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1 Covid challenges in the weeks ahead, Taoiseach says The Independent 11 hours ago
2 Taoiseach calls for caution while impact of Omicron variant assessed The Irish Times 12 hours ago
3 Taoiseach: Fianna Fail within legal framework to declare itself a ‘charity’ The Independent 9 hours ago
4 Taoiseach ‘not entirely comfortable’ with children wearing masks in school The Independent 1 day ago
5 Remarks by the Taoiseach to EU Heads of Mission 8 hours ago
6 Covid Ireland: Taoiseach suggests we won't have a 'normal' Christmas as new restrictions set to be confirmed Irish Mirror 7 hours ago
7 Covid-19 Ireland – Taoiseach says schools will reopen in new year but warns ‘challenges’ ahead to lower cas... The Irish Sun 9 hours ago
8 Taoiseach expects Nphet to present new Covid-19 recommendations Irish Examiner 10 hours ago
9 Covid Ireland: 4,163 new cases as Taoiseach confirms NPHET want more restrictions Irish Mirror 8 hours ago
10 PM call with Irish Taoiseach Micheál Martin: 24 November 2021 GOV.UK 8 days ago
11 Taoiseach: NI Protocol issues not resolved by Christmas 2 days ago
12 Martin and Varadkar defend Mica scheme amid accusations of a 'stunt' The Irish Times 9 hours ago
13 Taoiseach officially opens reconstructed runway at Cork Airport Irish Post 3 days ago
14 Miriam Lord: Micheál like an exasperated múinteoir as Opposition gets under his skin The Irish Times 2 days ago
15 Miriam Lord: Mary Lou will be raging she missed the ghost of Pearse The Irish Times 1 day ago
16 Taoiseach denies he told Kelly teachers would be exempt from new Covid rule The Irish Times 17 days ago
17 Taoiseach says he's 'not entirely comfortable' with children wearing masks in school 1 day ago
18 Taoiseach brought back down to earth after walking on air in Glasgow The Irish Times 30 days ago
19 Taoiseach lobbied to tackle hospital overcrowding in North West Highland Radio 16 hours ago
20 Taoiseach plays down Ahern comments on loyalist understanding of NI protocol The Irish Times 12 days ago
21 Taoiseach: The situation around the Northern Ireland protocol is 'serious' Irish Examiner 23 days ago
22 Taoiseach 'extremely concerned' and cannot rule out further Covid restrictions The Irish Times 19 days ago
23 Miriam Lord: Taoiseach easily needled by Kelly on teacher misunderstanding The Irish Times 16 days ago
24 State 'can't just dive into' antigen testing, says Taoiseach The Irish Times 8 days ago
25 Support for 'Gaels letter to Taoiseach' spreading throughout Ireland The Irish News 14 days ago
26 Taoiseach and the poppy The Irish Times 14 days ago
27 Taoiseach says further Covid restrictions cannot be ruled out 16 days ago
28 Landslide, earthquake, 'huge dump of snow' and female Taoiseach predicted for Ireland in next three years JOE 4 days ago
29 Taoiseach attends Remembrance Sunday event in Enniskillen Irish Examiner 19 days ago
30 Taoiseach: Another lockdown cannot be ruled out Irish Examiner 16 days ago
31 'I'm delighted for you' – Joe Biden calls Taoiseach to congratulate Ireland on victory over All Blacks 20 days ago
32 Public health advice 'not God' but needs to be respected, Taoiseach tells Seanad The Irish Times 15 days ago
33 Taoiseach signals Biden's resolute support for Belfast Agreement The Irish Times 30 days ago
34 Taoiseach urges North's politicians to 'count to 10' before pulling Good Friday Agreement support Irish Examiner 25 days ago
35 Taoiseach says Brexit talks with UK over Northern Ireland Protocol are 'going through a better phase' 11 days ago
36 Taoiseach urges everyone to cut back on "socialising" Midwest Radio 3 days ago
37 WATCH: Limerick boy and Toy Show hero Paudie interviews Taoiseach Limerick Leader 1 day ago
38 Taoiseach accused of 'losing control' of his own Government after two Green appointments to State roles without open competition 23 days ago
39 Taoiseach backs call for lotto regulator to be quizzed by TDs over lack of winners 9 days ago
40 'We need to act now to deal with this surge' The Taoiseach's speech in full 17 days ago
41 Cop26: Taoiseach says it is not 'too late' to turn tide on climate change The Irish Times 30 days ago
42 Taoiseach rejects SF leader's claims on mother and baby redress scheme The Irish Times 16 days ago
43 Dark chocolate, green tea and documentaries help night owl Taoiseach deal with job stress Irish Examiner 22 days ago
44 Covid-19 cases for 5-11's 'through the roof', says Taoiseach The Irish Times 2 days ago
45 'It's time we look at how we object to everything in this country' – Taoiseach hits out at opposition to climate projects 30 days ago
46 Teen enjoys 'amazing' farming chat with Taoiseach 23 days ago
47 Taoiseach and Cop26 Dublin 30 days ago
48 Fianna Fáil TD and Taoiseach 'clash over Grace Dáil speech' Irish Examiner 12 days ago
