrington Observer 10 days ago
19 Nick Knowles to step back from DIY SOS special after Shreddies row WalesOnline 6 months ago
20 Nestlé launches Shreddies marketing campaign that reflects modern life 4 years ago
21 Is Nick Knowles not doing DIY SOS now? What's his new show and what happened with his Shreddies ad? 4 months ago
22 DIY SOS replace Nick Knowles for charity special due to Shreddies ad campaign WalesOnline 4 months ago
23 Nick Knowles endorses 'DIY SOS' replacement Rhod Gilbert for Children In Need special Yahoo Lifestyle UK 16 days ago
24 CPW talks breakfast reformulation and fortification 8 months ago
25 Chocolate Orange Shreddies Are Back. Here's Where You Can Buy Them 2 years ago
26 Why DIY SOS star Nick Knowles was in Hull at the weekend Hull Daily Mail 8 days ago
27 Support for Team GB Scottish Grocer and Convenience Retailer 4 months ago
28 Nestlé Introduces Proud 'Forever Vegan' Labels on Shreddies Boxes LIVEKINDLY 3 years ago
29 'I compared Aldi brand cereal to the big boys and none came close' MyLondon 7 months ago
30 Nestl reduces plastic from cereal packaging and rolls out paper Smarties packs worldwide 10 months ago
31 Fart-Filtering Underwear Isn't Just Real, It's Really Useful Thrillist 5 years ago
32 'There's something deeply romantic about Newcastle as a club' Jonny Stewart's guest programme column 10 days ago
33 Middy wins restoration award for Shreddie East Anglian Daily Times 7 months ago
34 New look for Shreddies as Nestlé launches latest advert campaign 4 years ago
35 'It would upset me' Nick Knowles breaks silence on his decision to quit showbiz 'circuit' Daily Express 18 days ago
36 In defence of labels Varsity Online 20 days ago
37 Shreddies axes knitting nanas in new £3.5m TV push The Grocer 4 years ago
38 Trick gets TWO boxes of £2 Shreddies cereal for 60p stack £1.50 coupon or cashback with supermarket offer 1 year ago
39 Nestlé to reduce packaging across breakfast cereals in the UK New Food 10 months ago
40 We’re savvy mums – we batch cook for three MONTHS for just £130 & get bargains for 3p... The Sun 12 days ago
41 Empty supermarket shelves as shoppers miss out on everything from Shreddies to juice Daily Star 3 months ago
42 Home Bargains is selling boxes of COCONUT Shreddies... The Sun 2 years ago
43 Kellogg's launches non-HFSS Wheats cereal trio | News The Grocer 1 month ago
44 Coconut Shreddies are now a thing but you can only buy them in one UK shop 2 years ago
45 Shreddies "Shreddie or not?" by McCann London CampaignLive 4 years ago
46 Nestlé pledges to cut sugar in Cheerios, Shreddies and other breakfast cereals The Independent 4 years ago
47 Shreddies launches fart-neutralising pyjamas and jeans Dezeen 6 years ago
48 Morrisons is bringing back chocolate orange flavoured Shreddies – but you’ll need to be quick... The Sun 2 years ago
49 Underpants ‘banana’ gadget lets passengers fart on flights and filters out the smell... The Sun 2 years ago
50 Nestlé launches high-protein granola with Shreddies pieces 5 years ago
51 Nick Knowles slams BBC for taking down one of his 'highest rated' shows from iPlayer 2 months ago
52 Nestlé launches Toffee Apple Shreddies in time for Bonfire Night Entertainment Daily 2 years ago
53 Snackmasters 2021 episodes, chefs and challenges as Channel 4 show returns Telly Mix 7 months ago
54 Fart-filtering cushion from Shreddies stops unwanted whiffs at work, home or in the car Leicestershire Live 3 years ago
55 Britain faces cereal shortage as staff threaten to walk out of Shreddies factory Daily Mail 5 years ago
56 Limited edition Chocolate Orange Shreddies are back just in time for Christmas Gloucestershire Live 2 years ago
57 The original Shreddies Jeans and pyjamas that make your farts smell nice Metro 6 years ago
58 This Underwear Filters Your Farts–No, Really 7 years ago
