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1 10 Games With Hand Drawn Graphics
2 Even Supergiant doesn’t know if it’s going to make ‘Hades 2’ yet
3 Supergiant Games interview: How indie developers made the GOTY Hades
4 Top 5 must-play roguelike games
5 Private Division and Supergiant Games Announce Partnership to Publish Physical Edition of Hades on PlayStation® and Xbox Consoles
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7 How I learned to love Outer Wilds’ time loop
8 Best Games Of The 2020s
9 Don't count on Supergiant making a direct Hades follow-up
10 ‘Hades’ on Xbox Games Pass “feels like a homecoming” for Supergiant Games
11 Supergiant just released a 10th anniversary album of music from its games
12 Five Nintendo Switch Games From Female Developers You Need to Check Out
13 Forget Hades, Pyre is Supergiant Games' Most Inspired Work
14 How S.F.'s Supergiant made 'Hades,' one of 2020's most acclaimed video games
15 Tiani Pixel and Fernanda Dias Interview: Unsighted | Screen Rant
16 BAFTA Games Awards: Supergiant Games’ ‘Hades’ Takes Home Top Prize – Complete Winners List
17 5 Ways Hades Is The Best Supergiant Game (& 5 Ways Transistor Is Better)
18 Supergiant Games Provides Cozy Vibes with 12-Hour Hades Yule Log Video
19 Greg Kasavain on Creating Supergiant Games' Hades – Interview
20 I Can’t Get Over How Charming the in-Game Details of Hades Are
21 Hades Announced for Xbox and PlayStation
22 Hades Wins Big at Inaugural Global Game Industry Awards
23 Standout 2020 title Hades receives PlayStation, Xbox release
24 Vertical Slice: Supergiant Games
25 Behind the art of Hades: "We value artistic integrity and excellence in artistic craft at Supergiant, however we're first and foremost a game design-led team."
26 Hades Update Finally Fixes Xbox Achievement Issues
27 A Hades Sequel Will Not Happen Anytime Soon, According To Interview
28 Here’s how ‘Hades’ makes going back to hell feel fresh
29 Hades exclusive: Supergiant explains why we love (and hate) roguelikes
30 'Hades' PlayStation and Xbox Official Release Info | HYPEBEAST
31 Hades almost starred its worst character
32 Hades Fans, Voice Actor Recording Iliad Audiobook
33 Hades developer Supergiant will be taking a break before deciding on their next project
34 'Hades' devs reveal how God Mode solves the worst thing about the genre
35 Supergiant Games Delivers Thanksgiving Message From Hades' Head Chef
36 Why everyone is talking about the video game 'Hades'
37 Darren Korb's Metal-Inspired Soundtrack For 'Hades'
38 Explainer
39 ‘Hades’ Takes Top Honor at Game Developers Choice Awards
40 'Death's Door' could be the breakout indie video game of 2021
41 Hades Creative Director Praises Housemarque’s Returnal, Says It’s One of His Favorite Games This Year
42 Myth: Gods of Asgard Sure Looks Like Hades
43 Hades
44 Hades Devs' Previous Games Are All On Sale On Steam Right Now
45 Hades is reportedly coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2021
46 Supergiant Games Releases 10th Anniversary Orchestral Collection Album
47 ‘Hades’ has been rated for PS4 in South Korea
48 ‘Hades’ is the highest-rated game on next-gen consoles
49 Why Hades' Physical Release is a Big Deal
50 Running into Hades PS5 Crashes? The Latest Patch Should Fix That
51 Hades Developer Praises PS5 Exclusive Returnal
52 'Hades' on Nintendo Switch can transfer saved games to and from PC
53 How Supergiant, the Video Game Studio Behind Hades, Conquered Nintendo
54 Life Is Hellish Enough — That's Why I Had To Stop Playing 'Hades'
55 Supergiant Games’ new title Hades announced and released in Epic store
56 Hades dev responds to translation criticism, says it paid pros and community members alike
57 Hades wins 9 accolades at IGDA Global Game Industry Awards, leaving other nominees behind
58 Indie studios are showing that crunch-free games are possible
59 The origins of Hades, out next week on PS5, PS4
60 Hades Is Finally Getting More Merchandise With A Zagreus Figure From Good Smile
61 Hades On Game Pass Is Something Everyone Needs To Play
62 Gorgeous, God-like and… bisexual? How ‘Hades’’ developers made sexuality part of the power fantasy
63 Someone Beat The Game Hades With A Dance Pad
64 Hades Is Life
65 Hades On PlayStation 4 Should Have Kratos
66 13 Things Hades Could Improve For A Sequel
67 The Game Music Festival Vol. 3 reimagines the sounds of Supergiant and Larian
68 Hades Dominates First Global Game Industry Awards with Nine Wins
69 Hades Almost Starred Theseus, Which Would've Been Boring AF
70 Hades cleans up at inaugural IGDA Global Game Industry Awards
71 ‘Hades’ is Game of the Year at Game Developers Choice Awards 2021
72 The Dreamies Gaming Awards Honor ‘Hades’ As ‘Mind-Melting’ Winner
73 Hades: All Voice Actors From The Game & Who They Play
74 A Group Of Hades Fans Are Staging The Entire Iliad On Twitch
75 Hades launches August 13 on PS4 and PS5
76 Hades is also coming to PS5 and PS4 in August
77 From Hades to Immortals Fenyx Rising, Greek mythology is inspiring a new wave of comedy in video games
78 2021 Hugo Award game finalists include 'Hades' and 'Animal Crossing'
79 Hades music performances still captivate even in Summer Game Fest's pre-pre show
80 Hades Scoops Yet Another Game Of The Year Accolade At The GDC 2021 Awards
81 Hades Game Tops 24th D.I.C.E. Awards With Five
82 Hades is the best game of the pandemic
83 Hades fan recreates unused gods in Supergiant’s art style
84 Hades launches at No.7 as Animal Crossing reclaims top spot | UK Boxed Charts
85 Hades Originally Featured Theseus As A Protagonist To Escape The Labyrinth
86 Hades' Zagreus Is Getting an Official Figurine Soon | Screen Rant
87 Hades Wins A Bunch More Awards, Surprising Nobody
88 Bob's Burgers Director Shares Glorious Hades Fan Art
89 Hades Will Run at 4K/60 FPS on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S
90 What Makes an Indie Game Anyway?
91 New Hades Update Fixes Achievement Issues On Xbox
92 Different as they are, Supergiant's games all explore tolerance and the ways we we deal with disaster
93 Twitch Tweet Suggests Hades Is Coming To Xbox (Then Later Dismissed As A Mistake)
94 It's Not Easy Porting Games To The Nintendo Switch — But Developers Do It Anyhow
95 Hades' latest update should fix achievement issues
96 Supergiant Games Will Consider Bringing Hades to Other Platforms at a Later Time
97 Hades: How To Romance Thanatos
98 Hades Dev Supergiant Had A Break In During The June Protests
99 Hades Sequel: Changes We'd Like to See
100 "Metal Comes From Hell, Everyone Knows This"