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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Brothers Grim: Rajapaksas Face Harsh Reality As Fairytale Fades Outlook India 2 days ago
2 China’s bare-chested turn to Sri-Lankan Tamils is India’s new headache ThePrint 6 days ago
3 Discrimination and harassment haunt Sri Lanka's Muslims Yahoo News 10 days ago
4 'One Country, One Law' The Sri Lankan state's hostility towards Muslims grows deeper 30 days ago
5 Sri Lanka leader vows to fix ‘misconceptions’ over rights record Al Jazeera English 4 days ago
6 Sinhalese the result of a tidal wave of migration or long process of non-linear development The 1 day ago
7 Revisiting Sinhala and Tamil nationalism – The Island The 21 days ago
8 Human Rights Violations and Culture of Impunity in South Asia Inter Press Service 1 day ago
9 Decades-old amendment to Sri Lanka’s Constitution still straining ties with India. Here’s why ThePrint 18 days ago
10 Panel headed by controversial monk raises spectre of Sinhala Buddhist majoritarianism The Indian Express 3 months ago
11 Jealousy amongst Sri Lankans – The Island The 1 month ago
12 Jaffnaites hid the evil history of mediocre Tamils Sunday Observer 21 days ago
13 Lanka's Rajapakse launches political comeback bid The Peninsula Qatar 7 years ago
14 In Sri Lanka, the Tamil Link with Buddhism is Brushed Under the Carpet The Citizen 6 months ago
15 Comparing Zionism and Sinhala-Buddhist nationalism Red Flag 8 months ago
16 President Rajapaksa bestowed with the “Sri Lankadheeshwara Padma Vibhushana” title Colombo Gazette 21 days ago
17 Hardline Sri Lanka monk calls for Buddhist Sinhalese government Reuters 3 years ago
18 Kek Lok Si, Malaysia's largest Buddhist temple, in 1914 Free Malaysia Today 7 days ago
19 Charting a new history, for a new future – The Island The 22 days ago
20 Coming crack-up, President's plans and Tamil timing 17 days ago
21 Lynching in Sialkot and burning alive in Sri Lanka: A comparison 30 days ago
22 Reclaiming Our So-Called “Cultural Baggage” Lion's Roar 4 months ago
23 Lankan govt reinstates doctor accused of sterilising over 4K Sinhalese women The Tribune India 1 month ago
24 'I am a Sinhala Buddhist leader and will never hesitate to say so' Rajapaksa addresses Sri Lanka's independence day 12 months ago
25 Gotabaya's Underwhelming Presidency – The Diplomat The Diplomat 2 months ago
26 Sri Lanka: Authorities must end violence and discrimination against Muslims Amnesty International 3 months ago
27 What is behind the anti-Muslim measures in Sri Lanka? Al Jazeera English 10 months ago
28 Don't Let China Dictate US and Indian Policy on Sri Lanka The Diplomat 2 months ago
29 Towards a future free from fears of Islamism – II The 16 days ago
30 Who is a Sinhala Buddhist? 12 months ago
31 A Stake Through the Ideological Heart Groundviews 4 months ago
32 SRI LANKA Buddhist monk claims to have information on a new attack AsiaNews 4 months ago
33 අබෞද්ධකම/UNBUDDHISM Tamil Guardian 3 months ago
34 Rajapaksa to Implement Ban on Cow Slaughter The Citizen 3 months ago
35 Buddhist nationalists claim victory in Sri Lankan election Associated Press 2 years ago
36 Sri Lankan monk calls for support for Buddhist Sinhalese govt. Vatican News 3 years ago
37 The language of the lion: Tracing the history of Sin.., its complicated relationship with Tamil in Sri Lanka Firstpost 12 months ago
38 Shrinking Space for Religious Minorities in Sri Lanka The Diplomat 3 months ago
39 A step towards justice for Tamils in Sri Lanka? OpenGlobalRights 9 months ago
40 Sri Lanka: Discrimination against Muslims and Tamils is getting worse Middle East Eye 10 months ago
41 Muslims complain about hardline Sri Lankan monk UCA News 4 months ago
42 Hardline monk to head legal reforms panel in Sri Lanka The Hindu 3 months ago
43 Eminent Indians in Galle – The Island The 24 days ago
44 Sri Lanka has a history of conflict, but the recent attacks appear different The Conversation AU 3 years ago
45 Opinion | Sri Lanka’s Violent Buddhists New York Times 7 years ago
46 'River of blood will flow in the North and East' warn Sinhala Buddhist monks Tamil Guardian 2 years ago
47 Myth, jealousy, propaganda: What lies behind Sinhalese Buddhist violence against Sri Lankan Muslims 4 years ago
48 Former US Envoy urges international pressure to end religious persecution in Sri Lanka Tamil Guardian 2 months ago
49 Clergy confer blessings on President to do right thing The 19 days ago
50 'Sri Lanka is a Buddhist Sinhala country' BBS 2 years ago
51 Museums through Prof. Thapar's eyes – The Island The 1 day ago
