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1 Hard numbers: Fairfax Co. prosecutor seeks to quantify disparities in justice system
2 Fairfax County to collect data on if race, income affects how people are treated in court
3 Criminal justice changes in Virginia prompt debate over how prosecutors are funded by the state
4 Judge denies motion to drop assault charges against Fairfax Co. police officer
5 Former Fairfax Co. cop indicted on sex crimes
6 Conservative Group Calls to Remove Loudoun Commonwealth’s Attorney
7 Former Fairfax County Police officer indicted for sexual relationship with a minor in cadet program
8 FCPD Daily News Blog : Media Alert: FCPD Investigation Leads To Indictment Of A Former Officer
9 FCPD Daily News Blog : FCPD Investigation Leads To Indictment Of Former Officer
10 Stand Up Virginia Seeks Recall of Fairfax County Commonwealth's Attorney
11 Meet Steve Descano, the Rogue Prosecutor Whose Policies Are Wreaking Havoc in Fairfax County, Virginia
12 Ex-D.C. firefighter sues Fairfax County over false arrest that sent him to prison
13 Public Safety
14 A secret algorithm is transforming DNA evidence. This defendant could be the first to scrutinize it.
15 Partisanship, race play too much of a role in recall efforts around Virginia
16 The Fairfax prosecutor’s decision to sit out many misdemeanor cases is a mistake
17 Bijan Ghaisar’s parents ask for former Park Police chief to be removed from task force
18 Vera Institute Partners with Eight New Prosecutors' Offices to Reduce…
19 Fairfax County makes sweeping sentencing reforms
20 Group begins recall campaign against Fairfax County prosecutor
21 Commonwealth Attorney Flags Critical Need for Funding
22 An Interview with Steve Descano: “Ending Mass Incarceration” Requires “a Systemic Approach”
23 Virginia prosecutors ask Justice Department to reconsider decision to not prosecute Park Police killing of Bijan Ghaisar
24 Group demands recall of Fairfax County Commonwealth's Attorney, claims he failed to prosecute certain crimes
25 Fairfax’s top prosecutor says staffing ‘crisis’ will hurt county’s ability to seek justice
26 Judge faults Fairfax County prosecutors for failing to notify victim of trial
27 Fairfax County prosecutor formally ends cash bail, joining a growing movement
28 Fairfax supervisors wary as prosecutor comes seeking more funds
29 Former DC firefighter released from prison after judge said he was 'inclined' to do so
30 Prosecutor Delivers Blow in Fairfax County
31 Ruling challenges Va.’s tradition of judges, police officers prosecuting misdemeanor cases
32 Descano’s Unconstitutional Actions
33 Fairfax Commonwealth's Attorney Talks Reform with MCA
34 Judge to throw out Fairfax Co. conviction of DC firefighter after claims of officer bias
35 Judge reprimands prosecutors in high-profile Va. police brutality case
36 Virginia must end cash bail
37 Va. judge rebukes Fairfax County police, prosecutors for failing to disclose key evidence in murder case
38 Park Police officers indicted in shooting of unarmed driver
39 Va.'s top prosecutor calls for ban on mandatory minimums to help combat mass incarceration
40 Justice Department now says it will help Fairfax County prosecutors in Bijan Ghaisar case
41 Prosecutor: No legal basis for trooper to stop Black woman
42 Fairfax County, Home Of William Barr, Elects Progressive Prosecutor Steve Descano
43 McAuliffe picks up more endorsements from Fairfax County leaders in gubernatorial bid
44 'There are further gaps': Fairfax County creates criminal justice reform council
45 The Suburbs Aren’t Scared of Criminal Justice Reform
46 7 On Your Side asks: Why are some domestic violence cases going unprosecuted in Fairfax?
