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2 George Mitchell: What would go in your Room 101? The Press & Journal 1 day ago
3 Piecing Together the History of Stasi Spying The New York Times 10 months ago
4 The Stasi Poetry Circle review – East Germany’s unsettling war with words The Guardian 3 months ago
5 The Left spouts hatred masquerading as kindness The Telegraph 1 day ago
6 German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was under East German surveillance: report DW (English) 4 months ago
7 College Signings 11: This Monsignor Farrell duo will add to Wagner College’s loaded Track & Field program 11 days ago
8 Daily Telegraph editors tossing up whether to depict Albanese as Nazi or Communist for tomorrow's front page The Shovel 13 hours ago
9 German Film Festival 2022 Broadsheet 4 days ago
10 Is Germany's leader so soft on Russia because he's an ex-Marxist, asks historian DR HUBERTUS KNABE Daily Mail 5 days ago
11 The Stasi Poetry Circle by Philip Oltermann review – paper spies The Guardian 3 months ago
12 As Germany's secret-police archive shutters, reckoning for its victims continues National Geographic 10 months ago
13 East Berlin Stories | Samuel Huneke The Baffler 2 months ago
14 Looking Back: The Fall of East Germany's Feared Stasi 30 Years Ago Voice of America 2 years ago
15 Saturday Night Live Became Part of the Stasi to Protect Hunter Biden The Stream 2 months ago
16 Texas as the Lone Stasi State Santa Barbara Independent 8 months ago
17 Germany's Stasi files agency wraps up work after 3 decades The Associated Press 11 months ago
18 The Lingering Trauma of the East German Police State The Atlantic 3 years ago
19 Accessible Stasi archive offers a model for Catholic Ireland's troubled past The Irish Times 9 months ago
20 Transfer of Stasi records agency closes a chapter of East German history DW (English) 1 year ago
21 The OG Freddy Krueger Can't Even Compare to Drag Queen Stasi Cosmopolitan 7 months ago
22 I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United Stasi of Amerika The Stream 3 months ago
23 Alexa Pano, Meghan Stasi win at Jones/Doherty Women's Amateur golf Palm Beach Post 4 months ago
24 What The Stasi Did After The Fall Of The Berlin Wall | HistoryExtra Podcast BBC History Magazine 12 months ago
25 Putin's Nord Stream 2 pipeline: the Stasi connection | News | The Sunday Times The Times 3 months ago
26 Experience: my brother spied on me for the Stasi The Guardian 2 years ago
27 Thirty years after the Berlin Wall fell, a Stasi spy puzzle remains unsolved The Washington Post 3 years ago
28 The new Stasi: The eyes of Texas are upon you Toronto Star 8 months ago
29 10 Terrifying Facts about the East German Secret Police | Laura Williams Foundation for Economic Education 3 years ago
30 From Stasi To Bellingcat: Former East German Agent Turns Investigative Reporter Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 3 years ago
31 COVID in Iowa: How Skywalk Joe refocused business during pandemic Des Moines Register 2 months ago
32 Beware the digital Stasi in your pocket Financial Times 3 years ago
33 The Secret Lives Of The Stasi Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 3 years ago
34 The Rittenhouse effect: Republicans want a Stasi of their own Salon 6 months ago
35 East German Stasi and Polish secret service shared deep distrust Taiwan News 1 year ago
36 Germany: Looking through DDR Stasi files | DW News latest news and breaking stories 11 months ago
37 Declassified tapes give insight into workings of the Stasi The Week (UK) 2 years ago
38 How Communist spies tracked James Bond on set of Octopussy for crossing into East Berlin Daily Mail 11 months ago
39 Review: The rhymes of others Chatham House 2 months ago
40 Former East German Stasi files to live on in federal archive 3 years ago
41 'I've been shafted twice': Stasi victims and their quest for compensation The Guardian 3 years ago
42 The schoolgirls who defied the Stasi: 'Someone said, "What if we take him across the border?"' The Guardian 3 years ago
43 Stasi HQ storming: German president praises 'democratic act' DW (English) 2 years ago
44 Wales' smacking ban will lead to 'Stasi' culture say Welsh Conservatives Nation.Cymru 3 months ago
45 The spies who loved me: my dad, the Stasi agent The Guardian 7 years ago
46 No remorse from Stasi as Berlin marks fall of Wall 13 years ago
47 Bernard Keane's Canberra, the real Russian elite and the Stasi poetry circle that tried to bring down capitalism ABC News 2 months ago
48 Stasi adds AGA Women's Amateur to hall-of-fame resume 12 months ago
49 Vladimir Putin's Stasi ID card found in German archives CNN 3 years ago
