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1 Kremlin Escalates Estonian Row Over Removing Soviet-Era Tank Bloomberg 2 days ago
2 The Intricate Fight For Africa: The Legacy Of The Soviet Union Vs Western Colonialism 10 hours ago
3 Ukrainians Thank North Macedonia For Supply Of Soviet-Era Tanks Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 1 day ago
4 Museum of Soviet propaganda to be opened in Chernihiv Oblast Euromaidan Press 12 hours ago
5 Ukrainian priest martyred under the Soviet regime to be beatified Vatican News 3 days ago
6 MFA: Russia's rights to foreign assets of Soviet Union are indisputable Armenia News 1 day ago
7 Five Locations used to depict the West in Soviet cinema Far Out Magazine 3 days ago
8 The incredible story about how the CIA retrieved a Soviet submarine EL PAÍS USA 1 day ago
9 The Revival Of Russia's Soviet Past Middle East Media Research Institute 5 days ago
10 What's it like living in Soviet-era housing today? CNN 13 days ago
11 Vadim Bakatin, last head of Soviet KGB, dies at 84 Reuters 7 days ago
12 'Constant control': Russian penal colonies are leftovers from infamous Soviet-era gulags UPI News 3 days ago
13 Israel’s queen of sing-along reveals secret Soviet Union missions Haaretz 5 days ago
14 Russian Disciplined Under New Law for Comparing Soviet Union to Nazis Newsweek 18 days ago
15 Opinion: Is Russian Threat to the Jewish Agency a Return to Soviet Oppression? — Detroit Jewish News The Jewish News 3 days ago
16 Russia to Revive Soviet-Era Shops Selling Western Goods to Foreign Diplomats The Moscow Times 4 days ago
17 In occupied south Ukraine, some fear a return to Soviet times under Russia Reuters 18 days ago
18 Lost Film Rolls of the Fall of the Soviet Union Developed 26 Years Later PetaPixel 22 days ago
19 Bure recalls growing up in Soviet Union, coming to NHL with Canucks 8 days ago
20 Post-Soviet Reformer Chubais Is Seriously Ill In A European Hospital, Says Friend Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 7 days ago
21 Russia Resorting to Soviet-Era Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Hit Land Targets Newsweek 29 days ago
22 China is not the Soviet Union, Beijing's ambassador Qin Gang tells security conference Washington Times 19 days ago
23 Noam Chomsky: Is U.S. Censorship Worse Than Soviet Russia? 8 days ago
24 U.S. Trailer for Kirill Serebrennikov's Petrov's Flu Takes Hallucinatory Trip Through Post-Soviet Russia The Film Stage 7 hours ago
25 Letter From Crimea: Bloody Sunday 1962 Brings Down the Soviet Union CounterPunch 17 days ago
26 Twin-Turbojet Firefighting Tank Is a Nightmarish Utility Vehicle with Soviet Roots autoevolution 2 days ago
27 The Sources of Soviet Knowledge: A Look at the History of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia Wilson Center 20 days ago
28 Russian-made BM-27 Uragan rocket artillery MLRS fighting in Ukraine Business Insider 3 days ago
29 For Ukraine's landmarks, Russian bombs and resentment of Soviet architecture are a double threat The Globe and Mail 3 days ago
30 The USSR in Afghanistan History Today 6 days ago
31 Political Art Around the World Foreign Policy 12 hours ago
32 Russian Defense Minister: 'Soon Soviet Union Will Return' Newsmax 11 days ago
33 The thirst for freedom in Belarus is unquenchable Financial Times 15 hours ago
34 Soviet monument committee criticized for lack of transparency ERR News 2 days ago
35 Ukrainian Forces Deploy Soviet-Era 'Rapira' Anti-Tank Guns On Kharkiv Front Line Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 11 days ago
36 Lt-Col Angus Southwood, officer involved in a covert Cold War reconnaissance operation – obituary The Telegraph 10 hours ago
37 The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, explained The Washington Post 3 days ago
38 World’s 1st Space Station – 27 Years Before ISS, How Soviet Russia Created History By Launching The Salyut EurAsian Times 10 days ago
39 US-China rivalry not the same as US-Soviet. What India needs to watch out ThePrint 7 days ago
40 In Stalin’s Growing Shadow Civil Georgia 4 days ago
41 Transdniestria, Moldova, and Russia's War in Ukraine Carnegie Endowment for International Peace 5 days ago
42 Photos: Visiting The 1932 And 1980 Winter Olympic Ice Rinks In Lake Placid, New York NoVa Caps 10 hours ago
43 South Korea’s FA-50 To Succeed Poland’s Soviet-Era Combat Aircraft Aviation Week 6 days ago
44 Sukarno’s denouement — II The News International 23 hours ago
45 Mutated Soviet sharks attack in teaser for sci-fi horror Shark Side of the Moon Flickering Myth 7 days ago
46 The War and the Future of Ukraine's Oligarchy Wilson Center 4 days ago
47 Who is Viktor Bout, the prisoner the U.S. may trade for Brittney Griner? NPR 11 days ago
48 On Putin's Vacant Moral Imagination History News Network 8 hours ago
49 The Cold War race to deploy spy satellites may have prevented World War III Post Magazine 3 days ago
