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1 Voters rejecting recall of Midtown Anchorage Assembly member Meg Zaletel
2 What to know about Tuesday's vote on whether to recall Midtown Anchorage Assembly member Meg Zaletel
3 Juneau voters mailed their ballots in, but 339 of them will not be counted because there is no post office cancellation on them
4 Zaletel recall election to be held Oct. 26 | Bulletin |
5 Was your ballot signature rejected by Municipal Clerk? Time running out to fix that
6 First batch of Juneau election results released
7 In person or by mail, Tuesday is election day in Juneau
8 Preliminary results are in for Juneau's election
9 When to expect results for Juneau's vote-by-mail election
10 Preliminary election results for Juneau to be released tonight
11 Recall Zaletel group challenges hundreds of ballots that were mailed to registered voters also registered on out-of-state voter rolls
12 Election officials faced 'unprecedented harassment' during Anchorage mayor's runoff, report says
13 The Anchorage election is Tuesday. Here's how to vote
14 How to make sure your vote is counted in the Anchorage mayoral runoff
15 Tuesday is runoff election day for Anchorage mayor. Here's what to expect.
16 Here's how to make sure your ballot is counted
17 As GOP candidate used RV for 24/7 watch, Anchorage election staff say they faced ‘unprecedented harassment’
18 Opinion: The lost joys of in-person voting
19 Outcomes in Fairbanks elections show some hope for rationality in even the most traditionally conservative electorates
20 2021 Anchorage municipal election guide: Q&As with candidates for mayor and school board
21 4 things to know as Alaska's redistricting board takes public testimony Monday in Anchorage
22 States adopt 'historic wave of restrictions' to the right to vote
23 In nearly five decades there's never been an Anchorage Assembly fight this nasty, say former members
24 Opinion:Where's Don Young when America needs him?
25 Today is election day. Here's how to vote if you haven't yet cast a ballot
26 Write-in candidate Will Muldoon in lead for third school board seat
27 Far fewer ballots were counted on election night than during previous Anchorage mail-in elections. Here's why.
28 Bronson takes lead in Anchorage mayor's race, new round of early election results shows
29 Bronson widens lead over Dunbar in Anchorage mayoral vote count
30 In Friday's updated Anchorage election results, leaders remain the same, but one school board race is headed for a recount
31 City officials certify election
32 Updated preliminary election results show Dunbar and Bronson maintaining leads in Anchorage mayor's race
33 Anchorage voter turnout low so far compared to last mayoral election
34 Early election results show Forrest Dunbar, Dave Bronson leading in race for Anchorage mayor
35 Opinion: Does Vote-by-mail come with voter's remorse, buyer's remorse —or both
36 Another round of early election results shows Dunbar, Bronson firmly in place for a runoff in Anchorage mayor's race
37 Win Gruening: Vote-by-mail voter's remorse, buyer's remorse, or perhaps both
38 Here's what to expect on Anchorage's Election Day
39 A contentious election for Anchorage mayor is nearing the finish line, revealing deep divisions on how the city should move ahead
40 2021 Anchorage mayoral runoff election guide: How to vote, Q&A with candidates and more resources
41 Anchorage mayor's race too close to call, with thousands of ballots left to count
42 Mat-Su mayor's race is a three-way contest again with the return of one candidate after a health-related withdrawal
43 Bronson's lead over Dunbar holds steady in runoff election for Anchorage mayor
44 News briefs | National |
45 Chair LaFrance intends to take legal action against mayor, plans to hire law firm to sue over separation of powers issues
46 Bronson expands lead over Dunbar in the Anchorage mayor's race
47 Bronson takes lead over Dunbar in Anchorage mayor's race, Friday's election results show
48 Anchorage municipal election season begins with candidate drawing
49 Bronson slightly widens lead over Dunbar in Anchorage mayoral election
50 No updated vote count Monday in Anchorage mayor's race
51 Bronson's pandemic actions show he has a lot to learn about being mayor
52 Midtown voters rejecting recall of Assembly Chair Rivera in early election results
53 Election update: Anchorage school board race tightens
54 Scholars say Holocaust symbol has no place in Anchorage mask debate
55 Juneau election officials fly to Anchorage with luggage full of ballots
56 Dan Smith: Done with our Anchorage Assembly trial subscription to tyranny and socialism, and am ready to cancel it
57 Exercise your right and responsibility to vote
58 Anchorage gets new elections center in Ship Creek warehouse
59 Alaska has the slowest ballot-counting process in America. The top election official says security is the priority, not speed.
60 Anchorage mayoral runoff election set for May 11
61 Initiative to recall Rivera is a 'referendum' on the Anchorage Assembly, proponents say
62 In a crowded race, many candidates for Anchorage mayor say they're aiming to make it to an expected runoff
63 Local election moves to high gear as ballots roll in
64 As money flows into mayor's race from Outside, Dunbar files complaint against group backing Bronson
65 Attacking Anchorage Assembly members was central to Bronson's campaign. Now he needs to work with them.
66 Juneau Assembly greenlights new ballot counting facility
67 Anchorage mayoral candidates weigh strategies to support children and families
68 The Alaska Division of Elections hired more than 900 people to facilitate voting in Anchorage this year. Meet one of them.
69 How to vote by mail in Juneau: An election official answers your questions
70 MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS – City and Borough of Juneau
71 Local election deadlines loom
72 Anchorage Assembly and Bronson administration issue list of 30 possible sites for mass homeless shelter this winter
73 As early voting begins in Alaska, some locations report long lines
74 Here are all the candidates running for Anchorage mayor and school board
75 Dunbar concedes, takes swipes at Bronson
76 A Republican Begich runs for Alaska's US House seat, challenging Rep. Young
77 Anchorage mayoral candidate Dave Bronson wants to take the city in 'a new direction'
78 Judge to hear case challenging new Alaska election process
79 Lawmaker introduces bill to limit by-mail voting in Alaska
80 Gara, former Alaska lawmaker, says he will run for governor
81 Officials say an elections supervisor who embraced conspiracy theories has become an insider threat
82 Dunbar concedes to Bronson in Anchorage mayor's race
83 As acting Anchorage mayor takes office, Assembly debates whether to hold a special election
84 Anchorage mayor candidate Q&As: Bronson and Dunbar on issues facing the city
85 Alaska's Lawmakers Have a Bipartisan Election Fix at Their Fingertips
86 Kenai approves election overhaul
87 Inside Facebook, Jan. 6 violence fueled anger and regret over missed warning signs
88 500 show for Bronson rally in Eagle River
89 Prioritizing in-person voting has slowed Alaska's absentee ballot counting process
90 Federal court ruling likely allows unlimited cash in Alaska political campaigns
91 Alaska elections overhaul moves another step closer to passing
92 Breaking: In another secretive meeting, the Anchorage Assembly will try to suppress the vote
93 Security or suppression? Bill would change how Alaskans vote
94 Anchorage is trending blue. Here's why it's on track to elect a conservative mayor.
95 As Alaska prepares for first ranked-choice election, experts say now is the time to educate and test
96 Bronson and Dunbar have starkly different visions for Anchorage
97 You've got mail: Your questions about Juneau's 2020 election answered
98 Social Democrats beat Merkel's bloc in German elections
99 Democrat pollster Ivan Moore says Bronson stole election, suggests it's time for city hall vandalism
100 Anchorage Mayor-elect Dave Bronson announces transition team