49 Taoiseach praises diversity at Black-Irish conference 28 days ago
50 Taoiseach hails climate pact between US and China at Cop26 Irish Examiner 22 days ago
51 Taoiseach confirms NPHET recommended number of new Covid measures that will be considered Irish Mirror 21 days ago
52 Taoiseach tells councils that families shouldn't be evicted from homeless accommodation 8 days ago
53 Letters to the Editor: An Taoiseach must effect a Cabinet reshuffle Irish Examiner 11 days ago
54 Taoiseach heads off to Wales to 'boost trade opportunities' Limerick Leader 14 days ago
55 Sinn Fein exploiting Mica Redress for political gain Taoiseach 2 days ago
56 McBrearty seeks meeting with Taoiseach Highland Radio 8 days ago
57 Taoiseach Micheal Martin gives grim update on Irish energy shortages and addresses risk of 'winter blackout' Irish Mirror 24 days ago
58 Taoiseach pledges more funding and resources for UHL Limerick Post 7 days ago
59 Climate Action Plan launched by Taoiseach Micheal Martin but opposition slams costs for 'ordinary workers' Irish Mirror 29 days ago
60 Taoiseach confident of party's future election hopes Anglo Celt 20 days ago
61 Leo Varadkar says Santa Claus is 'exempt' from Ireland's new Covid travel rules ahead of Christmas Irish Mirror 8 hours ago
62 'We will not intervene in a Garda investigation' Taoiseach 8 days ago
63 Taoiseach Micheal Martin hints at schools change as he confirms Dr Tony Holohan talks Irish Mirror 25 days ago
64 Taoiseach Micheal Martin refuses answer questions on reported plan to attract cuckoo funds to Ireland Irish Mirror 24 days ago
65 Taoiseach hails the late Paddy Smith as “a true republican” Anglo Celt 28 days ago
66 Taoiseach pledges support to campaign to raise awareness of gender-based violence Waterford Live 6 days ago
67 Haughey uncovered David McCullagh on the new biography 4 days ago
68 HSE tackling births, deaths, marriage certs backlog 1 day ago
69 Joint Statement by President Joe Biden and Taoiseach Micheál Martin The White House 9 months ago
70 'We've had 3,400 cancellations in 3 weeks': Restaurants say Christmas trade has been 'decimated' 8 hours ago
71 PROUD LEGACY: President Higgins among attendees at Austin Currie funeral Irish Post 3 hours ago
73 1916 relatives’ fury over lack of government support as developers prepare to tear up Moore Street... The Irish Sun 3 days ago
74 Taoiseach's visit to New York to coincide with UN General Assembly meeting The Irish Times 2 months ago
75 Sinn Féin most popular party as 'trend of bad polls' continues for Fine Gael Irish Examiner 4 days ago
76 Biden says Taoiseach gave 'devastating' critique of US Covid policy The Irish Times 7 months ago
77 Lotto results Ireland LIVE for historic €19m jackpot goes unclaimed but 29 players win big Irish Mirror 1 day ago
78 PM call with Irish Taoiseach Micheál Martin: 20 July 2021 GOV.UK 5 months ago
79 Miriam Lord: Taoiseach nearly turns on his tormentors The Irish Times 1 month ago
80 Taoiseach Micheál Martin visit to Belfast 8 October 2021 2 months ago
81 Taoiseach says Northern Ireland must not ‘spiral back to dark place’ The Guardian 8 months ago
82 Taoiseach 'respects' President's decision on NI event 3 months ago
83 Security for politicians needs to be reviewed, says Taoiseach The Irish Times 1 month ago
84 Climate change is 'defining challenge' Taoiseach 2 months ago
85 'Slap in the face': Taoiseach confronts Poland on judicial interference The Irish Times 1 month ago
86 Taoiseach urges UN to respond to 'alarm bells' over Covid, conflict and climate change Irish Post 2 months ago
87 Speech by Taoiseach Micheál Martin from Government Buildings Friday, 28 May 2021 6 months ago
88 Leo Varadkar pushes back over Taoiseach memo controversy 3 months ago
89 'I want to lead as Taoiseach': Mary Lou McDonald The Irish Times 1 month ago
90 Micheál Martin becomes Irish taoiseach in historic coalition The Guardian 1 year ago
91 Jennifer O'Connell: Taoiseach's 'careful now' politics is not enough The Irish Times 3 months ago
92 Taoiseach tells story of gay Co Louth teenager at EU summit The Irish Times 5 months ago
93 Taoiseach tells left-handed man beatings he got in primary school were 'wrong' The Irish Times 3 months ago
94 Taoiseach praises public for having 'trust in science' as reopening plan is published The Irish Times 3 months ago
95 Taoiseach Micheál Martin congratulates TG4 on 25th birthday 1 month ago
96 Waterford student becomes Taoiseach for a day 2 months ago
97 Statement by Taoiseach Micheál Martin on the latest phase of reopening 2 months ago
98 Taoiseach pushes back against calls in US for referendum on Irish unity The Irish Times 9 months ago
99 Taoiseach insists President Biden 'understands the North' Irish Examiner 2 months ago
100 Taoiseach Micheál Martin launches staunch defence of leadership after heave threat 5 months ago