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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Somalia’s New President Faces Familiar Political, Security Challenges Voice of America 3 days ago
2 Biden Approves Plan to Redeploy Several Hundred Ground Forces Into Somalia The New York Times 9 days ago
3 Former Somali president returns to power, vows to return Somalia to stability CNN 9 days ago
4 Burundian-peacekeepers-killed-Somalia NPR 21 days ago
5 IMF extends Somalia funding to August following election Al Jazeera English 5 days ago
6 Measles Somalia 28 days ago
7 Somalia: Lawmakers to decide president on May 15 Al Jazeera English 19 days ago
8 Somalia, May 2022 Monthly Forecast Security Council Report 26 days ago
9 The West Must Help Secure Somalia's Election The National Interest Online 22 days ago
10 U.S. to Redeploy Troops to Somalia The Wall Street Journal 9 days ago
11 Somalia seeks three-month extension of its IMF support programme Reuters 18 days ago
12 A sense of history and urgency as Somalia moves to elect a new president The Conversation 13 days ago
13 Somalia PM asks peacekeepers to secure parliamentary speaker vote Reuters 28 days ago
14 Police: 4 killed in Somalia blast ahead of presidential vote The Associated Press 14 days ago
15 Food Crisis, Drought Risks Fueling Islamist Militancy in Somalia Bloomberg 1 month ago
16 Somalia can overcome legacy of poverty through petroleum development The Africa Report 22 days ago
17 Petroleum to Boost Living Standards in Somalia AllAfrica 16 days ago
18 Shortage of Ukraine Wheat Set to Push Somalia Inflation Past 10% Bloomberg 22 days ago
19 Biden Needs to Look Beyond the Military to Solve Somalia's Security Crisis | Opinion Newsweek 20 days ago
20 Between a shock and a hard place Somalia 19 days ago
21 Somalia to hold presidential election on May 15 Arab News 20 days ago
22 Somalia Incumbent President Announces Candidacy For May 15 Poll Bloomberg 17 days ago
23 Somalia is still fragile: What the new AU mission can do to help stabilise it The East African 29 days ago
24 Somalia Seasonal Monitor: May 15, 2022 Somalia 10 days ago
25 Somalia Seasonal Monitor: May 5, 2022 Somalia 16 days ago
26 Armed Forces Minister visits East Africa to coordinate security support for Somalia GOV.UK 13 days ago
27 Women are expected to keep their mouths shut here in Somalia. But not any more. United Nations Development Programme 1 month ago
28 Somalia: Joint Market and Supply Chain Update, 24 01 May 2022 24 days ago
29 Somalia: ATMIS Hands Over Captured Weapons to Authorities AllAfrica 24 days ago
30 UAE President orders provision of Dh35 million urgent humanitarian aid to Somalia Khaleej Times 6 days ago
31 UNFPA Somalia Country Office Humanitarian Preparedness and Response Plan in the Context of Climatic Shocks and COVID-19 (March 2022) 27 days ago
32 Pakistan will be kept afloat as no country wants a ‘nuclear Somalia’, says ex-envoy Vivek Katju ThePrint 24 days ago
33 US Carries Out First Airstrike in Somalia Since August The New York Times 3 months ago
34 Somalia swears in lawmakers as UN warns of famine The Associated Press 1 month ago
35 Parts of Somalia hit by severe, climate-fueled drought Oxfam America 5 months ago
36 Growing risk of Somalia famine, as drought impact worsens UN News 2 months ago
37 Somalia is still fragile: what the new African Union mission can do to help stabilise it The Conversation 1 month ago
38 Security forces loyal to Somalia PM gather outside presidential palace Reuters 5 months ago
39 UN chief welcomes new Somali mission, lauds work of African Union UN News 2 months ago
40 Former 'failed State' Somalia on fragile path to progress: A UN Resident Coordinator blog UN News 5 months ago
41 Still at War: The United States in Somalia Just Security 2 months ago
42 Notice on the Continuation of the National Emergency With Respect to Somalia The White House 2 months ago
43 Promoting Sustainable Peace and Responsive Governance in Somalia United States Department of State 4 months ago
44 Eight dead and 13 children injured as bomb explodes near school in Somalia CNN 6 months ago
45 Somalia | RSF RSF 27 days ago
46 Somalia’s Political Paradoxes Forestall Progress and Stability Council on Foreign Relations 1 month ago
47 Somalia’s Ongoing Political Crisis Exposes Fundamental Problem for U.S. Policy Council on Foreign Relations 8 months ago
48 The Architect Bringing Sustainable Designs to Somalia Bloomberg 3 months ago
49 Somalia Hopes to Reconstitute its Air Force with Renewed US Partnership Air Force Magazine 4 months ago
50 Somali Officials Announce Cease-Fire in Bosaso VOA Africa 5 months ago