52 Buddhists Go to Battle: When Nationalism Overrides Pacifism The New York Times 3 years ago
53 Testimony of John Sifton on Accountability and Human Rights in Sri Lanka Human Rights Watch 2 months ago
54 The Enemy Within and Without: Historical Examples of Islamic and Buddhist Fundamentalism smallwarsjournal 7 months ago
55 Amnesty: Muslims face discrimination, harassment and violence in Sri Lanka 5Pillars 3 months ago
56 The Beggar and the Royals 18 days ago
57 State of emergency in Sri Lanka: Supremacism of Sinhalese Buddhists or ‘segregation’ of Wahhabi Muslims? Firstpost 4 years ago
58 Galagodaaththe Gnanasara | The divisive monk The Hindu 3 months ago
59 SRI LANKA Sinhalese Buddhist radicals attack Protestant church 8 years ago
60 For Sri Lanka, a Long History of Violence The New York Times 3 years ago
61 Interview: Dilanthe Withanage on Sinhala-Buddhist Nationalism The Diplomat 6 years ago
62 Sinhala Buddhist monk warns 'minorities' that 'tenants should not trouble landlords' Tamil Guardian 1 year ago
63 Sri Lanka Struggles to Contain Its Violent Buddhist Extremists Tricycle 4 years ago
64 US report accuses BBS of promoting supremacy of Buddhist majority Colombo Gazette 8 months ago
65 Tyranny of the majority in Sri Lanka The New Indian Express 1 year ago
66 Where did Buddhism get its reputation for peace? The Conversation UK 10 months ago
67 Violent Buddhist extremists are targeting Muslims in Sri Lanka The Conversation UK 4 years ago
68 The unsolved mystery of Sri Lanka's 'Stargate' BBC News 9 months ago
69 News Analysis | A perception shift in relations between Sri Lanka and China? The Hindu 7 months ago
70 Sinhalization of Tamil Areas by Building Buddhist Shrines over Hindu Temples The Citizen 3 years ago
71 Sri Lanka's Historical Connection With South Indian State Of Kerala – OpEd Eurasia Review 7 months ago
72 Sri Lanka agrees to reform terror law to keep EU trade deal FRANCE 24 4 months ago
73 Message to Sinhalese: Tamils oppose Sinhala settlements and historical and geographical change of our Tamil EIN News 3 months ago
74 ‘Racist agenda’: Fear, worries over Sri Lanka’s burqa ban Al Jazeera English 10 months ago
75 Sri Lanka's archaeological department and Buddhist monks attempts another land grab in Mullaitivu Tamil Guardian 10 months ago
76 ‘The Deaths Can’t Be Erased’: Tamils and the Fight for Justice in Sri Lanka World Politics Review 11 months ago
77 The continuing Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka: An interview with TRC spokesperson Charanja Thavendran Government, Public Sector 8 months ago
78 Role of Buddhism in cultivating inter-communal peace and harmony The 6 months ago
79 Easter Sunday Attacks Add a New Dimension to Sri Lanka's Sectarian Tensions (Published 2019) The New York Times 3 years ago
80 The problem with Buddhist law in Sri Lanka | OUPblog OUPblog 2 years ago
81 How Sri Lanka's Animal Emblems Exacerbate Ethnic Tension JURIST 10 months ago
82 Ultra-nationalist Buddhist rhetoric runs rife in Sri Lanka East Asia Forum 4 years ago
83 The Rise of Buddhist Nationalism in Sri Lanka the Diplomat 8 years ago
84 All I want for Christmas… | Print Edition The Sunday Times, Sri Lanka 1 month ago
85 Building blocks of early civilisation – The Island The 15 days ago
86 Photos: Buddhist nationalists claim victory after Sri Lanka election results Hindustan Times 2 years ago
87 Adaptation and sustainability integral to ancient civilization The 29 days ago
88 Sri Lanka Declares Emergency Amid Buddhist Attacks On Minority Muslims NPR News 4 years ago
89 His musical exploits has touched millions of fans The 3 days ago
90 Sri Lanka moves ahead with plan to ban burqa TRT World 9 months ago
91 Caste-based Differentiation in Sinhalese Society : Role of Buddhism and Democracy Economic and Political Weekly 1 year ago
92 JVP leader smells scheme to whip up extremist sentiment in Sri Lanka | EconomyNext EconomyNext 4 months ago
93 Ensuring Sinhala Buddhist identity in national identity cards and passports Ceylon Daily News 2 years ago
94 Sri Lanka's Muslims in the Cross Hairs the Diplomat 8 years ago
95 Revealing the hidden history of Jaffna Sunday Observer 3 months ago
96 Obituary Mangala Samaraweera 5 months ago
97 Women Tell Us How Sri Lanka’s Proposed Burqa Ban Is Hurting Them VICE 10 months ago
98 Sri Lanka court grants bail for doctor accused of sterilizing Buddhist women Reuters 3 years ago
99 A Country To Die In Groundviews 5 months ago
100 Through the pandemic and into the future: Carrying on the legacy of her founders The Sunday Times Sri Lanka 2 months ago