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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Despite ‘Amazon effect,’ Minnesota communities still capturing sales tax Press 22 days ago
2 Amazon Reaps Record $669M in Tax Breaks CFO 4 months ago
3 Caden Rosenbaum: Progressives have a point about Amazon's special tax treatment Salt Lake Tribune 6 days ago
4 This Amazon FSA Hack Will Save You a Bajillion Dollars PureWow 1 day ago
5 Preliminary sales tax figures indicate hot November sales in Stark County Canton Repository 5 hours ago
6 RI loses a $2 million tax dispute with the original owners of Providence Place mall The Providence Journal 1 day ago
7 Amazon Endorses GOP-Led Bill To Federally Legalize Marijuana Marijuana Moment 1 day ago
8 Amazon had sales income of €44bn in Europe in 2020 but paid no corporation tax The Guardian 9 months ago
9 Massachusetts Marijuana Tax Revenue Now Exceeds Alcohol By Millions Marijuana Moment 2 days ago
10 Get Paid Through Peer-to-Peer Apps? Watch Out for This New Tax Rule | Inc. 12 hours ago
11 Amazon tax abatement struck down at City Council meeting WANE 6 months ago
12 Best tax software deal: TurboTax Premiere 2021 is almost 50% off, plus a $10 Amazon gift card Mashable 29 days ago
13 Amazon builds warehouses in ‘opportunity zones’ that give tax breaks and secrecy The Philadelphia Inquirer 1 month ago
14 As Bezos called for tax hikes, Amazon lobbied to keep its tax bill low POLITICO 7 months ago
15 Amazon And Third-Party Sellers: A Due Process Bar To Sales Tax? Forbes 3 months ago
16 Will Other States Follow New York And Tax Sportsbooks Out The Wazoo? Sports Handle 8 hours ago
17 Indigenous Knowledge could inform sustainability efforts in the Amazon Nevada Today 3 days ago
18 Massive Amazon warehouse proposed for a site in Waterbury and Naugatuck Hartford Business 1 day ago
19 Amazon delivery station coming to Tradition; marks third facility in St. Lucie County TCPalm 1 day ago
20 Amazon UK arm pays £3.8m more corporation tax despite £1.9bn sales rise The Guardian 5 months ago
21 Amazon Has Record-Breaking Profits in 2020, Avoids $2.3 Billion in Federal Income Taxes Just Taxes Blog 12 months ago
22 Amazon shareholders call for tax disclosures adviser 1 month ago
23 California cities want a slice of Amazon sales tax. Here’s why Fresno calls one plan ‘racist’ Fresno Bee 4 months ago
24 As Amazon booms in California, cities want state to fix 'tremendous inequity' in sharing of tax revenue GeekWire 5 months ago
25 Amazon builds warehouses in opportunity zones, amid pandemic fueled expansion The Washington Post 1 month ago
26 Amazon wins court appeal as it battles the EU over a $300 million tax bill CNBC 9 months ago
27 Amazon, Google and Facebook will be hit hard by the G-7 tax deal. Here's how they responded CNBC 8 months ago
28 Amazon to Be Covered by Global Tax Deal Despite Thin Margins Bloomberg 8 months ago
29 Judge upholds Seattle 'Amazon' tax on big business The Center Square 8 months ago
30 Jeff Bezos endorsed higher corporate tax rates. But it won't cost him much CNN 10 months ago
31 Delaware can lead by ending corporate tax giveaways to Amazon | Opinion The News Journal 2 months ago
32 Recall backers call for hearing as Sawant admits Tax Amazon ethics violation — UPDATE CHS Capitol Hill Seattle News 9 months ago
33 Jeff Bezos says he supports a hike to corporate tax rate CNBC 10 months ago
34 Overland Park's Prairiefire could default on $64.8M in bonds Kansas City Business Journal 9 hours ago
35 Amazon Sued for Collecting State Sales Tax on Non-Taxable Items Law Street Media 5 months ago
36 Seattle passes payroll tax targeting Amazon and other big businesses CNBC 2 years ago
37 Amazon Taxation Becomes Sticking Point in Talks on Global Levies Bloomberg 9 months ago
38 Amazon seeking tax deal from Johnston for mega-warehouse The Providence Journal 5 months ago
39 New bill aims to help Summit County and other rural areas attract film and TV productions The Park Record 9 hours ago
40 Boris Johnson to address Amazon’s tax record with Jeff Bezos on US visit The Guardian 4 months ago
41 Amazon Tax Change Sends Windfall To Some California Cities (1) Bloomberg Tax 3 months ago
42 Elizabeth Warren takes aim at FedEx, Nike, Amazon in push for corporate tax hike CNBC 9 months ago
43 Millionaires group calls for wealth tax at virtual Davos Reuters 7 days ago
44 Who Could Pay More With a 15% Corporate Minimum Tax? Not Just Amazon The Wall Street Journal 3 months ago
45 Lessons from the Amazon Tax Victory in Seattle Labor Notes 2 years ago
46 Yes, you can scan important tax documents with your phone or tablet. Here's how CNET 5 days ago
47 Caddo Commission considering Amazon tax increment financing district KSLA 4 months ago
48 Amazon, taxes, and woke corporations: Be suspicious of business benevolence 8 months ago
49 False advertising: They call it the ‘Amazon tax,’ but it’s so much more Seattle Times 2 years ago
50 Proposed Minimum Tax Would Hit Amazon, G.M. and Others, Report Shows The New York Times 2 months ago
