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1 Ongoing Garda investigation threatens Varadkar's return as taoiseach The Irish Times 15 hours ago
2 Taoiseach defends minister and civil servant’s trip to Dubai health conference The Independent 23 hours ago
3 Taoiseach urges fishermen to stay safe ahead of Russian naval exercises The Independent 1 day ago
4 Meet the Martins: Taoiseach's family shaped by working-class roots The Irish Times 2 days ago
5 Taoiseach accuses Sinn Féin of trying to polarise Irish society with 'fraudulent political narrative' 22 hours ago
6 Irish taoiseach looks to spring after lifting one of Europe’s longest Covid clampdowns The Guardian 8 days ago
7 Taoiseach says key focus for coming year is 'getting the work done' The Irish Times 28 days ago
8 Taoiseach to attend Bloody Sunday memorial service in Derry The Irish Times 3 days ago
9 Irish economy is recovering at 'great pace', Taoiseach tells FF meeting The Irish Times 3 days ago
10 Taoiseach welcomes Richard O'Halloran's return to Ireland after nearly three years trapped in China 21 hours ago
11 Taoiseach accused of 'not living in the real world' as inflation hits 20-year high The Irish Times 4 days ago
12 Taoiseach Micheál Martin backs Bloody Sunday families' quest for justice The Irish News 2 days ago
13 Taoiseach says department gathering 'clearly in breach' of Covid-19 rules The Irish Times 10 days ago
14 Taoiseach hails EU’s role in bringing peace to Ireland The Independent 8 days ago
15 Taoiseach: Up to 30,000 affordable homes could be delivered this year Irish Examiner 22 hours ago
16 Taoiseach 'not convinced' commission of inquiry best way to investigate Dealgan House deaths The Argus 2 days ago
17 Miriam Lord: Taoiseach full of the joys of spring as Omicron storm passes The Irish Times 8 days ago
18 Protest at Taoiseach's office over future of services 1 day ago
19 Taoiseach hopes 'in-person' St Patrick's Day events can return with White House visit on the cards 3 days ago
20 Taoiseach opens new €10m operating theatres at Cork hospital 9 hours ago
21 Inflation could get 'even worse' as tensions rise in Ukraine, Taoiseach warns 4 days ago
22 TCD 'needs to do work' to make Science Gallery sustainable, Taoiseach says The Irish Times 4 days ago
23 'We are at a crossroads for Irish farming and forestry' Taoiseach 2 days ago
24 Address to the nation by Taoiseach Micheál Martin, 21 January 2022 6 days ago
25 'Not appropriate' for Varadkar to become Taoiseach if he is still subject of garda probe into alleged leaking 20 days ago
26 UK government 'dragged its feet for too long' on Troubles legacy, Taoiseach says The Irish Times 10 days ago
27 Taoiseach calls for zero-tolerance approach to violence against women The Independent 10 days ago
28 Galway TD demands Taoiseach give commitment on National Maternity Hospital Connacht Tribune Group 1 day ago
29 State's handling of pandemic to be 'evaluated', Taoiseach confirms The Irish Times 9 days ago
30 Taoiseach says Sinn Féin is in 'destructive opposition mode' The Irish Times 27 days ago
31 Hybrid Leaving Cert 'not ruled out by Government', says Taoiseach The Irish Times 15 days ago
32 Taoiseach says housing crisis won't be solved in one year, but report shows progress being made 3 days ago
33 Taoiseach To Ask Health Minister For 'Further Examination' Of UHL Overcrowding Issues Clare FM 2 days ago
34 Ireland has much to learn from history of division, says Taoiseach The Independent 14 days ago
35 'Women of Honour' to meet Taoiseach next week Highland Radio 3 days ago
36 Taoiseach rules out mandatory Covid vaccines and says 8pm curfew to stay for now as Ireland passes one million cases 19 days ago
37 Taoiseach Micheál Martin will be 'having a pint over the weekend' 7 days ago
38 A moment of optimism as Taoiseach announces the grand reopening Business Post 7 days ago
39 Taoiseach defends mother and baby homes redress scheme The Irish Times 29 days ago
40 Taoiseach Micheal Martin promises more will be done to tackle domestic violence Irish Mirror 9 days ago
41 Inside Politics 2022 political preview: Taoiseach rotation, virus mutation and cost inflation 23 days ago
42 Taoiseach gives fans hope that full-capacity crowds could return for Six Nations Irish Mirror 9 days ago
43 Taoiseach announces new communications committee for Fianna Fáil Irish Examiner 22 days ago
44 Taoiseach and other coalition leaders to meet on Tuesday to discuss Covid-19 threat 26 days ago
45 Taoiseach Micheal Martin expects 'challenging' weeks ahead but has received encouraging new Covid information Irish Mirror 24 days ago
46 Taoiseach Micheal Martin opens up on how he met his wife Mary and tragic death of two children Irish Mirror 14 days ago
47 Expert Claims Taoiseach Made Mistake Ditching One Of The Restrictions 6 days ago
48 Taoiseach sends New Year’s message to followers following ‘difficult’ 2021 28 days ago
49 How Leo deals with Coveney will reveal whether he is Taoiseach again 6 days ago
