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1 SFMTA “Fixes” Polk from Grove to Hayes – Streetsblog San Francisco
2 NYPD Ignores Council Request for Info on Allegedly Fraudulent 311 Responses
3 Opinion: DOT's Traffic Engineering Division is Hostile to Street Safety
4 This Week In Livable Streets – Streetsblog Los Angeles
5 Is Metro Committed To An Effective Clean Truck Program?
6 Tuesday's Headlines: Mayorus Interruptus Edition – Streetsblog New York City
7 Council Member Calls For Probe of Alleged 311 Harassment As Colleague Calls Dead-of-Night Calls from Cops 'Inappropriate'
8 Today's Headlines for Monday, October 25 – Streetsblog Chicago
9 FRANTIC ATLANTIC: Another Pedestrian Killed on Deadly Brooklyn Speedway
10 DOT Punts Long-Delayed Fifth Avenue Project to Next Mayor
11 Monday's Headlines: A Very Busy Weekend to Recap Edition
12 Today's Headlines – Streetsblog California
13 Monday's Headlines Blame Joe Manchin – Streetsblog USA
14 City Adds to 'Pedestrian-Friendly' Areas of Broadway
15 IGNORED, DISMISSED: How the NYPD Neglects 311 Complaints about Driver Misconduct
16 AWFULLY IRONIC: NYPD Threatens Tipster After Streetsblog Story About Prior Harassment Over 311 Complaints About Illegal Parking
17 Thursday's Headlines: Chewing the Fat with Marty Edition
18 This Week: HSR in Big Cities, Board Meeting, Smart City
19 Join us for a Streetsblog meetup at Handlebar on Wednesday, October 13
20 California Needs to Up its Train Game
21 Out-Of-State Drivers are Just The Worst … At Paying Their NYC Summonses
22 Youth to City: Give Us Better Bike Infrastructure Now
23 Wednesday's Headlines: Eric Adams is On a Roll Edition
24 Metro Starts Construction on Little Tokyo/Arts District Eastside Access Improvements
25 Drivers, Pedestrians are Already Trashing the Brooklyn Bridge Bike Path
26 SAFETY THIRD: Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Deaf Man on Notorious Speedway that DOT Failed to Fix
27 ANALYSIS: DOT Plan for 'Gold Standard' 34th Ave. Open Street is A Step Forward, But Definitely Not a 'Linear Park'
28 DOT Design for Permanent 34th Avenue Open Street 'Fails,' Say Linear Park Supporters
29 Why Your City's 'Vision Zero' Plan Needs 'Direct Vision'
30 SOLVED: City Must Reduce Carmaggedon By Eliminating Free Parking, Re-Imagining Public Space
31 A Round and a Roundy: You Are the Traffic
32 After July Fire, Metro Removed 180 New Buses from Service
33 The case for municipal sidewalk snow clearance in Chicago
34 Thursday's Headlines Are Politics-Free – Streetsblog USA
35 Monday's Headlines Are Already Infuriating – Streetsblog USA
36 The Parking Reform Network Comes of Age
37 Open Plans Brings on Three New Hires in Fight for Livable Streets
38 Today's Headlines for Friday, October 22 – Streetsblog Chicago
39 Thursday's Headlines: Go Play in Traffic Edition – Streetsblog New York City
40 Op-Ed: The Troubling Tie Between Big Cars and Pedestrian Deaths
41 Analysis: De Blasio's Open Streets Program Has Failed
42 Study: Rural Areas Need Safe, Sustainable Transportation Now
43 Eyes on the Viaducts: Streetsblog Tours Under-Construction CA High-Speed Rail
44 Wednesday's Headlines: Impounding the Pavement Edition – Streetsblog New York City
45 EXCLUSIVE: Reckless Driver Who Killed Baby Apolline Took Driver 'Accountability' Course — But It Didn't Change a Thing
