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1 Japanese woman finds wallet with 1 million yen, does the right thing, then something even better
2 Tokyo restaurant’s bright idea: Lantern pods for you to sit in while you eat【Photos】
3 Tokyo Skytree to light up in Demon Slayer character colors as part of tie-up event with anime hit
4 Super Mario and Pikachu join forces for new parade at Universal Studios Japan
5 100 yen store chain Daiso opens online shop with 30,000 items to choose from!
6 New Disney anime series focuses on beautiful boys living in villain-inspired magical dormitories
7 Is Kyoto’s raindrop cake as good as the original from Yamanashi?
8 Ghibli Museum opens online store!
9 Uniqlo outfits might become Japanese high school’s official uniforms
10 You want fries with that? Too bad – KFC Japan running out of potatoes, suspending French fry sales
11 Tabasco Japan says you should add hot sauce to your beer, but are they right?【Taste test】
12 Mr. Sato enjoys the good Life and loads up on food to get loaded with【Japan’s Best Home Senbero】
13 Dragon Quest composer Koichi Sugiyama passes away
14 Halloween arrives at Starbucks Japan, with glow-in-the-dark drinkware and popping doughnuts
15 Flower field bento is cute, quick, and easy…just be careful not to make one mistake【Pics】
16 Uniqlo opens its first-ever cafe at newly revamped Ginza store
17 Ippudo tonkotsu ramen broth in a can: the hottest drink of the season?
18 New Fuma ninja being recruited for first time in 400 years
19 Major retailer Aeon may have won Japan’s Best Home Senbero
20 There’s a secret free souvenir hiding inside this Japanese train station
21 Japanese company creates a tiny sock for your big toe
22 107-year-old Japanese sisters are oldest twins in the world, according to Guinness World Records