50 Taoiseach Micheál Martin to appear on tonight's Late Late Show to discuss ongoing Covid-19 pandemic The Irish News 15 days ago
51 PM call with Irish Taoiseach Micheál Martin: 24 November 2021 GOV.UK 2 months ago
52 Taoiseach says he shares public's 'frustration' at renewed Covid-19 restrictions The Irish Times 2 months ago
53 Joint Statement by President Joe Biden and Taoiseach Micheál Martin The White House 11 months ago
54 Taoiseach's visit to New York to coincide with UN General Assembly meeting The Irish Times 4 months ago
55 Taoiseach Micheál Martin attends European Council 2 months ago
56 Taoiseach 'extremely concerned' and cannot rule out further Covid restrictions The Irish Times 3 months ago
57 Biden says Taoiseach gave 'devastating' critique of US Covid policy The Irish Times 8 months ago
58 Miriam Lord: Taoiseach nearly turns on his tormentors The Irish Times 3 months ago
59 Taoiseach brought back down to earth after walking on air in Glasgow The Irish Times 3 months ago
60 Taoiseach marks one year of Shared Island Initiative 2 months ago
61 Taoiseach denies he told Kelly teachers would be exempt from new Covid rule The Irish Times 2 months ago
62 Taoiseach plays down Ahern comments on loyalist understanding of NI protocol The Irish Times 2 months ago
63 Taoiseach signals Biden's resolute support for Belfast Agreement The Irish Times 3 months ago
64 Taoiseach at COP26: 'It's not too late' to address climate crisis 3 months ago
65 Taoiseach speaks about how the death of his two children has shaped him as a person The Irish Times 1 month ago
66 Taoiseach does not rule out more Covid restrictions but says we must 'hold our nerve' The Irish Times 2 months ago
67 Micheál Martin insists he'll continue to lead Fianna Fáil when his term as Taoiseach ends Newstalk 1 month ago
68 Address to the Nation by the Taoiseach Micheál Martin, Friday 3 December 2 months ago
69 Miriam Lord: Taoiseach easily needled by Kelly on teacher misunderstanding The Irish Times 2 months ago
70 Taoiseach Micheál Martin visit to Belfast 8 October 2021 4 months ago
71 Taoiseach defends Government's decision to attend Armagh service The Irish Times 4 months ago
72 Taoiseach and the poppy The Irish Times 2 months ago
73 Taoiseach defends Government's handling of Covid-19 in schools The Irish Times 2 months ago
74 Nphet has not been 'gagged', Taoiseach says as restrictions to remain until more known of Omicron The Irish Times 2 months ago
75 Taoiseach has 'full confidence' in AG after controversy The Irish Times 4 months ago
76 Taoiseach announces new Covid restrictions The Irish Times 2 months ago
77 Taoiseach Micheál Martin in New York for start of week of events at United Nations 4 months ago
78 Public health advice 'not God' but needs to be respected, Taoiseach tells Seanad The Irish Times 2 months ago
79 Taoiseach accused of 'losing control' of his own Government after two Green appointments to State roles without open competition 3 months ago
80 Taoiseach to address nation tonight over new Covid curbs Irish Examiner 1 month ago
81 Miriam Lord: Taoiseach a strange hybrid of Tommy Cooper and Cork The Irish Times 2 months ago
82 'I want to lead as Taoiseach': Mary Lou McDonald The Irish Times 3 months ago
83 Covid guidelines at time of Zappone event lacked 'clarity' Taoiseach 6 months ago
84 Taoiseach rules out State inquiry into killing of Michael Collins The Irish Times 1 month ago
85 PM call with Irish Taoiseach Micheál Martin: 20 July 2021 GOV.UK 6 months ago
86 Address to the nation by Taoiseach Micheál Martin on 16 November 2021 2 months ago
87 Micheál Martin becomes Irish taoiseach in historic coalition The Guardian 2 years ago
88 PM meeting with Irish Taoiseach: 14 May 2021 GOV.UK 9 months ago
89 'I'm delighted for you' – Joe Biden calls Taoiseach to congratulate Ireland on victory over All Blacks 3 months ago
90 Remarks by the Taoiseach to EU Heads of Mission 2 months ago
91 'Slap in the face': Taoiseach confronts Poland on judicial interference The Irish Times 3 months ago
92 What time will the Taoiseach address the nation? All we know after special Cabinet meeting Irish Mirror 1 month ago
93 Statement by the Taoiseach Micheál Martin on the death of James Brokenshire 4 months ago
94 Taoiseach tells left-handed man beatings he got in primary school were 'wrong' The Irish Times 5 months ago
95 Taoiseach gives upbeat assessment on economy at party meeting The Irish Times 2 months ago
96 Taoiseach: The situation around the Northern Ireland protocol is 'serious' Irish Examiner 3 months ago
97 Leo Varadkar pushes back over Taoiseach memo controversy 5 months ago
98 Expert advice needed on gender declaration law, says Taoiseach The Irish Times 1 month ago
99 Jennifer O'Connell: Taoiseach's 'careful now' politics is not enough The Irish Times 5 months ago
100 Taoiseach Micheal Martin confirms no return for lockdown but has some bad reopening news Irish Mirror 3 months ago