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1 Avgeri Makes History as BIG EAST Scholar-Athlete of the Year
2 Argonne National Lab celebrates 75th birthday
3 New drug being considered in fight against COVID-19
4 Inside Argonne National Laboratory's High-Tech Effort To Crack The Code of COVID-19
5 Argonne's Advanced Photon Source to Get $815 Million Upgrade
6 Prepare for the next pandemic by funding basic research now
7 Argonne plays foundational role in development of COVID-19 vaccines
8 The Chicago Scientists Trying to Save Our Lives
9 Catching Up with Our Pros
10 People hate cruelty to animals, so why do we do it?
11 Great Shots: Pelicans in La Porte? Yes!
12 Judaism During and After the Pandemic
13 Will County teacher vaccination begins at Joliet West field house clinic
14 Blue Frog Chocolates on Magazine St. closing after 17 years
15 Fear mounts inside USDA over Trump's top lawyer pick
16 Rebirth of leading European facility promises revolutionary advances in x-ray science
17 Consent issues restrict stem-cell use
18 Ferroelectricity in Ultrathin Perovskite Films
19 A Public Conversation on Animal Ethics: The good, the bad, and the ugly
20 Energy Secretary Granholm virtually tours Argonne
21 York Region school board to revisit school renaming policy
22 DOE endorses Advanced Photon Source upgrade
23 University of Wisconsin renews controversial maternal deprivation research on monkeys
24 Human-Animal Chimeras: Biological Research & Ethical Issues
25 Strain-driven autonomous control of cation distribution for artificial ferroelectrics
26 UW to reprise controversial monkey studies
27 Why We Need to Discuss the Ethics of Creating Human-Pig Chimeras
28 Argonne Researchers Continue Efforts in the Battle Against COVID-19
29 250-year-old Torah scroll that survived Holocaust gets a facelift
30 Interpreting Your Mystery Cough
31 Bernie Sanders’ health scare: What do Americans have a right to know?
32 The Advocate's Star of Stars high school awards event goes virtual for its 35th year
33 The Depraved Work of Monkey Experimenter Ned Kalin | PETA
34 To Make Mice Smarter, Add A Few Human Brain Cells
35 The Case For Jewish Vegetarianism
36 Fully-grown pig chimeras are only a few years away – we need to understand where they stand now
37 The sprint to solve coronavirus protein structures — and disarm them with drugs
38 Why Humans Can Be Cruel to Animals and Our Pets
39 Target of animal rights protests kicks off animal research ethics forum
40 Science News Releases
41 'Campus Reform' and Higher Education
42 How to evaluate health records from Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
43 Isaac Bashevis Singer's Petition to God
44 Street Violence as a Political Tool
45 Affirmative Action at 50 in Malaysia
46 Scientists confirm water trapped inside diamonds deep below Earth's surface
47 Giant tuning of ferroelectricity in single crystals by thickness engineering
48 MLB's Coors Field & Its Problematic History
49 Beauty and the Blob
50 The Jews Lied to Me at Summer Camp!
51 John Brennan: The Sentimental Antisemite
52 Giant electrochemical actuation in a nanoporous silicon-polypyrrole hybrid material
53 Will Japanese Researchers Grow Human Organs Inside Pigs?
54 Post-Benjamin Netanyahu Israeli Government
55 Judy Batalion Adapts Untold Holocaust Stories for Young Readers
56 In Good Company — Unorthodox Ep. 268 — Tablet Magazine
57 Spending the Seder in Antarctica
58 What Happened: June 21, 2021
59 Who Says Jews Are Good at Math?
60 Against Families
61 America's Censored Speech Platforms
62 Are Douglass Mackey's Memes Illegal?
63 When #Hashtag Activism Meets Unhinged Terrorism
64 Thank You, Michael Che!
65 Philip Roth's Afterlife
66 The Iran Deal's Inevitable Sequel
67 High school football: Year-by-year reception leaders since 1960
68 American Expats Change the Face of Jewish Berlin
69 A Letter to the American President: The Killer of Daniel Pearl Must Not Go Free
70 My Fellow Orthodox Jews Should Speak More English, Less Yeshivish
71 Journalists Mobilize Against Free Speech
72 The Real Lincoln Project Scandal
73 Why Poland Is Trying to Control Holocaust Memory
74 Is Compulsory Race and Bias 'Training' Legal?
75 Having trouble finding a primary care doc? Here's what med schools are doing about it.
76 The Polish Government's Holocaust Truth Campaign
77 Why the American Press Keeps Getting Terror in France Wrong
78 Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal
79 St. Tammany property transfers, Sept. 30
80 Walt Handelsman: New Cartoon Caption Contest Winners!!
81 Returning adult students honored for overcoming obstacles
82 Europe's Highest Court Gives Its Approval to Attempts to Outlaw Jewish and Muslim Life
83 Meet Socially Approved Conformist Borat, in Sacha Baron Cohen's Achingly Unfunny New Movie
84 Pride Week: Could Canadian shuls be more LGBTQ-inclusive?
85 UW animal research oversight committees strive for consensus
86 Picking the Right Cold Medicine
87 Argonne-INCREASE partnership opens doors to collaboration
88 Sen. Tom Harkin says Cuba has lower child mortality, longer life expectancy than US
89 Widely tunable mid-infrared light emission in thin-film black phosphorus
90 Physics
91 World's physics instruments turn their focus to COVID-19
92 When Medical Privacy Hides the Health of Presidential Candidates
93 The Morality of Inaction: Reframing the Debate
94 High-K dielectric sulfur-selenium alloys
95 Defect-engineered epitaxial VO2±δ in strain engineering of heterogeneous soft crystals
96 Origin of giant negative piezoelectricity in a layered van der Waals ferroelectric
97 Mouse cells grown in rats cure diabetes in mice
98 Laser-writable high-k dielectric for van der Waals nanoelectronics
99 Trump claims Democrats 'obstruct' his nominees, but it's much more nuanced than that
100 Variations in Crystalline Structures and Electrical Properties of Single Crystalline Boron Nitride Nanosheets