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1 Disruptions from COVID-19 in sub-Saharan Africa will have substantial health consequences
2 Rain in sub-Saharan Africa can mean more butterflies in Europe
3 COVID-19 disruptions in sub-Saharan Africa will have substantial health consequences
4 Background Note: Session on Climate Action in Sub-Saharan Africa
5 Figure of the week: Increasing access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa
6 Agricultural productivity must improve in sub-Saharan Africa
7 Emerging Markets: The Pandemic's Fallout And Existing Challenges Restrain Sub-Saharan Africa's Recovery
8 Uganda stands to be one of Sub-Saharan Africa's top five oil producers by 2025
9 Where is Sub-Saharan Africa in the race to net-zero?
10 Spotify’s Sub-Saharan Africa Head of Music Phiona Okumu — Future 25
11 Knowledge and Practice Related to COVID-19 and Mental Health among Adults in Sub-Saharan Africa
12 Natural Wealth and Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa
13 The COVID-19 Pandemic and Adolescents' Experience in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Cross-Country Study Using a Telephone Survey
14 Only seven African nations on track for COVID-19 vaccine
15 The road to recovery in Sub-Saharan Africa: Capitalizing on transformative opportunities from shifting FDI patterns
16 Crowdfunding platform for clean energy in sub-Saharan Africa |
17 Bringing innovation to sickle cell disease patients in sub-Saharan Africa
18 Learning co-ordinator consultancy opportunity – Mental Health in Sub-Saharan Africa, Bangladesh and India
19 From thatched huts to Wakanda, a massive new architectural guide explores Sub-Saharan Africa
20 Islamic finance needs regulatory change to take off in sub-Saharan Africa
21 Nigeria's human rights record 'very poor', worse than average in sub-Saharan Africa
22 Climate change impacts on human (im-) mobility in Sub-Saharan Africa: Recent trends and options for policy responses
23 London Company Building Digital Ecosystem for Creators in Sub-Sahara Africa
24 Sub-African India: Much of Africa is richer than us, has better indicators, while we diminish
25 Ebola lessons 'helping West Africa control COVID-19'
26 COVID-19 Knowledge, Perception, Preventive Measures, Stigma, and Mental Health Among Healthcare Workers in Three Sub-Saharan African Countries: A Phone Survey
27 How Mobile Money is Supporting Merchants in Emerging Markets in Sub-Saharan Africa
28 COVID-19 fuelling partnerships to boost health systems
29 AREF II raises $180 million for Sub-Saharan Africa |
30 COVID-19: Sub-Saharan Africa will need $425bn by 2030 – Adesina
31 Africa still has wide mobile phone gender gaps
32 Shoreline Biome Inks Distribution Deal With Inqaba Biotec for Sub-Saharan Africa
33 Funding levels of higher education a grave concern
34 Berkeley Energy raises €130m for sub-Saharan Africa renewables fund
35 Sustainable Manufacturing and Environmental Pollution (SMEP) Programme
36 Africa 'has highest COVID-19 death rate of critically ill'
37 Sub-Saharan African sovereigns line up to raise cash as tapering fears loom
38 Here's why human-centered design is required for marine plastic innovation | Greenbiz
39 COVID-19 slashes foreign direct investment in Africa by 16%
40 UN opens office for counter-terrorism, training in Morocco
41 Rapidly diagnosing plant diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa James Canham is a PhD student who used
42 Butterflies regularly cross the Sahara in longest-known insect migration: Weather conditions shown to have big influence on migration numbers
43 North Korea's Enduring Economic and Security Presence in Africa
44 Africa’s third wave: ‘What haunts me a lot is the Indian scenario’
45 Business Business risks and opportunities in a post-pandemic Africa
46 Sub-Saharan Africa most expensive globally to send and receive money
47 Former President Obasanjo Argues for the Unity of Nigeria