59 How do you spot 'ultra-processed foods' and what are the tasty alternatives? 4 months ago
60 CEREAL CRISIS? Breakfast misery on the horizon as workers threaten strike action 5 years ago
61 Fart-filtering firm invents game-changing 'banana' to crack problem of in-flight flatulence Leicestershire Live 2 years ago
62 Mum slams school for allowing son, four, to have sugar sprinkled on his cereal 1 year ago
63 Post Foods named official cereal of NBA in Canada Media In Canada 10 months ago
64 Star Trek Cereal Tie-Ins Star Trek 9 months ago
65 Post Foods Canada brands are the official cereals of the NBA in Canada food in canada 10 months ago
66 COLUMN: Does your guilty pleasure involve a captain, a tiger or a cartoon monster? 4 months ago
67 Britain could face cereal shortage after sacking row at factory that makes Shreddies, Cheerios and... The Sun 5 years ago
68 Seven healthy breakfasts: Easy, cheap options for every day of the week 8 years ago
69 How to avoid the breakfast cereal offenders The Irish News 2 months ago
70 'I tried Coco Pops and supermarket own brands and it's ended my cereal snobbery' MyLondon 10 months ago
71 Nestlé Cereals launches Paralympics on-pack competition Talking Retail 5 months ago
72 This is how Shredded Wheat is REALLY made… and each one takes 24 hours to create... The Sun 4 years ago
73 A definitive list of breakfast cereal ranked worst to best | Dished Daily Hive 3 years ago
74 Anne Hegerty defends Nick Knowles over 'hoax' accusations Hull Live 6 months ago
75 Nick Knowles' rollercoaster life swerving DIY SOS axe, famous exes and music career 6 months ago
76 The most popular cereals from the decade you were born msnNOW 4 months ago
77 HAFE: What Causes Gas at High Altitudes and How to Nix It Livestrong 2 months ago
78 What’s on TV tonight: Lisa Eldridge charts the history of make-up on BBC Two iNews 8 months ago
79 Flatulence-filtering gadget for flyers 2 years ago
80 Nestle brings back Coco Orange Shreddies Entertainment Daily 2 years ago
81 We compared Lidl's copycat products with the real thing to see if you could tell the difference WalesOnline 4 months ago
82 Shreddies jeans prevent anyone knowing you have broken wind Daily Mail 6 years ago
83 Delays after lorry carrying boxes of Shreddies catches fire on M6 Knutsford Guardian 3 years ago
84 You can now buy £100 jeans that ‘stop your farts from smelling’ 3 years ago
85 Special edition Cadbury bar now in B&M and shoppers say it 'looks amazing' Liverpool Echo 7 months ago
86 ASDA, Morrisons and Sainsbury's cereal taste test against big brands reveals shock results 2 years ago
87 Fart-proof pyjamas have been invented BBC News 6 years ago
88 29 iconic Canadian foods you have to try at least once | Dished Daily Hive 5 months ago
89 Nestlé and Cereal Partners launch new organic Cheerios line 11 months ago
90 Do you remember what classic ads these characters starred on?... The Sun 4 years ago
91 A New Pair Of Jeans Could See The End Of Smelly Farts But They Will Cost You LADbible 3 years ago
92 The correct and definitive ranking of breakfast cereals 5 years ago
93 Shreddies the chemical warfare underpants worn by Chelsea's Frank Lampard and Christine Bleakley Daily Mail 9 years ago
94 The Healthiest Breakfast Cereals | Coach Coach 3 years ago
95 What's on? 10 top telly tips for Tuesday April 20 8 months ago
96 Alpen "Up and Alpen" by BBH London CampaignLive 6 months ago
97 Nestlé plant-based launches and cereal reformulation 2 months ago
98 Shreddies Knitting Nanas reveal how they do it in new ad campaign The Drum 8 years ago
99 Breakfast Week: 20 UK cereals ranked from worst to best do you agree? 6 years ago
100 I was so greedy during pregnancy I piled on 6st by gorging on four bowls of Shreddies a day and curry from... The Sun 1 year ago