51 Somalia Is Where U.S. Military Strategy Goes to Die The Daily Beast 5 months ago
52 US Ambassador to Somalia Condemns al-Shabab Attacks VOA Africa 2 months ago
53 At Least 20 Killed as Somalia Troops Battle Moderate Islamist Militia VOA News 7 months ago
54 Daughters of Somalia, a continuous pledge to end female genital mutilation UN News 4 months ago
55 Somalia: Women struggle to make their voices heard in politics DW (English) 2 months ago
56 Somalia: Al-Shabab claims mortar attack as new lawmakers meet DW (English) 1 month ago
57 Somalia's extremists bomb restaurant in the capital; 6 dead ABC News 1 month ago
58 Somalia, February 2022 Monthly Forecast Security Council Report 4 months ago
59 In Somalia, an intelligence officer's disappearance has blown open a government crisis The Washington Post 8 months ago
60 Death toll from twin Somalia bombings rises to 48: regional leader Reuters 2 months ago
61 IMF Staff Completes Virtual Mission to Discuss the Second and Third Reviews of the Extended Credit Facility to Somalia International Monetary Fund 3 months ago
62 Somalia | Our Work & How to Help Doctors Without Borders (MSF-USA) 2 months ago
63 Somalia's drought crisis needs lasting solutions | Daily Sabah Daily Sabah 1 month ago
64 Sparring Somali leaders now at odds over expulsion of African Union envoy Reuters 2 months ago
65 Somalia government spokesman wounded in blast in capital Al Jazeera English 4 months ago
66 In Somalia, a rare female artist promotes images of peace The Associated Press 7 months ago
67 Somalia's intelligence agency warns of al Shabaab threat against top leaders Reuters 2 months ago
68 Africa 54 UN Officials Report Somalia Famine Risks, Ivory Coast Fulani Men Fear Persecution & Two-Thirds of Africans Reportedly Caught COVID 2 months ago
69 Somalia is walking in Afghanistan’s footsteps Al Jazeera English 9 months ago
70 Somalia: Five dead in attack on military base near airport Al Jazeera English 2 months ago
71 Security Experts Warn Al-Shabab May Try to Emulate Taliban in Somalia Voice of America 9 months ago
72 Somalia is on the path of recovery, but real challenges remain Somalia 5 months ago
73 Somalia's president cans US oil deal hours after it was signed DW (English) 3 months ago
74 Al-Shabab Fears Somalia's Military Court, Judge Says VOA News 4 months ago
75 Why is the American right waging a stealth neocolonial assault on Somalia? Salon 2 months ago
76 Somalia: Hunger Crisis 2021-2022 Revised Emergency Appeal, №: MDRSO011 2 months ago
77 The price of civil war: A survey of Somalia's arms markets Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime 1 month ago
78 Attacks intensify as Somalia prepares for presidential election DW (English) 2 months ago
79 Terror Attacks Surge as Elections Drag in Somalia VOA News 3 months ago
80 Ten Killed as Rival Clans Clash in Central Somalia VOA News 4 months ago
81 Push to Send US Troops Back to Somalia Coming from Senate 2 months ago
82 Readout of Senior Administration Official Travel to Djibouti, Kenya, Niger, and Somalia The White House 7 months ago
83 Somalia: Security Council adopts resolution to keep pirates at bay UN News 6 months ago
84 Cinema returns to Somalia after decades of shut-downs and strife Reuters 8 months ago
85 World Court sides mostly with Somalia in border dispute with Kenya Reuters 7 months ago
86 Somalia Rejects AU Ideas for Scaling Back Peacekeepers Voice of America 10 months ago
87 2022 Somalia Humanitarian Needs Overview Somalia 7 months ago
88 Somali Government, US Company Dispute Legality of Oil Deal VOA Africa 1 month ago
89 US troops 'commuting' to Somalia is inefficient and risky, top Africa general says Military Times 2 months ago
90 The Somali general fighting al-Shabab and the patriarchy Al Jazeera English 3 months ago
91 Fire Sweeps Northern Somalia Market; 28 Injured VOA Africa 2 months ago
92 Could Somalia Be the Next Afghanistan? Foreign Policy 8 months ago
93 Leaving Without Leaving: How Lessons Learned in Somalia Might Have Prevented Afghanistan Collapse Davidson News 9 months ago
94 Somalia gives African Union envoy seven days to leave country Al Jazeera English 7 months ago
95 Somalia delays election process again as deadline lapses FRANCE 24 English 2 months ago
96 In Somalia, Deputy UN chief encourages progress on women's political participation, and peaceful elections UN News 9 months ago
97 Somalia's Oil-Rich Regional Head Reveals Run For 2022 Presidency Bloomberg 2 months ago
98 African Union to broaden Somalia operations FRANCE 24 English 8 months ago
99 Somalia, March 2022 Monthly Forecast Security Council Report 3 months ago