50 A country of snitches Courthouse News Service 3 months ago
51 The Minds Solving the Giant Puzzle the Stasi Left Behind Pacific Standard 5 years ago
52 Stasi files: scanner struggles to stitch together surveillance state scraps The Guardian 4 years ago
53 The Romeo Initiative: If It's Perfect Love, He's a Spy – Brunswickan Brunswickan 6 months ago
54 Prince Harry Critic Comedian Rails Against 'Woke Stasi' After Being Canceled Newsweek 10 months ago
55 The secret disguises of the Stasi CNN 9 years ago
56 Study confirms that Stasi infiltrated Greens DW (English) 6 years ago
57 Boris Johnson asked if Angela Merkel was part of Stasi before G7 Summit Express 11 months ago
58 Who's still afraid of the secret police? East Germans shy away from Stasi files DW (English) 5 years ago
59 Peering into the secret, spooky world of the Stasi Quartz 8 years ago
60 Franchisee addresses greenwashing concerns over new Tim Hortons Regina Leader Post 2 months ago
61 Showdown In Dresden: The Stasi Occupation And The Putin Myth Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 2 years ago
62 How the north-east of Scotland became a target for the Stasi at the height of the Cold War The Courier 2 years ago
63 A Historian Pulls Back the Curtain on the Stasi Duke Today 10 years ago
64 Remember Stasi spying to understand the GDPR The Parallax 4 years ago
65 Piecing Together the Dark Legacy of East Germany's Secret Police WIRED 14 years ago
66 Rocking the Stasi BBC 5 years ago
67 The Stasi Spies in Seminary The Wall Street Journal 3 years ago
68 Stasi files catalogue tragedy and trauma of four toxic decades The Irish Times 3 years ago
69 To understand Putin, look to the fall of East Germany and the USSR New York Post 3 months ago
70 Putin's Stasi identity card discovered in German archives DW (English) 3 years ago
71 Germany's spy state lives on The National Business Review 10 months ago
72 Putin’s Stasi ID is found in German archive The Seattle Times 3 years ago
73 Who is Nord Stream's Matthias Warnig, Putin's friend from East Germany? DW (English) 1 year ago
74 Stasi spies and neo-Nazis: East German Jewish life before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall Haaretz 3 years ago
75 Working for the Stasi was this Australian's ticket to a life behind the Iron Curtain ABC News 2 years ago
76 Spy x Family: Things You Need To Know About Ostania GameRant 2 days ago
77 German newspaper investigates new owner over Stasi informer role The Guardian 3 years ago
78 Stasi style! How East Germany's secret police dressed their agents to ensure they could infiltrate the lives o Daily Mail 9 years ago
79 Germany Will Research Stasi Art Seizures | Smart News Smithsonian Magazine 5 years ago
80 From God to the Stasi, how we respond to being watched DW (English) 5 years ago
81 The Grey Men by Ralph Hope, review — the scandal of Germany's former Stasi officers The Times 1 year ago
82 Stasi made East Germany the world's most surveilled country The Times 3 years ago
83 Found at Last: A Real-Life East German Stasi Officer Who Sabotaged His Own Deadly Operation History News Network (HNN) 5 years ago
84 East Germany thrived on snitching lovers, fickle friends and envious schoolkids The Australian Financial Review 6 years ago
85 Did Vladimir Putin Support Anti-Western Terrorists as a Young KGB Officer? POLITICO 2 years ago
86 Former Stasi agents questioned in Berlin in Lockerbie bombing probe DW (English) 3 years ago
87 Ex-Stasi staff still work at archives of East Germany's former secret police The Guardian 8 years ago
88 Anatomy of a cancellation by the culture Stasi The Times 11 months ago
89 Germans snitch on neighbours flouting virus rules, in echo of the Stasi past 2 years ago
90 A Rare Look at the Archives of the German Secret Police WIRED 5 years ago
91 Revamped Stasi jail in Berlin keeps lino floors The Times 1 year ago
92 German Exhibit Reveals Secret Stasi Spy Photos : The Picture Show NPR 11 years ago
93 End the secrecy about British Stasi spies | Comment The Times 3 years ago
94 NSA and the Stasi: They're nothing alike and making the comparison is dangerous. Slate 7 years ago
95 The lives of others: inside the Stasi Museum – in pictures The Guardian 5 years ago
96 30 years after Berlin Wall fell, Stasi archive move sparks controversy EURACTIV 3 years ago
97 How East Germany's Stasi tried to drive activists insane, and how they resisted Boing Boing 5 years ago
98 Picture Tree Intl. Picks Up Leander Haussmann’s ‘A Stasi Comedy’ (EXCLUSIVE) Variety 2 years ago
99 Why I'm Afraid of My Family's Secret Police Files VICE UK 1 year ago