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1 Thirty-Six Years Ago Super Mario Bros. Went On Sale In Japan
2 Super Mario 64 LEGO '?' Block Revealed, Out In October
3 What if we had liked Super Mario Bros.: The Movie?
4 Random: A Rogue Space Particle Could Be Responsible For This Unsolved Super Mario 64 Speedrun Glitch
5 Nintendo Theory: Is Donkey Kong's Jumpman Actually Super Mario's Father?
6 9 Unpopular Opinions About The Super Mario Games, According To Reddit
7 ‘Solar Ash’’s most unlikely inspiration isn’t ‘Shadow of the Colossus’, but ‘Super Mario 64’
8 WarioWare: Get It Together! just lets you play Super Mario World
9 Like Super Mario 64, Solar Ash Is Built Around Mastering Mechanics You'll Know From The Start
10 Lego retiring certain Lego Super Mario sets soon according to UK Lego site
11 This company sold a copy of 'Super Mario Bros.' for $2 million. NFTs and a Triceratops skull could be next
12 Best Mario Games: Top 10 Super Mario Platformers
13 Mario Fits Like A Glove In This Minecraft Mod
14 Rampant space particles might be behind eight-year-old Mario speedrun glitch
15 Singapore's LEGO Super Mario Championship Invites The Public To Unleash Their Creative Spirit
16 10 Most Hilarious Moments From The Super Mario Bros Super Show, Ranked
17 These 10 Award-Winning Super Mario World Levels Want To Murder You
18 Super Mario Labyrinth challenges you to save the plumber for once
19 Save Your Game: David 'GrandPooBear' Hunt – interview
20 All the Different Versions of Super Mario 64 and Which One You Should Play
21 Super Mario Bros Finale: The Fukushima Adventure
22 Super Mario Odyssey 2 Seems Likely, But It's Probably Far Away
23 Chinese Folk Musician Kills It Performing “Super Mario Bros” Theme
24 Every Mario Game On Nintendo Switch
25 Super Mario 64 is Now Technically Playable on PCs and Mobile Devices
26 Mario from Super Mario 64 takes over Minecraft in this video
27 Super Mario Odyssey: Clever Easter Eggs in Mushroom Kingdom
28 Super Mario Odyssey: 10 Most Useful Creatures & Objects To Capture
29 Super Mario Odyssey: 8 Hardest Boss Fights, Ranked | ScreenRant
30 Retro gaming market being overtaken by speculators
31 From 'Diablo 2' to 'Super Mario 64', remakes aren't always better
32 Get Super Cosy In These Super Fluffy Super Mario PJs
33 Super Mario Bros. Movie Might Be Directed By The Teen Titans Go! Creators
34 Super Mario. Bros Speedrunner Beats World Record Blindfolded
35 Artist turns maps of Missouri, Kansas and other states into Super Mario Worlds
36 removes 'Super Mario Maker 2,' 'FIFA 21' and 84 other games in China
37 A Super Mario edition of Labyrinth is now available for preorder
38 takes 86 video games off shopping site in China’s crackdown
39 That $2 million Super Mario Bros. auction may have been rigged
40 The characters of the new LEGO 71395 Super Mario 64 ? Block
41 Four things we spotted in LEGO 71395 Super Mario 64 ? Block
42 Lego's newest Nintendo-themed wallet-siphon is the Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block » Stuff
43 Super Mario's Breakfast of Champions Includes Coffee, Eggs, and Toast
44 Tchia Appears to Vastly Improve Mario Odyssey's Capture Mechanic
45 Best SNES Games: 15 Greatest Super Nintendo Titles
46 Comparing the levels in LEGO 71395 Super Mario 64 ? block
47 Take a look at the new Super Mario 64 Lego set with these close-up shots
48 Wilmington's closed Ideal Cement factory has history as iconic, unlikely filming location
49 The Nintendo GameCube's best games, ranked
50 Rumour: Insider Says N64 Is Coming To Switch Online, Believes It Will Introduce A "Higher-Priced" Subscription Tier
51 Mario: A Super Musical – Union Theatre, London
52 A Super Mario Bros. game sells for $2 million, another record for gaming collectibles.
53 Super Mario 64 Video Game Sells for $1.56 Million
54 Forgotten Copy of Super Mario Bros. Sets Record at Auction
55 Super Mario 64's Record-Breaking Sale Stuns Industry Experts
56 The death of Super Mario: Is Mario really dying on March 31?
57 'Super Mario 3D All-Stars' and More Still to be Removed by Nintendo in March
58 Super Mario 64 probably won’t be the last million-dollar video game
59 Super Mario 3D All Stars leaves Nintendo eShop on March 31st
60 Collectors are as confused as you are about that $1.56M Super Mario 64 sale
61 New Super Mario Bros. Is 15 Years Old, And It's Still Fantastic
62 Perfect Super Mario Bros. speedrun beat after two years
63 Every Mario game available on Nintendo Switch, ranked
64 The surprising reason Nintendo made Super Mario a plumber 35 years ago
65 Super Mario Bros themed furniture available in March
66 Super Mario Bros Nintendo Game From 1985 Sold for $2 Million in a New Record
67 You need to play the most controversial Mario game on Nintendo Switch ASAP
68 Super Mario Bros. 3 Special Version Jumps Onto The Switch Online NES Library
69 March 10th is “Mario Day” Here are 7 Ways to Celebrate Nintendo’s Most Famous Character
70 Museum obtains rare demo of id Software's Super Mario Bros. 3 PC port
71 Why will Nintendo remove some Mario games from the Switch eShop in March?
72 Exclusive: Game of Life: Super Mario Edition board game announced
73 Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury review: the best of Mario
74 Review: 'Super Mario 3D World/Bowser's Fury'
75 All Mario games on Nintendo Switch 2021
76 You need to play this groundbreaking Mario game on Nintendo Switch ASAP
77 The Super Mario Bros. speedrunning community just broke the 4 minute and 55-second mark
78 The Story Behind the Super Mario Bros. Movie Extended Cut
79 Robot arranges 100,000 dominoes into a Super Mario Bros. mural in one day
80 Every Main Super Mario Game In Chronological Order
81 Switch gets Super Mario 3D World, the best Mario game you haven’t played
82 The $2000 Super Mario smartwatch you've always wanted is here
83 1986's Super Mario Bros. Movie Is Being Painstakingly Restored, Now In 4K
84 'Super Mario Bros. 35' Evokes Nintendo's Strained Relationship With Fan Developers
85 Why Super Mario 64 Is Still One of the Best Games Ever
86 Poll: Can You Still Find Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. And Super Mario 3D All-Stars?
87 This Copy of Super Mario Bros. Is About to Sell for a Record-Setting Sum
88 How a speedrunner broke Super Mario Bros.' biggest barrier
89 Details You Never Knew About Super Mario 64
90 Super Mario Bros. Movie Fans Release Extended Cut With 20 Minutes of New Footage
91 Super Mario™ 3D World + Bowser's Fury for Nintendo Switch
92 Super Mario Bros. speedrunner sets new blindfolded world record
93 Super Mario 3D World will launch in February alongside a new Nintendo Switch color
94 Every 2D Super Mario Game Ranked
95 35 Thoughts About Mario on Super Mario’s 35th Anniversary
96 Town In England Installs Super Mario Pipes, Residents Not Happy
97 Super Mario Bros. movie restoration: The story behind the “Morton-Jankel cut.”
98 Don’t Miss Out Again on the Perfect Mario Game
99 Nintendo Launches The Game Of Life: Super Mario Edition
100 Super Mario™ 3D All-Stars