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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 China Bans 3 Taiwan Top Officials From Entering Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau Bloomberg 27 days ago
2 Premier says China is pressing firms Taipei Times 2 days ago
3 Officials should be in 'lock-step' on referendums: Su 台北時報 7 days ago
4 Aircraft Carriers Won't Solve China's Energy Crisis, Taiwan Premier Says Newsweek 16 days ago
5 Taiwan premier emphasizes hopes for peace with China Taiwan News 27 days ago
6 EU lawmakers meet Taiwan premier in first official visit CTV News 29 days ago
7 Taiwan to invest big in quantum computing Taiwan News 3 hours ago
8 U.S. Lawmaker Defies 'Blunt' China Demand With Taiwan Trip Bloomberg 6 days ago
9 Taiwan Outlines Plans to Counter China Threats, Intimidation Bloomberg 24 days ago
10 Fujian emergency drill sparks fears about Taiwan tensions South China Morning Post 1 day ago
11 Former KMT legislator's four tips to sense violent tendencies in male partners Taiwan News 6 hours ago
12 Tsai signs anti-stalking act into law 台北時報 20 hours ago
13 Baltic delegation shows solidarity with Taiwanese Taipei Times 3 days ago
14 Premier says Taiwan's 4th nuclear plant will reopen if referendum passes Taiwan News 23 days ago
15 Price tag of Western politicians' support to DPP: ractopamine pork, economic coercion Global Times 23 days ago
16 Cabinet unveils NT$20bn student tablet program 台北時報 7 days ago
17 Chief suspect in massive Taiwan heroin catch fled to China Taiwan News 8 days ago
18 Taiwan mulls making COVID vaccinations available at shopping malls, PX Mart stores Taiwan News 6 hours ago
19 Trouble over Taiwan by Bonnie Glaser & Elmira Bayrasli Project Syndicate 9 days ago
20 Why is Taiwan using APEC to lobby to join the CPTPP trade pact? 21 days ago
21 US to host democracy summit: Taipei is invited, Beijing is not South China Morning Post 8 days ago
22 Taiwan Says It Can Defend Against China About US Exits Afghanistan Bloomberg 4 months ago
23 Taiwan premier calls legislator 'shameless' after 'first to surrender' accusation Taiwan News 2 months ago
24 China’s joint forces patrol near Taiwan ‘to safeguard national sovereignty’ South China Morning Post 22 days ago
25 Spokesperson says more 'Taiwan independence' separatists to be punished CGTN 8 days ago
26 Scuffles in Taiwan parliament, premier blocked from podium in COVID dispute Reuters 2 months ago
27 Head of economic think tank claims inflation not problem for Taiwan Taiwan News 9 days ago
28 Taiwan premier says KMT chairman hypocritical on relations with US Taiwan News 2 months ago
29 Taiwan president backs premier, rejects reshuffle talk Taiwan News 3 months ago
30 Taiwanese will still be able to enter US in November: Premier Su Taiwan News 2 months ago
31 Premier pledges Taiwan will not import irradiated food Taiwan News 2 months ago
32 Premier Su Tseng-chang confident Taiwan well prepared for new infections Hong Kong Standard 7 months ago
33 Public employees' 4% wage hike 'lacks clear metrics' 台北時報 24 days ago
34 Taiwanese investment in China plunges to new low Taiwan News 8 months ago
35 Premier urges public to take stand on human rights 台北時報 8 months ago
36 Su says vouchers arriving Oct. 8 台北時報 3 months ago
37 Taiwanese premier defends use of 'Wuhan pneumonia' Taiwan News 9 months ago
38 Taiwan president, vice president, premier each to donate 1 month's salary to disaster relief fund Taiwan News 8 months ago
39 Premier comments on Taiwan celebrities appearing in China propaganda video Taiwan News 8 months ago
40 Ministry mum on TECRO name change 台北時報 3 months ago
41 6th batch of Moderna doses to arrive in Taiwan this afternoon Taiwan News 4 months ago
42 Taiwan premier reiterates nation's determination to defend sovereignty Taiwan News 1 year ago
43 Taiwan's Premier Su Tseng-chang to continue leading cabinet after reshuffle Taiwan News 2 years ago
44 Taiwan premier identifies safety as key element for railway reform Taiwan News 3 months ago
45 Pork protests delay Taiwan premier's briefing at Legislative Yuan Taiwan News 1 year ago
46 China's Xi Jinping vows 'reunification' on eve of Taiwan's National Day Taiwan News 2 months ago
47 Taiwan applies to join Pacific trade pact week after China Reuters 2 months ago
48 Taiwan premier to donate 1 month's salary to Kaohsiung following tragic fire Taiwan News 2 months ago
49 Taiwan premier: No cabinet reshuffle after Lunar New Year holiday Taiwan News 10 months ago
