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1 World Siri: Rookie propels Astros past Braves to tie Series
2 Siri’s 10-year anniversary is a reminder of Apple’s wasted head start
3 ‘Tasks’ to-do list app updated with new sidebar, Siri shortcuts, Quick Notes support, more
4 Apple’s voice-only Music subscription could boost Siri’s accent understanding
5 Recent Siri Changes Remove Call, Email, and Voicemail Features Used by Low Vision and Blind Users
6 Apple’s Siri is now available on Ecobee SmartThermostats
7 The original voice of Siri is now advocating for a more accessible web
8 Siri amazingly got worse with iOS 15 — here’s how
9 Apple's Siri needs to become a 'bicycle for the mind'
10 Users complain about Siri no longer being able to send emails or check call history
11 Is Siri Getting Dumber? Apple Has Removed These Important Commands
12 Original voice of Siri promotes AI-powered web accessibility
13 Lafayette students meet voice of Siri: 'She's on the screen — staring at you, studying you'
14 iOS 15 Siri offline feature: Here’s what works and what doesn’t
15 The Latest: Siri sparks Astros; Houston evens series at 1-1
16 How to use offline Siri on Apple iPhone running iOS 15
17 Astros' Jose Siri still being evaluated after finger injury
18 Apple launches a new iOS app, ‘Siri Speech Study,’ to gather feedback for Siri improvements
19 Apple’s Siri will finally work without an internet connection thanks to on-device processing
20 Apple introduces Siri for third-party devices
21 25 More Things Siri Can Do You Had No Idea About
22 Apple's Siri will stop defaulting to a female voice in the U.S., two new voices coming
23 How to use Siri on-device with iOS 15
24 Roundup: Here’s everything new with Siri in iOS 15
25 iOS 15: How to Share Whatever's On Your Screen Using Siri
26 iOS 15 Siri Guide: On Device Offline Recognition and Updates
27 Siri's 4 new voices: Here's where to find them and how to make the switch
28 Apple must face Siri voice assistant privacy lawsuit -U.S. judge
29 Apple's Siri is no longer a woman by default, but is this really a win for feminism?
30 iOS 15: How to Use On-Device Siri
31 Hands-on: Here’s what does and doesn’t work with offline Siri in iOS 15
32 Hey Siri, Is That You? Apple's New Voices Resonate With Some Black iPhone Users
33 How to use Siri: tips and tricks to improve Apple's voice assistant on iPhone and more
34 Lawsuit against Apple claiming Siri violates privacy can move forward
35 Apple moves Siri's speech recognition offline with new privacy updates
36 The best Siri Easter eggs: how Apple’s voice assistant can entertain you
37 Hey, Siri, what happened to you?
38 8 Things Siri Can Now Do Offline in iOS 15 (and 5 Things It Can't)
39 How to set up and use Siri on iPhone 13 and 13 Pro
40 How to use Siri in macOS Big Sur
41 iOS 15: How to Use Siri Offline
42 What's New With Siri in iOS 15? Here Are 9 New Improvements
43 25 Things Siri Can Do You Had No Idea About
44 How to customize Siri's voice in iOS 14.5
45 Siri, is this a win for feminism? Apples default voice no longer a woman
46 iOS 14.5 offers Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch, diverse Siri voices, and more
47 iOS 14.5: How to Change Siri's Voice
48 Siri coming to third-party devices for the first time
49 Google Assistant vs. Siri: See how the two match up
50 Here's What You Can and Can't Do With Offline Siri in iOS 15
51 Google once again reminds us how behind Siri is
52 Some Siri commands for third-party apps will stop working with iOS 15
53 Siri says next Apple event is April 20th
54 iOS 15 to Limit Siri Functionality With Third-Party Apps
55 The Place: The Woman Behind the Voice of Siri
56 Apple is taking away these 22 useful Siri integrations in iOS 15
57 Microsoft's Cortana silenced as Siri gets new voice
58 The Easiest Way To Activate Siri On Apple Watch | Screen Rant
59 iOS 15: How to Ask Siri to Control Your HomeKit Devices at a Specific Time
60 How To Choose A Siri Voice & Why No More Default Option Explained
61 iOS 15: How to Have Siri Announce Your Notifications
62 30+ Actually useful things Siri can be used for on your Apple devices
63 Apple bringing Siri to third-party devices is an absolute game changer
64 Save time with the 10 best Siri Shortcuts
65 Who Is The Voice Of Siri? And No, It’s Not An Actual Robot
66 A new version of Siri could base speech on environment and user input
67 Apple's Siri has 'more diverse' voice options in latest update
68 iOS 15 brings new Announce Notifications feature for Siri, here’s how it works
69 What’s new with Siri in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15? New Unlock With Watch feature revealed
70 iOS 14.5 lets users answer calls with Siri when using headphones
71 Apple's Siri and Applebot targeted in voice-enabled web search patent suit
72 iOS 14.5: How to Set a Preferred Music Streaming Service With Siri
73 How to get Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant to understand commands better
74 Editor's Note: Hey Siri, what's the capital of ...
75 How to make Siri listen to you on the right device
76 How to set up emergency calls using Siri and iOS 14.5
77 Apple's Siri can now make animal sounds like a duck quacking or a lion roaring
78 How to share web pages, photos, and more with Siri on iPhone and iPad
79 Apple Expands Siri Features for iOS 15
80 Do Alexa and Siri make kids bossier? New research suggests you might not need to worry
81 iOS 14.5: How to Answer Calls With Siri When Using Headphones
82 In iOS 15, Siri is losing some of its most useful voice commands
83 Siri’s new iPhone voices sound so much better – here’s how to enable them
84 The new Apple TV 4K isn't a must-buy — but the Siri Remote is
85 What actually happens when you tell Siri '17' and why you shouldn't do it unless it's urgent
86 The new Apple TV 4K comes with a new Siri Remote
87 iOS 14.5 lets you set Spotify and others as Siri’s default music service
88 How to Use Siri to Share Whatever Is on Your iPhone Screen in iOS 15
89 Siri can now play animal sounds and more
90 iOS 15 adds offline Siri for faster query recognition
91 Souped-Up Siri Still Follows The AI Assistant Market
92 Siri's listening intently, but she's not alone
93 How to change Siri's voice on iPhone and iPad and teach it to pronounce names
94 A full list of Siri voice commands you can use
95 Apple Training Siri to Better Understand People With Atypical Speech
96 Apple’s Siri will stop sending audio to its servers to protect user privacy
97 10 Years On: How Much Can You Do With Siri?
98 You can find your Apple AirTags by asking Siri (but there's a caveat or two)
99 Siri Is Losing All of These Capabilities in Apple’s Upcoming iOS 15 Update
100 Apple scoops up ex-Google AI leader to help fix Siri