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Result Content Outlet Published Research
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10 Artificial intelligence in Manufacturing market size is valued at USD 2.3 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to be USD 16.3 billion by 2027; growing at a CAGR of 47.9% from 2022 to 2027 Yahoo Finance 21 days ago
11 Artificial Intelligence Chip Market to Witness Huge Growth by 2027: Ambarella, Atlazo, Syntiant Digital Journal 4 days ago
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26 Google Pulls Back the Covers on Its First Machine Learning Chip HPCwire 5 years ago
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38 NVIDIA Boasts “World's Most Advanced Chip” in Latest Tensor Core GPU News 2 months ago
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40 Google Plans to Use Its Own In-House Chip in Upcoming Pixel Phone Electronic Design 9 months ago
41 Google is using AI to design its next generation of AI chips more quickly than humans can The Verge 11 months ago
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46 Google unveils tiny new AI chips for on-device machine learning The Verge 4 years ago
47 TPU is 15x to 30x faster than GPUs and CPUs, Google says ZDNet 5 years ago
48 Google brings 45 teraflops tensor flow processors to its compute cloud Ars Technica 5 years ago
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55 TPU Vs GPU Vs CPU: Which Hardware Should You Choose For Deep Learning Analytics India Magazine 3 years ago
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64 Google Open-Sources ALX for Large-Scale Matrix Factorization on TPUs Synced 5 months ago
65 Google Debuts TPU v2 and will Add to Google Cloud HPCwire 5 years ago
66 Google Offers Glimpse of Third-Generation TPU Processor TOP500 News 4 years ago
67 Google announces Edge TPU development kit | 4 years ago
68 Google Pixel Watch could feature Exynos 9110 SoC launched by Samsung in 2018: Report Republic World 2 days ago
69 Google’s Cloud TPUs now better support PyTorch VentureBeat 2 years ago
70 Intel's Arc GPUs see slower release curve, company says FierceElectronics 6 days ago
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75 Using GPUs for Deep Learning IoT For All 7 months ago
76 Intel Meteor Lake CPUs May Have VPU ‘Neural Engine’ Acceleration Similar to Apple Chips Wccftech 8 months ago
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82 How Google’s New A.I. Microchips Take A Page From Bitcoin Miners Popular Science 6 years ago
83 Gensyn applies a token to distributed computing for AI developers, raises $6.5M TechCrunch 2 months ago
84 Google Cloud TPU: Strategic Implications For Google, NVIDIA And The Machine Learning Industry Forbes 5 years ago
85 Google Built Its Very Own Chips to Power Its AI Bots WIRED 6 years ago
86 Meet the 69-year-old professor who left retirement to help lead one of Google's most crucial projects CNBC 5 years ago
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91 Google Makes Its Special A.I. Chips Available to Others The New York Times 4 years ago
92 Hot Chips 2017: A Closer Look At Google's TPU v2 Tom's Hardware 5 years ago
93 Google Cloud teams up with NLP startup Cohere on multiyear partnership around TPUs TechCrunch 6 months ago
94 Photonic TPUs Beat GPUs in Accelerating Next-Gen Machine Learning 2 years ago
95 Google uses deep learning to design faster, smaller AI chips The Register 2 months ago
96 Google’s Second Generation Tensor Processing Units Are Capable of Delivering 180 Teraflops of Computing Power Wccftech 5 years ago
97 The World’s Largest Computer Chip The New Yorker 9 months ago
98 Edge TPU from Google Brings AI to Embedded, Mobile Devices Design News 2 years ago
99 Google Brings Liquid Cooling to Data Centers to Cool Latest AI Chips Data Center Knowledge 4 years ago
100 Latest MLPerf Results: Nvidia Shines but Intel, Graphcore, Google Increase Their Presence HPCwire 11 months ago