51 Biden singles out Amazon for not paying federal taxes Reuters 10 months ago
52 Democrats' new minimum tax would target Facebook, Amazon, analysis shows Fox Business 2 months ago
53 CA Intern vacancy in Amazon 12 hours ago
54 Could Calif. rethink its Amazon warehouse sales tax? Some cities hope so. The San Joaquin Valley Sun 5 months ago
55 Amazon had to pay federal income taxes for the first time since 2016 — here's how much CNBC 2 years ago
56 Governments resort to creative accounting to tax Amazon Financial Times 8 months ago
57 Why This “Amazon TIF” Isn't the Sweetheart Deal It Sounds Like Next City 2 months ago
58 Tech industry group funded by Amazon, Facebook and Google says it supports a corporate tax hike CNBC 10 months ago
59 Opinion | Why has Amazon been so quiet about Seattle's new business tax? Crosscut 1 year ago
60 Do Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk pay federal income tax? Deseret News 8 months ago
61 Maryland adopts online ad tax against Amazon, Facebook and Google The Washington Post 12 months ago
62 Amazon’s U.S. Tax Costs Jumped in 2020. It Likely Would Pay Even More Under Biden Plan. The Wall Street Journal 12 months ago
63 This week in tax: EU appeals Amazon decision International Tax Review 6 months ago
64 Amazon creates unequal sales tax collections in Illinois towns Crain's Chicago Business 6 months ago
65 Google Won’t Take Office Building Tax Breaks That Amazon Searched For THE CITY 4 months ago
66 New Daytona fulfillment center: Why will Amazon's tax bill be over $1 million when NASCAR's was $7,100? Daytona Beach News-Journal 2 months ago
67 Elizabeth Warren Fires Back at 'Snotty' Amazon in Tax Feud on Twitter Newsweek 10 months ago
68 The Teamsters Are Coming for Amazon’s Tax Breaks VICE 5 months ago
69 BBB warns of scams ahead of tax season | The LaRue County Herald News 11 hours ago
70 Amazon, Facebook and other tech giants paid almost $100B less in taxes than they claimed: analysis Salon 8 months ago
71 Amazon shifts up to £8.2bn of UK revenues to low-tax Luxembourg, report finds The Independent 6 months ago
72 What the Amazon tax breaks really mean 3 years ago
73 Why Amazon paid no 2018 US federal income tax CNBC 3 years ago
74 After Success on Minimum Wage and Amazon Tax, Sawant Makes a Push for Rent Control 9 months ago
75 Brussels appeals against €250m Amazon tax defeat Financial Times 6 months ago
76 Amazon CEO Bezos Endorses US Corporate Tax Increase Voice of America 10 months ago
77 Should Gap, Amazon, Frito-Lay receive $12M in Dutchess sales tax exemptions? IDA to decide Poughkeepsie Journal 3 months ago
78 How much income tax does Amazon pay? 1.2% on $13 billion for 2019 CBS News 2 years ago
79 The real crisis for American democracy is our cowardly inability to tax the rich | Will Bunch The Philadelphia Inquirer 7 months ago
80 Stefanowski calls Lamont 'out of touch,' airs TV ads The Connecticut Mirror 24 hours ago
81 Seattle will, indeed, 'Tax Amazon' as $200M+ JumpStart tax on big businesses approved CHS Capitol Hill Seattle News 2 years ago
82 Low-tax stocks slide after report says Biden is pushing for a 15% minimum corporate rate CNBC 8 months ago
83 Amazon made an $11.2bn profit in 2018 but paid no federal tax The Guardian 3 years ago
84 Rishi Sunak 'considering Amazon tax' to claw back pandemic borrowing from online retailers who profited Sky News 12 months ago
85 Elizabeth Warren makes fresh push for wealth tax – 'Yes, Jeff Bezos, I'm looking at you' CNBC 6 months ago
86 Amazon, Facebook Lobby Groups Urge Digital-Tax End, OECD Deal Bloomberg 9 months ago
87 Does Amazon pay enough in taxes? Source says local tax bill was $297M last year GeekWire 2 years ago
88 Michigan Breaks Another Marijuana Sales Record For December, State Officials Say Marijuana Moment 16 days ago
89 Amazon federal taxes: how the company’s corporate tax bill was $0 3 years ago
90 Amazon gets $9.5M from Waco, county in tax breaks over 20 years Waco Tribune-Herald 11 months ago
91 How Amazon Killed Seattle's Head Tax The Atlantic 4 years ago
92 Amazon will pay $0 in federal taxes this year — and it's partially thanks to Trump CNBC 3 years ago
93 Despite record profits, Amazon didn't pay any federal income tax in 2017 or 2018. Here's why CNN 3 years ago
94 Banking Activity Increases In States That Legalize Marijuana, Study Finds Marijuana Moment 5 days ago
95 Seattle's Socialists Are Now Enemy Number One for Jeff Bezos and Amazon Jacobin magazine 2 years ago
96 Rishi Sunak’s billionaire in-laws hit with £5.5m bill in Amazon India tax dispute The Guardian 8 months ago
97 Amazon to hike fees for Spanish users after new digital tax Reuters 1 year ago
98 State approves Charlton tax breaks for $300M Amazon center Worcester Business Journal 2 months ago
99 Amazon Seattle tax plan gets new life The Washington Post 2 years ago
100 Trucks Are Clogging America’s Roads, Delivering Goods and Tearing up Yards The Wall Street Journal 6 hours ago