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1 Rosatom, Aeon agree to develop shipbuilding for Arctic
2 Russia’s first muskox farm in Siberia's Taimyr receives ten calves
3 A year after Arctic fuel spill, Norilsk Nickel continues to ignore Indigenous critics
4 Krasnoyarsk Govt to support Nornickel in sevenfold expansion of Taimyr South Cluster mining operations including Zapolyarny upgrade
5 Arguing Over Petty Things: Turkish Pop or Poop Art?
6 Russia's Coercive Diplomacy in the Arctic
7 Rare bird typically found in Siberia, eastern Asia possibly spotted in New Glasgow
8 Nornickel to boost Taimyr mining by 75% to support the world's shift to electric mobility
9 Indigenous culture in Arctic Russia gets funding boost
10 Russian Company Pays Largest Legal Award In History -- Almost $2 Billion -- For Devastating Arctic Fuel Spill
11 Scientists collect samples to analyze human impacts on Taimyr ecology
12 UNESCO open exhibition "The World in Faces" at its Paris headquarters
13 FROM THE FIELD: Rights of indigenous peoples highlighted in UN photo exhibit
14 World's largest reindeer herd plummets
15 Vulnerable Communities: How has the COVID-19 Pandemic affected Indigenous People in the Russian Arctic?
16 Norilsk could become Russia's official Arctic capital | The Independent Barents Observer
17 Corruption and child labour have no place in the energy transition
18 Ambassador Vasiliev lists Russia's new Arctic priorities with focus on fossil fuels and positive effects of climate changes
19 Russian activists demand action on Nornickel spill
20 Russia's Arctic Reindeer Herders Gather for Annual Festival
21 Banks urged to think green or face extinction
22 Russian court fines Nornickel $1.96 billion over massive Arctic fuel spill
23 Northernmost Siberian wildfire discovered from space | The Independent Barents Observer
24 A Blessing and a Curse: Melting Permafrost in the Russian Arctic
25 Indigenous peoples call on Nornickel's global partners to demand environmental action
26 Russia's technical agency says melting permafrost did not cause summer oil spill in Arctic
27 Taimyr Peninsula fuel spill site to undergo ethnological impact assessment
28 Arctic employment. Why new jobs in Extreme North continue growing
29 More pollution from Nornickel, Kola peninsula covered by smog
30 Remember the Norilsk oil spill? Well, the polluters will pay.
31 How poaching is 'killing off' the world's largest reindeer herd on Taimyr Peninsula
32 Russia’s Indigenous Peoples receives Nornickel`s grants
33 New Port on Taimyr Peninsula
34 The human cost of oil: How Indigenous and ethnic minorities bear the brunt of disasters
35 Viktor Matasov: Taimyr nature reserves offer great tourism opportunities
36 Port Bukhta Sever Project Approved by State Expertize Department
37 Three dead in underground mine accident at Russia's Nornickel
38 Saami Council urges Tesla to refrain from buying NorNickel metals
39 Trading firms clinch Vostok Oil stake
40 Laptev Sea
41 Russia declares state of emergency over Arctic Circle oil spill caused by melting permafrost
42 Russian Indigenous communities are begging Tesla not to get its nickel from this major polluter
43 Indigenous Peoples Of Russia's Far North March Against Nornickel
44 Business Russia Approves Six Major Investment Projects in the Arctic Feb 01 2021
45 Ancestors of Modern Dogs, Wolves Split at least 27,000 Years Ago | Genetics
46 BelAZ ships 20 haul trucks to Taimyr Peninsula in Russia
47 Climate Change in the Arctic Catches Up With Russia's Richest Man
48 SA Interview: Investing In The Natural Resources Industry With Laurentian Research
49 Equinor expands presence in Russian upstream
50 Taimyr to celebrate International Day of the World's Indigenous People
51 More Mysterious Craters Found in Siberia
52 Dudinka on the Yenisei: The path to Norilsk and the Taimyr Peninsula
53 Taimyr Nature Reserves: Putorana Plateau mystery and land of returned muskox
54 Big bang formed crater causing 'glow in sky': explosion was heard 100 km away
55 Archeologists discover unique Neolithic jewelry on Taimyr Peninsula
56 Norilsk expedition to produce recommendations on Taymyr development
57 NordStar Airlines becomes primary air carrier in Norilsk
58 Taimyr Biosphere Reserve
59 Russia extends lifetime of nuclear icebreakers to meet rising demand
60 Donskoi: Taimyr Nature Reserves may become an exclusive and cruise tourism destination
61 Taimyr to celebrate Reindeer Herders' Day
62 Lavna Port to Be Built by 2023
63 Taimyr may lack master reindeer herders in five years
64 Applications open for Russian Geographical Society and Northern Fleet's expedition to Chukotka
65 Rosneft discovers new Arctic gas field
66 'We Would Have Lost': Did U.S. Lend-Lease Aid Tip The Balance In Soviet Fight Against Nazi Germany?
67 Nornickel bolsters modernisation and automation efforts with new equipment, solutions
68 Husky Ancestors Started Working 9,500 Years Ago | Science
69 Rosneft discovers new oil, gas field at Russian Vostok Oil project
70 Nornickel CEO added almost $8 billion to his personal fortune in 2019
71 Economic growth is crucial to the well-being of indigenous Arctic nations, but it needs to be sustainable
72 Butterflies sighted at northern edge of Novaya Zemlya for the first time
73 Putin's anger over environmental damage may drive modern reforms
74 Su-27 Fighters, Bombers and More: Russia's Military Conducts More Northern Exercises
75 Warning from eco inspectors: more tundra oil reservoirs could collapse
76 Rosatom considers extending service life of active nuclear icebreakers
77 Rosneft to complete first stage of Vostok Oil construction in 2024 — project director
78 Poaching, climate change cause sharp decline in reindeer population in Siberia
79 7.5 Million Tons along Northern Sea Route in Q1 2021
80 New Arctic Port to Be Built for Vostok Oil Project
81 A man of the city and tundra: A day in the life of Alyu, a Nganasan
82 Mammoth carcass found in Siberia
83 Rosatom to Build Container Terminal in Murmansk Region
84 Northern Fleet and Russian Geographical Society to conduct experiments in Novaya Zemlya
85 The Ob, Yenisei and Lena rivers contribute about one half of the total freshwater runoff to the Arctic Ocean
86 The cleanup and the cover-up
87 Drone captures stunning footage of a giant reindeer 'cyclone' in the Arctic Circle
88 200 alphabet books and workbooks published in the Enets language
89 Taimyr Icebreaker Rescues Expedition from Polar Weather Station
90 Russia's North Pole Barneo camp cancelled for the third year in a row
91 Russia to Build Bridge Across Vistula Lagoon
92 Russia's Largest Oil Company Is Spinning Off Key Assets
93 Research gaps in environmental science disciplines across the Arctic: Harsh environments remain poorly sampled
94 Container Traffic via Russian Far East Basin Ports in March Up 22.3%
95 Old copper smelter in Monchegorsk faces closure, brand new under consideration
96 Global Eco Watch: Will Britain fall, ask folklorists after raven disappears from the Tower of London
97 Reindeer’s real superpowers could help us beat depression and cancer
98 Still the Undisputed Champs of Mammalian Migrations
99 Study: Dogs Have Been Close With Humans for Around 30,000 Years
100 Rosneft Extremely Bullish About Arctic Oil And Gas Discoveries