48 TriLinc Global Impact Fund Makes Impact Investments in Latin America, Africa, and Emerging Europe
49 River Nile dam: Egypt new African allies
50 Six Charts Show the Challenges Faced by Sub-Saharan Africa (April 15, 2021)
51 Nigerian growth lags Africa, poverty rising, says World Bank
52 Sub-Saharan Africa gains 79m new mobile money accounts in 2020
53 Phillips Leads Resolution to Honor and Support the United States African Development Foundation
54 45 years after the Soweto uprising, religious leaders call for more racial harmony among South Africans
55 Nigerian minister decries defunding of gas projects as inequitable
56 Africa: Sub-Saharan Africa Most Expensive Globally to Send and Receive Money
57 Punitive laws are failing to curb misinformation in Africa. Time for a rethink
58 How Covid Pandemic Fuels Africa, Latin America Debt Crisis
59 Researchers receive $122m to study monthly HIV pill
60 Facebook partners with Reuters to launch free online course for journalists
61 Russian Arms Agency Expands Order Portfolio In Sub-Saharan Africa By $1.7 Billion
62 Amid Recession, Sub-Saharan Africa Poised for Recovery
63 Nigeria considers equity fund to boost growth, stem poverty
64 Considerations for Establishing Successful Coronavirus Disease Vaccination Programs in Africa
65 Danforth Center's disease-resistant cassava tuber, key to feeding Africa, cleared for final trial
66 Regional Economic Outlook for Sub-Saharan Africa, April 2021
67 IMF chief warns of 'two-track recovery' in Africa, calls for aid
68 Demand For Finance Apps At 'All Time High' In Sub-Saharan Africa: Report
69 Sub-Saharan Africa to see world's slowest growth in 2021
70 Countries spend less than 1% of GDP on research
71 Reckitt announces Akbar Ali Shah as new General Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa
72 Figure of the week: Sub-Saharan Africa shows resilience to the effects of COVID-19, according to high-frequency phone surveys
73 Sub-Saharan Africa: The devastating impact of conflicts compounded by COVID-19
74 12 U.K. Universities, From Cambridge To Coventry, Launch An Impact Investing Fund
75 Energy transition in Africa
76 Oryx Energies and Sadio Mané: A shared history with Africa « POWERED BY AFRICA »
77 Plugging-in Sub-Saharan Africa
78 Scientists reveal how Painted Lady butterflies migrate across the Sahara desert
79 91 countries now offer COVID-19 vaccinations to refugees, says UNHCR
80 AFRICA: FSD invests $4.5m in Nithio for solar kits in three countries
81 Regional Economic Outlook for Sub-Saharan Africa
82 Youth employment in sub-Saharan Africa: Progress and prospects
83 True toll of coronavirus on sub-Saharan Africa may be obscured by tremendous variability in risk factors and surveillance
84 Inequalities in early marriage, childbearing and sexual debut among adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa
85 Africa yet to meet target of 10 percent national budget for agriculture
86 CheckUp: The long game of producing vaccines locally | Devex
87 The neglected of the neglected: Tackling noma
88 Climate risk country profile: Gabon
89 How livelihoods deteriorated in Sub-Saharan Africa due to COVID-19
90 CPI 2020: Sub-Saharan Africa
91 Sub-Saharan Africa's economy to rebound this year as activity picks up
92 Seroprevalence surveys in sub-Saharan Africa: what do they tell us?
93 Startups using AI to tackle malaria, mental health and human trafficking take top awards, and cash, from IBM XPrize
94 Press release 11/26/2020 COVID-19: A catastrophe for children in sub-Saharan Africa Cash
95 Sub-Saharan Africa's income gap is widening and slowing recovery
96 Figure of the Week: COVID-19’s impact on debt risks in sub-Saharan Africa
97 Washington Consensus reforms and economic performance in sub-Saharan Africa
98 Russian Researchers Revive Tiny Creatures Frozen for 24000 Years
99 Global Literacy Efforts Aim To Reflect Readers And Their Representative Cultures
100 Sub-Saharan Africa: Growing up in crisis in a world of opportunities