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1 Untamed Shrews: Podcast from Flag Shakes 'shrews" tackles being a woman in theater Arizona Daily Sun 20 hours ago
2 New version of Chinese tree shrew genome annotation released Phys.Org 19 days ago
3 Fan Focus: Shrews fan Glyn says “it won't take much” for fans to turn on Steve Cotterill! Roker Report 7 days ago
4 The world's smallest elephants led unusually long lives The Natural History Museum 20 hours ago
5 How To Watch: PSU basketball faces Youngstown State as Shrews debuts 247Sports 21 days ago
6 ‘Kiss Me Kate’ review at Marriott Theatre: glorious score, fabulous cast elevate troublesome plot Chicago Sun-Times 4 days ago
7 ECOVIEWS: What should we do about shrews and moles in our yards? Tuscaloosa News 6 months ago
8 Production of Shakespeare's “Taming of the Shrew” challenges gender roles The Reflector Online 27 days ago
9 Ever heard a shrew warble? Secret sounds of small mammals revealed The Guardian 4 months ago
10 Stratford Town 1-5 Shrewsbury Town: Shrews cruise past Bards to reach FA Cup second round 22 days ago
11 BLANE KLEMEK OUTDOORS: Shrews are interesting little creatures Bemidji Pioneer 11 months ago
12 Country diary: there’s no taming of the pygmy shrew The Guardian 6 months ago
13 Plant Lovers’ Almanac: What’s the difference between moles, voles and shrews? Akron Beacon Journal 7 months ago
14 Tiny shrews proving efficacy of JMU professors' invention JMU 3 months ago
15 Nature: Naming of the shrews Mount Desert Islander 10 months ago
16 Mandurah actor to direct Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew PerthNow 27 days ago
17 Shakespeare's controversial Othello gets a close look from actors, students and a playwright WSHU 13 hours ago
18 Rare slender shrews born in Hokkaido Kyodo News Plus 2 months ago
19 Mummified Shrew Discovery Unearths Ancient Egypt's Wetter Climate Smithsonian Magazine 7 months ago
20 Penn State Hoops To Host 'Shrews' Slamma Jamma' October 28 Onward State 1 month ago
21 The Shrewd Shrew | News | 2 years ago
22 A shrew story: This little fella packs a surprisingly big punch 1 year ago
23 Shropshire's busiest train stations revealed as footfall plummets 5 days ago
24 All Octopuses May Be Sentient, But Only Some Are Smart IFLScience 7 days ago
25 Scientists worry for future of weasels as numbers halve in 50 years The Times 11 hours ago
26 OPINION: We have a beautiful natural treasure right here in Offaly Offaly Express 19 hours ago
27 3 things we clearly learnt about Charlton Athletic after their 1-0 loss at Shrewsbury MSN UK 21 hours ago
28 Misogyny in Shakespeare's comedy: 'The Taming of the Shrew' The Michigan Daily 4 months ago
29 Everything Lee Johnson had to say about Sunderland fans, Cambridge United and Ipswich Town during presser Sunderland Echo 4 days ago
30 Shrews spell has changed me for the better, says Chapman Blackburn rovers 5 months ago
31 Hero shrews have strong, interlocking spines unlike any other animal, study says CNN 2 years ago
32 Wildbuzz | The mysterious, elegant water shrew Hindustan Times 3 months ago
33 Birds with bigger beaks and longer-legged shrews: Animals are evolving to cope with climate change Euronews 3 months ago
34 JMU Biologists Patent Device To Uncover Shrews' Clues WMRA Public Radio 3 months ago
35 Feared Extinct Catalina Island Shrew Caught on Camera by Researchers NBC Southern California 11 months ago
36 Hero Shrews' Extreme, Superstrong Backbones Are the Stuff of Legends 2 years ago
37 Teresa Shannon's pottery isn't complete without a little critter Fairbanks Daily News-Miner 2 days ago
38 A transformative 'Shrew' Isthmus 1 month ago
39 Catalina Island Shrew: 1996 Almost-Extinct Tiny Mice Finally Found! Nature World News 11 months ago
40 Shrinking instead of growing: How shrews survive the winter: Even at sub-zero temperatures, common shrews do not need to increase their metabolism Science Daily 2 years ago
41 Shrew Brains Shrink During Winter The Scientist 12 months ago
42 Curious Questions: How did shrews get such a bad name? Country Life 3 years ago
43 Moles, voles and shrews: Yard pests to control 1 year ago
44 Hero shrews have one of the most bizarre spines—and we don’t know why National Geographic 2 years ago
45 'Complicated, hilarious and horrifying': Lanes Coven Theater Co.'s 'Taming of the Shrew' MetroWest Daily News 3 months ago
46 The shrewd shrew Kankakee Daily Journal 2 years ago
47 Foothill Theatre writes ‘The Book’ on Shakespeare The Mercury News 21 days ago
48 Here’s why a hero shrew has the sturdiest spine of any mammal Science News 2 years ago