50 Taiwan begins COVID-19 vaccinations 台北時報 8 months ago
51 Taiwan president denies plans for Cabinet reshuffle Taiwan News 1 year ago
52 Su Tseng-chang To Continue As Taiwanese Premier The Taiwan Times 2 years ago
53 Su urges basketball racism probe 台北時報 9 months ago
54 Taiwan must be on alert against 'over-the-top' China, says premier – video The Guardian 2 months ago
55 Taiwan names Su Tseng-chang as new premier Taiwan News 3 years ago
56 Oscar winner Ang Lee tells Taiwan premier to follow New Zealand's example Taiwan News 9 months ago
57 Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang calls for end of mask hoarding Taiwan News 2 years ago
58 Taiwan adds more at-risk professions to vaccine priority list Taiwan News 5 months ago
59 Tsai Ing-wen's approval falls to a 21-month low 台北時報 6 months ago
60 COVAX doses are expected to be available by April 台北時報 9 months ago
61 Su not installing his people in top jobs, spokesman says Taipei Times 9 months ago
62 U.S., Taiwan Sign Coast Guard Deal to Counter China Pressure Bloomberg 8 months ago
63 Tsai reappoints Su as Taiwan's premier Taiwan News 2 years ago
64 Taiwan president appoints Su Tseng-chang as premier .. reshuffle over ruling DPPs performance in local polls Firstpost 3 years ago
65 Taiwan to investigate Chinese-made drones Taiwan News 1 year ago
66 Just over half of Taiwanese satisfied with president's performance Taiwan News 10 months ago
67 Notes from central Taiwan: Taiwan: Island of bosses 台北時報 7 months ago
68 COVID-19: Subsidies to benefit 7.3m people, Premier Su says 台北時報 6 months ago
69 Taiwan, U.S. to strengthen maritime coordination after China law Reuters 8 months ago
70 China portrays the U.S. as 'weak and unreliable' to draw Taiwan closer, analyst says CNBC 4 months ago
71 KMT rejects Condoleezza Rice's comments on Taiwan 台北時報 2 months ago
72 Su Tseng-chang Is Taiwan's New Premier as Lai's Cabinet Departs The News Lens International 3 years ago
73 Tsai's high stakes on Taiwan's upcoming referendum East Asia Forum 4 months ago
74 Taiwan police find author of fake video about Premier Su Tseng-chang Taiwan News 2 years ago
75 Taiwan scholar, former official sue Tsai and other DPP officials for politicalizing pandemic Global Times 6 months ago
76 Taiwan preparing to launch NT$5,000 stimulus vouchers in September Taiwan News 4 months ago
77 Transport minister Lin's resignation is approved 台北時報 8 months ago
78 TAROKO EXPRESS CRASH: Minister offers verbal resignation 台北時報 8 months ago
79 Taiwan appoints new premier after resignations over poll defeats Reuters 3 years ago
80 Taiwan appoints new premier to boost popularity after election trouncing Reuters 3 years ago
81 Cabinet to reshuffle slightly before Taiwan presidential inauguration Taiwan News 2 years ago
82 Taiwan chefs create pineapple dishes after China ban The Columbian 9 months ago
83 Wang defends his high-speed rail network idea 台北時報 1 month ago
84 Taiwan premier defends US pork imports as key to global trade Taiwan News 1 year ago
85 Su and Cabinet resign, but Su to stay on Taipei Times 2 years ago
86 Minimum wage in Taiwan set to increase starting 2022 Taiwan News 2 months ago
87 Taiwan's digital coronavirus campaign used humor, viral memes, mascots Business Insider 1 year ago
88 Nuclear power not an option: Su 台北時報 9 months ago
89 Taiwan to levy extra charges on 1,817 biggest water users Taiwan News 9 months ago
90 Taiwan leader appoints new premier following election loss The Hindu 3 years ago
91 Su calls lawmaker unfit for duty for saying 'Taiwan is not a country' Taiwan News 2 years ago
92 Taiwan vaccine review committee member resigns, criticizes president Focus Taiwan News Channel 6 months ago
93 Premier Su rebukes Han Kuo-yu for calling Taiwan a 'region' Taiwan News 2 years ago
94 Premier Su rules out rebuilding fourth nuclear power plant Focus Taiwan News Channel 8 months ago
95 Lawmakers throw pig guts, punches on Taiwan parliament floor The Associated Press 1 year ago
96 US special forces quietly training Taiwanese: Official Economic Times 2 months ago
97 Premier Su won't sign independence referendum as 'Taiwan is already independent' Taiwan News 3 years ago
98 Japan to ship millions more COVID-19 vaccines to Taiwan, Asian neighbours this week Reuters 5 months ago
99 Su Tseng-chang appointed as Taiwan's new executive head CGTN 3 years ago
100 Ma failed people with war remark: Su 台北時報 1 year ago