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1 Famed Soviet Animator Leonid Shvartsman Dies At Age 101 Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 11 hours ago
2 Soviet equipment for Ukraine running out as US pushes for NATO switch The Jerusalem Post 12 hours ago
3 Soviet Terror Made Sacrifice Second Nature for Baltics Bloomberg 6 days ago
4 Russia uses old Soviet-era missiles to strike Ukraine: General Al Jazeera English 3 days ago
5 Fact Sheet on WMD Threat Reduction Efforts with Ukraine, Russia and Other Former Soviet Un Department of Defense 24 days ago
6 Russians Urged to Snitch on Ukraine War Critics in Return to Soviet-Style Denunciations The Moscow Times 3 days ago
7 Russia-Ukraine latest updates: Moscow using Soviet-era missiles Al Jazeera English 3 days ago
8 As With the Soviet Union, It Will Take Acts of Individual Courage to Stop Putin AMAC 15 days ago
9 Combat Roles and Women of the Soviet Union During WWII SOFREP 22 hours ago
10 Russia aims to boot former Soviet nations from NATO by relinquishing sovereign recognition: lawmaker Yahoo News 18 days ago
11 Experts present Latvian government list of 69 Soviet monuments to tear down 3 days ago
12 Russia Removes Polish Flag from Soviet Massacre Memorial The Moscow Times 8 days ago
13 The J6 Inquisition Is An Obvious Soviet-Style Show Trial The Federalist 23 days ago
14 A history of Soviet whaling: Why the USSR killed so many whales, and why they stopped. Slate 29 days ago
15 The Soviet Past in Putin’s War on Ukraine National Review 7 days ago
16 Soviet Union's Olympic robbery of US still not forgivable five decades later New York Post 8 days ago
17 No, Soviet and Chinese communists have not controlled US institutions for decades Poynter 12 days ago
18 Ukraine dependent on arms from allies after exhausting Soviet-era weaponry FRANCE 24 English 23 days ago
19 The day of Russia or day of end of Soviet Union? – The Sun Nigeria Daily Sun 21 days ago
20 Putin's poisonous anti-Western ideology relies heavily on projection Atlantic Council 4 hours ago
21 Putin Ally Warns Former USSR Nations Need to Fall in Line to Stay Sovereign Newsweek 2 days ago
22 Russia wants to control energy reserves of all former Soviet countries, Mike Pompeo says POLITICO Europe 10 days ago
23 ‘No one feels sorry for them’ Meduza 20 days ago
24 The Truth About the Evolution of Russian Military Doctrine The National Interest Online 2 days ago
25 The Lockheed A-12: The Blackbird Predecessor That Had The Soviet Union Running For Cover HotCars 11 days ago
26 The Red Army: Liberators only in the Jewish perspective opinion 3 days ago
27 The abandoned Soviet mining town in Norway's Arctic BBC 12 days ago
28 Leadership from Mills was more like Soviets Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel 10 hours ago
29 Soviet-Era Pop Star Yury Shatunov Of Boyband Laskovy Mai Dies At 48 Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 10 days ago
30 Russia targeted Ukrainian ammunition to weaken Kyiv on the battlefield The Washington Post 9 days ago
31 Art Basel and “Trial by Death” KyivPost 9 hours ago
32 Can Putin Survive? Foreign Affairs Magazine 12 days ago
33 Russia said to be increasingly relying on heavy Soviet-era missiles Euronews 21 days ago
34 Putin gets desperate and turns to 'Soviet-era' missile as Russian forces 'hollowed' out Express 5 days ago
35 Free Online: Watch Stalker, Mirror, and Other Masterworks by Soviet Auteur Andrei Tarkovsky Open Culture 4 days ago
36 Morning 5-Soviet defectors Waterbury Republican American 5 days ago
37 Russia Has Failed Challenging EU-US Relations – OpEd Eurasia Review 18 hours ago
38 Botakoz Kassymbekova and Erica Marat on Russia's 'Imperial Myth' The Diplomat 3 days ago
39 Investing in Ukraine's brains is vital for the country's post-war prosperity Atlantic Council 5 hours ago
40 Photo altered to look like it's Marjorie Taylor Greene wearing a Soviet shirt and raising arm PolitiFact 11 days ago
41 Russia struggles to revive Soviet brands because of parts shortages Automotive Logistics 6 days ago
42 Soviet-era tech could change the geothermal industry The Register 5 days ago
43 Putin ‘threatens action’ against ex-Soviet states if they defy Russia 14 days ago
44 The real-life Maverick who took on 7 Soviet jets in a classified Korean War dogfight Task & Purpose 9 days ago
45 Splintered Ukrainian city braces for new battle with Russia The Public's Radio 9 hours ago
46 Venus Probe Unsuccessfully Launched by Soviet Union in 1972 Is Losing Altitude; To Crash Land on Earth Between 2024-2027 | The Weather Channel Articles from The Weather Channel | 26 days ago
47 Artist Translates Into Prints the Atmosphere and Nostalgia of Polish Soviet Architecture ArchDaily 17 days ago
48 Perspective | Russia is counting on the media to spread propaganda about show trials The Washington Post 10 days ago
49 Bad Idea: Russia's Kiev-Class Tried to Combine an Aircraft Carrier and a Cruiser 19FortyFive 3 days ago
50 The abandoned Glasgow hostel that was likened to a 'Soviet gulag' Glasgow Live 23 hours ago