49 Suspected needle spiking left woman unable to walk and talk during night out 3 days ago
50 Oh, Hello: 2023 Shooting Guard Braeden Shrewsberry Commits to Penn State Black Shoe Diaries 6 days ago
51 Shrew hunts down cockroach & bites its head off in brightly lit enclosed area in S'pore 1 month ago
52 As Winter Sets In, Tiny Shrews Shrink Their Skulls and Brains The New York Times 4 years ago
53 Small-Minded Strategy: The Common Shrew Shrinks Its Head to Survive Winter Scientific American 4 years ago
54 Micro-CT scans give clues about how hero shrews' bizarre backbones evolved EurekAlert 2 years ago
55 Charlton Athletic owner Thomas Sandgaard reacts to Shrewsbury Town loss The 72 2 days ago
56 Elephant shrew rediscovered in Africa after 50 years BBC News 1 year ago
57 Long grey 'caterpillar' seen in S'pore is in fact shrews scurrying nose-to-tail along pavement 8 months ago
58 WILD CONNECTIONS: Beware the short-tailed shrew Starjournalnow 5 years ago
59 Small-minded? Shrews shrink their skulls to survive winter, study shows The Guardian 4 years ago
60 How hero shrews' bizarre backbones evolved: Dense spines -- inside and out -- hint that the shrews are good at scrunching up like an inchworm Science Daily 2 years ago
61 The naming of the shrew EurekAlert 2 years ago
62 News of shrews: Hairy-tailed species discovered in Indonesian canopy Haaretz 2 years ago
63 Shrews it or lose it: a critter's incredible shrinking skull Reuters 4 years ago
64 Tree Shrews Love Hot Peppers Because They Don't Feel the Burn 3 years ago
65 Real Karens ask nicely: Please stop insulting us FOX 11 and FOX 41 20 hours ago
66 Virus Spread by Shrews Linked to Human Deaths from Mysterious Brain Infections Scientific American 2 years ago
67 Moving Nose to Tail, Shrew 'Conga Line' Shimmies Online Live Science 4 years ago
68 Comparing neurons across species: Why are humans different? Medical News Today 9 days ago
69 BRIEF: How Winter Makes Shrews Stupid Inside Science News Service 4 years ago
70 Driver Flees After Pursued Car Slams Into Pole on Riverside Drive 11 hours ago
71 ‘Thanks’: An Expression for a Thought of Gratitude The Wall Street Journal 5 days ago
72 New study shows where to focus efforts to save long-neglected small mammals 3 months ago
73 Shrews change size with the seasons. Could we do it too? Massive 4 years ago
74 Mother shrew sighted leading its babies in a 'caravan' in Queenstown 11 months ago
75 Shrews' Heads (and Brains) Shrink As Seasons Change Live Science 4 years ago
76 When Winter Hits, Tiny Shrews Survive by Decreasing Head Size Newsweek 4 years ago
77 Shakespeare's 'Taming of the Shrew' Aug. 14 at Litchfield Crow River Media 2 months ago
78 New Species of Musk Shrew Discovered in Indonesia 2 years ago
79 Outdoors: Taming shrews | Interlochen Interlochen 1 year ago
80 Scientists uncover genetic secrets of world's smallest diving mammals 6 months ago
81 LSU researchers discover new shrew that climbs trees, has distinctive bristly tail The Advocate 2 years ago
82 Shrews remain active all year long | Gloucester County Nature Club 2 years ago
83 Biologists Capture Images of Catalina Island Shrew Spectrum News 1 10 months ago
84 The Taming of the Shrew Isthmus 4 months ago
85 Opinion | Donald Trump, the Untamable Shrew The New York Times 9 months ago
86 Licence to take shrews (GL01) GOV.UK 11 months ago
87 Shrew skulls shrink for winter survival 4 years ago
88 The mystery of SWFL's elusive shrew: FWC is trying to determine if it has gone extinct Naples Daily News 3 years ago
89 This fuzzy little shrew has nature's toughest backbone Popular Science 2 years ago
90 Small but sneaky. These are the world’s 10 smallest mammals ZME Science 9 months ago
91 Missing for over 50 years: Long-lost elephant shrew resurfaces in Africa USA TODAY 1 year ago
92 Biodefense Headlines – 23 November 2021 Global Biodefense 7 days ago
93 YOUTH: United 1 0 Shrews 2 months ago
94 No Taming of Shrew EIN News 6 months ago
95 See Why Tree Shrews Are Only the Second Known Mammal to Seek Spicy Food National Geographic 3 years ago
96 Out There: The Shrew and the Shrike Creston Valley Advance 9 months ago
97 New Costa Rican shrew species named from a single specimen found 44 years ago Smithsonian Insider 5 years ago
98 Tree Shrew Cells Transduced with Human CD4 and CCR5 Support Early Steps of HIV-1 Replication, but Viral Infectivity Is Restricted by APOBEC3 | Journal of Virology Journal of Virology 4 months ago
99 Trying to solve the mystery of the elusive Sherman's short-tailed shrew The News-Press 3 years ago
100 Saving Haeckel: why “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny” isn't so wrong Patheos 16 hours ago