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1 Allegra Chen-Carrel Explores How Groups Can Co-Exist Peacefully
2 How Biden Could Restore Cooperation Between the U.S. and the World
3 A Progress Report on the Sustaining Peace Project
4 Fall 2021 Internship Opportunities
5 Fall 2021 Undergraduate Research Assistant Opportunities
6 Meet the Inaugural Cohort of the Earth Institute Summer Intern Program
7 New Remote Summer 2021 Internship at Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment
8 Youth Learn Important Leadership Lessons in Earth Institute Pre-College Program
9 Warfare, Not Climate, Is Driving Resurgent Hunger in Africa, Says Study
10 Chinese Mining and Indigenous Resistance in Ecuador
11 Meet Julie Souza From Columbia Climate School's Inaugural Class
12 Decolonizing Through Music and Dance: Reflections From Huehca Omeyocan
13 Columbia Climate School Named University Partner for Climate Week NYC 2021
14 Internship Opportunity: All Ivy Career Fair Outreach
15 Summer 2021 Earth Institute Internships
16 Columbia University Releases New Plan to Reach Net Zero Emissions by 2050
17 Earth Institute Photos of Our Amazing Planet
18 More Carbon Emissions Will Kill More People. Here's How Many.
19 What is Water: A Child's Perspective
20 Landmark Program Joins Investors With Scientists to Confront Climate Change
21 Summer Internships for Graduate Students
22 One in Three Americans Contracted COVID-19 in 2020, Says Study
23 All-ABOARD: Changing Minds and Hearts at Sea
24 A New Center Will Study Ocean Chemical-Microbe Networks and Climate Change
25 Book excerpt: "The Way Out: How to Overcome Toxic Polarization"
26 Alumni Spotlight: Professor Kimberly Oremus
27 How Universities Can Support Interdisciplinary Careers for Climate and Sustainability Progress
28 US urges calm in Lebanon; nation’s army makes arrests after deadly violence
29 Virtual Workshop Convenes Women Peacebuilders Paving the Way to a Post-Pandemic Future
30 Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Braverman, Energy Aficionado and Recent Graduate
31 Meet Pucheng Xuan From Columbia Climate School's Inaugural Class
32 Public Service, Public Ethics and New York's Political Life
33 Populations Exposed to Flooding Growing Much Faster Than Thought, Says Study
34 A Journey Into an Alaskan Volcano
35 New Class on Sustainability and Racial Justice in 21st Century Detroit
36 Does Climate Urgency Lead to Climate Action?
37 Staff Spotlight: Mariví Perdomo Caba
38 Governing New York City
39 Conference Will Discuss Retreat From Rising Seas and Other Climate Hazards
40 Pod of the Planet Episode 16: World Oceans Day 2021
41 Columbia to Launch $25 Million AI-Based Climate Modeling Center
42 Human Rights Council Hears Presentations by the High Commissioner on Cambodia, Georgia, Yemen and the Philippines and Holds General Debate on Technical Assistance and Capacity Building
43 Food Systems Offer Huge Opportunities to Cut Emissions, Study Finds
44 Meet Irina Ishan From Columbia Climate School's Inaugural Class
45 Hidden Within African Diamonds, a Billion-Plus Years of Deep-Earth History
46 Sustainable Development Program Seeks Teaching Assistants for Fall 2021
47 Globalization Persists Through the Pandemic
48 Water resources: Defusing conflict, promoting cooperation
49 Nations vow to combat ransomware at US-led summit
50 TikTok becomes most downloaded non-gaming app
52 New website maps and models the science of peace
53 At a time when visionary leadership is sorely needed, don't miss these five suggestions for transforming health
54 Afghanistan: Centre stage of the UN General Assembly
55 Q&A: What's math got to do with peace?
56 Foreign Competition In Guinea: The Scramble For Natural Resources – Analysis
57 Opinion: Compound risks and complex emergencies require new approaches to preparedness
58 Kazakhstan Moves to Ease Water Conflict in Central Asia
59 Analysis of the Logistics and Energy Map of the Eurasian Transhipment Lines: Strategic North
60 Rafael sets up cyber consortium to defend critical infrastructure
61 The Shifting Geography of the South Caucasus
62 Exclusive: Documents Reveal Erik Prince's $10 Billion Plan to Make Weapons and Create a Private Army in Ukraine
63 A sustainable development pathway for climate action within the UN 2030 Agenda
64 Conflict Expression: Moving from the 'What' to the 'How' in Assessing Conflict in the Workplace
65 Overcoming community-conservation conflict: Q&A with Dominique Bikaba
66 Less Than a Full Deck: Russia's Economic Influence in the Mediterranean
67 Global North 'climate reparations' to prevent Southern fossil-fuel conflict
68 US national defense strategy and the future of foreign military sales
69 Redefining the US-Turkey Relationship
70 The top ten risks and opportunities for 2021
71 Design of a FAIR digital data health infrastructure in Africa for COVID‐19 reporting and research
72 Secretary of Defense Austin Remarks at the Global Emerging Technology Summit of The Nation
73 Building US Manufacturing Competitiveness and Capacity
74 China's Fight Against Climate Change and Environmental Degradation
75 The Future of Anglo-French Defence Cooperation Post-Brexit
76 Remove a Sanctions Cloud from US-Indian Relations
77 Scaling up cross border cooperation to tackle climate and disease threats
78 Manufactured Crisis: "Deindustrialization," Free Markets, and National Security
79 Corporate Criminal Liability for International Crimes: France and Sweden Are Poised To Take Historic Steps Forward
80 School of Diplomacy Welcomes New Faculty
81 The Longer Telegram: Toward a new American China strategy
82 Task and Relationship Conflicts in Teams in WorkplaceMediation
83 World Bank and African Union Team Up to Support Rapid Vaccination for Up to 400 million People in Africa
84 The era of state mobilization is over: Welcome to the streets
85 Gas and conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean
86 Why Algeria cut diplomatic ties with Morocco: and implications for the future
87 Finnish officials begin sifting through final HX fighter offers
88 How Duterte Strong-Armed Chinese Dam-Builders But Weakened Philippine Institutions
89 10 Earth Week developments that bode well for climate tech | Greenbiz
90 1. Worries about developments in AI
91 Kenya: Hope as Scientists Expect White Rhino Calf in Two Years
92 Turning the Tide on Dirty Money
93 What are the challenges to anticipatory action in the aid sector?
94 ASEAN, Canada and UN Women jointly launch a 5-year programme to advance Women, Peace and Security Agenda
95 The microbiome extends host evolutionary potential
96 The Challenges to China's National Rejuvenation – Part Two: The Failure of China's Foreign Relations
97 How climate change could exacerbate conflict in the Middle East
98 The COVID‐19 crisis as an opportunity to strengthen global regulatory coordination for sustained enhanced access to diagnostics and therapeutics
99 India Calibrates its South China Sea Approach
100 Learning from Megadisasters: A Decade of Lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake