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1 Do We Have a Right to Know Our Biological Parents?
2 What Does “Quality Sperm” Even Mean?
3 France has legalized fertility treatments for lesbian and single women. A sperm shortage may slow things down
4 Prince George's County Couple, Sperm Donor Battle for Custody of Baby
5 Cloud of eggs and sperm image wins Wildlife Photographer of the Year
6 The great sperm heist: 'They were playing with people's lives'
7 Finland suffering shortage of younger blood, stem cell, sperm donors
8 Study detects the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in semen along with low sperm count
9 What men need to know about freezing their sperm
10 Does This Video Show a Nanobot Inseminating Egg with 'Lazy' Sperm?
11 Wide heads help sperm swim together: New study shows that machine learning can help identify cell shapes associated with complex cell behaviors
12 Parents By Sperm Donation Should Be Very Concerned About This Idaho Supreme Court Ruling
13 United States Infertility Treatment Devices Market Report 2021-2027: Focus on Sperm Separation Devices, Ovum Aspiration Pumps, Sperm Analyzer Systems, Micromanipulator Systems, Microscopes, Incubators
14 New male contraceptive ‘testicle bath’ zaps sperm (and feels like a warm bath)...
15 New Florida Surgeon General Appeared at Demon-Sperm COVID Conspiracy Summit With Future Capitol Rioter
16 'His actions were unconscionable and depraved': Woman finds out Louisville doctor inseminated her with his own sperm
17 Avoiding Cannabis 74 Days Before Conceiving Lessens Impact On Sperm Quality, Says Study
18 The Explosive 'Nuclear Family' Finale Reveals Outcome of Lesbian Moms' Battle With Sperm Donor
19 Male contraceptive ‘bath’ device invented in Germany, wins Dyson award
20 The Top 2 Traits All Women Want In Their Sperm Donor, Says Study
21 Fitness consequences of targeted gene flow to counter impacts of drying climates on terrestrial-breeding frogs | Communications Biology
22 Male infertility increasing? Causes, treatments, and how to take care of your mental health
23 'Testicle bath' birth control device earns Germany's Dyson Prize
24 Woodbridge man admits selling carvings made of sperm whale ivory
25 Kim Jong Kook says he is considering sperm cryo-preservation
26 From a peaceful gorilla to a cloud of fish sperm: Wildlife photos of the year • FRANCE 24 English
27 Marine museum names dolphin, publishes paper on shark-bitten tooth
28 Ovulation Calendar: What It Is and How to Use It
29 Best Male Enhancement Pills That Work How To Improve Sperm Count Naturally
30 The Covid vaccine doesn’t cause infertility, but the disease might
31 Fancy A Contraceptive Testicle Bath? Future You Could Be In Luck
32 Proud mum gives birth to 'eBaby' after hitting 'buy it now' on online sperm
33 The Sperm-Count ‘Crisis’ Doesn’t Add Up
34 Female reproductive organ anatomy, parts, and function
35 Can Birth Control Cause Infertility? Experts Explain
36 Prostate cancer: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment
37 Speeding up mouse model generation without reducing quality
38 Virus disrupts sex routines of roundworms
39 Fears over falling human sperm count may be overblown
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41 I’m 33 & Have ‘Unexplained Infertility,’ But I’m Still Trying To Get Pregnant
42 Opinion | What Are Sperm Telling Us?
43 Freezing Sperm: Cost, Effectiveness, and More
44 With Fertility Needs in Flux, Men Eye Freezing Their Sperm
45 When do you ovulate? How to track your cycle and determine when you are most fertile
46 Add falling sperm counts to the list of threats to human survival, epidemiologist warns
47 COVID-19 vaccines and men's reproductive health
48 Fertility:Key protein helps sperm do their job in timely fashion
49 DNA test reveals to family teenage son was fathered by someone else due to IFV mix-up
50 Is The Sperm Race A Fairy Tale? : Short Wave
51 Sperm Counts Are on the Decline. Is the Human Race in Danger?
52 Sperm counts are falling precipitously across the rich world
53 Newly discovered sperm movement could help diagnose, treat male infertility: Centriole's role in sperm evolved from a shock absorber to a transmission system
54 Sperm help 'persuade' the female to accept pregnancy
55 70-year-old woman gave birth to her first baby
56 Can I get Pregnant after Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine? Does the Vaccine Affect a Man's Fertility?
57 Chemicals, radiation, and pollution lower sperm counts
58 Scientists mail freeze-dried mouse sperm on a postcard
59 Normal Sperm Count: Range, Analysis Chart, and Pregnancy
60 8 sperm myths and facts
61 Greenland sharks: The longest-living vertebrates
62 BBC's Simon Reeve told he was infertile before conceiving son
63 A research expedition to uncharted waters in the Indian Ocean
64 Scientists make sperm from mouse pluripotent stem cells that lead to healthy, fertile offspring
65 Why do some animals have sperm 20 times the length of their bodies?
66 Does Covid-19 impact male fertility? Experts urge caution about new evidence
67 Male sperm storage impairs sperm quality in the zebrafish | Scientific Reports
68 Structure of a mammalian sperm cation channel complex
69 New York doctor accused of using own sperm to inseminate patient, lawsuit says
70 Settlement reached against fertility doctor accused of using his sperm to impregnate women
71 The Sperm Kings Have a Problem: Too Much Demand
72 This New Start-Up Will Help You Freeze Your Sperm From Home—But Do You Really Need to?
73 Deal agreed for patients and children of fertility doctor who used own sperm
74 Attorneys to make final arguments Monday on upending conviction in Rodney Reed death row case
75 Sweden faces sperm deficit as pandemic keeps donors away from clinics
76 Scientists flew mouse sperm to space to study radiation's impact
77 Male fertility is declining – studies show that environmental toxins could be a reason
78 Where Have All Your Sperm Gone?
79 Vasectomy, Explained: What It's Actually Like to Get a Vasectomy, According to Guys Who've Gotten Snipped
80 Does Cycling Lower Your Sperm Count?
81 Male fertility: how everyday chemicals are destroying sperm counts in humans and animals
82 Is A Cambridge President Right In Warning Her Students Against Putting Off Pregnancy?
83 Why Fruit Flies Won Nature's Prize for Longest Sperm
84 Human Sperm Mutations that can Cause Disease in Children Identified
85 Breaking the egg barrier: A sperm story
86 Egg and Sperm Cell Size Evolved from Competition
87 Key Protein Helps Sperm Do Their Job in a Timely Fashion
88 The Doomsday Sperm Theory Embraced by the Far Right
89 Semenoll Reviews
90 Scientists want to send 6.7M sperm samples to the moon
91 Newly Discovered Sperm Movement Could Help Treat Male Infertility
92 A new sperm discovery could solve a huge male infertility problem
93 New Method Artificially Tunes Sperm Stem Cell Fate
94 Emerging science debunks the myth of falling sperm counts
95 Antibodies Stop Sperm in Their Tracks
96 What Foods Can Increase Your Sperm Count?
97 Humans could make babies on Mars after new sperm discovery, study says
98 Should we panic over declining sperm counts? Harvard researchers say not so fast
99 Study shows sperm decline in marijuana smokers
100 Sperm Evolution Becomes Supercharged Only When They Swim Inside Females