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1 APA Council Reports | American Journal of Psychiatry
2 Remote Workers Report Negative Mental Health Impacts, New Study Finds
3 Saginaw County organization offers guidebook for employers to eliminate stigma of mental health
4 New film chronicles fight to remove homosexuality's 'mental disorder' label
5 Burning Out and Striking Back
6 Okani Selected for AACAP Educational Outreach Program for General Psychiatry Residents
7 Going Somewhere You've Never Been Before
8 Increasing Access to Quality Mental Health Care Through Telepsychiatry
9 What Kind of Love Do We Need Over the Next Season?
10 At Ease USA hosts conference to educate community about PTSD
11 Telehealth addiction treatment rose rapidly during pandemic; but potential benefits still unclear
12 ‘French psychiatry has gone downhill in part because of American influence’
13 The AMA needs to declare a national mental health emergency
14 Drag queens stormed a psychiatric convention to demand they stop saying gays are sick. I was there.
15 It's Not Too Late to Apologize to Mothers
16 A Psychiatrist's New Season
17 UK College of Nursing's Zim Okoli Named President-Elect of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association
18 John Fryer's fight to declassify homosexuality as a mental illness
19 Does your race and gender impact your psychiatric diagnosis?
20 Minor League Baseball Players with Major Mental Health Problems
21 Anxiety and Heart Disease: The Relationship, Symptoms & Treatments
22 Hinckley Still Haunts the House of Psychiatry and the Presidency of the United States
23 How Did Virtual Schooling Impact Youth?
24 Gene Cary Obituary (2021)
26 Do You Have COVID Re-Entry Anxiety?
27 Yale lawyers file to dismiss Bandy Lee's free speech suit
28 Stopping antidepressants may lead to relapse, study finds. Here's what you can do
29 COVID Waves & Anxiety; Prolonged Grief Disorder Tips; Psych Hospital for Egg Tosser
30 The Demand For Therapy Is High, So Where Can Students Find Support?
31 New Leaders in American Psychiatry Embrace Social Determinants Approach to Mental Illness
32 10 Common Return-to-Work Concerns—and How to Mentally Prepare for Them
33 Worsening mental health, sleeping issues among essential workers, UAB official says
34 In a PBS documentary, ECT Is Bad for “Curing” Homosexuality, but Great for Depression!
35 GLBR Mental Health Partnership fights stigma and promotes workplace mental wellness
36 If You Have A Mood Disorder, You May Now Be Eligible For A COVID Booster
37 6 surprising signs you may have anxiety
38 Op-Ed: The American Psychiatric Association Sickened America
39 Allowing Psychologists to Prescribe Medication Reduces Suicide | Best States
40 Psychiatry Confronts Its Racist Past, and Tries to Make Amends
41 How to gain more wisdom: Insights from Dr. Dilip Jeste's new book
42 Businesses seek to support employees struggling with depression, anxiety
43 What doctors wish patients knew about unhealthy alcohol use
44 American Psychiatric Association Turns Inward, Recognizes Nearly 2 Centuries Of Racism In Profession
45 Tips for How to Explain Depression So Other People Understand
46 ISEPP to American Psychological Association: Condemn Forced Treatment
47 American Psychiatric Association, May 1-3
48 Mental health could be a casualty of global warming
49 From Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day | News |
50 Biden signs off on Colorado’s expansion of transgender-related health coverage
51 Addressing Afghanistan: The American Psychiatric Association's Statement
52 Carolina Experts Available to Discuss Student Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
53 Texas Health Organizations Have a Responsibility to Promote Vaccines
54 What happens when people talk to their therapists about conspiracy theories? It's tricky.
55 Foods and activities to fight SAD
56 Mommy Musings: When Joanne renamed himself Joe
57 Two Key Targets for Easing Borderline Personality Disorder
58 American Psychiatric Association Names President-Elect, Rebecca W. Brendel, MD, JD
59 Board Adopts Position Against Diagnosis of 'Excited Delirium,' Police Use of Ketamine | Psychiatric News
60 July issues of American Psychiatric Association journals
61 Art may mask serious mental health issues
62 Dr. Altha Stewart Receives Solomon Carter Fuller Award from the American Psychiatric Association
63 Annual Meeting Offers Opportunity to Learn From International Colleagues | Psychiatric News
64 Racism In American Psychiatric Association; David Oyelowo's Directing Debut
65 Relmada Therapeutics Announces Poster Presentations at the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting 2021
66 American Psychiatric Association Urges Psychiatrists To Focus On Skin Color, Race In Clinical Work
67 Psychiatry Responds to the Violence at the Capitol
68 Finding Our Voice
69 CDC: Record high drug overdose deaths in US at over 96,000 in 12-month period
70 Psychiatry and the Long View: Paul Summergrad, MD
71 Doctor cure thyself: On revising queerphobic medical textbooks
72 AI, telehealth, and sensor-based technologies facilitate autism diagnosis
73 Leah Dickstein, APA Leader and Mentor to Many, Dies | Psychiatric News
74 Neuronetics To Present Clinical Data at The American Psychiatric Association 2021 Annual Meeting
75 'Cured' Doc Examines Path to Declassifying Homosexuality as Disorder
76 Lockdown behind surge in bad video game habits
77 Speaker provides tips on how psychiatrists can address gun violence risk among patients
78 Texas Abortion Law To Remain In Effect As Appeals Court Blocks District Judge’s Injunction
79 The American Psychiatric Association Finally Formally Apologized to People of Color
80 APA and Other Leading Physician Groups Oppose Texas Legislation That Interferes With Patient Reproductive Care
81 Combatting Structural Racism and Classism in Psychiatry: An Interview with Helena Hansen
82 'Suffocating space:' Edmonton woman gets help for hoarding during COVID-19 pandemic
83 The Mental Health of SGM Youth: Embracing Affirmation
84 Fighting the Opioid Epidemic: The APA's Call to Action
85 Increasing number of Americans prefer telehealth, poll finds
86 Resident/Fellow Census Offers Snapshot of Trainee Demographics | Psychiatric News
87 Reports to the Membership | American Journal of Psychiatry
88 Board Approves Action Items on Maintenance of Certification | Psychiatric News
89 The American Psychiatric Association Practice Guideline for the Treatment of Patients With Schizophrenia | American Journal of Psychiatry
90 New Approaches to Treating Dementia?
91 How LGBTQ+ Activists Got “Homosexuality” out of the DSM
92 City Paper: D.C. Crime Lab Inching Toward Recertification
93 Where Are the Brilliant, Unstoppable Psychiatrists Today?
94 Can Psychiatry Sustain Connections While Hosting Sustainable Conferences?
95 Feds OK Colorado plan to cover gender-affirming care
96 Teva to Present New Analyses of AUSTEDO® (deutetrabenazine) Tablets and Assessment of Schizophrenia Clinical Outcomes at Upcoming 2021 American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting
97 District Links: DC marks its third Indigenous Peoples' Day; Maryland, Virginia steer clear of speed camera reciprocity; and more
98 APA's Division of Diversity and Health Equity Launches New Strategic Plan | Psychiatric News
99 New Network Collects Real-Time Data To Improve Treatment of Early Psychosis | Psychiatric News
100 APA pledges mental health support in wake of Afghanistan evacuation