51 War prompts some European countries to boost military and civilian defenses The Washington Post 9 hours ago
52 The day of Russia or the day of the end of the Soviet Union? Guardian Nigeria 24 days ago
53 'Art will go back underground': artist Emilia Kabakov on the war in Ukraine and the fate of the Russian art world Art Newspaper 4 days ago
54 World’s ‘Strongest’ Defense Alliance – NATO Keeps Russians ‘Out’, Germans ‘Down’ & China ‘On Radar’ EurAsian Times 2 days ago
55 Army of marauders: the long history of Russian military looting, pillaging, and stealing Euromaidan Press 5 days ago
56 US seeks to strike 'right balance' by sending Soviet-era weapons to war-torn Ukraine Republic World 7 days ago
57 Cold War Lessons for Ending Putin's War in Ukraine Foreign Policy 2 days ago
58 Amid the Ukraine war, India is replicating what it did when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan 8 days ago
59 How NATO began with confrontation and ends with poisoning world peace? Global Times 5 days ago
60 Opinion: All Ukrainian children know to 'never leave breadcrumbs on the table' CNN 3 days ago
61 Odesa Prepares Its Labyrinth Of Catacombs As Shelters Against Russian Attack Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 3 days ago
62 Support for Steve Bray shows extent of opposition towards 'Soviet-style' policing bill Left Foot Forward 1 day ago
63 Russia claims capture of pivotal city in eastern Ukraine KSAT San Antonio 10 hours ago
64 When should U.S. research be stamped 'top secret'? NSF asks for a new look at the issue Science 3 days ago
65 Cruise Missile or Suicide Drone – Russia Shoots Down Invading Tu-143 Inside Its Airspace With Buk Missile EurAsian Times 3 days ago
66 Samantha Smith: How a 10-year-old became a Cold War icon of peace DW (English) 5 days ago
67 Serhii Plokhy: Putin's imperialist narrative 'is being crushed' Financial Times 2 days ago
68 America Must Relearn the Art of the Arms Race Foreign Policy 2 days ago
69 Pakistanis confident the world won’t let a nuclear state collapse. They forget Soviet Union ThePrint 9 days ago
70 Soviet Union: History, leaders and legacy 4 months ago
71 More empty Soviet war memorials could be found in Estonia ERR News 6 days ago
72 The West does everything wrong, an economist from Baku believes JAMnews 6 days ago
73 How a G-7 ban on Russian gold would work WMUR Manchester 3 days ago
74 Colonialism and trauma in Central and Eastern Europe New Eastern Europe 2 days ago
75 How the KGB Silenced Dissent During the Soviet Era History 3 months ago
76 Like some Soviet regime this Government has crippled us FREDERICK FORSYTH 29 days ago
77 Sweden and Finland are on the cusp of joining NATO. Here's why that matters, and what comes next CNN 3 days ago
78 How the Soviet Union's collapse explains the current Russia-Ukraine tension NPR 6 months ago
79 German building workers find suspected Nazi mass grave DW (English) 2 days ago
80 Putin's week: Facing NATO expansion, West's unity on Ukraine The Associated Press 2 days ago
81 Putin to make first foreign trip to former soviet states since Ukraine invasion Baaghi TV 7 days ago
82 Soviet Union Leaders: A Timeline History 4 months ago
83 UN: Nearly 16mn Ukrainians in need of urgent humanitarian aid as war enters day 130 Republic World 14 hours ago
84 The Revival of Islam in Turkmenistan – The Diplomat The Diplomat 3 days ago
85 Russia needs to stop clinging to the idea of reviving the Soviet Union, Ukraine ambassador says CNBC 6 months ago
86 Why romanticising the Soviet Union obscures its colonial past gal-dem 4 months ago
87 China: Third player in Russia-Ukraine conflict? The Manila Times 2 days ago
88 Science and Civil Liberties: The Lost ACLU Lecture of Carl Sagan Quillette 3 days ago
89 Vladimir Putin's Rewriting of History Draws on a Long Tradition of Soviet Myth-Making Smithsonian Magazine 4 months ago
90 Russia and the Soviet Union: A Syllabus of Background Readings JSTOR Daily 4 months ago
91 Taiwan Strait belongs to the world 台北時報 1 day ago
92 When Soviet-Led Forces Crushed the 1968 ‘Prague Spring’ History 4 months ago
93 Russian Officials Push For Revival Of Soviet Youth Organization That Arouses Bad Memories Amongst Some Middle East Media Research Institute 1 month ago
94 Putin's Russia: people increasingly identify with the Soviet Union – here's what that means The Conversation 3 months ago
95 Americans don't like talking about it, but the Soviet Union produced a golden age of science Salon 3 months ago
96 Many ex-Soviet republics do not want Russian troops operating in their country NPR 2 months ago
97 Analysis | Soviet flags keep rising over Russian-occupied Ukraine The Washington Post 2 months ago
98 Opinion | Now we see, with Putin, why Nuremberg-style Soviet trials were needed The Washington Post 2 months ago
99 If Putin wants to remake the Soviet Union, what country would Russia target next? Fox News 4 months ago
100 Russia Says 'Impossible' to Revive Soviet Union Amid U.S. Concerns, Growing Nostalgia Newsweek 7 months ago