23 Now you can be like the girls in Laid-Back Camp by renting the exact gear they use in the anime
24 Tokyo coffee master reveals easy trick to make instant coffee almost as good as fresh-brewed
25 Nike’s new anime mecha sneakers look Gundam awesome【Video, photos】
26 Subpar Attack on Titan Figure Inspires Memes
27 A house in the Japanese countryside for just US$9,100? You bet we bought it!【Photos, video】
28 TV audiences in Japan surprised to see “Pikachu,” “Raichu” as members of U.S. Olympic team
29 Tokyo has a completely unmanned, honor-system electronics and appliance shop【Photos】
30 Olympic media dismayed by their subpar and overpriced food and drink
31 Tokyo Olympics to allow spectators, provided they “cheer quietly”
32 Living with coronavirus in a Japanese share house
33 Pokémon Center megastores across Japan shutting down indefinitely because of coronavirus
34 Penis fencing takes over Japanese Twitter
35 What colors of clothing will keep you cooler in summer? Japanese researchers experiment
36 Is Japan happy it hosted the Olympics, now that the Tokyo Games are over?【Survey】
37 Please take Tokyo Olympics condoms back to your home country and use them there, organizers say
38 Gundam Manhole Project launches, brings awesome anime art to series creator’s hometown【Photos】
39 Problem solved: How to open a Japanese convenience store onigiri rice ball【Pics and video】
40 Japanese convenience store ice cream wins gold for reporter at the Tokyo Olympics
41 Zelda hacker arrested by police in Japan for selling modified Breath of the Wild save data
42 New interior necessity: Japanese dining table with a hole for your cat right in the middle【Pics】
43 Enjoy the pleasure of endless bubble wrap with Infinity Bubble Wrap AIR
44 Japanese survey ranks which prefectures people want to move back to the most
45 China’s “Little Kyoto” shut down by government after complaints of Japanese culture “invasion”
46 This mysterious tunnel in Japan is like none you’ve ever seen before
47 Two Harry Potter cafes opening in Japan, serving up Gryffindor bento and Hagrid misspelled cakes
48 High-ranking Tokyo Olympics official dies in apparent suicide
49 Gigantic Gundam steals the show at the Tokyo Olympics triathlon
50 Pre-dawn photo of Mt. Fuji looks almost too beautiful to be real
51 All you need is one purchase from the 100-yen store to replicate this amazing trick shot【Pics】
52 Electronic grandchild “Ami-chan” developed by Takara Tomy
53 Space World Station becomes the most misleading station name in Japan
54 Tattoos, murder, and a Totoro connection? Studio Ghibli reveals secrets of Princess Mononoke
55 What it’s like to apply for and receive a vaccine passport in Japan for travel abroad
56 Google Maps sent us to a forbidden exit from one of Tokyo’s major subway stations
57 Japanese roller coaster keeps breaking riders’ bones, now under federal investigation
58 A visit to Japan’s train station that looks like a spaceport in the middle of nowhere【Photos】
59 Osaka to Fukuoka for less than 40 bucks? It’s possible with Japan’s overnight ferry
60 New life-size Gundam statue coming to Japan, and it’s a Nu one!
61 Return of Comiket doujinshi manga convention announced for 2021 in Tokyo
62 Monjayaki vending machine appears in Tokyo
63 Lawson Japan serves up carbs on carbs with their new French Fry Bread
64 Everything you need to know about quarantining in Japan
65 We test Japan’s new Gaming Chopsticks Holder
66 Kim Jong-un summoned to appear in Tokyo District Court
67 The ultimate in water recycling: we try taking a bath in our dehumidifier water
68 Yoshinoya’s wagyu beef box for Japanese politicians
69 How to make epic umeboshi like a Japanese grandpa
70 Japan’s “edible tear gas ramen” lives up to its name【Taste test】
71 Japan’s brain wave-reading cat ears are back, with a brand-new twist!
72 $100 ramen in Tokyo: Overpriced or totally worth it?
73 Sake and Japanese convenience store ice cream go great together, but there’s an even better combo
74 Japanese mayor who bit softball athlete’s gold medal to forfeit three months’ pay
75 Demon Slayer anime restaurant coming to Universal Studios with Hashira meals, life-size figures
76 Japanese town will give you two million yen for having your third kid there in birth-boosting plan
77 New Pokémon x McDonald’s collaboration features Pikachu on milkshakes and desserts in Japan!
78 Landmark Akihabara arcade Adores is the latest Tokyo game center to go out of business
79 Starbucks releases 47 new Frappuccinos in Japan, one for every prefecture
80 Naomi Osaka’s dream of having her own Barbie doll comes true
81 We check out Films Wako, a “social apartment” building with a movie theater inside
82 Kotatsu specially built for card, board games
83 After 40 years, Hayao Miyazaki’s first solo-directed anime is finally coming to North America
84 Three people become first arrested in Japan for posting 10-minute movie recap on YouTube
85 “It’s a GUNDAM!” BBC Olympics learns that RX-0 at Tokyo Olympics is not a Transformer
86 Late-night Starbucks run? Chain will start discounting items before closing time in Japan
87 Japanese Scottish Fold Motimaru grabs Guinness World Record for most watched cat on YouTube
88 The best time to see Shinjuku’s giant new 3-D cat
89 Japanese toilets now measure fatigue levels at highway rest stops
90 McDonald’s Japan releases new Tsukimi “moon-viewing” burgers for 2021
91 Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo is scheduled to be demolished, needs your help
92 Man climbs down side of building in Tokyo to steal…a bunch of Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards
93 This Japanese theme park just made a real-world Pokémon forest for you to go Pokémon spotting in
94 Uniqlo and anime director Mamoru Hosoda team up for awesome new T-shirt line【Photos】
95 Original McDonald’s character Speedee makes a comeback in Japan
96 Japanese anime fans weigh in on which Shonen Jump anime are the most entertaining
97 Nintendo to convert former Kyoto factory into museum of the company’s history
98 Exhibition on the 1,500 year-history of traditional Japanese women’s clothing to open in Shibuya
99 We buy a delicious new burger without saying a single word
100 Vaccine side effects: How the first and second dose of Pfizer and Moderna affected our reporters