47 Virginia Prosecutor Announces New Criminal Justice Reforms, Asks Lawmakers to OK
48 Virginia woman accused of pretending to be lawyer, targeting immigrant community
49 Virginia prosecutor says trooper had no legal basis to stop Black woman in March
50 Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney announces sentencing reform
51 Black woman pulled over and hit with multiple charges in Fairfax Co. has record cleared
52 Feds to cooperate in Virginia case against Park Police cops
53 Judge Weighs Tossing Officer’s Charges In Brutality Case
54 Indicted Fairfax Co. police officer to file defamation lawsuit
55 Va. officer accused of unnecessarily using Taser contends prosecutors are withholding evidence
56 Case of Park Police slaying of Bijan Ghaisar grinds to a halt, again
57 Park Police Officers Who Shot Bijan Ghaisar File To Move Case To Federal Court
58 Fairfax County Ends Cash Bail Except for High-Risk Individuals
59 Former doctor indicted for multiple rapes including individual he met through dating apps
60 Fairfax County’s top prosecutor implements criminal justice reforms
61 Virginia prosecutors ask DOJ to reconsider not prosecuting Park Police killing of Bijan Ghaisar
62 D.C. firefighter freed from prison after conviction based on Fairfax County officer’s false claims is thrown out
63 It’s time for second chances in Virginia
64 After Black driver is handcuffed and arrested, Va. prosecutor says she never should have been pulled over
65 How Stand Up Virginia Is Working to Hold Rogue Prosecutors Accountable
66 After Black woman is handcuffed and arrested, Virginia prosecutor says she never should have been pulled over
67 Fairfax race for prosecutor puts focus on pace of criminal justice reform
68 Soros quietly drops $200,000 backing another far-left prosecutor in Virginia
69 Judge in Park Police killing of Bijan Ghaisar schedules a hearing
70 Turning over a new leaf: New commonwealth's attorney relaxes pot possession charges
71 Former Fairfax County teacher accused of taking lewd images of students pleads guilty
72 Judge weighs tossing Fairfax County officer's charges in stun gun assault case
73 Contenders for Fairfax commonwealth's attorney find little common ground
74 Opinion: Fund the Virginia Witness Protection Program
75 Voters Beyond Big Cities Rejected Mass Incarceration in Tuesday's Elections
76 Descano to Hire Defense Attorney in Arlington as Chief Deputy
77 'Administrative errors' led to cop under investigation in Fairfax getting a job in Florida
78 After judge rebukes police and prosecutors, man pleads to lesser charge in killing
79 Fairfax County's top prosecutor vows not to prosecute for simple marijuana possession
80 Fairfax Policy Cutting Ties With ICE Is The First Of Its Kind In Virginia
81 Grand Jury Indicts Falls Church Man for December Shooting
82 Progressive challengers oust longtime prosecutors in Northern Virginia
83 Officer claims Fairfax Co. prosecutors withholding evidence, asks stun gun case be dismissed
84 Rogue Prosecutors Flout Rule of Law, Deny Justice to Victims' Families
85 Fairfax County’s Democratic prosecutor will endorse an independent — not a Democrat — to replace him
86 Federal court claims jurisdiction over Park Police shooting
87 No charges for Va. trooper who played to camera during arrest
88 Alleged officer bias expected to set ex-firefighter free
89 Major burglary ring hit about 40 homes in Fairfax County, authorities say
90 400 Convictions Could Be Overturned Due to 1 ‘Racially Biased’ Cop
91 Former HS drama teacher pleads guilty to recording students in dressing room
92 Park Police officers who killed Bijan Ghaisar seek to move their cases to federal court
93 Former Fairfax County prosecutor launches independent bid for commonwealth's attorney
94 Case against US Park Police officers charged in Bijan Ghaisar's death moves to federal court
95 Fairfax County firefighter charged with assaulting patient on ambulance
96 Va. judge rules Black defendant can’t get a fair trial in courtroom largely featuring portraits of White judges
97 Northern Virginia prosecutors join group to back criminal justice reform
98 New Fairfax County commonwealth’s attorney ‘working tirelessly’ to investigate Bijan Ghaisar’s killing
99 Fairfax County schools draft policy to not voluntarily cooperate with ICE
100 Ex-Fairfax County cop accused of racial profiling charged with DUI in Florida