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1 A biological fireworks show 300 million years in the making
2 Argonne researchers use mice to hone imaging technology
3 A Promising Pathway to New Cancer Treatments
4 Scientists repurpose cancer and seizure medications to aid in the fight against COVID-19
5 Argonne announces 2022 Maria Goeppert Mayer Fellows, honoring the legacy of the physics Nobel Laureate
6 “Zinc Sparks” – A Biological Fireworks Show 300 Million Years in the Making
7 Light source sets milestone in construction
8 People of Argonne’s history: A look at leaders who made Argonne what it is today
9 Researchers image an entire mouse brain for the first time
10 Nikita Kuklev's PhD Thesis Defense | Department of Physics | The University of Chicago
11 Argonne National Laboratory celebrates 75 years of scientific discovery
12 Deconstructing the Infectious Machinery of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus | Berkeley Lab
13 Argonne's Advanced Photon Source to Get $815 Million Upgrade
14 Argonne breaks ground on new state-of-the-art beamlines for the Advanced Photon Source
15 DOE endorses Advanced Photon Source upgrade
16 Argonne's Advanced Photon Source guided the development of new COVID-19 vaccine now in trials
17 Enzyme Structure Provides a Promising Pathway to New Cancer Treatments
18 Advanced Photon Source set for $815m upgrade – Physics World
19 Blocking how the malaria parasite suppresses the immune response
20 Mouse brain imaged from the microscopic to the macroscopic level: Using advanced X-ray technology, researchers have for the first time imaged an entire mouse brain, from the synapse to the whole brain level
21 China one step closer to shining Earth’s brightest light on the atomic world
22 Buzz About Thermoelectrics Heats Up with Promising New Magnesium-Based Materials
23 Powerful X-rays of the Advanced Photon Source Reveal 1,900-Year-Old Egyptian Mummy’s Secrets
24 Argonne receives go-ahead for $815 million upgrade to X-ray facility
25 Eight ways Argonne advanced science in 2020
26 New Imaging Pipeline Captures Synapse to Whole Brain on One Sample
27 Little swirling mysteries: Uncovering dynamics of ultrasmall, ultrafast groups of atoms
28 Cancer and Seizure Medications Could Aid in the Fight against COVID-19
29 Learn about science, engineering in free public events for Argonne's 75th anniversary
30 Postinfection treatment with a protease inhibitor increases survival of mice with a fatal SARS-CoV-2 infection
31 Nanoscale 3D imaging at the Advanced Photon Source
32 Argonne's 2021 Maria Goeppert Mayer fellows bring new energy, promise to their fields
33 Free-electron lasing at 27 nanometres based on a laser wakefield accelerator
34 How llamas named Wally and Winter are helping scientists study COVID-19
35 New 2D superconductor forms at higher temperatures than ever before
36 Fast nanoparticle rotational and translational diffusion in synovial fluid and hyaluronic acid solutions
37 Unveiling what governs crystal growth
38 Argonne plays foundational role in development of COVID-19 vaccines
39 Under wraps: X-rays reveal 1900-year-old mummy's secrets
40 Liquid-like motion in crystals could explain their promising behavior in solar cells
41 Amid pandemic, Energy Department labs close to tens of thousands of users
42 Brain-repair discovery could lead to new epilepsy treatments
43 What Is the Advanced Photon Source? How Ultra-Bright X-Ray Beams Are Made
44 Scalable integrated single-photon source
45 Inside the battery in 3D: Powerful X-rays watch solid state batteries charging and discharging
46 In the Fight Against Coronavirus, Supercomputers & Giant Accelerators Lend a Hand
47 Lasers, levitation and machine learning make better heat-resistant materials
48 “God Forbid We Need This, but We Will Be Ready” – Scientists Prepare for Next Coronavirus Pandemic, Maybe in 2028?
49 ALCF Data Science Program Selects Projects for 2021-2022
50 Scientists find antibody that blocks dengue virus
51 Extreme 3-D
52 Science at Department of Energy gets a hefty raise in final 2018 budget
53 Argonne researchers using artificial intelligence to shape the future of science
54 New drug being considered in fight against COVID-19
55 Research Team Develops New Strategy for Validating Computer Simulations
56 National Labs Band Together to Build Prototype Superconducting Magnet
57 Battery of tests: Scientists figure out how to track what happens inside batteries
58 National laboratories' magnet designers look to the future of light sources with new prototype
59 Microscopy technique makes finer images of deeper tissue, more quickly
60 Mn2+ coordinates Cap-0-RNA to align substrates for efficient 2′-O-methyl transfer by SARS-CoV-2 nsp16
61 International Team Uses AI and Simulation Tools to Hasten COVID-19 Drug Discovery
62 Seeing schizophrenia: X-rays shed light on neural differences, point toward treatment
63 Blocking how malaria parasite suppresses immune response
64 Why the lovable llama might be a secret weapon against COVID-19
65 How Supercomputing and Advanced X-Rays Helped the Government Fight COVID-19
66 Beetlejuice! Secrets of beetle sprays unlocked at the Advanced Photon Source
67 China's PAPS technology R&D project starts trial operation
68 Argonne earns HPCwire awards for supercomputing excellence in energy and industry
69 When your X-ray subject has wings—peering inside insects with the advanced photon source
70 No injuries in minor chemical spill at Argonne National Lab
71 Irish scientists light the way to new telecoms and computing technologies
72 DOE approves technical plan and cost estimate to upgrade Argonne facility
73 Chip-Based Photon Source Is 100X More Efficient than Previous, Bringing Quantum Integration Within Reach
74 Argonne's User Facilities Continue to Enable Critical Work Combating and Addressing the Impacts of the COVID-19 Epidemic
75 DOE Names 6 Argonne Scientists to Receive Early Career Research Awards
76 ALCF Data Science Program Awards 4 Projects
77 DOE names six Argonne scientists to receive Early Career Research Program awards
78 Argonne National Lab is helping a local utility in a program with national implications
79 Research Breakthrough Could Transform Clean Energy Technology
80 Physicists develop record-breaking source for single photons
81 24 students from three area high schools chosen to work on research with Argonne scientists
82 Research to Stop Coronavirus Underway at Argonne National Laboratory
83 Little Swirling Mysteries: Dynamics of Ultrasmall, Ultrafast Groups of Atoms Uncovered
84 Tiny chip-based device performs ultrafast modulation of X-rays
85 Method for determining electron beam properties could help future ultraviolet, X-ray synchrotron light sources
86 Rebirth of leading European facility promises revolutionary advances in x-ray science
87 Energy Secretary Granholm virtually tours Argonne
88 Scientists hunt for antibodies, key in fight against coronavirus
89 Inside Argonne National Laboratory's High-Tech Effort To Crack The Code of COVID-19
90 Argonne National Laboratory Hosting Materials For Printed Hybrid Electronics Webinar
91 Computing Computing How Does a Quantum Computer Work?
92 Unlocking the secrets of Earth's early atmosphere
93 FY22 Budget Request: DOE Office of Science
94 Telluride Science Presents: Arvind Ramanathan | News |
95 Could AI help recover energy and fresh water from municipal wastewater?
96 Soft anharmonic phonons and ultralow thermal conductivity in Mg3(Sb, Bi)2 thermoelectrics
97 UChicago physicist leaves mark on X-ray sciences as leader, mentor
98 New engine capability accelerates advanced vehicle research
99 National labs are forced to adapt during coronavirus outbreak
100 In Memoriam: David Shirley, Former Laboratory Director | Berkeley Lab