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1 Quebec announces first specialized sexual assault courts Montreal Gazette 2 days ago
2 Robert Libman: Fate of Bill 96 looms large as MNAs return Montreal Gazette 6 hours ago
3 'It kind of disgusted me': Struggling Montreal restaurants receive complaints from provincial language watchdog CTV News Montreal 1 day ago
4 Quebec truckers join protest convoy to Ottawa Montreal Gazette 7 hours ago
5 COVID updates, Jan. 28: Restaurant dining rooms reopen Monday as Quebec starts easing restrictions Montreal Gazette 4 hours ago
6 Quebec environmental watchdog urges province to adopt 'right to repair' law 2 days ago
7 The Montreal SPCA Wants To Make Breakups Easier On Your Dog With This Custody Agreement MTL Blog 2 days ago
8 Monsef Derraji picks up health portfolio as Liberal shadow cabinet shuffled CTV News Montreal 18 days ago
9 Antisemitism envoy Irwin Cotler says Quebec's secularism law is discriminatory Times Colonist 25 days ago
10 Simon Jolin-Barrette gets emotional at end of study into specialized court for spousal or sexual violence CTV Montreal 3 months ago
11 Bill 96 hearings: Jolin-Barrette implores anglos to read the fine print Montreal Gazette 4 months ago
12 Robert Libman: Bill 96 cleared for landing thanks to Air Canada boss Montreal Gazette 3 months ago
13 Quebec minister defends trans rule change, but is open to suggestions Montreal Gazette 3 months ago
14 Quebec adopts new bill setting stage new special court for sexual assault victims CTV News Montreal 2 months ago
15 Hanes: Quebec moves to rebuild trust in a broken justice system Montreal Gazette 4 months ago
16 French in Quebec: Anglos retain their rights in Bill 96, Jolin-Barrette says Montreal Gazette 9 months ago
17 Quebec politics is still a Boys' Club Cult MTL 10 months ago
18 Berkshire region real estate sales 19 hours ago
19 Quebec's #MeToo movement joins government in attacking the presumption of innocence WSWS 3 months ago
20 Judges' bilingualism not a question of judicial independence, says Jolin-Barrette CTV News Montreal 11 months ago
21 Victims Of Domestic Abuse And Sexual Assault In Quebec Can Now Get Free Legal Advice MTL Blog 4 months ago
22 Opinion: Unilateralism resurfaces in Quebec, bolder than before Montreal Gazette 4 months ago
23 Opinion: English-speaking Quebecers caught in another language storm Montreal Gazette 2 months ago
24 CAQ government will review bilingual status of Quebec municipalities Montreal Gazette 9 months ago
25 Simon Jolin-Barrette, Bill 21's 'sensitive' but unwavering champion Montreal Gazette 3 years ago
26 Legault government tables bill to create specialized court for sexual assault victims CTV News Montreal 5 months ago
27 Rear view on 2021: Language debate creates turbulence in Quebec Montreal Gazette 1 month ago
28 Macpherson: Legault and Jolin-Barrette arm-wrestle over language Montreal Gazette 1 year ago
29 English Montreal School Board asks court to speed up exemption from religious symbols law 3 months ago
30 Robert Libman: New laws won't change picture outlined in OQLF reports Montreal Gazette 10 months ago
31 Opinion: Bill 96 threatens linguistic harmony, and much more Montreal Gazette 2 months ago
32 Simon Jolin-Barrette denies wanting to create lists of 'historic' anglos Montreal Gazette 2 years ago
33 Quebec gets closer to creating special tribunal for sexual and domestic violence victims 5 months ago
34 Quebec to invest more than $500000 to promote the French language among immigrants CTV News Montreal 4 months ago
35 Simon Jolin-Barrette takes over Quebec language portfolio in addition to immigration Global News 2 years ago
36 CAQ shoots down PQ motion to stop funding for Dawson College expansion Montreal Gazette 12 months ago
37 Time for Legault to dismiss Jolin-Barrette | Editorials | The Suburban Newspaper 1 year ago
38 Quebec justice minister rules out making it mandatory judges be bilingual Global News 11 months ago
39 Embattled Jolin-Barrette apologizes for QEP reform debacle Montreal Gazette 2 years ago
40 Opinion: Include anglos in efforts to boost French Montreal Gazette 1 year ago
41 Quebec Superior Court upholds most of religious symbols ban, but English-language schools exempt 9 months ago
42 The urgency to protect French language in Quebec Toronto Star 2 months ago
43 Quebec premier still refuses to recognize National Day for Truth and Reconciliation as a holiday CTV News Montreal 4 months ago
44 Quebec launches pilot project for free youth protection mediation service 5 months ago
45 Opinion: My love of the French language born from the loss of another Montreal Gazette 4 months ago
46 $14.1 million to enhance access for the Aboriginal peoples to justice Yahoo Finance 8 months ago
47 Anglos skeptical about CAQ plan to reinforce French Language Charter Montreal Gazette 1 year ago
48 Tom Mulcair: Intolerant policies now haunting Legault CTV News 2 months ago
49 Province pumping $3 million into Tele-Quebec to promote French through art and history CTV News Montreal 6 months ago
50 Quebec likely to use notwithstanding clause again for new language law, despite concerns by court 9 months ago
51 Bill 96 hearings: Valérie Plante fully endorses overhaul of French charter Montreal Gazette 4 months ago
52 Anti-trans views are worryingly prevalent and disproportionately harmful, community and experts warn 3 months ago
53 Quebec appeals Superior Court's decision to nix parts of secularism law 8 months ago
54 Here is the CAQ wunderkind in charge of cutting Quebec's immigration levels 3 years ago
55 Quebec announces measures aimed at improving justice for Indigenous people in the province CTV News Montreal 11 months ago
56 Jolin-Barrette adds language to immigration as part of Legault cabinet adjustment CTV News 2 years ago
57 CAQ MNA Simon Jolin-Barrette says there are holes in Quebec cannabis law 3 years ago
58 Quebec takes another step towards creating a specialized court for sexual assault cases CTV News Montreal 12 months ago
59 Quebec premier to launch new parliamentary session in Quebec on Oct. 19 CTV News Montreal 4 months ago
60 Quebec wants to ban 'Bonjour-Hi' greeting at businesses Montreal Gazette 2 years ago
61 Legault says he is not surprised some anglos unhappy with Bill 96 Montreal Gazette 8 months ago
62 Projects to promote French language in Quebec get $17 million in funding Montreal Gazette 9 months ago
63 Former premier Jean Charest accuses CAQ ministers of tarnishing his name Montreal Gazette 3 months ago
64 Man arrested after theft of documents from Quebec immigration minister's car 2 years ago
65 The big French-language debate on Bill 96 will begin in Quebec on Sept. 21 CTV News Montreal 6 months ago
66 Simon Jolin-Barrette to meet with federal minister about lowering Quebec’s immigration levels Global News 3 years ago
67 Quebec to freeze English CEGEP spots for the next decade CTV News Montreal 7 months ago
68 Legault taking 'nothing for granted' in coming Quebec election 2 months ago
69 Documents stolen from Quebec Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette's government car CTV News 2 years ago
70 Quebec won't make a law to crack down on 'bonjour/hi' 2 years ago
71 Quebec Premier Francois Legault expects a busy fall CTV Montreal 5 months ago
72 Legault calls video suggesting his government is racist 'odious' 4 months ago
73 You had me at 'bonjour': Quebec's pointman on secularism sets sights on bilingual greetings 2 years ago
74 Quebec to have single prosecutor in domestic, sexual violence cases Global News 9 months ago
75 After slashing immigration, Quebec turns to immigrants to fill shortage in long-term care homes 2 years ago
76 Quebec immigration minister admits he made a mistake on controversial reforms 2 years ago
77 Festive Protesters March Against Simon Jolin-Barrette, CAQ Government | News The Link 2 years ago
78 McGill Coalition Formed in Response to Bill 2 The Bull & Bear 2 months ago
79 Quebec deputy premier in isolation after potential COVID-19 contact 10 months ago
80 Quebec to move ahead with plan to redistribute $39M to Lac-Mégantic victims Global News 4 months ago
81 'Bonjour tout le monde': Premier François Legault is on TikTok now Montreal Gazette 4 months ago
82 Analysis: Walking in Camille Laurin's footsteps, CAQ minister plans to reinforce French language Montreal Gazette 1 year ago
83 Quebec judge shoots down vaccine mandate injunction Canadian Occupational Safety 2 months ago
84 Salut-Bye: CAQ backtracks on 'Bonjour-Hi' ban Montreal Gazette 2 years ago
85 Quebec mulls banning ‘Bonjour-Hi’ greeting for stores, government services Global News 2 years ago
86 Bloc fails to muster unanimous support for Commons motion backing Quebec's constitutional changes 8 months ago
87 Quebec's 'historic anglophones' will be identified by Bill 101: Legault CTV News 2 years ago
88 Tom Mulcair: François Legault's nationalist ambitions Montreal Gazette 9 months ago
89 Quebec giving OQLF $5 million to enforce French language charter Montreal Gazette 1 year ago
90 Tom Mulcair: Mike Ward decision may be bad omen for Quebec minorities Montreal Gazette 2 months ago
91 EMSB chair says CAQ motion on Bill 96 criticism is an 'attack' on Quebec anglophones CTV Edmonton 5 months ago
92 ‘It wasn’t my best day,’ Legault says as he offers grandfather clause to immigrant students Montreal Gazette 2 years ago
93 School boards will respect law and apply Bill 21, Jolin-Barrette says Montreal Gazette 3 years ago
94 Legault to make Éric Girard finance minister, give immigration portfolio to Simon Jolin-Barrette 3 years ago
95 Quebec launches project to convince immigrants to become CHSLD orderlies Montreal Gazette 2 years ago
96 Quebec funds $2.1-million program to help children testify in court CTV News Montreal 11 months ago
97 Quebec's religious symbols ban to be applied in English schools until courts rule National Observer 3 months ago
98 Morning Brief: Trudeau pitches trade deal; military lands in Iqaluit 3 months ago
99 Chris Selley: Latest trial balloon from Quebec is another attack on minority rights National Post 2 years ago
100 Quebec Solidaire calls for plan to address the decline of French in Montreal Radio Canada International 11 months ago