50 Merchant Of Death. Lord Of War. The McDonald's Of Arms Trafficking: Who Is Viktor Bout? Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 2 days ago
51 Threat from army, protection of Soviet symbols – another scandalous statement by Amnesty International Ukrainian News Agency 3 days ago
52 Opinion: Russia is destroying the Ukraine of my memory The Globe and Mail 3 days ago
53 Putin 'growing desperate' as Kremlin's Soviet tactics 'losing momentum' Express 9 days ago
54 Why Superpower Crises Are a Good Thing Foreign Policy 2 days ago
55 A Century of Unions in Europe (1920-2022) Visual Capitalist 4 days ago
56 Was Rocky III Dedicated to Osama bin Laden's Resistance Group? CBR 2 days ago
57 Two pilots killed as Soviet-era fighter jet crashes in India Geo News 10 days ago
58 Ukrainian grandmaster bids to unseat Russian head of world chess body The Seattle Times 1 day ago
59 Soviet Union: History, leaders and legacy 5 months ago
60 These Ukrainian volunteers recover soldiers' remains to return them to their families WAMU 88.5 12 hours ago
61 How Did China's Military Get So Dangerous? Ask Russia 19FortyFive 3 days ago
62 Tearing down Checkpoint Charlie, 1990 Stars and Stripes 1 day ago
63 What Countries Were Part of the Soviet Union? History 5 months ago
64 Oak Park's Steve James brings his latest doc to Venice Chicago Tribune 10 days ago
65 Narva Mayor: Narva will not relocate Soviet tank monument ERR News 12 days ago
66 DEATH OF THE SOVIET UNION: Widespread nostalgia but no going back bne IntelliNews 8 months ago
67 Young Slovaks lack knowledge on the 1968 occupation The Slovak Spectator 4 days ago
68 The World Shrinks To A Basement In Ukraine For World War II Survivor And Grandmother Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 5 days ago
69 The lost nuclear bombs that no one can find BBC 3 days ago
70 The Greatest (and Worst) Power Lunches in Hollywood History Hollywood Reporter 2 days ago
71 How the Soviet Union's collapse explains the current Russia-Ukraine tension NPR 8 months ago
72 How the KGB Silenced Dissent During the Soviet Era History 4 months ago
73 Navy Day: Putin's New Russian Fleet Has a Message for NATO The National Interest Online 6 days ago
74 Wily H.N. Bahuguna’s closeness to Soviets proved his undoing The Asian Age 1 day ago
75 Putin believed his own propaganda and fatally underestimated Ukraine 7 days ago
76 Soviet Union Leaders: A Timeline History 5 months ago
77 The check-mates | Sports News The Indian Express 8 days ago
78 The People Immortal by Vasily Grossman: eyewitness to the Red Army in disarray The Times 1 day ago
79 “Cats Are Indescribably Wonderful, Shostakovich's Fugues Less So”: On Elizabeth Wilson's “Playing with Fire: The Story of Maria Yudina, Pianist in Stalin's Russia” lareviewofbooks 4 days ago
80 Russia needs to stop clinging to the idea of reviving the Soviet Union, Ukraine ambassador says CNBC 7 months ago
81 Kosovo's problematic special status, by Jean-Arnault Dérens Le Monde diplomatique 10 hours ago
82 True story of Brit 'arrested and thrown in gulag' by Russians at Soviet space station Daily Star 7 days ago
83 Aces High: Over the Volga with Lydia Litvyak We Are The Mighty 2 days ago
84 Astana Trilateral Summit 2022: What did Russian President Achieve? Modern Diplomacy 2 days ago
85 Letter From Crimea: Stalin, Putin and the Exile Tartars CounterPunch 3 days ago
86 Violent unrest in Uzbekistan’s Karakalpakstan region: what happened? Open Democracy 4 days ago
87 DEATH OF THE SOVIET UNION: The borders drawn in the 1920s are serving Russia well in the 2020s bne IntelliNews 8 months ago
88 Armenia Leader Questions Work of Russian Peacekeepers After Flareup Voice of America 4 days ago
89 Winter is coming: Vladimir Putin faces his "Hitler moment" Salon 4 days ago
90 Russia and the Soviet Union: A Syllabus of Background Readings JSTOR Daily 5 months ago
91 The Soviet Union never really solved Russian nationalism Aeon 1 month ago
92 ‘Pelosi to Taiwan’ exposes China’s two-facedness on territorial integrity Observer Research Foundation 19 hours ago
93 The Last Soviet Generation Al Jazeera English 8 months ago
94 Analysis | Soviet flags keep rising over Russian-occupied Ukraine The Washington Post 3 months ago
95 This is why the Soviet Union was one of the most evil governments ever created We Are The Mighty 2 months ago
96 Decoder: What was the Soviet Union? Why does Putin miss it? News-Decoder 5 months ago
97 Many ex-Soviet republics do not want Russian troops operating in their country NPR 3 months ago
98 Why romanticising the Soviet Union obscures its colonial past gal-dem 5 months ago
99 Thirty years ago, the Soviet Union collapsed but Russia remains a power 7 months ago
100 Vladimir Putin's Rewriting of History Draws on a Long Tradition of Soviet Myth-Making Smithsonian Magazine 5 months ago