46 Vision Zero Cities Op-Ed: Cheap, Rapid, and in Our Control
47 Want to Use Less Oil? Stop Blocking Electrified Trains
48 Get Your Popcorn for Friday's Headlines – Streetsblog USA
49 Governor Newsom Signs: Enforcement Cameras on Buses, Speed Limits Reset
50 Is the CTC Slow-Walking Climate Action on Transportation Investments?
51 Courier proposes Neighborhood Greenway on Belle Plaine for ghost kitchen access
52 Tuesday's Headlines Are Getting Underway – Streetsblog USA
53 Enjoy Another Pedestrianized Part of Broadway — for a Month Only!
54 Friday's Headlines: 'Propaganda of the Day' Edition – Streetsblog New York City
55 HOT TAKES: Four Views on Why Electric Trucks Won't Save Us
56 Today's Headlines – Streetsblog Los Angeles
57 Wednesday's Headlines Keep Their Promises – Streetsblog USA
58 “Biking Where Black” study shows relationship between lack of bike lanes, heavy ticketing
59 OPINION: NYC Needs an Inter-Borough Bike Highway
60 Opinion: American Parking Policy Is the Real Socialism
61 Metro and Caltrans 605 Freeway Valley Boulevard Project is All Too Typical of Harmful Incremental Highway Widening
62 America's Most Toxic Car Ads: #GirlBoss Edition
63 Tuesday's Headlines: Let's Get to It Edition – Streetsblog New York City
64 DOT's 'Vision Zero Partner' Dermot Shea is More Afraid of Bikes Than Cars — Despite His Own Agency's Data
65 BAD COP, BAD COP: NYPD Threatens Tipster for Filing 311 Complaints About Illegal Parking
66 Monday's Headlines: How Do You Sleep Edition – Streetsblog New York City
67 Op-Ed: We Just Have to Do Something About These Cyclists!
68 Wednesday's Headlines: Almost Heaven Edition – Streetsblog New York City
69 U.S. Cities Have More Car-Free Households Than You Think
70 Metra 2022 budget calls for new day pass, more wheelchair-accessible Chicago stations
71 Vision Zero Cities Op-Ed: How To Stop a Highway
72 What should drivers do to avoid blocking bikeways – especially bike-share workers?
73 IDOT wants to strip parking for bike lanes. Merchants push back. Both sides are wrong.
74 Thursday's Headlines: Open Season on Pedestrians Edition – Streetsblog New York City
75 Birmingham (England) Puts Birmingham (Alabama) to Shame – Streetsblog USA
76 Horrific Crash in Queens as Truck Driver Runs Red Light and Injures Pedestrian
77 Metro Presents Refined Bus Rapid Transit Designs for Eagle Rock
78 America's Most Toxic Car Ads: Hummer EV vs. Dodge Demon
79 4 months after racially-charged Council battle, signs for DuSable LSD unveiled
80 DOT Wants Meeting with State DMV Head to Get Killer Drivers Off the Road
81 Why the South Shore Line is offering free eastbound rides all day, every weekday
82 Eyes on the Street: The Jay Street Busway is Being Undermined by Illegal Car Traffic
83 Friday's Headlines: Cars and Corruption Edition – Streetsblog New York City
84 Tuesday's Headlines Look Forward to Halloween – Streetsblog USA
85 CMAP survey: Residents place a high value on ability to get places, access to amenities.
86 America's Most Toxic Car Ads: Aggressively American Edition
87 Boston City Council Votes to End Minimum Parking Requirements for Affordable Housing
88 IDOT explains why it's being fussy about the Busse Highway bike lane plan
89 New 'Induced Demand' Calculator Shows Exactly How Much Driving Your City's Highway Expansion Will Encourage
90 Vision Zero Cities Op-Ed: How To Manage a City of Eight Million
91 City delays Fifth Avenue traffic chaos; Post credited for commuter victory
92 America's Most Toxic Car Ads: Dodge Truancy v. Mercedes Benz E-Class
93 Business lobbyists ask governor to set aside worker protections and clean air standards
94 Eyes On the Trails: More Mystic River Greenways In the Works
95 City Delays 5th Avenue Busway & Bike Lanes, Infuriating Advocates
96 Commission: DCR Needs More Accountability in Parkways Management
97 NYC Delays Fifth Avenue Revamp Again
98 Streetsblog Chicago is hiring a part-time, bilingual Latino Communities Reporter – Streetsblog Chicago
99 Send Us Nominees For the Most Toxic Car Ad!
100 Lincolnwood plans to build the Pratt Boulevard bike-ped bridge Streetsblog proposed